• First Ride: SRAM Red 221 year 14 weeks agoI certainly have some

    I certainly have some sympathy with your point of view, kevtufc. I'd really like to see some figures on the subject and a head to head test (we've not had the chance yet, obviously).

    I've quite often argued around these parts that the limiting factor is often the tyre's grip on the road rather than slowing or stopping the wheel.

    But, when using the brakes, I feel you can ride more aggressively in safety.

    It's an interesting one. We'll have the brakes in for review later in the year and we'll have a better idea of how they stack up then. Bear in mind that a First Ride is just that: initial thoughts rather than a definitive review.

  • Sabbath Silk Road 58cm XL, component clearout, wheels, bike workstand, more1 year 14 weeks agoHello, a long shot, do you

    Hello, a long shot, do you still have the bike sale?

  • Slime Smart Tube Self-healing inner tube1 year 14 weeks agoI had these in my mountain

    I had these in my mountain bike a few years ago. Not only did it not seal the hole very well, but it then coated everything in green goo, and made patching the tube nigh on impossible.

    Stans fluid squirted inside a tube before inflating has a good reputation, if you happen to have some of that lying around, I've used this tubeless on the MTB, and that really does work! Not tried it on the road bike, but it was something recommended to me for tubular tyres too.

  • Law firm launches campaign for 'strict liability' in Scotland in cases involving cyclists1 year 14 weeks agoMmmmm....I wonder?? While I

    Mmmmm....I wonder??

    While I do agree that the concept does seem sound but the devil is going to be in the detail and I'm really not too sure with our current compensation culture it would not be open to some form of abuse.

    Also I do wonder what will be said with regard to what the cyclist is wearing, we all know the arguments that we have seen on levels of compensation being paid out dependant on if the cyclist was wearing a lid, hi-viz clothing etc so how would this be reflected in this proposed legislation??

    So in conclusion, I need to see more before I am convinced of the benefits but I do agree with the concept.

  • Slime Smart Tube Self-healing inner tube1 year 14 weeks agoWhen I saw 4.5 I expected

    When I saw 4.5 I expected assurance. Why wouldn't you purposely run over a thorn to truly test the product?
    For all I know, you got lucky and didn't hit anything that could puncture your tire.

  • Helmet visors in road racing1 year 14 weeks agoUCI rule 1.3.031 paragraph

    UCI rule 1.3.031 paragraph 3:

    3. Each rider shall be responsible for:
    - ensuring that the helmet is approved in compliance with an official security standard and that the helmet can be identified as approved;
    - wearing the helmet in accordance with the security regulations in order to ensure full protection, including but not limited to a correct adjustment on the head as well as a correct adjustment of the chin strap;
    - avoiding any manipulation which could compromise the protective characteristics of the helmet and not wearing a helmet which has been undergone manipulation or an incident which might have compromised its protective characteristics;
    - using only an approved helmet that has not suffered any accident or shock;
    - using only a helmet that has not been altered or had any element added or removed in
    terms of design or form.

    BUT, The UCI State:

    Adding a removable cover is not allowed, but the visors are authorized if they are produced specifically for the helmet.

    Also, The helmet must be approved by the official security standards, must not have been modified and must not have suffered any shock or accident.

    So in theory it 'might' be ok, but if I was the official, I would say NO, because its an add on and is not sold with the helmet, although it is produced for the helmet....HMMMMM Thinking Thinking

  • Replacing rims1 year 14 weeks agoGo to Edd's calculator

    Go to Edd's calculator http://lenni.info/edd/ and it'll work out the spoke lengths you need.

    Stick in an open pro and then an ambrosio with any old hub and if the numbers don't change more than one or two mm then you're fine.

  • Replacing rims1 year 14 weeks agotape old and new rim

    tape old and new rim together, swap one spoke over at a
    time .... job done Smile

  • Replacing rims1 year 14 weeks agoLike your thinking

    Like your thinking LocalSurfer! I was going to go for some ambosio rims as they look about the same depth - do spoke lenghts vary that much? I'm guessing you can cope with a few mm difference?

  • Cyclist dies after Norfolk crash that also claimed driver's life1 year 14 weeks agoSorry but are most 84 year

    Sorry but are most 84 year old's still fit to safely operate lethal machinery? GPs have to ensure that all drivers of such age are fit and safe to drive particularly with regard to other road users and pedestrians. The GPs should not take a lenient view just because a patient may have been known to them for several years; and/or they live in a remote or rural area; it's the easiest option than to notify the DSA that a patient is in their opinion 'no longer fit to drive'.

  • Cycling on windy days1 year 14 weeks agodavecochrane wrote:Brutal

    davecochrane wrote:
    Brutal winds in Glasgow today...brought my bike in for the 52k ride home. Wind gusting around 55mph. No chance I'm riding in that.

    ya big jessie. Devil cycled home via Inchinnan and Glasgow Airport to get home. A few hairy moments but I made it. 10 miles of a block headwind on 80 inch fixed and I made it - just. Thighs still burning. I reckon rule #9 applies in this case Big Grin

  • Cotic update Roadrat1 year 14 weeks agoLovely looking with some

    Lovely looking with some really sensible improvements. Best thing is the colour though - I am an absolute sucker for anything in duck egg blue Big Grin

  • Eurobike 2012: the fastest TT bikes from Specialized, Cervelo, Bianchi, Cannondale, Scott and loads more1 year 14 weeks ago@randle2 ... Controlability

    @randle2 ...

    Controlability is one reason, added to the fact that all these bikes to be saleable have to be road-legal and both the CE safety standards and good ol' BS6102:2 require two independent braking systems.

    Having just one brake might prove interesting if (rare though it is) a brake cable failed. Could be nasty if a mechanic failed to properly tighten a cable pinch bolt, or a mounting bolt, too.

    The bikes have to retain the possibility of being sold so as not to fall foul of the UCIs regualtions with regard to commercial availability of products used by teams - and Triathlon bicycles have to be road legal to satisfy the Triathlon fraternity's rules, I think (must check that though, I may be wrong)...

  • Replacing rims1 year 14 weeks agoOh, make sure you replace the

    Oh, make sure you replace the rim with another open pro, or you'll need new spokes of a different length, probably.

  • Replacing rims1 year 14 weeks agoIt's pretty easy. Even

    It's pretty easy. Even easier is to get it 90% of the way there and then take to the LBS to finish off.

    Tell them your mate built it, and you think he's a numpty if you're embarrased by his/your wonky build. That's what I do anyway...

  • Omnimoan: Road Conditions1 year 14 weeks agoThanks for the encouragement

    Thanks for the encouragement 60kg (will be giving away 30kg to you so going uphill is not my speciality, I need to keep pushing on the flat and downhill) I will just stick to the middle. Wish I could do that on the way to work.

    Without getting too political as to who exactly didn't keep up with the required road surfacing, it is apparent that the current government and therefore councils are doing little because roads receive little protest. Sacking dinner ladies impacts people directly so they make a fuss. Worsening road conditions just creep up on people and that is what they are relying on.

    Picking up on the comments about utilities companies I think we should have a national design policy for rebuilding local roads determining where works can happen, what needs to be relayed etc., but even if we had this there still needs to be money to get the job done. When the government asked us to 'tighten our belts' one of the things they didn't mention was accepting an Albanian level road network through neglect. It seems like an easy target that they cut and just hoped no-one would notice for a few years.

  • Helmet visors in road racing1 year 14 weeks agoThat was my thought, it

    That was my thought, it doesn't count as an 'aero helmet' which id think is kind of a fairing anyway. I figure it's ok for TTs, but i was intrigued about normal races, not that sunnies are a burden

  • Four arrests after car occupant pushes Oxford cyclist from bike1 year 14 weeks ago@johnnycondor - Thing is, we

    @johnnycondor - Thing is, we don't *need* cycle lanes - what we need is for a minority of motorists to develop some kind of respect for other human beings whether they are pedestrians, cyclists, horse-riders or other motorists (as it's my observation, from spending far too much time driving, that many offenders against cyclists are actually pretty inconsiderate to other people driving cars, too).

    What's needed, in part, is a justice system that will perhaps "instil" that respect if the individuals concerned are neither bright enough or humane enough themselves, to have that respect.

    All segregation does is increase the "them and us" mentality in a minority of (probably inadequate) individuals and so make the situation worse. It doesn't increase safety, it means in many cases still more concrete as road margins get sealed and roads widened to accommodate cycle paths, there is an additional cost to you and me as taxpayers ... and the creation of such facilities piecemeal allows a bunch of mostly half-arsed and pathetic politicians and civil servants to prattle on about what a great job they are doing for cyclists ...

    Sorry, rant over - I'll stop drinking the Espressos now ...

  • Slime Smart Tube Self-healing inner tube1 year 14 weeks agoI've used these and the

    I've used these and the halfords own-brand version, and I think the Halfords ones are actually better. The goo in the slime tubes doesn't always clot, and tends to bung up the valve. The Halfords ones are a bit lighter, the goo is less viscous, and they just seem to work a bit better. Cheaper too.

  • Fleche Wallonne1 year 14 weeks agoPorte and Quintana did diddly

    Porte and Quintana did diddly squat! I'm starting to get annoyed with these "loaded" teams the big boys send out.

    In hindsight it seems obvious Moreno was going to be given his shot today.

  • Marianne Vos wins Flèche Wallonne Féminine for the 5th time1 year 14 weeks agoIs there anything she is not

    Is there anything she is not going to win this year?

  • Helmet visors in road racing1 year 14 weeks agoHmm, what is the difference

    Hmm, what is the difference between a fairing and a pair of big sunglasses?

  • Law firm launches campaign for 'strict liability' in Scotland in cases involving cyclists1 year 14 weeks agoIt works fine all over

    It works fine all over Europe, saves time, lowers lawyer fees, and so reduces car insurance costs. The only issue is voter ignorance.

  • Cycling on windy days1 year 14 weeks agoI am glad the wind has

    I am glad the wind has swapped around. It might still be blowy one way but at least it is warm. If the wind is from behind and pushing you down a slight incline and you start picking up speed with no wind resistance, going faster and faster; I call this 'Vitesse,' effortless speed. Sadly it is a rare feeling.

  • Boom or bust? Sustrans laments "bitterly disappointing" cycling stats but British Cycling claimed boom on stats from same source1 year 14 weeks agoHere's a link to the 2010/11

    Here's a link to the 2010/11 survey so you can see exactly what was asked and how it was phrased. Cycling questions are on pp6 and 7.


    As the article above says, the sample size is 160,000 - that's huge in market research terms, and certainly big enough to go to one or two decimals at national level with a fair degree of confidence.

    ONS itself points out that at local authority level, sample sizes often mean that accuracy can't be guaranteed (even when just using the rounded numbers - that doesn't stop people trying though...)