• Holme Moss1 year 14 weeks agoA few cyclists did climb over

    Big Grin A few cyclists did climb over them apparently, but I think we'd done enough by then, so I don't feel like we missed anything.

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 14 weeks agoThe Ardennes Classics were a

    The Ardennes Classics were a bit of a watyery grave for me last season........17 Amstel,75 Fleche-Wallone,30 LBL so no great expectations for me on the muurs.

    Hopefully I can claw some back in the Giro del Trentino and Tour of Romandie to hone some form before a shot at the pink!!

  • Points! British Cycling points at last!1 year 14 weeks agoYou'll be racking the points

    You'll be racking the points up now Sam! That looks like a bit of an uphill finish on the photo - well done for hanging on at the end there.

  • Amstel Gold Race1 year 14 weeks agoI don't think Sagan can beat

    I don't think Sagan can beat J-Rod in a muur-type finish......Valverde's the tempting one for me.

  • Richmond Park Strava segments1 year 14 weeks agoIt is absolutely crazy- if

    It is absolutely crazy- if there's one place that could do with a cull (not deer) then RP is the place. Mr Strava should tidy it up a bit. Do think people creating segments on iPhones is much of the problem.

  • Why don't you see Pro's eating bananas?1 year 14 weeks agofarrell wrote:I'm also still

    farrell wrote:
    I'm also still confused as to what relevance Rule 16 regarding champions jerseys has to bananas?

    Yellow. Tenuous, but still...

  • Why don't you see Pro's eating bananas?1 year 14 weeks agoWho was it that said they

    Who was it that said they were given a bag of Haribo during a race and that they were like crack for cyclists?

    I'm also still confused as to what relevance Rule 16 regarding champions jerseys has to bananas?

  • Why don't you see Pro's eating bananas?1 year 14 weeks agoMagnus Backstedt was

    Magnus Backstedt was commentating on a race (might have been the tour of Oman?) and said that he hated energy products, and avoided them as much as possible. He'd just eat a sarnie early in the race and chow down the gels nearer the end when he needed that fast glycogen boost.

  • Clamp-on Bottle Cage1 year 14 weeks agoCable ties and a bit of tape

    Cable ties and a bit of tape or rubber to stop your frame getting scratched and help stop it slipping? Pretty cheap way to do it.

  • Clamp-on Bottle Cage1 year 14 weeks agoI picked up a bottle holder

    I picked up a bottle holder from Halford's as I didn't want to drill into my Bertin.

    One of these in fact:


    It's been on for almost two years now and I've had no mither with it.

  • Amstel Gold Race1 year 14 weeks agoGot one possible team picked

    Got one possible team picked for standard based purely on previous top 20 finishes Thinking
    Trying to pick a team based on this years form but thats proving harder than i expected At Wits End

  • Why don't you see Pro's eating bananas?1 year 14 weeks agoOne typical ripe banana

    One typical ripe banana contains about 30 grams of carb. If you have ripe, soft bananas most of that carb will be a 50:50 mix of glucose and frustose, with protein, water and potassium for electrolytes. So a banana makes a reasonable alternative to a bar or gel.

    The only advantage of bars or gels is weight, bananas have more 'filler' per gram of carb, however that 'filler' makes the carb more acceptable to the body. High carb gels and bars can be hard to digest, especially in combination with energy drinks, and a banana makes a tasty change.

    To answer the original question you rarely see pros eating early on in a stage. Earlier on many pros do have more normal food, including fruit, cake and chocolate, keeping the gels and drinks for later when they need fast absorption, weight matters and coincidentally the cameras are running.

    There are lots of interviews with soigneurs out there about what goes in musettes, and bananas are in there, often sliced or in sandwiches or wraps.

    And brown ripe bananas don't infringe on rule 16

  • Read lots but more confused!? (big guy)1 year 14 weeks agomusgrum wrote:bashthebox

    musgrum wrote:
    bashthebox wrote:
    Spend £3k at Canyon and make us all jealous. You won't regret it. Your wife might.

    Well having now had a look around the Canyon site it seems they have some really nice options for way under £3k. I don't quite know what the catch is at the moment but I can't seem to see a dealers list so maybe that's it. You have to buy direct from them...!? or they are old models maybe but well spec'd. I'll def have a look further into what they've got. Blimey, just what I needed, a bike not on the list haha

    Aside from having to buy direct, there is no catch. If I was buying a new bike (I tend to like faffing about looking for second hand bargains - something that's not really advisable unless you really know what you're looking for) I'd go straight to Canyon. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if I replace my frame with one of theirs at some point.
    In their Outlet store there are incredible bargains to be had. Three of my friends have Canyons, and they are astounding things (the bikes, not the friends).

  • Read lots but more confused!? (big guy)1 year 14 weeks agoGenuinely not trying to be

    Genuinely not trying to be rude here, but at this stage, the weight of the bike should not really be much concern to you.

    By your own admission, you are a big fella and will make up for over 90% of the rider+bike weight.

    Best thing to do is pick the bike that fits you best. If it is comfy, you will be more inclined to get the miles in and get the weight down. That will make a huge difference.

    If I was you, I would not spend a great deal just now. If you spend 600 - 1000, you will find it very difficult to get a bad bike. Even the basic Shimano 2300 groupset is actually really good. That's what i use on my commute - 200 miles a week in all weathers and it never misses a beat. £600 would get you on a nice frame with either 2300 or sora with a strong and reliable set of wheels. Good shout on the SPD.

    Why not set yourself a target weight and use the promise of a lighter, racier machine as a motivational tool?

    Good luck on the search.

  • Craft Neoprene Bootie1 year 14 weeks agoThese are good, warm,

    These are good, warm, comfortable (previous Enduras had velcro closer which rubbed the back of my ankle raw), and so far much more waterproof than my previous Enduras. Used most days through winter on the road. Only issue is that after 6 months they've started to slightly split up the back. Hopefully will replace under warranty.

  • Gilbert - a gamble?1 year 14 weeks agoI'd say he'd probably be the

    I'd say he'd probably be the most popular rider for purist teams,perhaps slightly less so for standard at least until people see how he goes at Amstel.

    For me he's a must at that price.

  • Clamp-on Bottle Cage1 year 14 weeks agoCheers for the suggestions

    Cheers for the suggestions guys.

    That 2nd one FMOAB costs more than my bike did Surprise

    Not sure about drilling the frame, doesn't really need to be permanent, so probably going to look at the BETO and ZEFAL options.

  • Richmond Park Strava segments1 year 14 weeks agoShed loads, don't know

    Shed loads, don't know exactly the number but so many people have all added their own ones so every hill has multiple entries up and down, each with slightly different start and end points. Then you have different lap segments starting from each of the different gates and then if you add the ballet school loop in, the permutations are endless.

    Just focus on the popular ones or any that you seem to do well on!!

  • Brighton & Hove's hills prove a barrier to bike-share scheme - but Worthing may get one1 year 14 weeks agoEr... but they need a few

    Er... but they need a few vans to redistribute bikes around the town for usage patterns anyway (e.g. in London they make sure that the racks near Waterloo are well stocked in the morning and the City ones well stocked at 5-6pm). In Brighton I'd assume that they would have a big rack near the station and near the main shops...

  • Staying visible!1 year 14 weeks agoI think getting something

    I think getting something reflective is far more effective in the dark than flouro - as previously suggested and in the words of robin Williams in good morning Vietnam "clash"

  • LOOK 695 price drop £2800! ono full sram force used for a few weeks tops, as new1 year 14 weeks agosorry forgot to put the size,

    sorry forgot to put the size, its a medium

  • Portsmouth driver who knocked PC off bike sentenced to 23 months in jail1 year 14 weeks agoBest wishes to the officer.

    Best wishes to the officer. I've always found cycling patrols to be very friendly and definitely would like to see more.

    Seems the courts don't appreciate physics, eg a 1-tonne vehicle hitting a body - if deliberate, it should be attempted murder or at the very least very serious assault.

    Also wondering what the sentence would have been if the victim was not a police officer.

  • Clamp-on Bottle Cage1 year 14 weeks agoOn your steel Peugeot a good

    On your steel Peugeot a good bike shop can drill a new pair of bolt-holes into the seat tube.

    No need to be too precious about the frame when it's a permanent upgrade with hardly any downside.

  • Brighton & Hove's hills prove a barrier to bike-share scheme - but Worthing may get one1 year 14 weeks agoThe scheme does not HAVE to

    The scheme does not HAVE to be a bike sharing scheme like the Barclays one, you could have something like the once about to be launched by Abellio around their 3 TOC's - a £10 subscription of a deal with your season ticket gets you 'membership' and you hire the bike by the day to take back to where you got it. the Dutch are not promoting this scheme for tourists and leisure rides, it is for utility trips - and largely commuting. Bikes are taken to work for the day, or taken home for the night.

    The other option is to hire out Bromptons for a day or longer, and these can go on buses to get up the longer hills. Both the Abellio scheme and the Brompton Dock scheme have a small number of locations where bikes are hired, rather than small clusters of bikes distributed about the city and hopefully circulating in a balanced way.

    Having been built for the transport of the 18th Century there are generally routes around Brighton which either follow the contour, or rise at a steady gradient, which even my 1-speed bikes can manage, so I'd respond that there are no very steep hills - just bad route planning - although there may be long hills, which need a steady campaign to climb.

    One small detail from the paris bike hire system (not Ve'Lib but the much older one supported by RATP (TfL for Paris). Biokes were loaded in to stripped out buses, which went to the top of the hill to hire themm out, and when the bus was empty, it drove to the bottom of the hill to collect in the bikes. No chasing round just a supply of loaded buses to the top and empty ones to the bottom through the day....

  • Stevens Cyclocross 1051 year 14 weeks agoHi, i'm not too sure about

    Hi, i'm not too sure about this model but you could also look at the B'Twin cyclo cross model. It gets the 105 but at a fraction of the price at £749. Only trouble is it's fairly rare in UK and new ones are not out until later in the year. http://www.decathlon.fr/velo-cyclo-cross-id_8113183.html