• Just in: Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 20131 year 14 weeks agoI see. I think I mixed VAT

    I see.

    I think I mixed VAT and import tax. When we buy things outside of Norway we need to pay VAT -and- import tax which is another 25%.

    Stay in the EU folks, it really is worth it!


  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 14 weeks agoIf J-Rod,Rolland and Sammy

    If J-Rod,Rolland and Sammy Sanchez could conjure a 1-2-3 I'd finallyt rescue something from the Spring Classics Thinking

  • Indexing 105 rear gears - doesn't work for largest sprockets :/1 year 14 weeks agoA few more things to think

    A few more things to think about then, with prime suspect something up with the cable, I guess.

    According to my chain gauge, the chain was not particularly worn, but it was heading that way and I prefer to replace earlier than later.

    One thing I was thinking about the cassette is that the largest three sprockets are a single component separate to the other individual sprockets - maybe they wear out at different rates somehow.

    The whole group is Shimano 105.


  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 14 weeks agoGone with Daniel Martin

    Gone with

    Daniel Martin (GRM)
    Philippe Gilbert (BMC)
    Roman Kreuziger (SAX)
    Simon Gerrans (GRE)
    Maxim Iglinsky (AST)
    Carlos Alberto Betancur (ALM)
    Christian Meier (GRE)
    Giampaolo Caruso (KAT)
    Alejandro Valverde (MOV)

  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 14 weeks agoThere are 6 riders with a

    There are 6 riders with a lead of over 8 minutes:

    Sander Armee (Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise), Bart De Clercq (Lotto), Vincent Jérôme (Europcar), Pirmin Lang (IAM Cycling), Frederik Veucheulen (Vacansoleil) and Jonathan Fumeaux (IAM Cycling)

  • Barclays Cycle Hire bike rider seriously injured after being struck by lorry1 year 14 weeks agoWhat hope do we have of

    What hope do we have of drivers seeing cyclists, when they can't even see a 4x4 behind them, when reversing out of a parking spot. As a driver and cyclist it annoys me that people get behind the wheel of a vehicle and can't be bothered to put 100% concentration into controlling what is a piece of machinery that can kill.
    Nothing will change until we take the steps to follow Germany and other European countries and put the onus 100% on drivers to have the responsibility for injuries to vulnerable road users.
    Having lived in Germany, the law works and protects cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Sora to 105 Levers1 year 14 weeks agoSimon E wrote:You've only

    Simon E wrote:
    You've only just bought it and she's not happy? Tell her to quit moaning and start riding! That's what it's for.

    (though I would try to get the brakes working better)

    Lo.....l +1 for the brakes Big Grin

  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 14 weeks agoI decided to

    I decided to stick....

    Valverde, Gilbert, Mollema, Martin, Kwiatkowski, Henao, Cattaneo, Betancur, Weening

    Purist: J-Rod, Martin, Mollema, Gilbert, Ulissi, Iglinsky, Betancur, Weening, De Clerq

    It seems a Mollema, Valverde, Kwiatkowski 1-2-3 would be the best for me

  • Norfolk man names baby after the founder of the Tour de France1 year 14 weeks agoComing to think about it, the

    Coming to think about it, the TDF start in Liege/Luik was already in 2012:
    http://innercitymobility.blogspot.de/2012/07/tour-de-france-special-nois... Nerd

    So he might better head to Corsica! Might be warmer and sunnier anyway! Smile

  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 14 weeks agoGot two full teams. Purist

    Got two full teams. Purist is

    Henao, Martin, Caruso, Gilbert, Hesjedal, Vanendert, Gerrans, Betancur and Schleck

    Standard is

    Henao, Martin, Valverde, Gilbert, Nibali, Kwiatkowski, Weening, Betancur and Lutsenko

  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 14 weeks agoGambling

    Gambling time...

  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 14 weeks agoGilbert Betancur iglinsky kwi


    not too confident today. Just want 100 points to break 7000

  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 14 weeks agoSame top 5 as you stevespro,

    Same top 5 as you stevespro, plus some wildcards...
    Le mevel

  • Trek Madone 5.9 SL with full Dura Ace1 year 14 weeks agoBargain.


  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 14 weeks ago1.NIBALI 2.GILBERT 3.VALVERDE


    Happy with this lot.....Now just got to wait and watch them all break down or fall off again as with the rest of my Spring Classics picks....Bloody stupid game....I LOVE IT..... Love Struck

  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 14 weeks agoIf the Giro prices hadn't

    If the Giro prices hadn't been set last week he'd be even more expensive than that!

  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 14 weeks agoI really don't fancy Gerrans'

    I really don't fancy Gerrans' chances as much as everyone else seems to(cue him winning now!!)....I guess you can see what sort of race I'm expecting by this little lot.

    His Nibs
    Cunego(last chance for the Little Prince)

    Still 9 purists running-J-Rod,Weening,Betancur,Henao,Slagter,Gilbert,Cunego,Moser,Quintana.

    I'll be glad to see the back of the one-dayers.....until Quebec at least.

  • Liege-Bastogne-Liege1 year 14 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:Thanks for the

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Thanks for the Ray, I totally forgot about Betancur....Glad I had a transfer in the bag, Schleck gets the boot, so you better all get him in going on my last two years performances Devil

    Last chance to get him at that price....13.8 credits for Giro D'Italia(and I still reckon he'll get takers for purist and mountain stages-I expect him to top10 and be a contender for young jersey).

  • Specialized Tarmac (2013)1 year 14 weeks agoSora, schmora - it will wear

    Sora, schmora - it will wear out pretty quickly anyway and be ripe for replacement witIh something nicer. Frame should always be priority really, how many people could tell the difference between say 105 and Ultegra whilst blindfolded? Unless you're a serious distance cyclist (by which I mean RAAM-style distances) or a high-end amateur racer who wears out kit regularly, I reckon most people could probably get by perfectly fine with Tiagra in reality, if we could suspend snob value for a moment.

    As for the frame, sounds ripe for upgrade although interesting that they've included so many comfort features, tall head tube etc. I always thought that's what the Roubaix is for and the Tarmac is aimed squarely at the fully-slammed racing crowd.

    Personally I've always had a soft spot for Speccy. Bit ubiquitous but deservedly so. I would put them up there with the likes of Nike, Oakley and The North Face as mega US brands with all-conquering marketing machines who also spend a lot of the profits on R&D. Rarely going to be the very best products in their respective categories but always a solid choice.

  • Video: Park your bike like a pro... Tour de France champ Bradley Wiggins shows you how1 year 14 weeks agoStrathlubnaig wrote:bit of a

    Strathlubnaig wrote:
    bit of a twat really

    So showing a bit of a anger and disappointment is being a twat is it? These guys dedicate their life to bike racing. To winning. Why not get upset when it all falls apart during a race due to the bike?

    They go through some pretty unpleasant training and they meet some pretty unpleasant people too who think they have a right to judge them because they earn money riding a bike.

  • Video: Park your bike like a pro... Tour de France champ Bradley Wiggins shows you how1 year 14 weeks agobit of a twat really, and

    bit of a twat really, and then he rode off past the buses at the top and got in a car and went home in the cream puff avoiding everyone.

  • Speedplay zero pedals1 year 14 weeks agoI have found them a massive

    I have found them a massive pain in the arse to clip into but once you are there the lateral movement and degree of attachedness to the is awesome. If you stand in some mud waiting for a car to pass they are rubbish.

    Very pretty though.

  • Jeremy Clarkson rides a bike (yes, really!)1 year 14 weeks agoColin Peyresourde wrote:You

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    You should never take Jeremy seriously, even when it comes to his car reviews, and on that bombshell.....

    QFT Yo! Tongue

    lol gkham!

  • Top riders risk missing Liège-Bastogne-Liège after environmental groups' litter complaints1 year 14 weeks agoConcerned about littering?

    Concerned about littering? It's a crime in most, if not all, countries. I invite one and all to check out www.litterpreventionprogram.com and our News Reel that is updated daily. This is a website dedicated to the topics of litter and littering. Our goal is to lower the number of people who litter whether in cars, on foot, on bicycles, be it elite racing or just riding around the neighbourhood. Athletes are role models. They need to be mindful of their practices. In the Philippines last year, the winning rider was disqualified for littering during the race. Get all the news from around the world and sign up for our free newsletter - "This Week In Litterland".

  • Speedplay zero pedals1 year 14 weeks agoPretty much echoing the

    Pretty much echoing the above, but I think they are quite high maintenance. As a former Speedplay Zero user (disliked them - gone back to SPD SLs) a spot of dry lube (not grease) needs to be applied to the cleats as mentioned above. I think the use of grease is not recommended mostly to stop the cleats attracting grit, which could make it harder to unclip. You may need to readjust the screws on the cleat regularly as well to help with clipping in as these can loosen depending how often you clip in/out during a ride, which, in my experience, made clipping in harder the next time round. I also found it was necessary to clean the cleats and reapply lube regularly otherwise I couldn't clip in. They take a while to break in, so no I wouldn't use for a Sunday club ride without at least getting on and off with the bike stationery to ensure that you can clip in and out successfully. Personally, I found them initially like learning to use clipless pedals for the first time, but they are okay once they are broken in - a lot of people love them.