• Tour of Flanders: Belgian judges investigate Johan Vansummeren crash that left woman in coma - but who was to blame?1 year 7 weeks agoThe question surely is; why

    The question surely is; why was the woman allowed to spectate there, in such a precarious place, with the peloton speeding past inches away?

    Surely a case to answer for bad safety practice, on behalf of the organisers?

  • Rider Names - Giro1 year 7 weeks agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:On IAM's

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    On IAM's own website its Thomas Löfkvist...

    Yeah, I'm ok with that... I would honestly believe that a rider's team website, well, they should have the name down right, but Gkam prefers the UCI's spelling... so I pointed it out... but...

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    ...ever thought certain names may appear differently in different languages?

    No, not really, a name is a name... it would be like you calling me 'henry' because 'enrique' is Spanish for 'henry'' (or you could call me 'orli', just kidding Big Grin )... or me calling you 'Tomas' instead of 'Thomas', just because 'Tomas''is Spanish for 'Thomas' if that's your real name, so no, I don't think this is a case of names appearing differently in different langiages, I think we should use their real names... especially a last name... like Lofkvist...

    Yes, Joaquin is 'Joaquim' in Catalan and (!) Portuguese, but the rider's name is 'Joaquim'... The name 'Javier' is very common, but Janier Acecedo with Garmin (http://www.slipstreamsports.com/riders/janier-acevedo/) is (!) 'Janier', a totally diferent name... 'Vicenzo' is different from 'Vincenzo'... 'Reinhardt' is different from 'Reinardt'... 'Mickael' is different from 'Mikael'... 'Alexandr' is different from 'Alexsandr'... 'Iglinksiy' is diferent from 'Iglinskiy'... Alexandr is different from 'Alexsandr'... 'Lamiosson' is different from 'Lamoisson'... 'Kuschynski' is different from 'Kuchynski'... 'Kanstantin' is different from 'Kanstantsin'... 'Luka' is different from 'Luca'... 'Tsatevitch' is different from 'Tsatevich'... 'Reichanbach' is different from 'Reichenbach'... 'Ratcliffe' is different from 'Racliffe'... Some of it is just transposing letters and some of it is mistyping...

    Lofkvist is probably right on the team website... That's cool... The rest, well... I'd just hate it if I was a professional cyclist and people couldn't spell my name right Big Grin But I'm not... Sad

  • New Forest Sportive.1 year 7 weeks agoThe sad thing is I fear

    The sad thing is I fear you're right. There does seem to a "I don't want it and so nobody else can do it" school of thought going on in the forest.

    If you try to close roads for an event they'll want to stop that too, claiming it's restricting their movement, impossible to please I guess?

    If there is a repeat of last year with NIMBY's trying to shove people off bikes because they think it's their right to do so I'd remind you, whilst I neither encourage it or recommend it, you as an individual have an inherent right to act in self defence to protect yourself from harm. A few of the more radical NIMBY's might do well to remember that.

    The bottom line is cyclists have a right to be there as do the residents, a bit of give and take and good behaviour on both sides is all it needs (with a healthy dollop of tolerance)!

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco - Stage 21 year 7 weeks agonorthstar

    Heh heh Big Grin Nice. Big Grin

    stumps wrote:
    .. I like your attempt Big Grin

    Just wanted to 'Welcome him' back Big Grin He hadn't said anything in so long, I just couldn't resist acknowledging he's back. I just can't ignore him! Big Grin He livens this place up. Smile I missed him.

  • Coventry driver escapes jail after killing cyclist on pedestrian crossing1 year 7 weeks agoCan't help wondering what

    Can't help wondering what would have happened in a different situation.

    Say that instead of blasting through the red light and killing a grown man on a bicycle she had blasted through the red light and wiped out a family or even, god forbid, a school 'crocodile'.

    Would we have seen the same result and public indifference*?

    [* I don't count ourselves as public in this instance as we are an interested party]

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco - Stage 21 year 7 weeks agohttp://www.flippinoutcharters


  • Cyclist death coroner slams Camden council over killer junction1 year 7 weeks agoIt's good to see that we

    It's good to see that we aren't seeing the usual cyclist vs driver argument. I really feel for drivers of these BIG vehicles in central London especially. It's very easy for us cyclists to immediately jump up and down and blame drivers when cyclists are killed or seriously injured in accidents with vehicles.

    It's also encouraging to see that Chris Boardman in his advisory role is not going to take any crap from anyone and consult in a way that will hopefully see improvements for ALL road users.

    RIP to the cyclist involved. It's so easy to have momentary lapses in concentration (for both cyclists and drivers). The majority of times that happens to us, we can get away with it. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco - Stage 21 year 7 weeks agoenrique wrote:northstar

    enrique wrote:
    northstar wrote:
    I have Martin, Swift, Kwiatkowski in my purist team...

    Nice. Good job. Really nice. It's nice to see you. Really.

    Enrique, sarcasm does not suit you but i like your attempt Big Grin

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco - Stage 21 year 7 weeks agoSo the top scores today

    So the top scores today didn't have Tony Martin

    The winner of a dhB buff today is Wildcard with 156

  • Round the world racer Lee Fancourt hammers on despite disqualification1 year 7 weeks agoLee is on a very impressive

    Lee is on a very impressive ride, especially since the East Coast of India, though perhaps not making quite the daily distances quoted, he lost quite a bit of time in the early days but he is still roughly on record pace.

    I was surprised at the start that none of the competitors were using 2 computers to have a secure record of mileage and he has reported on his Facebook page that both his computer and his Garmin have cut out at times. That would have put him in a rather precarious position as regards proving the mileages anyway but this error makes that all a little accademic. Its a very unfortunate error in the interpretation of the rules really, Lee appears to be quite open and honest with his updates so its a big shame he didn't go back

    His mileage appears to have been an estimate since at least Nice according to some posts and WCR website is quite erronous in places too (many of the daily distance averages do not to tie up with the totals and the number of days on the road). By checking his history here: http://trackleaders.com/worldcyclerace14i.php?name=Lee against google maps I would put his total distance somewhat closer to 10000km and Madura roadhouse today after almost 38 days of racing, which makes for 262km/day and a current forecast of 110 days versus Alan Bate's Record of 29050km* in 125 days which gives 232km/day

    Lee seems to have his support team sorted now though in Australia and is putting down consistent 220+mile days, he's also been very tidy with his transfers so barring any major incidents or mistakes there's no reason he couldn't get under 100 days. He does have around 900-1000 miles to make up that he dropped in Europe mind, plus the 130 from India so I hope he has a good plan for that as routing on the fly could hurt him.

    *Alan rode more than this and but this is what Lee will need to ride as a minimum and includes an extra 50 miles (~0.5%) error margin on measuring devices.

  • Advice on tires?1 year 7 weeks agoI hate punctures to the point

    I hate punctures to the point where I have a shed full of part-worn tyres that have proven unsatisfactory. I occasionally give a set to someone I don't much care for. After years of experimenting I have settled on two varieties of rubber that seem to do what it says on the tin.

    First, for training and racing it has to be the Schwalbe Ultremo. It's simply the best compromise between performance, wear, toughness and price. Quite unbeatable.

    But probably of more interest to you is my choice of commuting tyre. It's the Vittoria Randonneur that easily handles all types of rough road and track as I pootle my way to work. In fact, I can't remember my last flat on these tyres, but it must have been at least 5000 miles ago.
    You will, of course, find them stiffer than a race tyre, and heavier too. But the tiny percentage of time they add to your journey will be repaid handsomely by their fabulous reliability.
    Just be careful to buy the plain, ordinary Randonneur and not one of the many exotic varieties, such as the Cross, which cost more but add nothing to your enjoyment.

    Best of luck sir.

  • Tour of Flanders: Belgian judges investigate Johan Vansummeren crash that left woman in coma - but who was to blame?1 year 7 weeks agoPoor woman, looked a daft

    Poor woman, looked a daft place to stand but more worrying was the young child stood on the island

  • New Forest Sportive.1 year 7 weeks agonorthstar wrote:Quote: As for

    northstar wrote:

    As for ALL the money going to charity - it's just not feasible for commercially organised sportives, surely you must realise how capitalism works (for all the positives and negatives it brings).

    I understand what you're saying, but you miss my point. Commercial organisations shouldn't be running sportives at all in my opinion, because of the obvious conflict of interests.

    There's always a number of commercial elements (supply of barriers, printing, etc) but any event itself should be organised by a "non-profit", with 100% of the net income being distributed to nominated charities.

  • Vuelta al País Vasco Stage 1 Ordizia-Ordizia1 year 7 weeks agodrheaton wrote:Given that

    drheaton wrote:
    Given that intermediate sprint points are being awarded it makes sense for that to be the jersey that's scored, no?
    Oops, thought Gkam was saying there was no PC classification points being awarded at all. And I didn't check. Ooops! Smile So why didn't you score that one in Catalunya? It seems that's the way it was there... Thinking

    You had said:

    drheaton wrote:
    You'll note from the scoring information... that only KoM points are listed, this is becauase this race doesn't appear to run a standard 'sprint jersey' or 'points jersey' (there's no record of it last year)...

    And cyclingnews did (!) report on a 'Sprint Classification' for Catalunya last year (!), which I believe was also based on just intermediate sprints, too Thinking ...


    For example, the Sprint classification classification after Stage 1 of Catalunya last year was:

    1 Christian Meier (Can) Orica-GreenEdge 6 pts
    2 Cristiano Salerno (Ita) Cannondale Pro Cycling 4
    3 Thomas De Gendt (Bel) Vacansoleil-DCM Pro Cycling Team 1
    4 Cédric Pineau (Fra) FDJ

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco - Stage 21 year 7 weeks ago2,5,6,9 for me with penalties

    2,5,6,9 for me with penalties

  • Prioritise walking and cycling to halt UK's inactivity epidemic, urges Parliamentary commission1 year 7 weeks agoSomething you can do at very

    Something you can do at very low cost is introduce or increase filtered permeability in residential areas to prevent through traffic and rat runs. You can still drive, but you have to go the really long way around. Or you can cycle or walk the short way. New builds simply shouldn't have on-street parking - underground garages or off-street parking only. Introduce residents parking schemes too. We need to make car use as unattractive as possible and return to safe, liveable streets.

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco - Stage 21 year 7 weeks agonorthstar wrote:I have

    northstar wrote:
    I have Martin, Swift, Kwiatkowski in my purist team...

    Nice. Good job. Really nice. It's nice to see you. Really.

  • Cyclist death coroner slams Camden council over killer junction1 year 7 weeks agoAyBee wrote:teaboy wrote:As a

    AyBee wrote:
    teaboy wrote:
    As a cyclist there is always a reliance on other road users to keep you safe, in a way that doesn't exist for anyone inside a vehicle, no matter how careful you are of your own safety.

    Agree that you can design them to be better, but where do you stop? Redesigning every junction and road is not economical, nor going to happen any time soon.

    Completely disagree with the above quote though. You should never be putting your faith in people you don't know the ability of.

    Every single time you ride on the road you're doing just that though. You have to trust that the driver behind you isn't going to just drive into you. You have to trust they'll stop at the red light, or trust the driver at the side road isn't going to pull out into you. There is literally nothing you can do to stop someone hitting you with a vehicle if they so wish, or would rather sit at the red light than drive slowly behind you.

    As others have said, you don't stop. You continue to improve things when 'best practice' is no longer that - look at the Netherlands: great cycling infrastructure that's constantly being improved - that's exactly why it's great. This country is currently building brand new roads with no cycling infrastructure at all, and new urban developments with no cycle infrastructure at all.

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco - Stage 21 year 7 weeks agoPoor day, only 4,11,16

    Poor day, only 4,11,16 standard.

  • Prioritise walking and cycling to halt UK's inactivity epidemic, urges Parliamentary commission1 year 7 weeks agoHarrogateSpa wrote:This post

    HarrogateSpa wrote:
    This post is just describing how a lot of Britain is. Most of us want to see change. It's not going to be really easy, and it's not going to happen immediately, but it can be done. The problem at the moment is that not enough is being done by government and local authorities to make a start on change.

    and @ Mad Scot Rider Mrmo and Dapper Giles.

    I'm not against change. Far from it. My point was two fold.

    1 That you can mandate some change on newly designed stuff but we live with a legacy that is already built.

    2 That even when you want to mandate change on new builds there are market forces and societal inertia that may stop you being too radical.

    There is no point mandating a chancge on new builds if developers walk away because clients won't pay for housing or retail units that don't reflect the needs of the users including the need for car parking and vehicle access.

    You'll only get significant change if you take people with you on an incremental and quite long journey.

  • Fabian Cancellara wins pulsating - but brutal - Tour of Flanders1 year 7 weeks agoSomeone mentioned Sijn

    Someone mentioned Sijn Devolder earlier. He did finish. He was in good spirits at the team dinner, as was Popo. Both were walking rather gingerly, though. Unfortunately, both have also pulled out of Scheldeprijs because of their injuries.


  • New Forest Sportive.1 year 7 weeks agoQuote:It isn't just a few

    It isn't just a few vocipherous nimbys in the New Forest, there's clearly a growing concern nationally about the whole sportive situation.

    Ok so it's a nimby problem nationwide...the fact of the matter is there is a worrying "obsession" by certain people with "bloody cyclists" and a lot of envy going around it seems.

    As for ALL the money going to charity - it's just not feasible for commercially organised sportives, surely you must realise how capitalism works (for all the positives and negatives it brings).

    As I (and probably others) have said before, drivers will drive on "closed roads" as it's a red rag to a bull, even to the point of endangering human beings, seen it all before.

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco - Stage 21 year 7 weeks agoNot as bad as I anticipated,

    Not as bad as I anticipated, although I too would probably have been better off making no transfers, at least I put Swift in. It looks like the GC guys are going to go after every stage so unless the break can stay away again tomorrow which I doubt.........

    2,6,9,16 for me plus some GC points but really regret taking Chernetski out for Ratto and paying a penalty to do it..... oooch!

  • Chris Boardman welcomes report on inactivity epidemic - but bashes government's inactivity on cycling1 year 7 weeks agomad_scot_rider

    mad_scot_rider wrote:
    Bikebikebike wrote:
    If I was ever given the choice of giving Chris Boardman a hug and punching Clarkson in the face, I would be genuinely torn.

    I'd *prefer* to do both - but as a Scotsman, hugging anyone not closely related comes hard - so a right skelp in the gob for Clarkson it is!

    Surely a hug for Boardman and a Glaswegian Kiss for Clarkson Wink

  • Newbie to sportives - advice!1 year 7 weeks agoJimbonic wrote:If you've been

    Jimbonic wrote:
    If you've been riding plenty off-road, I would have thought you'd be fine, if you take the advice here and build the distance. I actually use off-road to help my road fitness - the off-road hill intervals are quite intense! But, for the longer distances, I would suggest "getting lost" on your commute. I have a 5 mile commute. But, that can regularly stretch to over 20 miles by adding a loop here or there. I find it a great way to extend myself, without having to find specific "training" time - something I'm useless at. Also, it's easy to slip in back-to-back longer rides. OK, you're not going to hit a 60/70 miler doing that (unless you've got a helluva commute!). But, it all helps.

    Oh, BTW, I'm 45 and used this technique, together with the odd longer weekend ride (I have a family that likes to see me at the weekend!), to train for a number of sportives last year.

    Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately a lot of that off-road experience was rather a long time ago now, but I'm not too unfit. Your latter point could be an issue for me too - looking at the training schedule does mean I may not see much of Mrs Singletrack and it doesn't help that the event is close to her birthday too!!

    I'm unable to commute with the new bike at the moment due to appalling facilities at work, so I'm currently going out in the morning before going to the gym (much more fun than a cross trainer).

    I will increase the length of my weekend rides and perhaps start using the old off road bike for commuting with a longer off road detour on the way home. Then I'll see how I feel in a few weeks before committing to do the event...