• socks1 year 13 weeks agoI've been wearing the free

    I've been wearing the free socks from Cycling Plus (Scott, Wiggle and now Hargreaves)as regular socks with jeans and regular shoes. They might be free, but I don't like black socks on the bike (too Lance!) and won't advertise brands I don't use. Alright, I do use Wiggle quite a lot, but if they want me to advertise them on my bike, they should pay me.

    Currently, I wear Sidi socks to match my shoes, or Pinerello socks to match my bike, or blue Endura socks to match my blue Endura club kit.

  • Updated: Norwich Police seek driver who tweeted about collision with cyclist1 year 13 weeks agoGenuinely surprised people

    Genuinely surprised people use the road tax thing. Easier to be angry at something than research it I guess.

  • Schwalbe ZX or Conti GP40001 year 13 weeks agoI've always been fine on

    I've always been fine on Ultremos (used them summer and winter for 4 years), for sure they do cut up but they're a racing tyre so if you use them for training (for the grip and low rolling resistance) then it's something you need to accept. Somehow I've managed to avoid any of the failures to (must have used 15-20 Ultremos over the years) but have seen first hand failures on mate's bikes so generally don't recommend them these days (happy to carry on using them myself).
    I have used GP4000s and they're very nice but they don't grip quite as well as Ultremos (but you really have to be pushing it to notice any difference), they resist cuts better to (puncture resistance I'd say they're similar), it's likely the tyre I'd switch to if I gave up on Ultremos

  • Rider sent crashing to ground after being elbowed during Norway's Glava Tour (+ link to video)1 year 13 weeks agoquite bizarre there is no

    quite bizarre there is no reaction from any of the other riders, deemed acceptable by the peloton?

  • Is it considered naff to wear roadcc kit?1 year 13 weeks ago'cause that way you'll

    'cause that way you'll *never* get mistaken for me or tony Big Grin

  • Rider sent crashing to ground after being elbowed during Norway's Glava Tour (+ link to video)1 year 13 weeks agoAlways amazes me that

    Always amazes me that watching the same video can result in different views, I cannot see how this was NOT deliberate.

    The guy in green rides up to the guy in blue, clearly something was said, the guy in green raises his arm, the guy in blue responds but more forcefully, guy in green ends up on the floor.

    OK you could argue that the guy in blue did not intend to knock the other guy off, but there is no way you are going to get a bang like that and stay on your bike, he actions where always going to end with him on the deck.

  • Is it considered naff to wear roadcc kit?1 year 13 weeks agoas long as you slam that stem

    as long as you slam that stem and you're running a standard chainset and a straight-through block, you'll be fine.

  • socks1 year 13 weeks agoIf you live in the heat like

    If you live in the heat like me, only 1 sock cuts it..

    Prendas High Summer Carbon socks. I have Assos/ Castelli/ Giordana and De-feet socks as well, but have now got 6 pairs of the Prendas, without a doubt the best hot weather sock and the only ones I wear during my summer


  • socks1 year 13 weeks agoNever got on with any free

    Never got on with any free socks from mags, they always go in the bin (too nylony feel). I mostly use Endura coolmax socks over summer as they're cheap and seem comfy enough to me. I have a couple of pairs of fancier socks (Assos etc.) but once out riding I can't tell the difference. Winter socks are different, prepared to spend more money on merino and low volume thermal ones (although the Assos fuguspeer ones I spent the most on are rubbish)

  • socks1 year 13 weeks ago+1 for Aldi

    +1 for Aldi

  • socks1 year 13 weeks agoI have some aldi and some

    I have some aldi and some lidl ones, both of which are good. DeFeet socks are about 6-7 pound per pair, and are good to, I have a pair of their BikePure ones I use for racing.

  • Venting frustration1 year 13 weeks agoI give them the fist pump and

    I give them the fist pump and offer them a fight, what I have always wanted to do is carry marbles in my bike pouch and launch one at the offending car, jujitsu for 8 years I can handle myself, I explained that to a driver once and asked him which arm he would prefer I broke lol, sensibly he drove off. funny enough it was my fault at the time ha.

    I would recommend to others just to carry on and ignore them, you never know what they have with them, baseball bat in the boot etc

  • Why is it considered wanky to wear sky kit1 year 13 weeks agoRight. have just read some

    Right. have just read some more comments. It's inspired me to get a polka dot Jersey, champions Jersey, or similar.

    If any of you snobs do drop me on a climb, making comments as you pass, be very sure you can stay away, as there's a strong likelihood I will embarrass you when the road flattens out! Wink

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 13 weeks agoNo dramas for robacairns in

    No dramas for robacairns in San Francisco securing the Forum's Scorum's Tour of California to add to his earlier Tirreno-Adriatico triumph.......in fact he was 6 pts away from a clean sweep but NeilG83 ended up with the purist jersey.

    A massive season high 285pts for silas chime saw him rise 13 places in the Forum's Scorum's Giro D'Italia to 11th but that hardly registered on the serene progress of long term Maglia Rosa Jonas Lorenzen......purist is led by specialist NeilG83.

    Jonas' giro form has seen him jump to 3rd in the Forum's Scorum's overall rankings pushing Alan Tullett out of the podium spaces whilst drheaton retook 6th from me(ray silvester)as we went over the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Why is it considered wanky to wear sky kit1 year 13 weeks agoQuite a lot of anti Sky

    Quite a lot of anti Sky sentiment, it's a typically British thing, to try to undermine success, or to slate successful individuals.

    Don't forget what Sky have done for British cycling, their investment has enabled a lot of success, increased cycling popularity here and put Britain on the cycling map.

    I have a few tops, one of them is Sky. I'm always conscious when I'm wearing it that some snobs following 'the rules' may look down on me, but quite honestly I CGAF. I am not very often overtaken on sportifs so I don't get to hear derisory remarks anyway Wink

  • Rider sent crashing to ground after being elbowed during Norway's Glava Tour (+ link to video)1 year 13 weeks agoLooks to me like the guy in

    Looks to me like the guy in green who hit the deck quickly pedals after the other guy in blue. The rider in green then raises his arm first and then the rider in blue seems to react to it by raising his elbow.... I gotta say, it doesn't look deliberate to me from the rider in blue. Clearly some kind of dispute that ended unfortunately but I am not seeing a deliberate elbow to unsaddle a rider, emphasis on deliberate. Or maybe its just me...but it seems this is another roadcc report that doesn't seem to be objective or factual. The green guy clearly goes after the other rider and raises his arm first from what I can see.

  • Schwalbe ZX or Conti GP40001 year 13 weeks agoDont use the Schwables unless

    Dont use the Schwables unless your using them on perfect roads. They split and puncture too easily. I have given up on them.

  • Rider sent crashing to ground after being elbowed during Norway's Glava Tour (+ link to video)1 year 13 weeks agopdows47 wrote:Hopefully it

    pdows47 wrote:
    Hopefully it was an accident, if not I'd expect a fairly significant punishment, there's no place for this kind of action in any sport

    hmmm ... how you think this was an accident ffs? ..

  • Why is it considered wanky to wear sky kit1 year 13 weeks agoJust to make things clear,

    Just to make things clear, the requirements for wearing the following shirts are:

    Sing the full version of Bohemian Rhapsody acapello, on the start line, with appropriate head banging movements. Acceptable to sing in finishing straight if a TT.

    See above, but Portal credits song.

    Ride a fixie. No brakes or gears allowed. Hoxton quiff strongly encouraged.

    Bitch, please.

  • New Cardiff - Newport cycle corridor planned for 20141 year 13 weeks agoHmm, good idea, an hour

    Hmm, good idea, an hour depends on what is difined as a "fit cyclist". So how long would an "unfit" need? Nothing like an hour's commute through the Welsh rain to start the day!

  • Parent of Canadian child injured in accident charged for letting him ride bike without helmet1 year 13 weeks agohandlebarcam wrote:Some laws

    handlebarcam wrote:
    Some laws it is a moral obligation to break.

    I agree; but I am not sure this is one of them. Given the general lack of evidence, which we often raise as a strong argument against compulsion, it is hard to argue that we should not wear helmets, especially children. That is to say, there is a big difference between saying we should not be compelled to wear them, and claiming there is a moral argument that we (or our children) should not wear them. (Note the 'should'.)

    That said, if it were made mandatory here, I would not wear one and would claim breach of human rights if prosecuted.

    I recently helped at a local primary school with a week of cycling activities, and I would say around half the younger classes wore helmets on their parents' say-so. In Y6 (10-11 yrs) all of them did -- I don't know whether the teacher pushed helmets in class, but that certainly didn't come from me and isn't school policy. Most of the younger kids were not wearing their helmets correctly (we had to sort them out before starting) and a significant number had features like visors and even dinosaur spines on the top, which could convert a simple skid into a neck-breaking rotation. In those cases, helmets probably made survival of some kinds of accident markedly less.

    I noticed a number of kids asking to take their helmets off because they got too hot, although the weather was not very warm and the exercise quite mild. If you want to put people off cycling, just make sure they are hot and uncomfortable. It all confirms my view that helmet promotion (never mind compulsion) backfires nicely, while some people (like the manufacturers of the dinosaur helmet, who should know better) make a tidy profit.

  • Why is it considered wanky to wear sky kit1 year 13 weeks agoBack in 2000 after having

    Back in 2000 after having bought my first road bike, a Giant OCR in ONCE inspired black & yellow I decided that I need to wear suitable kit, yup you guessed it, off I went to PBK and ordered the ONCE top & bottom, I wasn't a huge fan of them but it seemed appropriate and at least the colours matched.

    Certainly in the bike shops in the Aberdeen area there wasn't a great deal of (nice) roadie kit available so it made sense at the time.

    Would I do the same again? No, but that's not to say those who are venturing into this sport are wrong to do the same, wearing lycra for the first time is awkward enough, if by wearing replica kit the whole experience becomes easier then I'm all for it.

  • Venting frustration1 year 13 weeks agoI like to wave my arms in a

    I like to wave my arms in a suitably 'continental' manner, unless of course they look double hard in which case I simply put my head down and contemplate starting a thread on it later.

  • Manchester cyclists back Dutch style cycle path proposals1 year 13 weeks agoGREGJONES wrote:It'd be

    GREGJONES wrote:
    It'd be better if the cyclist just went to Upper brook street and cycled there.

    Better for who? That road's full of angry drivers and massive potholes, and the bit where it goes single carriageway (but the drivers don't want to filter, so keep going in double file) is a nightmare!

    Give me Rusholme any day of the week!

  • 2013 Road.cc Tourist Trophy1 year 13 weeks agoWas just tidying up my flickr

    Was just tidying up my flickr stream and remembered Jo has asked us to send a postcard in this thread. So here's April in Denbighshire:

    Horseshoe Pass Summit by Bhachgen, on Flickr

    and May in Durham:

    Three-wheeling at Burnhope by Bhachgen, on Flickr