• New Forum Look1 year 11 weeks agoExcellent, many thanks.

    Excellent, many thanks.

  • Win a unique HOY Autumn edition bike with road.cc and Evans Cycles!1 year 11 weeks agoWorlds End in October

    Worlds End in October

    Worlds End Puctured! The long way home!

  • Headset Removal1 year 11 weeks agomost likely explanation is

    most likely explanation is that you have a wedge expander in your steerer and it's worked loose, so the top cap bolt is turning the expander too.

    if it is loose, you should be able to drift it out from below if your fork has a hole at the crown

  • New Forum Look1 year 11 weeks agothanks. in any case you

    thanks. in any case you should be able to go full width now, and that should fix it Smile

  • New Forum Look1 year 11 weeks agoThat was on Chrome using a

    That was on Chrome using a Nexus 7, will check later (out of work) to see whether it's still the case.

  • Another, deeper fantasy idea1 year 11 weeks agoWe're nearing the end of year

    We're nearing the end of year 2.
    It's relatively light and low maintenance, but we're having a lot of fun!

    Wanna join for year 3? Free agent auctions and a neo-pro draft begin November 1. Check it out yourself: http://www.profsl.com/smf/index.php?board=1107.0

  • New Forum Look1 year 11 weeks agodrheaton wrote:A new problem

    drheaton wrote:
    A new problem for you Smile

    Only being able to see half a comment as the rest appears to be outside the box.

    what device/os/browser is that on?

  • New Forum Look1 year 11 weeks agoif you're logged in you now

    if you're logged in you now have the option of viewing the site full screen on any device. just hop to the top and hit 'full width'

  • New Forum Look1 year 11 weeks agomonica wrote:monica

    monica wrote:
    monica wrote:
    Here's a little bit of blue, a more modern font ...

    The more I look at this page, the more I think you should use a 'sans serif' font for the comments. I think it gives the page a more modern look and it's easier to read. Look at the difference between the title of the thread "Forum New Look" and its font and the font used in the comment boxes.

    i think i'll ignore that sage advice, since they're the same font.

  • Win a unique HOY Autumn edition bike with road.cc and Evans Cycles!1 year 11 weeks agoCycle commute to work through

    Cycle commute to work through the backroads of Hampshire. In the autumn the sun is just rising and creating wonderful colours across the fields and sky. Making the most of it before winter falls.

  • Prescription cycling specs1 year 11 weeks agoGood question. 1. Stiff neck,

    Good question.

    1. Stiff neck, because my prescription lenses don't extend high enough, with the result that I would have to keep my head higher than otherwise in order to look through the lens and down the road - this came up during a bike-fit session.

    2. Peripheral vision; I wouldn't have the same level of co-ordination regarding reaction to objects/hazards to the side, overtaking vehicles etc.

    3. Fogging/condensation seems more awkward when using 2 lenses.

    4. Fit/seal - thanks to the awesome rep from the distributor turning up to the Opticians with a trolley full of frames and spending 2 hours with me, I have a pair that genuinely fit my face - just enough space for airflow, but snug enough to keep the cr@p out. They don't look as cool as some of the other models, but they fit brilliantly.

    5. Redundancy - I have one 'good' pair of normal specs. I spend a lot on them because I wear them every waking hour, and the strength of the prescription makes it worthwhile specifying things like high-index lenses, extremely light frames etc. However, at £500-ish, I don't buy multiple pairs. In the event of a breakage, I would have gone back to the pair that used my last prescription. I'd be able to see, but it wouldn't be ideal. I could expect headaches etc for the 3+ weeks it would take to order a new pair. This way, I'd just wear the clear pair, which are much cheaper than my regular specs.

    6. Multi-use; aside from cycling, I use the tinted pair as general sunglasses. The clear pair are ideal for other sports, DIY or whatever. If I go back to martial arts, then the clear pair will be ideal; sparring without specs is an art in itself, and I wouldn't try it in normal specs + builders specs.

    Some may baulk at the costs involved, or suggest that I would be better off having laser surgery. If I was still 22 and meeting girls I suppose I might consider it, but despite not being particularly risk-averse, I can't justify the small risks involved when successful surgery would not change my quality of life, but unsucessful surgery would impact it massively. Your mileage may vary!

    Oh, and regarding rival products, Oakley only go up to -4 or -5 depending on frame shape, Adidas Evil-eye are about the same, as are all others I checked out, while still being similar cost.

  • Update: Bristol to remove parking bays that replaced National Cycle Network bike lane1 year 11 weeks agoI'm with you on this. I

    I'm with you on this. I don't see what the fuss is about. Colston Street has never been a problem to cycle up or down regardless of these spaces.

    Whiteladies Road on the other hand is a right mess now.

  • Kickstarter: The best bike projects looking for crowd-funding now1 year 11 weeks agoSo, just under £70 for a set

    So, just under £70 for a set of lights that wont break or get nicked?

    That seems far too good to be true.

  • Win a unique HOY Autumn edition bike with road.cc and Evans Cycles!1 year 11 weeks agoThis one makes me want to go

    This one makes me want to go and ride.....

  • Bike licensing bill in US state of Georgia scrapped after cyclists protest1 year 11 weeks agoThey should focus on sorting

    They should focus on sorting out their squillion trillion deficit rather than garbage like this

  • Suggestions/requests for the 2014 season1 year 11 weeks agoI love the game as it is -

    I love the game as it is - going premium next season so I can play MOAR. Glad to see that the amount of money available for each race will change: that'll mix it up.

    One idea - what about a real 'full year' competition with a 'Team Manager mode' for Premium? Pick 30ish riders at the start of the season; your full squad is entered in every race (if they're riding) and scores points (maybe a maximum of nine riders scoring). Could build in a transfer window before/after the Tour perhaps?

  • City in Bolivia passes law making it compulsory to ride bikes1 year 11 weeks agoteaboy wrote:The Rumpo Kid

    teaboy wrote:
    The Rumpo Kid wrote:
    No chance of it happening here. Car drivers would be screaming for a refund on their "Road tax."

    Give it to them (us). In fact, abolish VED completely - it makes no sense anyway. Increase fuel duty to cover the loss.

    I also agree. But can we see this discounts-for-the-drivers-while-the-planet-burns government ever doing it?

    How many fuel times have they put off fuel tax increases now, while the libraries and surestart centres continue to close?

  • Bike Advice - Brompton vs Single Speed & CX1 year 11 weeks agoBrompton for me too. I'm on

    Brompton for me too. I'm on my second, this one part funded by the CycleScheme and I sold the older one for far more than I expected.

    As well as being an asset it makes the commute fun and you can participate in the Brompton World Championship and Nocturne folding bike races.

    The downside is that Bromptons go through tyres, chain and sprockets a lot quicker than you'd expect, probably due to small tyre radius and low slung derailleur.

  • Update: Bristol to remove parking bays that replaced National Cycle Network bike lane1 year 11 weeks agochokofingrz wrote:Actually I

    chokofingrz wrote:
    Actually I don't think it will cause too many problems on this part of Colston Street. The road is wide enough there and I have never needed to ride up it on the far left. As a cyclist you normally get a clear run up the middle of it with no cars ahead of or behind you.

    The addition of parking spaces means that one now has to move out into the flow of traffic to get around the cars leaving car-door space as you go. Not always an easy manoeuvre especially on what is not a quiet road (at least it isn't when I've used it) and local authorities should be aiming to make life easier for cyclists not harder.

  • Cambridge police 'caught' on video stealing bikes1 year 11 weeks agogreat reminder for people to

    Applause great reminder for people to be responsible. But remember folks, do not TEMPT a thief. Have a modest commuter for commuting and leaving locked outside. Use pinhead or pitlock skewers/seat post/headset locks, regardless of quality or price. I used to pass a fellow commuter on a Litespeed "Blue Ridge" (Ti touring bike) with bling bling wooden fenders that were more art than oh, sorry, "mudguards", and Dura Ace drivetrain/Avid brakes. Yeah, REALLY nice, actually too nice to lock up in public area. She had a U lock and cable she left on the bike rack. Soon after, I read of a bike getting stolen from our worksite-a gated military base at main entrance of hospital where there are always plenty of people lingering out front. I never saw that Litespeed commuter again. Old scratched up steel, plastic mudguards, mix match old leftover components...Keep your dream ride for recreational rides.

  • Video: Bus driver disciplined after hitting helmet cam cyclist (with his bus) in Reading town centre1 year 11 weeks agowell, before even checking

    well, before even checking mirrors he should have aborted the overtake....
    also, he shouldnt have needed to even check mirrors because clearly he had just seen the cyclist as he tried to overtake him, so he should know the cyclist is there without even needing to check mirrors!

  • Just in: Cannondale Synapse Carbon 3 Ultegra1 year 11 weeks agoanother "Crackendale" Albeit

    Angry another "Crackendale" Albeit from Alu frames, I have cracked 3 frames and the reps were unflinchingly arrogant-I finally just gave up and asked for a touring frame/fork for routine road riding. Superlight is fine, STUPIDLIGHT is not fine.

  • Wheel upgrade1 year 11 weeks agoI got some Stans NoTubes

    I got some Stans NoTubes Alpha 340's built up with DT Swiss spokes (used cycleops powertap pro for hubs but that can be ignored!) - they are ACE, best bike thing I've ever invested in.

    Rock solid and on the potholly greasy roads of the Isle of Man have remained true as anything throughout race season. They roll incredibly well. I've hit some fairly massive holes on those things and they havent let me down on integrity or speed.

    They're also superlight, I've absoluteyl no push to buy anything more lightweight or aero for the time being.

    I ran Aksiums before these and the difference in quality and weight is nuts.

    Can't recommend the Stans enough.

  • Cambridge police 'caught' on video stealing bikes1 year 11 weeks agoSimple economics highlighted

    Simple economics highlighted by the police themselves here.

    Thieves target bikes are the are high value to them and increasingly of a higher value as we all take to cycling.

    Police dont have funds to actually police against theft.

    Police have to ask the public to assist in some form to fill this financial policing gap as its in their own interest to do so.

    Thieves win!


    Policing! More of them, community support, council wardens, support groups or actual Police. Visibilty, numbers and action to prevent.
    Just like safety on a bike, its cheaper to prevent than cure.

    I bought a bike to commute via the Bike to work scheme but im now put off using it due to the thefts even from a work based lockup (publicly accessible). Regardless of locks, its a more valuable bike and soft target for those with the tools. My motorbikes safer with just a steering lock.

  • Bike Advice - Brompton vs Single Speed & CX1 year 11 weeks agoAfter a similar debate I

    After a similar debate I ended up with a folder. I didn't get a brompton but wished that I had really.

    The pitfalls of the two bike approach are just too great for me (security, maintenance, dealing with breakdowns etc.)