• Dual Eyewear glasses1 year 7 weeks agoAlso very interested in

    Also very interested in these.

    I find the glasses that use optical inserts, which tend to sit very close to the eye uncomfortable. I don't fancy paying stupid amounts of money for prescription cycling glasses as I know I'll either break them or I'll lose them.

    Instead, I've been wearing bifocal safety glasses, which you can pickup for as little as £10 online, and they look OK if a bit basic. They will also sometimes steam up quite easily, which is a problem.

    These basically look like a proper version of the same thing, and I may well pick up a pair. If the only thing wrong with your eyes is that they've reached 40, you should be able to pick a pair which are a good enough match for your prescription.

  • Orbea Avant road bike1 year 7 weeks agoThe concept of a decent

    The concept of a decent roadbike with mudguard eyelets and clearance is a good one. However, I suspect there's a premium being charged for it here that puts it beyond my budget.

  • Orbea Avant road bike1 year 7 weeks agoYou're missing my point.. And

    You're missing my point.. And I'm sounding like I care about this more than I actually do by this point so I'm actually going to stop in a moment. It's not the reviewing the bikes, or the news that's irritating, it's just that every single time you can mention how fantastic disc brakes are and how they're definitely the future you do. A bit of balance would be nice. It's not a big deal, it just irritated me slightly.

  • Orbea Avant road bike1 year 7 weeks ago7thGalaxy wrote:every non

    7thGalaxy wrote:
    every non disc brake bike seems to have a "no disc brakes, so those wishing to future proof their ride might want to look elsewhere".

    where are you reading this? because i've been through the last ten non-disc road bike reviews on the site and not a single one of them mentions disc brakes even once.

  • Video: SRAM’s electronic groupset spotted at Tour of California1 year 7 weeks agoothello wrote:Rumour has it,

    othello wrote:
    Rumour has it, you use the left lever to go up the rear cassette and the right lever to go down (or vice-a-versa, I'm not sure). Front changing is done with a long hold of the button.

    No reason why Shimano couldn't allow this config with a wee firmware update. Would be interesting to try, and nice to have the option.

  • Wattbike Training1 year 7 weeks agoOk, I've just downloaded the

    Ok, I've just downloaded the pdf file "Training with Power" from Joe's website. For the trainingpeaks stuff, isn't that assuming that I can download a log file from the wattbike to upload to TP? Or can I just manually input some numbers into TP for it to do the maths bit? I don't know whether they'll like me plugging a USB stick into the wattbike or something... still, what they don't know etc!

    I should add that I haven't even been training with HR - the opportunity to ride my bike is usually an escape from complexity for me, so I just ride, go hard when I feel good, try to pedal in nice circles, and try to beat my own times on climbs. The difference here is that we put the twins into the Gym's creche on a saturday morning, but their insurance doesn't cover you to leave the premises - hence, the best use of time while onsite (I currently do weights and cardio) will be to learn to actually 'train' (and train with power) rather than ride.

    The gym is a David Lloyd, I don't know how much training they've been given on the product.

    "combine these long efforts with stuff that's gonna improve your bodies lactic threshold. " - By this do you mean combining the long efforts with shorter ones, or is it not that simple?

    I have got a cheap HR monitor somewhere, should I be using that as well? I need to replace the batteries but that's easy done.

    Sorry for all the stoopid questions!

  • Get on your bike to show politicians you want Space for Cycling in London1 year 7 weeks agofarrell wrote:drfabulous0

    farrell wrote:
    drfabulous0 wrote:
    I'll see you there, I'll be the guy on the red Bakfiets.

    I dare you to take it down the start ramp of the BMX track on Platt Fields!

    I might just accept your challenge, I have ridden it down the start ramp at Bruntwood but sadly I can't roll over the jumps without it bottoming out.

  • Orbea Avant road bike1 year 7 weeks ago7thGalaxy wrote:Every disc

    7thGalaxy wrote:
    Every disc brake bike review has a line to the effect of "Are disc brakes the future, x company certainly thinks so with this incredible bike", whilst every non disc brake bike seems to have a "no disc brakes, so those wishing to future proof their ride might want to look elsewhere".

    Edit: just up in another article:

    "Disc brakes on road bikes are the hot topic right now and many people - fans and manufacturers alike - are keen to see if the UCI will allow the use of disc brakes in the professional peloton. A change on the 6.8kg minimum weight limit is another rule that some expect to change soon.

    While the meeting gave no clear indication on changes to either of these rules, there are positive signs that the UCI are taking a fresh look at worthwhile innovations for cycling sport. "

    Ceaseless pro disc brake bias.

    you're right, we probably shouldn't:

    1) review new bikes that bike companies send us
    2) report on cycling news

  • Orbea Avant road bike1 year 7 weeks agoI'd love a review of the

    I'd love a review of the non-disc M30 or M10 models. I'm thinking of getting the M30 but I'm curious how the frame compares to similarly priced options like the Spesh Roubaix or Giant Defy ultegra-level bikes. And contrary to what a lot of people on here are saying, I'm well pleased with the idea of a higher-end carbon race bike with rack and fender mounts, there really aren't very many lightweight options out there for multi-day "credit-card touring" bikes. I'd probably throw hydraulic discs on it once the disc wheels market matures a bit but for now, I'm just curious how the frame stacks up against the competition in terms of weight and performance...

  • Behind the scenes at the Friends Life Women's Tour with Matrix Vulpine - Stage 51 year 7 weeks agoWell said, a lot of that

    Well said, a lot of that peloton will be in full time work or education, which impedes on training a lot when you consider the guys are doing upwards of 20h a week.

  • Orbea Avant road bike1 year 7 weeks agoSome of the anti-disc brigade

    Some of the anti-disc brigade comments above make it sound as if we'll all be made to ride road disc bikes at gunpoint. The increase of road disc models for next year simply means more choice for more people at the end of the day (yes, alongside plenty of conventional caliper brake models). Explain to me again how is this a bad thing?!

  • compatibility question1 year 7 weeks agoNo probs fitting a 10 speed

    No probs fitting a 10 speed 105 cassette! You'll need to run the 1.75mm Mavic spacer along with a 1mm spacer.

    Ride safe and enjoy!

    Mike Cotty
    (Mavic Community Manager)

  • Behind the scenes at the Friends Life Women's Tour with Matrix Vulpine - Stage 51 year 7 weeks agoDespite Vos' dominance the

    Despite Vos' dominance the racing (at least from the highlights) has looked very good, a lot of clever stuff going on.

    Maybe what's needed though to break her dominance is more, big, well paid races? The more money put into training, the more riders able to train and race full time, the higher the quality of the field in general will be.

  • Video: York headcam cyclist who posted video of poor riding turns his attention to city's drivers1 year 7 weeks agothe rider who shot this is

    the rider who shot this is called "careful cyclist"?
    Well, most incidents are when he/she is riding in the gutter or very close to parked cars.
    of course, the fault for all of the bad driving lays squarely with the motorists, but does the cyclist know that he/she can prevent the motorists bad behaviour a lot of the time by taking the lane? (that is, around 1.5m from the kerb)

  • Was huge Dublin bomb intended for attack on Giro d'Italia?1 year 7 weeks agoThere's no evidence at this

    There's no evidence at this time this bomb was going to be detonated in Dublin. Indeed, there's no evidence at this time it was intended to be detonated at all (back in the day, bombs might be planted, but then a warning given - the bomb wouldn't be detonated, the intention was just to demonstrate the capability).

    Further, that someone heard from someone else who briefly worked in Dublin that some factory had regular bomb threats phoned in, doesn't really mean that much. There could be an element of hyperbole to these stories, and there might be an element of naughty kids to whatever parts of it are true.

    Bombs being detonated in the south of Ireland has been a very rare occurrence, even in the worst day. Bombs being detonated *anywhere* in Ireland, even in the North, is thankfully very rare these days.

    As for idiotic comments on bringing back the war on terror, it's moronic thinking like that that stokes terrorism. It was true in Ireland. It's been proven true again by the UK/US actions in Afghanistan. Dialogue and building understanding between people who otherwise greatly dislike each other, so as to settle differences and find solutions in non-violent ways, is the way forward for building peaceful, civil societies.

    The drooling morons who think otherwise are the most dangerous people on this planet, IMO.

  • Get on your bike to show politicians you want Space for Cycling in London1 year 7 weeks ago@farrell Time for a reality

    @farrell Time for a reality check here!

    Providing kerbed protected lanes on big main roads is the only way to encourage mass cycling. This has worked in countless places all over the world, and anything else has consistently failed.

    If you think these types of lanes are 'slow', you're wrong. I've ridden across Amsterdam at rush hour when late for a meeting, and you can easily cover ground just as quickly as you can in London ... but without having to dice with death.

    And amazingly the same lanes are being used by children, the elderly and other slower people. It's simply a matter of designing those lanes and junctions well enough to allow rapid travel by bike including overtaking.

    I'll be in London this Saturday - not because I'm a slow cyclist or I ride with kids but because I want everyone in London to have the same freedom I do.

  • Get on your bike to show politicians you want Space for Cycling in London1 year 7 weeks agoduc888 wrote:so the (waste

    duc888 wrote:
    so the (waste of) Space For Cycling campaign has been swayed by what in fact is a minority of insecure individuals.

    They aren't the minority. We are.

    If commuter cycling in our cities ever rises to Dutch/Danish levels as a total percentage, you'll see how much of a minority the road.cc readers are in the bigger cycling world.

  • Wiggle planning stockmarket float1 year 7 weeks agoI hope that their quality of

    I hope that their quality of service doesn't drop in a quest to squeeze margins, as much as I like to buy things from a real bricks and mortar bike shop, there are some items that they are hard to beat for, and considering the ease of getting things delivered during the week compared to waiting for the weekend to go to a shop I certainly have less guilt about buying from them than I did.

  • Two cyclists airlifted to hospital with serious injuries during 2014 Fred Whitton Challenge1 year 7 weeks agoRE descending tips - Thanks

    RE descending tips - Thanks all for some really solid advice. Looks to be a matter of not letting the speed build up too much - especially with my, erm, propensity for momentum! (and praying for no oncoming traffic)

  • Raleigh Chopper v Mont Ventoux as Henley lawyer rides to fight cancer1 year 7 weeks agoYer off your bl33ding nut

    Yer off your bl33ding nut Wonka!

    Courtesy the late and much missed Roy Kinnear

  • Police caution one cyclist and seek two others in connection with violent road rage attacks on drivers1 year 7 weeks agoSimple fact, policing only

    Simple fact, policing only works if people accept the legal system. There can never be enough police to stop every action if the population decides to ignore the law on mass.

    Motoring offences are crimes, but a huge proportion of the population doesn't see it that way, the legal system doesn't see it that way. If groups affected by motoring offences give up believing the legal system will help them, there is only one logical conclusion and that is vigilantism. No it doesn't make it right, but if there is no functioning system of protection then one will be created.

  • Was huge Dublin bomb intended for attack on Giro d'Italia?1 year 7 weeks agoMindless utterly mindless.

    Mindless utterly mindless.

  • Was huge Dublin bomb intended for attack on Giro d'Italia?1 year 7 weeks agoFinnstown House is not

    Finnstown House is not sufficiently close to Dublin to have caused any damage, if that was the intended detonation point, during the Giro. I am not party to any logistics of the accomodation for any team members/affiliates of the race so cannot comment on who a likely target may have been.
    Comments made by KCR (above) are the most likely grounds for something of this nature.
    But I'd wait to see who claims it and for what purposes it was intended..especially as it was noted as being a fertilizer based device...sounds a bit rudimentary (although just as effective as a scare tactic) in comparison to modern devices....
    Just glad it was found/disabled and nobody was hurt.
    I work close by, but have not seen any real uptick in gardai patrols etc...who knows...

  • Road cyclists with bad backs1 year 7 weeks agoMight be worth checking out

    Might be worth checking out this fairly extensive blog by Nick Hussey on bike fit and problems that can arise.


  • Was huge Dublin bomb intended for attack on Giro d'Italia?1 year 7 weeks agofuck Ireland. they are their

    fuck Ireland. they are their own worst enemies.

    the country doesnt deserve to have any high profile events until they can get their house in order.

    maybe the 'war on terror' should be brought back from afganistan and a little closer to home?