• Chris Boardman to assess Jeremy Clarkson's cycling safety public information film on Sunday's Top Gear1 year 7 weeks agoYou don't get through to

    You don't get through to thick muppets by lecturing them. You *do* get through to *some* of them by wrapping your message in a joke. The others you won't reach with anything else anyway.

    Top Gear is the perfect outfit to get some messages across in an entertaining way. Anyone who expected a lecture doesn't quite get what that show is about and what it can do.

    That cycling segment last night was a *good thing* (TM).

  • Top Gear on Cycling: Well, what did you expect?1 year 7 weeks agoRedfishUK wrote:I’m not a

    RedfishUK wrote:
    I’m not a great fan of TG, it passed it’s sell by date a few years ago, and the cycling thing was just lame

    However, buried in the crap were a few salient points (in sort of order)

    1. The conditions of the roads are serious issue for cyclist, especially as the woefully inadequate infrastructure and convention tends to force less confident riders into the worst part of the carriageway – of course they went off on a toilet tangent with a unfunny joke about various creams etc

    2. Hi Viz Gear didn’t make any difference to behaviour of other drivers, the bus drivers had seen the cyclists but pulled out anyway

    3. They did point out that increased cycling will reduce congestion and benefit everyone

    4. Pedestrians are not tuned into cyclists and often step out without warning, and yes it is because they rely on traffic noise as a warning.

    5. Possibly the most important point, that lots of drivers can be courteous and leave plenty of space (especially if you are filming with at least two camera crews on motorcycles just in front of you). BUT and it’s a large one, this only lasts as long as you don’t impinge on their perceived right to get from A to B without the slightest hold up. This has created the environment where buses indicate and pull out in one manoeuvre, cars pull into cycle lanes to try and force their way into traffic queues, when the carriageway narrows the amount of space they leave reduces, all with the thought that they have no choice.

    Such a missed opportunity, I’m sure a decent motoring show could have put this across in a light hearted way..unfortunately TG is a stale imitation of that, and is only kept going as it is a money spinner for the BBC

    Agree with all of that.

    And one other thing which is pertinent is the red/green. It does annoy motorists, and as a cyclist it annoys me too. There are rules to the road and everyone should obey them, the minority of cyclists who ride through red lights do a total disservice to the whole cycling community. Fact.

  • Converting Campag wheels to 11sp Shimano1 year 7 weeks agoI've since found out that

    I've since found out that there is a conversion kit for the Reynolds wheels so a re-dish is not required on those- seems though theyre hard to come by at the mo.

    I'm still not sure on the campag wheels though. I have heard before that 10sp Shim to Campag 11 would typically need a redish but struggling to find a definitive answer on Campag 11sp to Shimano 11sp. I should receive the Shimano freehub freehub today or tomorrow so I'll soon find out when I swap it over. I'll report back with the outcome.

  • Nice wide fitting shoes1 year 7 weeks agoI have large plates and find

    I have large plates and find Specialized shoes are a good fit and they last well.

  • Who really is/was the greatest?1 year 7 weeks agoGreatest Female Road:

    Greatest Female Road: Marianne Vos
    Greatest Male Road : Eddy Merckx
    Greatest Track : either Hoy or Vicky Pendleton
    Greatest Briton : Sadly Biggins
    Greatest EVER : Eddy Merckx

    I was deeply tempted to put Armstrong as greatest road... I still personally consider that he won the seven tours despite despising the methods involved. But I think Merckx beats him anyway.

  • Top Gear on Cycling: Well, what did you expect?1 year 7 weeks agoFunniest thing I've seen in

    Funniest thing I've seen in ages. Loved the lance Armstrong poster - 'cyclists are untrustworthy'. That'd make a great jersey. It's supposed to be entertainment. I was entertained. Job done.

  • Who really is/was the greatest?1 year 7 weeks agodrfabulous0 wrote:Greatest

    drfabulous0 wrote:
    Greatest ever: Merckx, this is just obvious, nobody elese even comes close to his achievments, regardless of doping or who is your favourite rider. I can't believe there is any debate on this.
    Greatest woman: Vos
    Greatest Brit: Beryl Burton, for me Cav is a one trick pony, same with Hoy, Froome isn't British, Wiggo would have it if he won another Tour and Boardman is great but for more reasons than sporting success.

    What I love about this, is how many British riders we've got to choose from! Anyone remember the time when, during the TdF highlights, the results would come up, showing all these foreign riders, then Phil and Paul would also mention that in 66, 109 and 142 place were the three brits, all on different teams, just working for someone else and who you would never see? Now we're arguing over a bunch of guys who all hold some of the most prestigious prizes in the sport.

  • Don't get on the wrong side of Cape Town cyclists1 year 7 weeks agoGood job the driver wasn't

    Good job the driver wasn't packing.

  • Who really is/was the greatest?1 year 7 weeks agoPut me down with a vote for

    Put me down with a vote for Indurain for all time. For no better reason than he was my idol when I was cycling in my formative years. That familiarity beats Merckx into second place. The shear power of the guy was formidable. Look up the metrics for heart rate, lung capacity and everything else for Indurain, it's quite amazing. He was certainly like an engine but it was a super charged V8 for sure.
    Best British, well it has to be Cavendish just for the number of wins. Call him a one trick pony if you like but he has to be there at the finish to use his trick and lets face it it's a dammed good trick.
    Vos gets the female podium for pretty much the same reason as Cav where level of success, though some of the UK track team are right up there in terms of profile.

  • Top Gear on Cycling: Well, what did you expect?1 year 7 weeks agoTG is earning the Beeb (and

    TG is earning the Beeb (and Clarkson) millions and they will put out whatever they think sells. The bad-toothed, fat, ugly baboon man (AKA Clarkson) probably has editorial control anyway so his schoolboy humour will prevail. Boardman is no idiot so I am sure he knew what was coming.

    Best to shrug and move on. The more we protest the more the baboon man will see it as proof of the lack of SOH of cyclists.

    I watch TG as I can't abide "Call the Midwife" and I need some Sunday evening sofa fodder. A small amount is faintly amusing and the car technology can be interesting (e.g. the Maclaren P1). I fast forward the inane bits the baboon man is in. It long ago became tired, boring and formulaic and the Beeb, the baboon man and co are lazy and arrogant about their audience. It needs a major revamp soon and if I were running the Beeb I would sell all their rights to it now for a very large lump sum - but that will never happen.

  • Top Gear on Cycling: Well, what did you expect?1 year 7 weeks agodon_don wrote:Why is no-one

    don_don wrote:
    Why is no-one mentioning the cyclists (many of them female) who have been killed by left turning lorries whilst waiting at a red light? Why is no-one discussing the possibility that 'unlawfully' passing a red light might keep you alive?

    Because a lot of these that I'm aware of tend to be cyclist technique errors - shouldn't be sat on the inside of a lorry/bus/etc. at the lights and shouldn't be moving up a line of traffic on the inside either.

  • Corporate sessions hogging track time at London's Olympic velodrome, say local cycling groups1 year 7 weeks agoSome Fella wrote:Am i right

    Some Fella wrote:
    Am i right in thinking that at Newport you dont even have to book?
    You can just tip up and ride the track until your head falls off?

    Others will know better, I had to wait c6months to get a beginner session. then a further 6 months till they were running an improver, and even longer to get accreditation.

    I know the club has booked a session in a few weeks and that was booked months ago.

    I think if you can find a space you can turn up, but not to everything, there are also Vet only sessions, etc. Best bet I believe is via Facebook and see if anyone has a space you could use.

  • Corporate sessions hogging track time at London's Olympic velodrome, say local cycling groups1 year 7 weeks agoAm i right in thinking that

    Am i right in thinking that at Newport you dont even have to book?
    You can just tip up and ride the track until your head falls off?

    Probably quicker and easier for all you London Cock-er- nee sparras to drive to Newport for the day and ride your hipster trackbikes until your hearts content and leave the velodrome you all help to pay for to the bankers and hedge fund managers.

  • AA urges drivers to "think bikes" in new road safety campaign1 year 7 weeks agoIts a positive thing that

    Its a positive thing that millions of people will receive a reminder to be careful. Can't image many will stick it on their mirror but its all part of a wider marketing campaign and between this and topgear, the issues have never been so high profile.
    A sense of entitlement is rife on all sides, which needs to be replaced with more tolerance swiftly followed by road infrastructure changes... which as mentioned above, will take time.

  • Dave Rayner Fund rider's bike stolen from parents' garage in Norfolk1 year 7 weeks agoSausages best friend

    Sausages best friend wrote:
    Maybe I'm being a bit naive but how are thieves identifying which properties to target? I presume that Tom would probably notice someone following him home from an event, assuming he was riding the bike. Kenninghall doesn't strike me as being a hotbed of bike-savvy criminals!

    From experience, at least for MTBs, there were a number of ****s who hung around in car parks and were known to follow people home. I don't doubt the same applies now. Go to a race/sportive and then follow someone home after, come back in the early hours and break the garage door.

    There is also the paranoid view of Strava, Garmin Connect, Endomondo, etc. IF you are not careful the traces lead to your house! As a word of advice, use the privacy settings, vet follower requests etc.

    Other methods, google is your friend/enemy, it is scary how much is out there!

    I know a few people who have had multiple break-ins, ie wait for the insurance to pay out and then nick the replacement. I have also heard rumour but no evidence that some bike shop staff have been in on this nick to order as well.

    I also am fairly sure the Police do know who many of these thieves are, whether they have the evidence to do anything is a different question. And whether they consider bike theft a "serious" crime is a third question.

  • Alloy frame for racing1 year 7 weeks agoDon't think you can go wrong

    Don't think you can go wrong with either of those. Something else to consider is the Canyon Ultimate AL or AL SLX

  • AA urges drivers to "think bikes" in new road safety campaign1 year 7 weeks agoIt can only be a good thing.

    It can only be a good thing. Anything to raise awareness. Can we get Ford to glue them onto every White Ford Transit they produce?

    At the same time

    Cyclists, please just behave on the road. Sick of seeing idiots jumping lights. it is a minority but its appalling behavior.

  • Lezyne Port-a-Shop Toolkit1 year 7 weeks agopaulrbarnard wrote:Well

    paulrbarnard wrote:
    Well there's my next birthday present sorted then. Look ideal.


    Shame it's not until September though...

  • Who really is/was the greatest?1 year 7 weeks agoHahahahahahahahahahahaha at

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha at the idea that Big Mig didn't dope. Can I say it again? Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Ha.
    In fact, if we assume Merckx doped - he always maintained he was spiked or set up, which is a lot less likely than the fact he was just caught for doing the same amphetamines everyone else was doing - all he really had access to was the amphetamines, rather than the far more sophisticated EPO, steroids etc of Indurain's era.
    Looking at what Merckx won, and the way he won them, even if he had a doping program like Armstrong's, you'd still have to pick him as the greatest. There's simply no one to compare his drive, desire and above all, his record. It's insane.

  • Corporate sessions hogging track time at London's Olympic velodrome, say local cycling groups1 year 7 weeks agoSome Fella wrote:Here in

    Some Fella wrote:
    Here in Manchester we have it worse. We cant get on the bloody track because there are some mysterious corporate lot called 'Team GB' (sounds made up to me) hogging the track most days.
    I have even been thrown off *my* track because apparently they have to 'train' or something.
    Ive never even heard of this Team GB - is it a bank or something?

    Dunno, but their cycle-commuters aren't half quick!

  • AA urges drivers to "think bikes" in new road safety campaign1 year 7 weeks agohttp://www.gloucestershireech


    For those expecting things to improve, they aren't without a huge amount of money from central government. Council tax freezes, which is where road maintenance is funded from, mean cut backs, patching rather than fixing etc.

    I would love to be proved wrong, for the roads to be fixed, for cycle paths to be provided. I just don't see it happening.

  • UCI Track Worlds: Silver and bronze for GB on final day in Cali1 year 7 weeks agoLove it! - the image of half

    Love it! - the image of half a dozen Hoys turning up an event would certainly have a psychological effect on the opposing squads Laughing

  • Top Gear on Cycling: Well, what did you expect?1 year 7 weeks agoYou've got a typo. The catch

    You've got a typo. The catch line for the first video was 'Work harder. Get a car', was it not?

  • AA urges drivers to "think bikes" in new road safety campaign1 year 7 weeks agobikebot wrote:For those who

    bikebot wrote:
    For those who are sniping, you would do well to know who your friends are. Edmund King is a pretty decent guy and one of the few representative for motorists who does speak up on cycling issues.

    Mr Jansen was the patronising git I was referring to...
    I've never run a red light on a bike and know the highway code and follow it. Surprisingly I even find it easier to keep to the speed limits on my bike even though I don't have to legally. How many people in cars can say the same? I had points on my license years ago for speeding in a car, I used to 'amber gamble' at the lights but it seems that doesn't matter according to the popular wisdom I only break traffic laws when I'm on a bike, so don't worry about all the infractions you make when driving, it's fine as long as you look out for cyclists.

  • Top Gear on Cycling: Well, what did you expect?1 year 7 weeks agoDidn't actually see it as in

    Didn't actually see it as in general I cant abide the BBC.

    But I will never understand how motorists seem to be so blind to their own red-light jumping habits. Many cyclists seem to have absorbed this selective blindness and will join in with self-flagellating complaints about cyclists exclusively. In my view the complaints about cyclists RLJing have a major element of 'projection'.

    I can only assume that drivers think it doesn't 'count' if you do it shortly after the lights change. But, especially when combined with Boris shortening the pedestrian phase, it is a kind of theft, stealing time from the pedestrians who have learned to hang back, taking such RLJing entirely for granted.

    I'd be fine with a crackdown on RLJing as long is were applied equally to all road users.