• Aussie company kickstarts combined rear light & camera at bargain price1 year 7 weeks agoThere's a more in depth

    There's a more in depth review of this here:


    Including some actual night footage if anyone's interested

  • Metric Century Challenge 2013-20141 year 7 weeks ago11 Jan - 1 Point - 138km 09

    11 Jan - 1 Point - 138km
    09 Feb - 1 Point - 108km

    Total Points - 2
    Total KM - 246

  • Tour Of Qatar - Stage 31 year 7 weeks agoFabian came in

    Fabian came in 3rd

    Van Kiersbulck
    Van Emden

  • Should good cyclists do more to stop bad cyclists1 year 7 weeks agoI've had the odd grumble at

    I've had the odd grumble at people myself, but in reality we're not the Police.

    When idiots spout "get your own house in order" they are completely wrong. They are attempting to make lawful riders feel somehow collective guilt for another individual's actions. The best we can actually do is write to the Police and formally notify them of problem areas. I've also done this (for driving as well as cycling) with my local MP and councillors - the more of us who do this will mean a greater chance of change.

    I also wonder if the attitudes of drivers sometimes contributes to people riding in a way in which they wouldn't normally. There have been a raft of rather strong anti-cyclist letters and articles in my local paper recently (The Southern Daily Echo) and I think this does not lead to a feeling of inclusion. Some might even say "dammit, if you keep treating me as if I'm a criminal perhaps its safer if I act like one?"

    Just speculation, but you get my point

  • Vote for my Project One Bike - here is why you should1 year 7 weeks agoIt is going to be a boring

    It is going to be a boring winner, rather than using a choice of colour combo that you couldn't just go out and buy in any bike shop

  • Winter bikes1 year 7 weeks agoIf you spend money on a nice

    If you spend money on a nice bike you want to ride it!

    Besides, the current nice bike becomes the next "hack"! Big Grin

  • Bicycle Computer 'Gremlins'1 year 7 weeks agoHad a cateye wireless, but

    Had a cateye wireless, but after a few weeks of working intermittently or incorrectly it now sits in a box in the shed - complete waste of money.
    I had a similar experience with a HRM, albeit a cheap Aldi one - half way through a ride it would rise to 230bpm and then beep at me for the rest of the ride (presumably to tell me I was about to die).

    My winter/turbo bike now has a wired computer with cadence & rear wheel sensor - no problems.
    Splashed out on a Garmin with cadence etc for my "proper" bike. A few bugs but generally very good.

  • Just In: Hewitt Cheviot SE1 year 7 weeks agoI've had one of these for a

    I've had one of these for a few years now and it's great. No complaints at all (mine came without pump pegs, but that's hardly a dealbreaker). I don't understand why anyone would want a front luggage rack though. How far do you want to go? I've been just about everywhere in UK, including E2E, and found rear panniers more than sufficient. I think if you were crossing continents you might need luggage front and rear, but how many people actually do that?

    And your reviewer is correct, stripped of luggage it is still a handy all-rounder.

  • Should good cyclists do more to stop bad cyclists1 year 7 weeks agoYes but what we should do is

    Yes but what we should do is push for and support more traffic police to enforce laws against ALL road users without bias of type. By all means comment socially that anti social cycling isn't cool, but please stop short of vigilante action.

    If you haven't already, try to help www.roadjustice.org.uk

  • TfL defends bus safety record after figures reveal two incidents every day involving cyclists or pedestrians1 year 7 weeks agoHereward wrote:I am quite

    Hereward wrote:
    I am quite surprised at some of the sheer ignorance of some of the posts here regarding bus drivers and LGV drivers. One only has to ask which mode of transport is noted for jumping red lights? That is the cyclist and many have been stopped by the police on their recent road safety campaign. Cyclists also are in the nasty habit of using the wrong side of the road in order to get ahead of standing traffic at junctions or passing on the inside of moving vehicles, some of which are indicating left. Cyclist will go for a gap regardless of whether they can make it or not and often it is the driver who has to brake in order to avoid an accident. Drivers must pass a test to a high standard in Britain and in the case of bus drivers, they are monitored by mystery passengers who are assessing them while drive, often these anonymous passengers are Ministry of Transport inspectors. Recent surveys did reveal that roughly one fifth of drivers were driving dangerously but the vast majority were driving to standard with over a quarter achieving excellent results and more than half achieving good grades with only minor faults. LGV drivers are high up in their cabs and it is not so for them to see cyclists coming into their inside lane and buses are always pulling left into bus stops every few hundred yards which is the obvious point of their being there. Remember, when you are behind one of these large vehicles, the driver cannot see you and although he or she may check their mirrors, they may miss you at a glance when you come around from the back of them.

    Since when is 20% of bus drivers 'driving dangerously' an acceptable or defendable statistic for vehicles that regularly squash vulnerable road users?

  • UK's first Dutch-style roundabout gets underway in Bedford1 year 7 weeks agoIn 56% of the cases where the

    In 56% of the cases where the waiting cyclist is dismounted the first vehicle to approach stops, while for mounted cyclists this drops to 33%. 87% of first vehicles stopped for a waiting pedestrian.

    Or to put it another way, 31% of drivers would stop for a pedestrian without a bike but not for a pedestrian with a bike, what a bunch of ****s.

    I've noticed cars hate stopping when I'm with my bike on a Zebra crossing, so I just walk faster into the road to achieve > 56% of the f**kers stopping. Devil

    PS, legally speaking you don't get priority until you put one foot in to the road.

  • Tour Of Qatar - Stage 31 year 7 weeks agobackflipbedlem wrote:Where u

    backflipbedlem wrote:
    Where u getting your updates guys?



    Spartacus goes fastest at intermediate point Drooling

  • Le Tour Mediterranéen1 year 7 weeks agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:I can't

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    I can't remember as the competition archive isn't that extensive, however I believe I came 19th with my normal team, but I know I won the purist overall with that team.

    Not gone too big with ITTers with my purist, just 1 out and out rider, but that could change yet

    I know that Wig_Billy took the Forum's Scorums and old Tommy Two Darts(TERatcliffe)took the purist division in that mini league.

  • Boardman: I'd swap Olympic gold for more ordinary Britons cycling1 year 7 weeks agousedtobefaster wrote:I fear

    usedtobefaster wrote:
    I fear that no matter how good the arguments for more take up of cycling as a mode of transport the cause will be lost due to the attitudes of a minority of small minded bigots as the following demonstrates.


    Yes it is a surprising decision for the Echo to publish that letter. It verges on hate Speech. I am not a big fan of censorship in any event but people do get taken to legal task for saying a lot less than that.

    And woe betide him if he is ever in a collision with a cyclist. The letter itself would be like a noose around his own neck.

    But there are always idiots. Shutting them or reacting aggressively towards them doesn't help. The best way is to marginalise them. I have taken up the cudgels in the office with the avowed petrolheads. I happen to be an Advanced Driver because I was formerly a professional driver. BTW I would urge cyclists who also drive to join the IAM as well as BC or CTC. IAM is actually pretty good on vulnerable road user advice and being an advanced driver often takes the wind out of the sails of people that bang on about cyclists and their roadcraft)

    I digress. To marginalise people like that you simply place them in the category of people that can't cope with traffic. People in need of more experience or training. I have done this in the office. So the petrol head is met with questions about why they have trouble dealing with other road users. Why they aren't able to "read the road" properly. You can imply that their anger at other road users is because they are finding driving particularly stressful. Quite often the petrolheads believe that they are better drivers than average. Disabuse people of that. People that are angry at other road users (road ragers) are usually suffering stress. There is a strong link to psychiatric morbidity http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11583457
    ie mental illness.

    As ever with any discussion remeber the audience. You may not convince the road raging petrolhead that cyclists are lovely. But people in the office and elsewhere are listening to a person full of anger being quietly and calmly asked pertinent questions that impune their driving ability, personality and mental health.

    Do you find driving on busy roads a bit difficult?
    It can be quite a workload driving on busy roads with lots of traffic and having to watch out for all kinds of hazards but if you tried to be more relaxed you might find it easier.
    Do you find yourself getting wound up by things a bit too easily?
    You know of course that one of the main criteria for success in things like motor racing or police pursuit driving is the ability to deal with high workloads and remain calm - not your sort of thing really is it?
    Have you thought about some extra driving training?

    Stuff like that. Works a treat. Better if you yourself are an advanced driver though.

  • Forum competition: pick a 3.0 rider...1 year 7 weeks agoHepburn(stumps) and

    Hepburn(stumps) and Sergent(chiv30) sitting 1st and 3rd in the TOQ ITT.....for now Wave

  • Le Tour Mediterranéen1 year 7 weeks agoI'll be running a start list

    I'll be running a start list update over lunch so if you look again this afternoon it should have any of the latest changes included.

    EDIT: Roster update done with only a couple of changes. Will probably run another tomorrow evening.

  • Tour Of Qatar - Stage 31 year 7 weeks agoWhere u getting your updates

    Where u getting your updates guys?

  • Winter bikes1 year 7 weeks agoNot sure i quite agree with

    Not sure i quite agree with the more money than sense if you ride your carbon during winter. It would be lovely to have two bikes, but that requires more money and crucially more storage space. If you only had a limited pot of cash, is it not better to spunk the lot on the best bike you can afford and enjoy it all year round?

  • 4 in 10 motorists admit losing concentration at the wheel, according to survey1 year 7 weeks agoI'll relate the same old

    I'll relate the same old story I tell everytime one of these 'driver distraction' surveys appears.

    An old clubmate of mine was an RAF pilot, and he wouldn't drive for more than 2 hours at a time as he didn't feel able to give it the attention he felt it deserved.

  • Tour Of Qatar - Stage 31 year 7 weeks agoBennati goes 2nd current top

    Bennati goes 2nd

    current top 5


  • Tour Of Qatar - Stage 31 year 7 weeks agoLancaster 4th, Bennati

    Lancaster 4th, Bennati fastest so far at intermediate

  • Tour Of Qatar - Stage 31 year 7 weeks agoI took Hepburn

    I took Hepburn out!!

    Hepburn,Greipel,Viviani,Kohler out

    Elmiger,Cancellara,Stannard,Terpstra in


  • Tour Of Qatar - Stage 31 year 7 weeks agoHepburn, followed by

    Hepburn, followed by Steegmans and Sergent

    that means the likes of Tuft, Boaro and Gretsch didn't come up with the goods

  • 4 in 10 motorists admit losing concentration at the wheel, according to survey1 year 7 weeks agoOdd survey, "4 out of 10

    Odd survey, "4 out of 10 admit losing concentration". Presumably the other 6 out of 10 just aren't aware that it happens, or they lied.

    Everyone that drives will fail to concentrate at some point, because we're not computers. The safety concern is about drivers unnecessarily distracting themselves (phones, satnavs etc), or driving when they shouldn't (tired, drunk, medicated).

  • 4 in 10 motorists admit losing concentration at the wheel, according to survey1 year 7 weeks agoMxQueen wrote:Noone

    MxQueen wrote:
    Noone concentrates perfectly while on the road all the time. The question being asked is so broad it would seem reasonable enough to say "4 in ten people have an awareness of concentration lapses while driving, the rest just don't notice it happening".

    Indeed. The stand out headline from this for me is '6 in 10 motorists think they are concentrating 100% of the time', which for me is a tad worrying.

    We all lose concentration sometimes, hence me nearly cycling into the back of a stationary Audi yesterday. The whole point is to realise this an create appropriate strategies to ensure we minimise risk firstly to those around us and secondly to ourselves.