• Vulpine Men's Original Rain Jacket1 year 9 weeks agoHi Username, Thanks for the

    Hi Username,
    Thanks for the kind comments about the jacket! The cuffs are beloved by many. Its hard because one customer's preference is another's dislike. But we always take feedback onboard. Especially as we've a lot of new products in development for the coming years.

    Regards the colours, they are now marked on some of the photos, after customer feedback actually! But its also interesting to note (we did some research) that some men (far less incidence in women) see greys and greens very similarly. It was really interesting researching this. We all see colours differently from the next person, some more than others. To me they're very different colours, but I may find other colours in the spectrum hard to differentiate. So colour becomes personal too! Blimey.

  • Sky customer wins Wiggo's Tour de France bike - but has to sell it1 year 9 weeks agoCommenting on a personal

    Commenting on a personal capacity but - this reminds me a lot of this story from a story not far away about Cav's bike - I had completely forgotten it until you quoted me Simon (hope you and your son are well!)


  • Almost 9 in 10 people back headphones ban and compulsory helmets for cyclists say survey1 year 9 weeks agoDear Tomawest, If helmets

    Dear Tomawest,

    If helmets were "better than nothing", then you might have a point. Reality, as assessed by studies of real-world and societal-level outcomes, very strongly suggests otherwise:

    a) Compulsory helmets only result in, at best, a small level of improvement in head injury rates amongst cyclists and *no* significant difference overall in injury rates.

    b) Compulsory helmets have a strong detrimental effect on cycling participation. Fewer people cycle. Certain demographics see extreme drops in cycling participation, e.g. teenage girls. (Girls already do less exercise than boys, so this makes things worse).

    c) Any societal gains from reduced head injuries are outweighed, by at least an order of magnitude, by the increased lifetime health problems from reduced exercise, due to compulsory helmet laws.

    Basically, the benefits to society would be, at best, small (though, even those are not at all strongly proven - see NL as counter-point), while the harms would be *great* and *certain*.

    I have a longer overview on my blog, and I try to collate any further good studies I find in the comments of it: http://paul.jakma.org/2011/10/28/the-case-against-bicycle-helmets-quick-...

    Alternatively, go read back through the comments on previous road.cc helmet compulsion articles. Wink

    A much better way to make cyclists safe AND which would result in MORE people cycling would be to *FIX THE FUCKING ROAD SYSTEM* to minimise the chances and consequences of motorists hitting cyclists (which is what's doing the fucking damage in the first place). Several other countries have *proven* that this is far, *FAR* more effective than helmets & hi-viz.

  • London flooded with police in road safety crackdown1 year 9 weeks agoNot impressed by what I saw

    Not impressed by what I saw this morning. PCSOs at Albert Bridge completely ignored an HGV that jumped the lights right in front of them. However, it was clear that drivers were behaving a bit better at that junction.

  • London flooded with police in road safety crackdown1 year 9 weeks agoThe press (including cycling

    The press (including cycling press) are really beginning to piss me off. They have no real interest in improving cycling safety but purely in inflaming the war between cyclists and motorists. Biased reporting or twisting something into being something it isn't.
    Everyone agrees that cycling on Britains roads is dangerous. As cyclists we can't even agree how to be responsible for our own safety (The "I shouldn't have to wear a helmet / Hivis they should see me anyway debate). Everyone wants someone else to blame and someone else to take responsibility.
    And for FFS stop blaming the POLICE for everything!
    At Wits End
    PS Road CC missed this from the piece taken from the standards article
    Last Monday, the Met carried out spot-checks on cyclists and HGVs in Vauxhall.

    In four hours, the officers stopped 70 lorries and issued 15 fixed penalty notices for offences such as the vehicles not being fit for the road.

  • Different Saddle Needed - Any Suggestions ?1 year 9 weeks agoThe best advice I could give

    The best advice I could give is to get a bike fit if at all possible, or at the very least get someone experienced to check out your position on the bike. So many saddle issues are in fact nothing to do with the saddle, but rather your position on it. For example, if the height or fore/aft position are wrong, it can dramatically increase the pressure on your sit bones or perineum. You might find that with a bike fit, the saddle you have is actually the one for you.

    If you cannot get a bike fit, try and get to a Specialized stockist that have the sit-bone measuring tool - essentially a pad you sit on that leaves an imprint to tell you what width should be ideal. Specialized also have a range of saddles with a cut-out to alleviate pressure on the gent's luggage area.

    From personal experience I would not purchase a Fizik based on their spine concept. It assumes that flexibility is linked to body shape, which may be true in general, but ignores sit bone width. Fizik would suggest I need an Aliante, whereas I find the Arione by far the most comfortable. Many Fizik stockists will have demo saddles available to try for free and I would highly recommend you go down that route before spending your hard-earned.

  • BikeCityGuide Finn1 year 9 weeks agoIt doesn't protect against

    It doesn't protect against weather weather, but will it keep off regular weather?

  • Leader of Hampshire County Council says it can’t regulate New Forest sportives1 year 9 weeks agoI grew up in the New Forest

    I grew up in the New Forest and my brother still lives there. The sort of people that moan about cyclists are not really Forest people. They are generally the ones that have moved in and bought property because it's a nice place to live.

    They bought in for the views and the rural idyll and for most of them that's a narrow picture postcard idyll. Some of them have also been shocked to find that people who work in the Forest mostly in agriculture and aboriculture use machinery and make noise. They don't like that either.

    A lot of them think they moved to a Disneyland Forest and because they paid so much they think anyone that upsets their narrow little view of things needs to be stopped.

    My brother tells me of the woman that having moved into the forest started complaining that the ponies and cows are allowed to graze freely. She thought they'd escaped from a farm and the farmer needed better fences.

    On being told that the ponies are wild and that the forest is common grazing land and that this was how it had been for 800 odd years she replied "well someone should do something!"

    That's what you are up against. The Forest people that actually live and work there won't give you any trouble and they are also not the ones (generally) that kill the ponies with their vehicles. That's also usually the newcomers that don't understand the Forest roads.

  • London flooded with police in road safety crackdown1 year 9 weeks agoI find police attitudes tend

    I find police attitudes tend to mirror that of the general public - a sizeable minority couldn't give a shit about cyclists and think of them as second class road users.

    I wonder what the officer who left hooked me (and then threatened to arrest me when I remonstrated with him) thinks about todays duties?

  • Almost 9 in 10 people back headphones ban and compulsory helmets for cyclists say survey1 year 9 weeks agoThe NHS deals with about

    The NHS deals with about 70,000 serious head injury incidents each year.

    The most common causes of head injuries are falling over, motor vehicle crashes and assault. A significant proportion occur in the home or playground.

    Cycling related head injuries are a small fraction of the thousands of head injuries the NHS deals with each year, probably less than 1%.


    About 65% of head injuries are also alcohol related.

    So the most effective legislation to reduce the incidence of head injuries in the population are ;

    1. Compulsory helmets when in a motor vehicle
    2. Compulsory helmets when moving about the home
    3. Compulsory helmets when drinking in the pub
    4. Compulsory helmets for children when playing

    Funny how the media, medical profession, and authorities never mention these.

    On a wider scale, smoking causes 100,000 premature deaths a year in the UK.

    So an outright ban on smoking would have a far greater impact than a helmet law. Funny how smoking is left to the individual's informed choice but cycling helmets must be forced upon people.

    It is an odd world....

  • Vulpine Men's Original Rain Jacket1 year 9 weeks agoI would add: The colours are

    I would add:

    The colours are difficult to understand on Vulpine's site. The main photos look like green, so is that 'military green'? There is a very pale green which might be 'sahara'.

    It turns out the 'charcoal', which I ordered, is actually green. A very dark green but green nevertheless; very obviously green when you wear it with plain black lycra tights.

    I like it, I'm not complaining, but the colourways could be better explained on their site and the name 'charcoal' should be changed to 'charcoal green', 'dark green' or similar.

  • Sky customer wins Wiggo's Tour de France bike - but has to sell it1 year 9 weeks agoGkam84 wrote: If he didn't

    Gkam84 wrote:

    If he didn't want it, give it back or donate it to a charity auction, but to just sell it pisses me right off.

    He WON the f*cking thing, he's not out of pocket, just a greedy c*** who can't appreciate the TRUE value of the bike.

    I totally disagree. If Sky didn't feel the need to put it in a charity auction I don't see why the winner should. He won it fair and square and can do what he likes with it. If he wanted to shred it I might understand the outrage, but it'll be sold to a collector (who presumably understands the 'value), so I don't see the problem.

    It's like a F1 fan winning a Ferrari: it seems like a good thing, but then you realise it's not practical for anything, you can't afford to fuel, service or insure it, and you've got nowhere to keep it away from scumbags with keys who are pissed off at your good fortune...

  • Genesis Croix de Fer 20141 year 9 weeks agoHi again Is the Tiagra OK on

    Hi again

    Is the Tiagra OK on the new Croix? I've got 105 on my CAAD10 which is great, but wonder whether there's much of a difference, and if it would be worth getting the LBS to upgrade me to 105.

    I've also looked at the Cannondale CAADX disc as there's one that has 105 and looks to be similar in weight to my CAAD10.


  • Different Saddle Needed - Any Suggestions ?1 year 9 weeks agoyou will have heard how

    you will have heard how comfortable Brooks are - they mild to you and flex with movement better than nearly anything I can think of - that said i put a specialised Romin saddle on my road bike and it wins hands down for me. The test is going on a turbo trainer and doing an hour and a half sat down - result !! no tingles numbness anything. Great value for money too and light in weight but as a big lad weight may not be the issue.

  • Video: Graeme Obree movie seeking final edit funding on Kickstarter1 year 9 weeks agojarredscycling wrote:Why are

    jarredscycling wrote:
    Why are movies using kickstarter?

    Really good question. Given the BBC etc will pay up to £200K per hour for this all they need to do is sell it to them. I could understand if it were a really niche film but with the interest in cycling I don't, personally, think it is.

  • Almost 9 in 10 people back headphones ban and compulsory helmets for cyclists say survey1 year 9 weeks agoCould there possibly be any

    Could there possibly be any worse knee jerk reaction to divert attention away from the real issues for cyclists, shame on you Boris!

    Ban earphones - we are outside so we can hear the traffic, not inside a noise-proof box, probably with earphones on listening to the radio and making phone calls. If you have ever ridden with earphones then you will know this is rubbish!

    Compulsory helmets - would reduce the number of cyclists and thereby undo all the good done from the recent growth in cycling by increasing pollution and health costs. You will not make cycling safer by having less cyclists.....simples!

    As a lifelong cyclist myself, the recent high level of fatalities is very sad, but it is not because of helmets, earphones, hi-viz or even running red lights for that matter.....it's because motorists and lorry drivers either don't look for us or can't see us.

    Lack of a safe cycling infrastructure and poor driver awareness of cyclists is undoubtedly the main reason for fatalities, so in the meantime.....

    Ride where you can be seen and always ride as though you haven't been seen.....simples!

  • Almost 9 in 10 people back headphones ban and compulsory helmets for cyclists say survey1 year 9 weeks agoJust as some days, I want to

    Just as some days, I want to get all the gear on and others I just want to jump on the bike, in old shorts, a t-shirt, trainers, nothing more, to nip to shops or pub. Sure someone will say I am going to die any minute without a helmet, but 20yrs plus of me making my own mind up of where and when seems to work, just as when I have to make any other risk assessment. If you want to wear a helmet I will not be offended, mind the high viz is vile, but your choice, let me make mine. Think of how righteously smug you can be if I crash and die.

  • Canyon Inflite AL 8.0 cyclo-cross bike1 year 9 weeks agoThe Canyon is a good price

    The Canyon is a good price comsidering you get a full 105 group set, Royce bars and stem, full Mavic wheel set and the Canyon seat pin is over £200 to buy on its own. Most other makes ranging from £900 to £1200 use naff manufacters own finishing kit, mixed group sets parts such 105 mixed with tiagra and FSA chainsets and wheels often built with unbranded hubs. At least with Mavic wheels you get a great warranty and service via your local Mavic dealer.

  • Almost 9 in 10 people back headphones ban and compulsory helmets for cyclists say survey1 year 9 weeks agoI would have preferred to see

    I would have preferred to see the helmet question worded,
    "I'm aware that a compulsory helmet law would cause more deaths than it saves, as a result of inactivity among those who subsequently choose not to cycle, and I know that it will cause increased car use and more congestion, making cycling more dangerous for those continuing to cycle, but, since I have a tendency not to think things through in the longer term, I still think compulsion is a good idea".

    Here's a quick link to Jeff Brewster's well documented University of Bath study into the effects that helmets have on overtaking vehicles, http://www.drianwalker.com/overtaking/overtakingprobrief.pdf,
    in which he concludes that,

    "the helmet effect is likely the result of drivers judging cyclists' skill levels from their appearance and adjusting their overtaking accordingly",

    and that ,

    "drivers of buses and heavy goods vehicles got significantly closer than other vehicles".

  • Dales villagers warned to plan for Tour de France1 year 9 weeks agoIt's going to be massive with

    It's going to be massive with loads of disruption but great all the same. It's just the same in France every year, they embrace it and enjoy it for what it is, one of the greatest shows on earth. For one weekend I'll love the fact that life where I live is turned upside down by a simple bike race, brilliant.

  • Almost 9 in 10 people back headphones ban and compulsory helmets for cyclists say survey1 year 9 weeks agonbrus wrote: What if another

    nbrus wrote:

    What if another cyclist wants to overtake you ... if you aren't aware, then you might have a side-on collision if you drift across the path. It is definitely NOT safe to cycle with headphones on as you won't be fully aware of your surroundings.

    It is certainly foolish to drift sideways without looking behind. Even with earphones I tend to be fully aware I am cycling on a road, and would never change line without looking. If you don't look, but rely on hearing, that is when you might cause a collision with a silent bicycle.

  • Video: Graeme Obree movie seeking final edit funding on Kickstarter1 year 9 weeks agoWhy are movies using

    Why are movies using kickstarter?

  • Strava app now available on Google Glass1 year 9 weeks agoThe next thing after helmets

    The next thing after helmets that everyone who's ever ridden a bike can go on and on about

  • Sky customer wins Wiggo's Tour de France bike - but has to sell it1 year 9 weeks agoSuper Domestique wrote:For

    Super Domestique wrote:
    For those that would sell, would you keep the jersey?

    Probably raffle it off to a good cause, maybe chuck it in with the bike, maybe give it to a local bike shop or youth cycling club as "inspiration".

    A bike is simply a tool to do a job. I don't get the adoration. The original pop-up Rapha shop/cafe in London (way before they opened in Soho) had a basement with about 15 bikes throughout the ages, including Indurain's and Armstrong's Tour-winning bikes and various other notable bikes, I think Cipollini's Cannondale was in there too.

    It was interesting but if I miraculously won a "significant" bike like this chap has, I'd rather it went to a collection like that instead of hanging on my wall getting covered in dust.

  • Almost 9 in 10 people back headphones ban and compulsory helmets for cyclists say survey1 year 9 weeks agoMartin Badger wrote:As a

    Martin Badger wrote:
    As a regular commuter to work I play any music I want through the MP3 player and speaker on my phone. I play the volume at full blast. On the busy road I can just about hear it, but on the Canal banks its fine. I don't think it disturbs any pedestrians as they tend to have earbuds in anyway.

    What if another cyclist wants to overtake you ... if you aren't aware, then you might have a side-on collision if you drift across the path. It is definitely NOT safe to cycle with headphones on as you won't be fully aware of your surroundings.

    As to wearing a helmet ... most cyclists already do. I don't think it should be compulsory as the only person who's safety is affected is the rider, and it should be their choice if they wish to wear one.