• MTB vs road cycle shoes1 year 13 weeks agoTrackstands...never

    Trackstands...never uncleat...

  • Twit and run girl EmmaWay 20 breaks her silence to say sorry (sort of)1 year 13 weeks agoThe contrast between Emma

    The contrast between Emma Way's interview and Toby Hockley's is astounding. She is still not apologising in the slightest for actually hitting the guy, just for the tweeting, and he is being incredibly restrained and reasonable in his assessment of the whole thing. Their attitudes are universes apart.

  • Audrey Fyfe's daughter calls for support in urging Gary McCourt sentence appeal - deadline is May 31st1 year 13 weeks agoAileen For a start any


    For a start any banned driver should be required to have a continuously recording Garmin-device, which records the places they visit, along with routes and speeds travelled. This would be auditable at any time and could require a periodic download by the Police. Software to review the recorded data could identify trips made by rail and walking fairly easily and bus/coach and cycle journeys would also have clear identities. The remaining trips (by car or taxi) could than be seen, and spot checks to certify the driver was not McCourt could be made - equally it would show if he was present in a vehicle being driven at illegal speeds for the location recorded.

    As a standard practice any vehicle being driven by a banned driver would be confiscated and (if not stolen) destroyed, regardless of whether the banned driver owned it or not. This would deter any (most) friends from 'lending' their car to a banned driver. A period of severe curfew might also be used (ie remain at home between 7pm and 7am for x days).

    There is also the issue of strong evidence that many of those caught for motoring offences, have a similar bivalency on other laws, and thus the monitoring of movements, and requirement to explain every journey made provides a far stronger sanction/penalty than a spell in jail.

  • Question for tubs users1 year 13 weeks agotriathlon tubs generally have

    triathlon tubs generally have a butyl inner, if you want tubs that aren't going to go down. the trade off is they're not quite as supple

  • Mavic wheel upgrade - entry level bike1 year 13 weeks agoThanks for all the advice and

    Thanks for all the advice and help guys, appreciate it. Will either put some money aside soon for an upgrade or might wait until end of the year and try and explain the n+1 theory to the missus again!

  • Pinarello Manchester1 year 13 weeks agoI can only comment on their

    I can only comment on their shorts but they are the most comfortable shorts I have ever owned by a long way. I guess you get what you pay for.

  • Mountain TT Giro Tappa 181 year 13 weeks agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:Yep 181

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    Yep 181 for me, that is my question now, do I drop Evans for Scarponi is what im thinking Thinking probably Pirazzi for Kangert

    I'm thinking Evans for Uran and Pirazzi for Kangert and it'll be stalemate.

  • Venting frustration1 year 13 weeks agoI am following the Giro

    I am following the Giro around Italy right now. For the past two weeks I have been amazed by how good Italian drivers are. Chaotic, yes, and with a total disregard for the law, but with hardly any agro at all. Then last night as I rode the ITT course I was actually knocked off my bike. You can read the full details in my blog at http://www.tourletour.com/Giro2013WP/of-all-the-days-to-not-have-the-vid... , but basically I am still impressed by Italian drivers, and suspect he was a visitor.

    When there really is agro though, I just wave. Not going to help getting worked up about it.

  • Long body Jerseys?1 year 13 weeks agoI'm also 6'5 with a 34" waist

    I'm also 6'5 with a 34" waist and had the exact same problem. Tried on countless jerseys from countless brands, until I tried a Castelli Prima in large. It's very close fitting, but perfect for me. (Though this is not true of all Castelli jerseys - the Fuga and Aero Race jerseys are much shorter.)

    Got a good review on this site recently: http://road.cc/content/review/82961-castelli-prima-jersey-fz

  • TT bike vs aero wheels1 year 13 weeks agoSecond hand P2? Maybe even

    Second hand P2?

    Maybe even P4?

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 13 weeks agoJonas Lorenzen wrote:not my

    Jonas Lorenzen wrote:
    not my day to day.. Crying

    Keep it up ! Big Grin
    I think you should swap Nibali and Betancur for Cav and Nizzolo tomorrow !

  • Question for tubs users1 year 13 weeks agoMost tubs have latex tubes

    Most tubs have latex tubes inside, but not all of 'em. As for a few strokes with the tire pump being a prohibitively time consuming "daily chore", I think I have that much time to spare usually.

  • Giro d'Italia Stage 18: Nibali puts Evans to the sword in mountain time trial1 year 13 weeks agoFloyd Landis had the most

    Floyd Landis had the most famous off-day-then-great-day as well.

  • MTB vs road cycle shoes1 year 13 weeks agoI have both. The SPD MTB

    I have both. The SPD MTB are way easier for commuting in but hurt the balls of my feet as they sort of push though the sole. The Road shoes and pedals are a ballache to get in. Sometimes its first time, other times I can be mid junction gliding and stamping like a madman. However they feel amazing and sometimes it feels like someone elses legs when tanking along. Its worth the times I slip over in them in the kitchen trying to get them on!

  • Twit and run girl EmmaWay 20 breaks her silence to say sorry (sort of)1 year 13 weeks agoYou know... I was starting to

    You know... I was starting to feel sorry for this girl. People that age are often over-confident on the road and make stupid mistakes - and while she needs to be punished, I've no wish for her to have her life ruined.

    But that interview seems half-hearted, self-centred and had the tone of an Apprentice contestant in the boardroom trying not to get fired.

    If she'd offered a full and sincere apology and maybe done some work to raise awareness of how dangerous driving can put cyclists' lives at risk, I'd be prepared to say we should all forgive her and move on. But now I just think throw the book at her.

  • Lack of Lycra Lout? Police stop cyclist not wearing "appropriate clothing" on suspicion of stealing bike1 year 13 weeks agoThat's awesome!

    That's awesome!

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 13 weeks agonot my day to day..

    not my day to day.. Crying

  • Mountain TT Giro Tappa 181 year 13 weeks agonetclectic wrote:STEVESPRO 79

    netclectic wrote:
    STEVESPRO 79 wrote:
    Anybody got a link to a profile for tomorrows revised stage now that the Gav and the Stelvio have gone... Sad


    cheers matey...

  • Barclays teams up with Sportsdirect.com for national cycle helmet promotion1 year 13 weeks agoStrax, The risk of being

    Strax, The risk of being knocked off your bike is still small, even if you ride lots of miles, though it probably depends on where those miles take place as not all roads/situations are equally hazardous. Pootling through a park isn't the same as zig-zagging through London rush hour traffic or a bunch race.

    Marketing and 'blame the victim' style scaremongering have gone a long way to convincing people that a helmet will protect them. Against a driver like this Twitter girl? No chance. A simple fall from ~1.5m is what I believe they are tested for, not being wiped out by 1.5 tonnes of steel at 50mph. Even at 30mph a car will destroy a brick wall, so how would 1/2" of polystyrene full of holes save you?

    What do you think about risk compensation? Or Ian Walker's research indicating that drivers give more room to helmetless riders?

    In the end it's a choice. I don't mind if it makes you feel safer. After 4 years of using one (purchased reluctantly after pressure from well-meaning family members) I stopped wearing mine recently. I don't feel less safe but I do feel more comfortable. I might wear it in the winter when the conditions are worse and it's cold and dark during commutes, but I'll see...

  • Giro d'Italia Stage 18: Nibali puts Evans to the sword in mountain time trial1 year 13 weeks agoYeah, hope its a clean win of

    Yeah, hope its a clean win of course, but like you say it makes you think. Mind you, off days are not a guarantee of a clean rider... long time passed now and yeah I know doping is no doubt much more sophisticated now, but Riis and Ullrich had off days in TdF if memory serves me correctly?...

  • Giro d'Italia Stage 18: Nibali puts Evans to the sword in mountain time trial1 year 13 weeks agoIs it really "too good to be

    Is it really "too good to be true"? What does the 'real' winner have to look like to be convincing?

    Look at the contenders, or what's left of them. A grinder who may be past his best (no offence Cadel), a Sky mountain domestique, Scarponi (not a role model for clean cycling), some young pretenders/climbers... not the cream of the current generation of GC riders.

    Do you think the race would have played out like this if riders like Froome, Rodriguez and Contador were there? The best rider isn't going to have to suffer if no-one really puts in a real challenge.

    Mentioned on Bikeradar earlier this week:

    2012: 3rd TDF
    2011: 2nd Giro, 7th Vuelta
    2010: 3rd Giro, 1st Vuelta
    2009: 7th TDF
    2008: 11th Giro, 18th TDF
    2007: 19th Giro

    If that's not a consistent career trajectory, I don't know what is.

    I'm not saying he's definitely clean, but I don't see evidence that he's doping.

  • Giro d'Italia Stage 18: Nibali puts Evans to the sword in mountain time trial1 year 13 weeks agoSurely, if he was doping, he

    Surely, if he was doping, he wouldn't want to make the gap so big? Only a clean rider would continue to increase the gap.

  • Venting frustration1 year 13 weeks agowave or slow hand clap,

    wave or slow hand clap, coupled with knocking on the window if i then catch them at the lights

  • Twit and run girl EmmaWay 20 breaks her silence to say sorry (sort of)1 year 13 weeks agoJust seen her interview and

    Just seen her interview and for me her body language (arms crossed) is one of total disregard..she clearly feels no sorrow for what she did.

    Pack of lies and crocodile tears for the camera and as for dragging in the pinstripe suited lawer to hold her hand...load of tosh Angry

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