• gent wevelgem...123 go1 year 15 weeks agoFirst crash of the

    First crash of the day!!


  • gent wevelgem...123 go1 year 15 weeks agoStandard:Cancellara,Sagan,Tho

    Standard:Cancellara,Sagan,Thomas for 123 plus Gaudin,Devolder,Stannard,Langeveld,Degenkolb,Kuschynski


  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 15 weeks agoOne stage left and

    One stage left and chrisdstripes picked up his 180,stage podium,high roller and podium badges for stage 6(Gerrans....what a pick!!) in the Forum's Scorum's Volta a Catalunya to keep up the pressure on long term leader Jonas Lorenzen whilst just NINE points separate huntdeano and stepho in the purist section....Oh indeed Wink

    No change overall....or as the Spanish Volta website would say when translated "The Lead is in Wig_Billy with platoon normal" Nerd

  • gent wevelgem...123 go1 year 15 weeks agoIf the weather goes

    If the weather goes nasty




  • gent wevelgem...123 go1 year 15 weeks agoIve took a big risk

    Ive took a big risk today...


  • aaahhhhh bleedin Snow1 year 15 weeks agoNo snow here, South

    No snow here, South West.

    Bloody cold though so went on the off roader yesterday at Ashton Court. FREEZING to start but once going got really hot, great to see people riding around whilst steaming.....

    Got really muddy and had a great time in the woods - regretting it this morning though - stiff as a board.

    Saw some lads on the road from Bristol towards WSM and they looked frozen, all wrapped up like Russian soldiers.

    Have fum in the white stuff!!!


    Trikeman. Wink

  • Black Socks1 year 15 weeks agoYou should never wear black

    You should never wear black socks in Perth, Australia or you will get marked down as a country hick.

    I was told this in a couple of bike shops when I went in wearing the offending articles.

  • The most attention-grabbing products at Taipei Cycle… arguably1 year 15 weeks ago'Your Live' until the cable

    'Your Live' until the cable tie holding your bike together breaks and you die in a fireball..

  • gent wevelgem...123 go1 year 15 weeks agoStandard Sagan Cancellara Hus



    Not confident at all..... Sick

  • Video: Top ten sportives - but which are your favourites?1 year 15 weeks agoSpeaking of helmets....

    Speaking of helmets.... Wink

    Sadly, many sportives have rules requiring the wearing of helmets. Often they say it is because of insurance rules.

    Some of those sportives are covered under British Cycling insurance - so that's a blatant lie, as BC non-competitive event insurance has no such requirement. The one sportive I contacted about this admitted that it had nothing to do with insurance, but with the opinion of the organisers.

    Other sportives that I've contacted to ask for a copy of the text of the clauses in their insurance that require this, and gotten a response from, have similarly not been able to point me at any actual text, but also ended up justifying their rule with their opinion.

    I've gone off sportives myself. The prices have gotten quite high. It's really hard to justify spending £20, £30+ to cycle around on public roads, usually open. It's a lot of money to pay for the handful of bananas, cakes and gels (if the event organisers were actually organised and you're not last) you get at the stops. Be cheaper stopping for expensive pub grub along the way!

    Sorry to be so negative Smile

  • Wiggle Etape Cymru filling up as Giant and Mavic come on board1 year 15 weeks agoThere will be plenty of

    There will be plenty of pretend racers willling to pay the price, and with service motos and cars they can imagine it's actually a race. The market is there are professional organisers are simply supplying a product which meets a demand. 1,200 at £59 (£70,800) sees to a fair bit of raod closure, plus there is doubtless some sponsor money, so a decent earner, and why not?

  • Spanish cyclists demand asylum at European embassies following helmet law1 year 15 weeks agoConsidering all the economic

    Considering all the economic problems they have in Spain - including massive unemployment and huge financial/banking issues - should not all these allegedly clever people be focussed on stopping the country from imploding, rather than fiddling with regulations for cycling? If implemented, the laws would be a Spanish "jobsworths charter", and you can find them everywhere, not just in Spain!

  • Clearout - Frames, Wheels, Forks n' sundries1 year 15 weeks agoSorry, cassette is 7 speed,

    Sorry, cassette is 7 speed, not 8

  • Corroding Pedals1 year 15 weeks agoLook Quartz. 2 sided, very

    Look Quartz. 2 sided, very light & no corrosion problems in 2 years of use. GT85 after every wet ride.

  • gent wevelgem...123 go1 year 15 weeks agoI wonder if defending champ

    I wonder if defending champ Boonen will still race considering his comments after pulling out of San Remo last week?

  • Wiggle Etape Cymru filling up as Giant and Mavic come on board1 year 15 weeks agoI paid the £55 entry fee last

    I paid the £55 entry fee last year just to have the chance to ride a closed road sportive. While the experience was excellent and the organisation second to none, the £59 price tag is too much. Even with Mavic and Giant on board I'm not sold. I wonder what they'll put the price up to next year? Thinking

  • gent wevelgem...123 go1 year 15 weeks agoRace goes ahead 45km shorter.

    Race goes ahead 45km shorter. A decision on the climbs will be made later. Plain Face

  • Wiggle Etape Cymru filling up as Giant and Mavic come on board1 year 15 weeks agoI did it last year and it was

    I did it last year and it was excellent. Very well organised. If you're going in the car leave plenty of time to get parked up in the race course car park as there was quite a queue at 06:30hrs on the entry road from Bangor on Dee and I nearly missed my 07:00 start.

  • 10 of the best £1,000 to £1,500 road bikes1 year 15 weeks agoCompletely agree. People want

    Completely agree. People want carbon as that's what the pros ride but crucially the pros get an instant free replacement if they stack their bike. IMO, metal frames make a lot more sense for amateurs. I've ridden an old Focus Cayo for the last few years and it has been great but I hate the idea that a single crash or overenthusiastic moment on the workstand could write it off completely. It will most likely be the one and only carbon frame I ever buy - steel or more likely titanium for my next upgrade, I think. I don't buy into the whole pub debate about frame materials - ultimately any material can be engineered to feel like another with the right frame/tube profiles - but longevity is another matter and for this reason I prefer metal. Genesis deserves credit for dragging steel back into the mainstream and proving it's not just for the artisans. Really like their graphic designs, too - agree the Equilibrium is a pretty bike.

  • Fantasy Directeur Sportif Challenge1 year 15 weeks agoI need your team for Gent

    I need your team for Gent Drheaton as you have a choice of at least 10 riders I think

    I have 7, Sagan, Gilbert, Degenkolb, Demare, Iglinsky, Nizzolo and Greipel

  • The most attention-grabbing products at Taipei Cycle… arguably1 year 15 weeks agoThat Yasujiro café racer

    That Yasujiro café racer looking thing is a designed for shredding down descents and it's an absolute beast http://asphaltgravity.com/

  • gent wevelgem...123 go1 year 15 weeks agoCancelled Shortened Everyone

    Everyone abandon's

    I'm not banking on the race going a head, if it does, it will be a shambles like San Remo, where alot just off the bike because its to cold. Heavy snow blowing in from all the pictures I have seen tonight.

    If it all goes ahead and isn't shortened anymore I will be going for


    Cav hasn't got a hope in hell, no matter if they say the team are all behind him or not

    My team looks like this


  • Paris Roubaix startlist1 year 15 weeks agoThanks but we still don't

    Thanks but we still don't know what will happen in two weeks, it's a long way off to predict the future.

    I still think it deserves to be separate purely for the above reason, whether it matches the other two races or not.

  • Corroding Pedals1 year 15 weeks ago...or you could just go to

    ...or you could just go to motorbike dealer and buy a can of ACF50. 9 months winter riding without corrosion is pretty good init? Thinking

  • Corroding Pedals1 year 15 weeks agoSpeedplay Zero Titanium

    Speedplay Zero Titanium Smile

    However I use the stainless version on my winter bike and they haven't corroded. I have had to take them apart and give them a good clean now and again though.