• US Postal dilemma1 year 11 weeks agoI'd use the "care factor" as

    I'd use the "care factor" as in, Do I really care what others think??

  • Prescription cycling specs1 year 11 weeks agoThere are some in Sheffield,

    There are some in Sheffield, I reckon most independent opticians can do them.i bought mine online,from metro eyewear they are ok, they do the job but are not as clear and sharp as my normal specs.i suppose you get what you pay for.

  • Video: Rapha-Condor JLT at the Tour of Britain1 year 11 weeks agoFavourite part of that video

    Favourite part of that video "get off the road #bloodycyclists"

  • Northants start for Women's Tour in May 2014 - race will feature world's best female riders1 year 11 weeks agoGreat news, more women's

    Great news, more women's racing and in our county too..

    A perfect complement to the Shutt Women's Team Series (shameless plug)



  • US Postal dilemma1 year 11 weeks agoI wouldn't personally wear

    I wouldn't personally wear it, because I was always a Jan Ullrich man, but I still wear my Team Telekom jersey out and about sometimes.

    I'd wave/nod/say 'Hello' if I saw you. As said before, it is nice to see some retro kit about on the roads, lets you know that there are still some people who didn't just jump on the bandwagon a year or so ago. I'd only tut if you weren't friendly back.

  • US Postal dilemma1 year 11 weeks agoI still have a pristine 2003

    I still have a pristine 2003 USPS team shirt and Nike cycling mitts, which I was wearing before it all properly blew up. Won't wear them out of principal now as they are a sign to me of following cycling more passionately during those years and turning into a bit of a fanboy of Armstrong. I'm also thankful now that I never bought the Trek 5200/5500 that I had my eye on at the time.

    I personally wouldn't hurl abuse or tut at another cyclist in USPS kit though, but would smirk privately to myself. Besides, should be dead give away of their age/time on a bike and probably less likely to result in young kids shouting Wiggo if they see a cyclist in USPS kit, compared to one wearing Team Sky, which I can imagine is probably far more annoying than being called a doper or liar by another cyclist over 30.

  • National Rail app adds bike info functions1 year 11 weeks agoHmm! British Rail - why

    Hmm! British Rail - why didn't anyone think of that before?

    Actually I've believed that although it needed improvements they were never going to be achieved by braking it up and giving profits to shareholders (guess I could say that about lots of other businesses as well!)

    A single organisation with one set of rules and ALL trains required to provide a standard minimum number of cycle spaces would be a start. The rail people will say the current rolling stock can't provide the storage facility - oh yes it could if they had to and just pulled out a few seats, not enough carriages then buy some out of the profits.

    If only there was some sort of a socialist political party that might be interested in such ideas, there hasn't been one of those around here for too long!

  • US Postal dilemma1 year 11 weeks agoI like to see a bit of retro

    I like to see a bit of retro kit and I don't suppose anyone will mistake you for LA.

    So I'd wave, but judging by your comment on the 'grumpy git' thread you'd ignore me Smile

  • Level crossing near-miss cyclist interviewed by police1 year 11 weeks agoBut who pays for the bridges

    But who pays for the bridges built due to people's stupidity? NR according to the article are already shelling out £130m and that is not all the footpath level crossings. In the end the cost will fall to the taxpayer or possibly the fare paying passenger.

    No idea how much a road bridge would cost but there are a lot of LX's out there, ~400 in Wales alone.

  • Help - overtraining, advice on resting1 year 11 weeks agosm wrote:There's also the

    sm wrote:
    There's also the mental aspect. I took a month off the bike last year which did my fitness levels little but certainly had me raring to go again upon my return.

    I agree. I think a little time away from the bike is absolutely necessary if you're training regularly all year round.

    It doesn't have to be a whole month, of course. I had planned to do some mileage over christmas last year but I hardly rode at all, was off the bike for nearly 2 weeks. However, I think I felt better riding through the next couple of (dark, cold) months as a result.

  • Dragon Ride: entries open 9am Thursday1 year 11 weeks agoIf people have £80 to spend

    If people have £80 to spend on a bike ride (plus travel, acommodation etc) then let them spend it how they wish. Easy come, easy go and all that.

    And it's all helping the economy, surely Wink

  • Continental 4000s vs. 4 Season? 23 vs. 20?1 year 11 weeks agoI run 4000s and 4Seasons. The

    I run 4000s and 4Seasons. The 4Seasons are better in the wet and have better puncture protection if you need it. I run 4Seasons on the winter bike/commuter and 4000s on the fair weather bike. The 4000s are quicker and grippier in dry conditions. There has been a move to wider tyres in recent years on the basis that they have a little less rolling resistance. Some pros are even riding 25s. I run 25 4Seasons and 23 4000s. It works for me. If you want performance go for GP4000s and if you want durability and winter reliabilty go for 4Seasons. You may want to have a look at Conti's Attack/Force tyre set for winter performance. Kristian House rode Attack/Force tubs in the Tour of Britain.

  • Win a unique HOY Autumn edition bike with road.cc and Evans Cycles!1 year 11 weeks agoAutumn is the time to put

    Autumn is the time to put away the road bike and dig out the single speed cross bike and head out on to the gravel and forests and find new places with no cars.


  • Just in: Cooper Monaco1 year 11 weeks agoreminds me of my old on-one

    reminds me of my old on-one slot dropout inbred Smile

  • Just in: Cooper Monaco1 year 11 weeks agolocalsurfer wrote:The Alfine

    localsurfer wrote:
    The Alfine 11 does seem to be VERY expensive though.

    Ah. Maybe that's where all the budget went.

  • road.cc's Bike Locking Bible1 year 11 weeks agoLook for a poorly locked

    Look for a poorly locked bike, and leave your bike next to it.

    You bike only needs to be harder to steal than the one next to it.

  • Just in: Cooper Monaco1 year 11 weeks agoandybwhite wrote:It looks

    andybwhite wrote:
    It looks 'wrong'. In fact it looks ugly. Something to do with the back end but I cant quite put my finger on it.

    I think it's two things:

    1. The top tube joins the seat tube below the junction with the seatstays;

    2. There's then a lot of seattube above the junction of either.

    I would have thought that a bike relying on 'classic' styling would have looked a lot better with a level top tube, meeting the seat tube a bit higher up.

    I always liked the Cooper fixed/ss bikes - sure, they were jumping on a fashionable bandwagon, but they did it with some style. Can't get on board with this though - it just looks like a mish mash, and is seriously weight to boot.

    And I can't believe the price! For a 520 frame and pretty average components!

    Rant over...

  • National Rail app adds bike info functions1 year 11 weeks agoYeah right. I've been turned

    Yeah right. I've been turned off trains a few times because I'm 'not allowed' to take a bike, despite being told when I booked that I was.

    No good telling customers what the rules are if the staff don't know/care

  • Head Set Problem1 year 11 weeks agoCool. Will give it a go. If

    Cool. Will give it a go. If it doesn't work I'll wait till the bike explodes.

  • Just in: Cooper Monaco1 year 11 weeks agoDoes seem a bit expensive -

    Does seem a bit expensive - I've a Cotic Roadrat with Alfine 8 and that was 800.

    The Alfine 11 does seem to be VERY expensive though.

  • Team GB rider Lewis Oliva gets back stolen bike after thief advertises it on Facebook1 year 11 weeks agohope that's not the real

    hope that's not the real community lock as that won't stop a scum bag thief for more than a few seconds.

  • Dissertation Survey1 year 11 weeks agoThanks for the great response

    Thanks for the great response everyone, much appreciated. The survey will be open for one more day and I will be sure to share the findings in the future. Once again, thank you so much for your time.

  • US Postal dilemma1 year 11 weeks agoMy horde of contraband:

    My horde of contraband:

  • Level crossing near-miss cyclist interviewed by police1 year 11 weeks agoAll the cost in this story

    All the cost in this story just put a bridge over job done Confused

  • Team GB rider Lewis Oliva gets back stolen bike after thief advertises it on Facebook1 year 11 weeks agoYou should see Coffee Fix

    You should see Coffee Fix some days, the price of the bikes outside unlocked is actually more than houses just round the corner are going for.

    His bike is pretty smart though, I tucked in behind him on my way home the other week and was admiring it. It really stood out compared to the usual Pinas.

    *Edit* From Coffee Fix's twitter: pic.twitter.com/X1xhVHb5

    Really good cafe as well as being a bit of a bikey haven.