• Bespoked show announces move to London1 year 10 weeks agoThats terrible. Why does

    Thats terrible. Why does everything have to be London centric. I will not be going. It costs too much to visit anything in London.

  • Road.cc new look discussion thread1 year 10 weeks agowe'll be monitoring whose

    we'll be monitoring whose posts get liked, and if you don't get any stars in the next six months we'll come round and smother you while you sleep Wink

  • SAVE TOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 year 10 weeks agoLet's hope so He would be a

    Let's hope so Smile

    He would be a useful ally to them in their classics squad as a replacement for Sylvain Chavanel.

  • Road.cc new look discussion thread1 year 10 weeks agoLuminosity wrote:Hmm. The

    Luminosity wrote:
    Hmm. The problem with many responsive websites is that they're pretty bland and uniform design-wise. That's where the old site stood out - great on my PC and distinctive from other cycling websites but, obviously, not so great on mobile devices. When I looked at road.cc today I immediately thought I'd stumbled onto BR by mistake. Worried

    the actual layout of the site has barely changed at all. we've taken the carousel out and done quite a lot of work on the section pages, boxes, etc to make them more user-friendly, and signposting throughout the site is more consistent. oh, and it's not yellow.

  • Pharmaceutical consultant who killed cyclist while driving on wrong side of road cleared of careless driving1 year 10 weeks agoThis is terrible and I

    This is terrible and I absolutely agree that it is shocking that overtaking on a bend where the driver could not clearly see the oncoming traffic is considered "safe and careful driving".
    I've had a number of incidents where people overtake coming the other way when I'm cycling, and it is truly terrifying to see a 2ton hunk of metal travelling towards me at 60+mph, only a foot or so wide of my handlebar. I cannot believe that is acceptable.
    Other reports of the story do at least mention the driver "sobbing in court as she recalled the events", so I think the lack of remorse percieved is thanks to road.cc's reporting rather than a stone cold killer. - either that or some good acting to get off.
    As for that councillor who thinks the answer to people getting killed on bikes is removing them from the road - absolute cretin. It's exactly like saying the way to stop rhino's from being killed by poachers is to get rid of all the rhino's. It's the drivers, not the cyclists that are the problem.
    I'm just hanging on til the day that the oil runs out and everyone has no choice but to get on their bike to get to work every day - it will be bliss.

  • Greater Anglia trains plans bike ban1 year 10 weeks agoI always find it amusing how

    I always find it amusing how bikes are banned from some services but Mums/Dads can leave their pushchairs blocking the door or seats. The pushchairs have a folding function but they choose not to use it because... well, why should they... Thinking

  • Road.cc new look discussion thread1 year 10 weeks agoSimon E wrote: +1 for the

    Simon E wrote:

    +1 for the Like button, but why no rollseyes emoticon (my favourite!) ?

    everyone's a critic Rolling Eyes

  • Greater Anglia trains plans bike ban1 year 10 weeks agoTechnoTim2012 wrote: I read

    TechnoTim2012 wrote:

    I read nothing that constitutes any sort of threat of a ban on bikes per se

    You have to decode the weaselling attempts to sound pro-bike while not actually being so, but this is a clear threat to impose bans on more services if people don't stop taking bikes on trains of their own accord:

    "we believe that we ... will have to consider a widening of the restrictions to cover other routes and services."

  • Road.cc new look discussion thread1 year 10 weeks agoThe main problem seems to be

    The main problem seems to be that people insist on using mobile phones to browse websites. Get a proper computer!

    (just kidding, folks)

    I find the new colours a bit 'bathroom' themed after the cream & blue which always felt easy on the eye, but I'm sure it will be fine after I've got accustomed to it.

    +1 for the Like button, but why no rollseyes emoticon (my favourite!) ?

  • Video: New De Rosa Idol with hydraulic disc brakes1 year 10 weeks agoVery true ^

    Very true ^

  • Pharmaceutical consultant who killed cyclist while driving on wrong side of road cleared of careless driving1 year 11 weeks agoColin Peyresourde wrote:Some

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    Some people have converted a curve in the road into a bend, which transmute the situation into something that it wasn't. Again, not having the facts means that you cannot objectively take a strong view point on this.

    I do understand where you are coming from, but having been the reciepient of similar behaviour on a very shallow bend and but able to aim for the hedge.

    One question, if you can not see round the bend/corner/curve/whatever should you overtake?

    That as the only question that matters.

    Legitimate accidents can occur with things in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Yes, occasionally engines blow up, tyres burst. Incidents where crap driving kills someone are totally avoidable. If she had waited until she could see would we be having this debate?

    For those of you who like to track Dr Measures down, this is a massive tragedy, but you make it worse if you unnecessarily ruin someone else's life. I'm sure she feels terrible about the whole thing and does not sleep easily.

    and how many lives has she destroyed because she was too important to wait?

  • Greater Anglia trains plans bike ban1 year 11 weeks agoWas at Bracknell Station a

    Was at Bracknell Station a week ago today and various announcements warning cyclists not to consider taking their bikes out of London (the other way) on the train as it was basically considered antisocial behaviour. I got on the train with my bike, going the other way, feeling like despite my £9 fare and the fact this didn't apply to my journey, I wasn't really welcome. I realise the last thing packed commuter trains need is a load of bikes making the problem worse, but this sentiment was all wrong, train companies should be apologetic if their services can't accomodate travellers with bikes, not labling them antisocial. How about "we're really sorry not to be able to admit non-folding bikes between x and y hours because of the sheer volume of passengers"? They kind of need to come up with a solution to that problem, but in the meantime don't alienate people.

  • Road.cc new look discussion thread1 year 11 weeks agoDave Atkinson wrote:oh

    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    oh there'll be all sorts of things need attention, probably. keep 'em coming Smile

    The login one click at the top of the page was perfect, now you have to click one more page to login - admittedly not the end of the world but I don't see why it has been changed (unless it was a inadvertent change)

    Also, i can't see any news articles on the home page in either Firefox or Chrome.

  • SAVE TOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 year 11 weeks agoReports are saying that The

    Reports are saying that The Gent has signed to OPQS on a one season contract.

  • Greater Anglia trains plans bike ban1 year 11 weeks agoI had heard a whisper that

    I had heard a whisper that Dutch railways bans non-folding bikes on Peak time trains and http://www.cycletourer.co.uk/cycletouring/holland.shtml confirms this.

    "It is possible to take your bikes on the Dutch trains, although you will not be able to take them on some rush hour trains on working days (Monday/Friday) between 6:30 am and 9 am and between 4:30 pm and 6 pm on nearly all trains. In July and August there are no such limitations. Contact Nederlandse Spoorwagen (Netherlands Railways) for more details. "

    So this is not unique to the UK unless you think the dutch have got their cycling policies all wrong Nerd

  • Week At The Pyrenees – Back To The Old Col1 year 11 weeks agoPeyresourde descent and the

    Peyresourde descent and the race along the valley to Luscan (Pyrenees Multisport!) my favourite ride of all time!

  • Greater Anglia trains plans bike ban1 year 11 weeks agoI hate folding bikes.

    I hate folding bikes. Brompton have a lot to answer for by providing an argument for train companies to kill any provision for cyclists who don't have or want a folding bike.

    SWT bans all non-folding bikes on journeys into London from Reading during morning rush hour and removed the bike spaces from their trains. Without the invention of the folding bike they'd never have got away with this.

    (and don't get me started on the fact that my journey actually finishes about an hour outside London but I'm still not allowed a bike..)

  • Road.cc new look discussion thread1 year 11 weeks agoReally? I was only commenting

    Really? I was only commenting on BR the other day how cluttered their home page seemed to be and how hard navigation had become.

  • Velocite RT50 tubeless carbon wheelset1 year 11 weeks agoAbsolutely, edf242 - I'm sure

    Absolutely, edf242 - I'm sure that with a bit of practice and a bit more sealant it would have been fine. Worth noting that Dave had no particular problems running tubeless

  • Greater Anglia trains plans bike ban1 year 11 weeks agoCan't imagine them applying

    Can't imagine them applying the same policy to pushchairs/wheelchairs/large items of luggage..

  • University of York to trial tag-based cycle safety system despite doubts over effectiveness1 year 11 weeks ago"care and share everywhere"

    "care and share everywhere" gary rb

    we are all to show consideration to all who use roads and pathways - simple Smile

  • '08 SWORKS ROUBAIX BIKE SPLIT1 year 11 weeks agoHi, sorry this is now

    Hi, sorry this is now sold.

  • Greater Anglia trains plans bike ban1 year 11 weeks agoWhat a load of backwards

    What a load of backwards bollocks! bravo! Applause

  • Greater Anglia trains plans bike ban1 year 11 weeks agoHi I have just read the


    I have just read the document and I read nothing that constitutes any sort of threat of a ban on bikes per se but that is how the headline reads. Sure non-folding bikes are banned from many commuter services but given the crowded nature of these trains (and given that Greater Anglia, if given a longer franchise will aim for double decker trains to alleviate this overcrowding) the ban on non-folding bikes is understandable. I have never heard any complaints from cyclists about this policy, those that need to take a bike get a folding bike whilst those that use it just from home to station are well catered for as you will read below.

    The local services such as Sudbury to Marks Tey do allow a small number of non-folding bikes in Peak Hours and this can and does cause issues, mainly due to the aged nature of the rolling stock and the carriage design, they may well ban cycles on local services at peak times and though unfortunate, given the levels of overcrowding understandable.
    I am sure that, given a longer franchise and the opportunity to use more suitable rolling stock, this may just be a temporary measure.

    Off Peak trains are a different matter though, my local service (Sudbury to Marks Tey) is very good at taking cycles, I see nothing in this document that suggests changing that. A few months ago I travelled from Sudbury entirely via Greater Anglia to Great Yarmouth and back, Greater Anglia were most accommodating both on the local services, and the Intercity Service from Colchester to Norwich.

    Where Greater Anglia does so much good is in upgrading cycle storage facilities at stations. Every station you go to has at least some covered cycle storage and at Sudbury the old lean to has been replaced by new storage facilities increasing the capacity (but which is probably still not enough). At Marks Tey the new and massive Double Story cycle point is full and they even have facilities for motorbikes.

    Another notable pat on the back for Greater Anglia is that they provide extra guards vans to and from Ipswich and Darsham to accommodate the extra cycles every year from the Dunwich Dynamo. They need not do this but do so willingly.

    May I, tongue firmly in cheek, suggest the headline writer has been taking too much of a lead from the Daily Mail, maybe his next article is "How Chris Boardman Hated Bikes"

  • New Forum Look1 year 11 weeks agoI like it, but your right the

    I like it, but your right the screen seems bigger which ultmately helps old buggers like me Laughing