• Bar change newbie.1 year 7 weeks agoThanks all for your comments

    Thanks all for your comments - thanks esp GKam for sending me the very handy step by step guide, worked a treat & the 38s are all set up and ready to go for sunday's race. Smile

    Will mention that 105 screws are much fiddlier than Ultegra, glad I've finally upgraded!

  • speedplay pedals1 year 7 weeks agoWhich ones have you got,

    Which ones have you got, X-series or Zero's?

    Both, look to change the saddle height a touch, speedplay cleats are taller than other cleats. Or play around with the positioning of the cleat. I found I had mine pushing the foot out too much and so I was twisting the leg. If you have zeroes, unwind the grub screws to get full float and make tiny changes as well as above. Welcome to the minefield of adjustment, onces it's right it feel good.

  • Camelbak Podium 610/710ml water bottle1 year 7 weeks agoThe best bidons out there,

    The best bidons out there, bar none.

  • speedplay pedals1 year 7 weeks agoThe only time I ever suffer

    The only time I ever suffer from knee pain is if my saddle is too high which makes me think it could be the lower stack height of the Speedplays compared to the SPD's, Speedplays are 2mm lower in stack height than SPD-SL's but I'm not sure about SPD's. If your knees are sensitive a couple of mm of extra stretch could be enough to cause the pain. On the flipside it could just be your knee is now sitting in its more natural position and you're using the muscles in a slightly different way.

  • Chris Boardman says Sir Dave Brailsford needs to decide between GB and Sky roles1 year 7 weeks agoIgnore Chris Boardman at your

    Ignore Chris Boardman at your peril.
    When Brailsford set about his Grande Projet, cycling was starting from a quite low baseline.
    Now the bar is so high anything but domination is seen as failure.
    Brailsford can of course take a lot of credit but British Cycling has become such a large beast since he started he simply cant control it all himself.
    The dual role may have been ok two or three years ago but it is unacceptable to expect success on the track and the road with no clear leader in each discipline.

  • Proper Purist Classics Comp1 year 7 weeks agoThis is just a record of the

    This is just a record of the teams submitted:

  • Proper Purist Classics Comp - Omloop/KBK double header1 year 7 weeks agoAnd the current standings:

    And the current standings:

  • Proper Purist Classics Comp - Omloop/KBK double header1 year 7 weeks agoFull scores for the

    Full scores for the weekend:

    EDIT - stage winner highlighted.

  • Proper Purist Classics Comp - Omloop/KBK double header1 year 7 weeks agoApologies, just noticed that

    Apologies, just noticed that points for Offredo (1 point) were missed from the KBK results. Will update the tables now (it doesn't change much).

  • Corporate sessions hogging track time at London's Olympic velodrome, say local cycling groups1 year 7 weeks agoClubs get priority for

    Clubs get priority for obvious reasons: disclipline, block bookings, repeat visits after compulsory accreditation, etc. Just join one. And we can all feel hard done by: east London clubs get priority over west London clubs. The real problem is changing your cleats to Look Keos, which the hire bikes use - who uses those!?

  • Chris Boardman says Sir Dave Brailsford needs to decide between GB and Sky roles1 year 7 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:Chris Boardman

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Chris Boardman needs to shut up for a while, .....

    Rather than telling one of the best coaches to decide on things that have nothing to do with him. Just to get headlines and his name out there again.

    Yeah, it's annoying when uninformed people can't stop using the media to slag off people much more knowledgeable than themselves .......

  • Camelbak Podium 610/710ml water bottle1 year 7 weeks agoA problem with the old ones

    A problem with the old ones is the half inch of drink left in the bottom that you can't squeeze out. Any change here?

  • Chris Boardman says Sir Dave Brailsford needs to decide between GB and Sky roles1 year 7 weeks agoI think he has a point.

    I think he has a point. Spread yourself to thinly things can be fine for so long, but after a while cracks can appear.

    Maybe this was evident on the track recently?

  • Bontrager introduce Velocis AW road helmet1 year 7 weeks agoHi all. Just to clarify, this

    Hi all. Just to clarify, this isn't an aero helmet. It's a Velocis, with an all-weather (AW) covering for use in the Classics. Remember what it was like last year?

  • Garmin Virb Elite: SURC 4km team pursuit1 year 7 weeks agoHi folks, This is our motley

    Hi folks,

    This is our motley University Club trying our best to put a Team Pursuit team together. We've got a rare opportunity of a) having a track (Calshot) nearish by and b) having several strong riders all wanting to race track.

    Calshot being only 140m in length it makes everything more difficult. It is also a freezer in there in the winter so is pretty darn uncomfortable. That said doing this really puts Team GB's efforts in to perspective. We're riding 5:20 for 4 km with a group of capable 2nd cat and 3rd cat riders. It's a looong way off 4:00! Yikes.

    We've got track time Bournemouth, Newport, London coming up before heading to Manchester for the University Champs in May. It'll be interesting to see how much we can bring that time down.

  • Top Gear on Cycling: Well, what did you expect?1 year 7 weeks agoI thought it was pretty good,

    I thought it was pretty good, focus on the positives;
    The majority of drivers are very courteous, which in my experience is true.
    Another piece on TG with cycling in it.
    More bikes can equal less cars.
    A good bit of pantomime.
    But still no cycling star in a reasonably priced car?
    Tiff Needell... he always caused me confusion; mainly because I heard, Tiffany Dell.... Plain Face

  • Saddle bag recommendations1 year 7 weeks agoThanks for the input on this,

    Thanks for the input on this, particularly on the Lezyne Micro Caddy.

    I'm thinking that remains the front-runner, just a case of whether to go small or medium. I just wonder if the small will be that little bit too small.

    I had considered using a bottle, but I take on a lot of fluid while cycling and so would prefer to keep both bottles for drinks, especially when doing any distance.

  • Colnago C60 Sneak peek: Pre-launch lowdown on Colnago's new range topper1 year 7 weeks agoThank goodness someone has

    Thank goodness someone has finally seen sense and introduced another bottom bracket standard - about bloody time.

  • Dave Rayner Fund rider's bike stolen from parents' garage in Norfolk1 year 7 weeks agoThis must be a huge set back,

    This must be a huge set back, hope something comes up for him.

    Isn't £8000 rather a lot, even for an aspiring pro? Surely you can be competitive on something around the £4000 mark? Diminishing returns kick in massively after about £2000.

  • AA urges drivers to "think bikes" in new road safety campaign1 year 7 weeks agoWhat in the blue blazes is

    What in the blue blazes is the AA doing having a criminal as Chief Exec? And why does he assume that because he's one of the minority of criminal cyclists that everyone else needs telling to obey the law?

    The only permanent page on the AA's website about cycling is http://www.theaa.com/travel/safe_walking_cycling.html which is all about dangerising cycling and contains bad advice like telling you to ride in single file on narrow roads (what, so cars think they can squeeze past?), riding alone in wet weather even when you're in a group (why not just fit mudguards and flaps and signal stopping?), wearing helmets and luminous clothing (yay, let's imply victim-blaming!) and carrying waterproofs even when it's warm enough that it doesn't matter if you get wet (yay, let's weigh them down like cars!).

    British Cycling should tell the AA to sling their hook until they get a non-lawbreaking chief exec and get real about cycling. It's just a bike ride, not a blasted alpine expedition that needs 17 bullet points of prep!

  • Chris Boardman says Sir Dave Brailsford needs to decide between GB and Sky roles1 year 7 weeks agoInterestingly Chris Hoy was

    Interestingly Chris Hoy was in Cali in a support/consultant type role for the team.

    Maybe this is Brailsford trying out Hoy for a role as track team manager?

  • Your thoughts on the Sportful hot pack jacket1 year 7 weeks agoI've just bought the 4 in day

    I've just bought the 4 in day glo yellow. Haven'tfound myself cycling in conditiones that have warranted proper use yet but it has come in handy for the odd cafe stop and just after when you feel the chill.

    Having said that, for the small fee I bought it for I am delighted with the product. It's super light weight, doesn't feel too fragile and you don't really boil up in it either like my gore tex jacket. But it is a hard shell jacket after all so big efforts in mild weather will result in sweat no matter what. It looks good too. My only regret is paying too much attention to online advice telling me to go a size up. It's European sizes and designed for a fairly close fit, but unless your riding in minus 10 and putting an effort in, you won't be wearing that many layers underneath (2max in my case), so go with your normal size unless you want a bit of flap.

  • Camelbak Podium 610/710ml water bottle1 year 7 weeks agoHTFU !

    HTFU !

  • Camelbak Podium 610/710ml water bottle1 year 7 weeks agoTrull wrote:…but this is yet

    Trull wrote:
    …but this is yet another bottle that does nothing to prevent you getting the skits from road dirt getting into the hygienic nipple.

    Why can't they design a little hood for the nipple so that dog crap/horse dung from the road is kept off the parts you touch with your lips? Its no wonder gastro enteritis runs rife in the peloton.

    If they labelled it "Roubaix" they could even charge another fiver for it!

    Caps over valves are a pain in the backside, I've tried it. It's far easier to squirt it in to your mouth without touching lips with these bottles than traditional ones. And then there's mudguards for when the lanes are slurry filled.

  • Saddle bag recommendations1 year 7 weeks agoHave you considered using a

    Have you considered using a second bottle instead?

    I keep all of my gear, tubes, co2 etc in a second water bottle.

    It's easy to switch between bikes, and completely waterproof.

    Just an option.