• Womens World Cup1 year 7 weeks agoI think that is what alot of

    I think that is what alot of people will do, pick a few riders they have heard of and hope for the best.

    But as you said, You would have done the same with the mens a while back.

    Lets just see how the world cup goes, I see it has already attracted some new users. So if things go well, I see things being a little different next year..

  • Just in: B'Twin Triban 500 SE1 year 7 weeks agoNeil753 wrote: Apart from

    Neil753 wrote:

    Apart from anything, the "factory gate" price of a top end aluminium frame made in the far East is about ten dollars, so speccing a lower "grade" of frame would save hardy any money at all.

    Neil, where do you get these 'factory gate' prices you speak of? High-end Al for $10, I'd hire an agent that can get prices like that. That's an even better deal than the carbon bike prices you quoted : )

    But all that aside, it has to be said this is a great VFM bike.

  • Genesis go carbon (but just the forks for now) and 28mm tyres for 20151 year 7 weeks agonoether, You're arguing that


    You're arguing that because the UCI didn't catch dopers, they shouldn't regulate machinery? Sorry, I don't think your argument makes any sense.

    Doping, and failure in anti-doping, seem completely related to the machinery issues. Also, if the UCI had problems with anti-doping, well, so did many other sports. Anti-doping unfortunately has often not been very effective, and possibly probably still isn't. This transcends cycling and the UCI. That there may have been degrees of deliberate inaction or corruption on the anti-doping side at various levels in the UCI at times again doesn't really say anything about the argument for or against regulating machinery.

    Play the ball, not the man. If the issue is regulation of equipment, argue for or against that. Smile

  • Updated: Devon man to sue council after pothole causes four serious cycling crashes1 year 7 weeks agoTry fixmystreet they have an

    Try fixmystreet they have an Android app.

  • Video: Horrific crash as cyclist hits velodrome starting gate that officials failed to remove1 year 7 weeks agoThe snapping of the frame

    The snapping of the frame probably helps her here because it dissipates the force of the collision. I imagine if she was riding steal she might have been thrust down on the track harder and maybe taken a broken collarbone.

    It's pretty clear she neither heard the false start, nor the starting blocks. She might look at her team mate also for not paying attention until too late also.

    Anyway, that's academic. I hope that she makes a speedy recovery and is soon back on her bike and loving it!

  • Video: Horrific crash as cyclist hits velodrome starting gate that officials failed to remove1 year 7 weeks agoWell this is what happens

    Well this is what happens when you ride an aluminium bike into a stationary object... erm a car.

    Aluminium Frame 0 - Carbon forks 1.

    Not that I'm advocating one or another.

    As for Irene Aravena the frame material is irrelevant. What caused her injury was the impact with the track floor. A metal frame would only act as a crumple zone if she had been attached to the bike. It serves as a good example of why we wear seat belts in cars. al-a Newtons first law - an object will remain at rest or continue to travel at a constant speed unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. In her case that unbalanced force was unfortunately the provided by the track floor.

    As for the track officials, its not clear from the video whether there was only one red flag. Surely, as soon as the false start was noted red flags should have been deployed in more than one location, certainly not right in-front of the start gate!

    Hope she has a speedy recovery, which is the main thing of course.

  • TfL commissioner admits underspend of cycling budget is "an embarrassment"1 year 7 weeks agoOne fast to deliver and

    One fast to deliver and desperately needed action is to properly investigate and report on fatal and serious crashes in London, and to have those results published.

    The model is already that in use for rail and air incidents. These are investigated objectively and impartially, clearly setting out the facts about the incident, and the people and vehicles involved. All the causal and possible causal factors are listed, and notes of similar incidents added where appropriate. The report then concludes with 'learning points' and 'recommendations'

    In the case of an RAIB (rail) report the 'recommendations' are details which MUST be attended to by the parties identified as being required to act, as a key way to prevent any repeat of the incident. As a result the UK rail system has achieved Vision Zero for passenger deaths. Perhaps if road crashes were investigated with the same diligence, and the recommended remedies delivered, we might see Vision Zero as a realistically deliverable goal.

  • Womens World Cup1 year 7 weeks agoI have to be honest my first

    I have to be honest my first reaction was along the lines of "women's racing, I know nothing and cannot be bothered". but upon reflection, I thought I knew nothing about mens cycling two years ago, and look where I am now. let's give it a go. I don't have a lot of time for it, so picked the four biggest names that have done well recently and I vaguely recognised, and threw in some cheaper ones to go with them. It's a great way to learn. Well done chaps for broadening my horizon.

  • Womens World Cup1 year 7 weeks agoARGH It has been

    ARGH Angry It has been changed.

    There were supposed to only be 4 between the two races belong. because they teams will be the same...

    Open de Suède Vargarda TTT
    Open de Suède Vargarda

  • Lost cyclist follows sat-nav over Manchester's huge M60 Barton Bridge1 year 7 weeks agoSo, you're an idiot for

    So, you're an idiot for cycling on a motorway, in your own dedicated 3 metre, separate from the 70 mph traffic. Instead, you're supposed to cycle on A-roads *mixing* with 60 mph to 70 mph.

    Strange, bizarre attitudes to cycling safety in this country.

  • Updated: Devon man to sue council after pothole causes four serious cycling crashes1 year 7 weeks agoalexholt3 posted "Liability

    alexholt3 posted "Liability suggests that it was the CC's fault. Granted they are negligent; but it's not entirely their fault."

    What do you base your claim of negligence on? In neither this story or the one on the link is there any suggestion of the depth of the hole! The linked story has a picture of Mr Bingham standing near a new looking patch in the road but there is no indication that this is the actual location of the accident. If it is, however, the fact that ht ecouncil has now fixed the hole could go against them in court.

    As mrmo found the common itervention level for a pot hole is a depth of 40mm. As long as the CC's inspection and repair regime conformed to that then they will not be held liable or negligent. Inspection of the highway is always and will always be aimed at maintaining the surface in a condition considered "safe" or the majority of users. Cyclists are a minority of users and no council could possibly hope to implement a 10mm or 20mm intervention level or ever hope to have roads free of holes.

    Most councils will denie liabilty as they know most people will not take the case any further. In cases such as this the cost of lawyers fees would be much greater than the damges awarded. Councils have a duty to protect the public purse, they simply cannot pay out on every claim

  • Video: Horrific crash as cyclist hits velodrome starting gate that officials failed to remove1 year 7 weeks agoI once rode a homemade steel

    I once rode a homemade steel bike over a six bricker ramp and it snapped into two pieces (but not before clearing 5 local kids from the neighbourhood lay down behind it)
    Lets end this argument right now.

  • Quechua Phone 5 water-resistant smartphone1 year 7 weeks agoIn French but you'll get the

    In French but you'll get the idea, and the difference between splash proof and water proof.


  • Lost cyclist follows sat-nav over Manchester's huge M60 Barton Bridge1 year 7 weeks agofarrell wrote:earth

    farrell wrote:
    earth wrote:
    farrell wrote:
    I don't think this fella was that lost, I think he's just gone for it, the fact he's taken his feet off the pedals to freewheel is suggesting to me that it was fixed.

    Bet you nobody touches his Strava KOM for that.

    I doubt there are any Strava segments on motorways.

    There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio...

    This is the rope swing I mentioned earlier under the Barton Bridge:


    That is spectacular but I couldn't do it myself.

  • Dominic Irvine & time trial legend Glenn Longland aim for LEJOG tandem record1 year 7 weeks agoGethin Butler's record is

    Gethin Butler's record is actually just over 44 hours: http://www.rra.org.uk I think he carried on riding to set a 1000 mile record as well!

    Andy Wilkinson did a 41 in a Windcheetah recumbent, and might have gone sub 40 without a mechanical problem.
    Worth noting that Wilkinson and Lynne Taylor also set a mixed tandem record that is just over an hour behind the 1966 men's record.

    So the men's record is definitely due to be updated, but riding that sort of distance is a journey into a whole different world. Good luck to them!

  • Just in: Orbea Avant M10D with Shimano Ultegra Di2 and hydraulic disc brakes1 year 7 weeks agoMaybe I could convince the

    Maybe I could convince the missus that by buying one of these, I could reduce space and save money by not having a winter bike. Then again, my current bike is an Orbea - if they'll do it in the same colours she might not even notice.

  • Updated: Devon man to sue council after pothole causes four serious cycling crashes1 year 7 weeks agoNeil753 wrote:It's a vicious

    Neil753 wrote:
    It's a vicious cycle ('scuse the pun).

    Cyclist fails to see the pothole.
    Injury lawyers swing into action.
    Bike shop gets excited.
    Claim is paid.
    Injury lawyers get paid even more.
    Less money in the kitty for road repairs.
    Even more potholes.
    More accidents happen.

    But there is a better way.

    Accept the need for more caution at the moment.
    Expect the unexpected.
    Slow down, look ahead, consider it your civic duty to report holes you see.
    If you ride fast, on an expensive bike, consider taking out personal insurance for the common good.
    Each local authority claim saved allows another 300 potholes to be filled, on average.
    Less injuries means hospitals can treat more sick people.
    Accident claim lawyers end up doing something more useful instead.
    Councils have more money to do good things.

    And there is a third way:

    Fix the pot holes before people are injured.

    People don't get injured.

    Nobody has a case against the council.

    Council does not get sued.

    Council still has money to fix further pot holes.

  • Video: Horrific crash as cyclist hits velodrome starting gate that officials failed to remove1 year 7 weeks agoWhat does it matter that the

    What does it matter that the bike snapped?

  • First impressions of the BMC team machine1 year 7 weeks agoI must say I do like BMC. Big

    I must say I do like BMC.

    Big fan of Gilbert too!

    I like the outlook of the owner, at least from the articles I've read.

    Enjoy the bike Tony.

  • Video: Horrific crash as cyclist hits velodrome starting gate that officials failed to remove1 year 7 weeks agoA steel frame can absorb a

    A steel frame can absorb a lot of energy in a frontal impact, through the bending of the tubing, just like the crumple zone of a car. If you get hit from behind, the accident is also more survivable if you're on a steel frame, especially if you're using traditional spoked wheels.

    Also worth considering is that carbon can shatter on impact, meaning potential secondary injury through being "stabbed" or lacerated, either by jagged tube ends or shards of this material.

    As everyone knows, even the highest quality carbon components, made by the best manufacturers for the best riders, under the strictest quality control procedures, can be prone to catastrophic failure, and yet many lesser riders are riding parts of unknown provenance, with an unknown lifespan, and often 2nd hand or from bikes that have previously been involved in accidents.

    Carbon is great when used under controlled conditions, but use on the public highway, with so much overwhelming anecdotal evidence of component or frame failure, and with the potential for causing death or injury to third parties, just makes me a little apprehensive on group rides.

  • Updated: Devon man to sue council after pothole causes four serious cycling crashes1 year 7 weeks agocryocon wrote:Good luck to

    cryocon wrote:
    Good luck to him. I've had an ongoing case against my council for nearly a year now from a pothole incident, was knocked out and broke collar bone. Luckily bike was ok, but clothing was ruined. Just got a letter the other day from solicitor saying they are denying responsibility as the pothole was within acceptable limits. Surely acceptable limits are no potholes at all. Angry

    If riding through the pothole caused you to suffer a broken collarbone then how can that be acceptable?

  • Just in: B'Twin Triban 500 SE1 year 7 weeks agoI wish you'd test this in the

    I wish you'd test this in the very small sizes. Decathlon are one of the only companies that offer proportional sizing which includes going to smaller wheels on their smallest frames.

    A test of this with 650 wheels, with a petite woman tester for example, would be of real interest.

  • Just in: B'Twin Triban 500 SE1 year 7 weeks agoDoesn't it allow you to

    Doesn't it allow you to loosen off the stem so as to turn the handlebars for transport, storage etc, without affecting the headset adjustment?
    (PS - as stated above Smile )

  • A quick look-see at USE1 year 7 weeks agoLike the helmet-mounted light

    Like the helmet-mounted light bracket. Just curious though, given the Michael Schumacher situation, which was allegedly caused by a camera mount on his ski helmet - will this compromise the protection?

  • TfL commissioner admits underspend of cycling budget is "an embarrassment"1 year 7 weeks agoWhat does this mean ? “The

    What does this mean ?
    “The other thing is a resource issue and I really think we are trying as hard as we can in many, many directions to do this,” he added.