• Newbie to sportives - advice!1 year 7 weeks agoLots of time to prepare amd

    Lots of time to prepare amd lots of advice here:

    +1 for time in the saddle but I would probably peak at 70-80% of the distance, especially if training solo. On the ride itself you will get some benefit from drafting & well worth a bit of time spent riding in groups beforehand.
    Only other thing I'd chuck into the mix is some pilates (will help with comfort) and make sure you get two reasonable rides in on consecutive days - getting going after a reasonably tough day in the saddle needs a bit of preparation !
    Good luck.

  • 11sp ultegra di21 year 7 weeks agofirst things first you dont

    first things first you dont need the di2 diagnostic software kit to fix your problem, all it does is allow you to do firmware updates, custom shifting options and to check if there is a fault with any of the di2 components

    check your chain is still within its wear tolerance and make sure the cassette and chain are nice and clean with no damage etc...

    using the di2 pdf manual completely re-set the gears up from scratch, including setting up the front and rear mech limits


    ive got di2 on two bikes and have had another 2 bikes with di2 and ive found it to be faultless once set up correctly (first 2 bikes were built by a shop and the di2 system wasn't set up correctly!)

    personally if you have invested in di2 like me then its well worth buying the diagnostic kit as at £140 its cheaper in the long run than taking your bike to a shop for any firmware updates, custom shifting or fault diagnostics and being charged £40-£50 per time

  • Cycloc Endo bike storage1 year 7 weeks agoapologies, forgot to put the

    apologies, forgot to put the pics in D Oh

  • Bike symbol lights aim to cut cycling accidents1 year 7 weeks agoThe image of the cyclist in

    The image of the cyclist in the light would be more recognisable if there were a tiny tiny image of a cyclist attached to it.

  • What’s keeping Brits off the bike? In a word: fear, says new study1 year 7 weeks ago[[[[[ Well lucky you then,

    [[[[[ Well lucky you then, ALLEZ NEG. Are you a big geezer? I'm positive the size, weight and height, --and sex-- of a cyclist will affect the degree of road-space and respect given by a certain kind of driver. I'm just average height and weight, male, a very experienced ex-club rider, in SW London (and, as far as I know, not yet been killed) and still about 10% of vehicles around me get too close, at least three have knocked me off, and I assure you my riding style HAS to alternate between "defensive" and "assertive" for much of my time on two wheels.
    So much for city cycling....hit the country lanes outside the centre and you're among boy-racers, and girl- racers, tearing round blind bends at 60mph or more and, b4 long, you just wanna get back to the relative safety of the Big Smoke! I could go on....or maybe I just did.

  • Rider Names - Giro1 year 7 weeks agoThomas Lofkvist's last name

    Thomas Lofkvist's last name on the UCI website is 'LÖVKVIST'.

    Reinhardt Janse Van Rensburg's first name on the UCI website is 'Reinardt'


  • Cyclist fined after threatening to stab Halfords worker in puncture repair row1 year 7 weeks agooozaveared wrote:Mart

    oozaveared wrote:
    Mart wrote:
    Threatening to stab someone for following company policy is totally unforgivable.

    To be fair it's unforgiveable even if they weren't following company policy.

    ok i had to chuckle at that one

  • Bike symbol lights aim to cut cycling accidents1 year 7 weeks agoAny news article which uses

    Any news article which uses the words 'science' or 'scientific' and then incorporates the word or quotes someone saying 'could' is frankly complete and utter rubbish. even if the person saying 'could' is a scientist.

    Go back and work on it again and when you have published and peer reviewed scientific study on your side then I will listen, until then this is no better than the Mails claim that 'X' causes cancer.

  • Womens World Cup1 year 7 weeks agoUnofficial account Just

    Unofficial account Wink Just someone who feels like being important.

  • NeilPryde Bikes renames its Alizé bike following trademark dispute... with Specialized again1 year 7 weeks agoYurp, Sinyard started

    Yurp, Sinyard started Specialized by buying a handful of frames from Tom Ritchey and Gary Fisher and sending them to the Japan to be copied - thus the Stumpjumper was born. Tbh, given their roots, this sort of behavoiur ^^^, whilst not on should be somewhat expected. I for one can't wait for Sinyard's response to this.

  • Round the world racer Lee Fancourt hammers on despite disqualification1 year 7 weeks agoLee had hired a local driver

    Lee had hired a local driver as I believe his support were not allowed to drive the car. Seems to have been mis-communication somewhere as the driver thought it would take 2 days or something and an argument ensued. (Mumbai to Kolkata via Kerala). Not helped by Lee's very long day in the saddle for the hired hand.

    His support team (aunt and brother) seemed unable to get themselves the last stretch into Kolkata. (I think it was 130 miles not km, but anyway..)

    Lee would have been able under GWR rules to get himself back to the same spot and start riding again and would have still been in the race. He also mentioned a lack of cash but surely he could have picked that up in Kolkata before returning to his previous end point?

    He says he is going to do the distance elsewhere but that is against the rules that he agreed to.

    Note that in other adventure races you are not allowed to go forward on the race course under any circumstances you have to go backwards if necessary due to mechanical or injury. A guy was DQ'ed from second in the Tour Divide Race a few years ago for going forwards and returning back to the point he left the course. The GWR rules are actually softer in this regard.

    The only reason I can think of for Lee not going back and re-riding the section is a previous issue. I do not want to go into it but he did something 'suspicious' in Europe. I have no insight into if it would have caused a subsequent DQ - it may have been within race rules - but if knew he was being investigated for that he may have decided to just push on. His supporters have been quite abusive on social media to the organisers and those people who think the rules need to be adhered to which I have been unhappy about.

    It has to be said he is riding really strongly. ~250 miles day after day is incredible even with support. Mike Hall managed 200 miles per day in 2012 unsupported but trying to measure the advantage of support is difficult. It is just not the lack of weight on the bike but getting food and accommodation as well as moral support.

  • Womens World Cup1 year 7 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:Your request is

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Your request is granted http://www.uci.infostradasports.com/asp/lib/TheASP.asp?PageID=19006&Spor...

    It is on PCS, but I'm not posting their link Smile

    Although even the UCI don't seem to share your views ...

    UCIWomenCycling ‏@UCIWomenCycling

    Full results of the Tour of Flanders won by Ellen van Dijk http://www.procyclingstats.com/mob/...

  • Cycloc Endo bike storage1 year 7 weeks agowhat's the "Sold Secure"

    what's the "Sold Secure" rating then? I need silver or above to combine with my D-Lock to comply with the insurance company requirements.

  • Bike symbol lights aim to cut cycling accidents1 year 7 weeks agoSo they work in the same way

    So they work in the same way as pedal reflectors (unique bike identification in the dark), but only from really close up? Cracking...

    If they removed the cycle image and just made the entire big square glow red, I'd be much more interested. Big and bright enough beats tiny and eye-watering any day.

  • Round the world racer Lee Fancourt hammers on despite disqualification1 year 7 weeks agoI truly admire Lee for

    I truly admire Lee for pushing hard regardless of this books stupid rules.
    You can take a bus but not a taxi, you can take ferry but no other boat, you can take a plane as long as its a scheduled flight.

  • Cyclist fined after threatening to stab Halfords worker in puncture repair row1 year 7 weeks agoMart wrote:Threatening to

    Mart wrote:
    Threatening to stab someone for following company policy is totally unforgivable.

    To be fair it's unforgiveable even if they weren't following company policy.

  • Bike symbol lights aim to cut cycling accidents1 year 7 weeks agoi've been after a bicycle

    i've been after a bicycle light where most of the lens is black for years, i'm in!

  • One23 Extreme Bright Quatro 1600 front light1 year 7 weeks agoSo it's too bright (and has

    So it's too bright (and has no beam shaping) for road use and the clamp is too flimsy for offroad use, you wouldn't buy it and you wouldn't recommend it to a friend, but it gets a 7? What constitutes a sh!t light, then?

    Still, I guess it's badger-searingly bright and stays that way for a long while...

  • Bike symbol lights aim to cut cycling accidents1 year 7 weeks agoBeam me up, Scotty.

    Beam me up, Scotty.

  • Paris-Roubaix Sportive1 year 7 weeks agoParking - No idea, cycled to

    Parking - No idea, cycled to the start last year
    Medical certificate - Its a touristique event not a sportive, as far as I can tell, if you can stand up and not fall over they'll be happy
    Organisation? - Was good last year, make sure you get beer and frites at the end
    Traffic on the sectors (can't really call it pave) - not a problem, except for the team car out for a recce last year, the driver put "Highway to hell" on the PA speakers... the standard of Brit riding is on the whole pretty atrocious, and the big gangs of Dutch riders can be a bit intimidating.
    Quality - It was good fun, met some interesting people of all nationalities, more comparable to low key fun rides in the UK rather than any sportive such as the Maratona or Marmotte

  • Cycle helmets have "major flaws" in safety, insists cyclist airbag firm Hövding (+ video)1 year 7 weeks agoI caught the documentary of

    I caught the documentary of James Cracknell cycling across America and getting hit in the back of the head by a lorries wing mirror. Good job he was not relying on one these. Also wonder how they would fair if you dropped your bike on a bend? Thinking

  • Culprit Croz Blade aero frameset1 year 7 weeks agoLooks like a monster....white

    Looks like a monster....white saddle doesn't help!

  • Cycloc Endo bike storage1 year 7 weeks agoThank you, kind sir. I was

    Thank you, kind sir. I was trying to picture how it would work.

  • Vuelta al País Vasco Stage 1 Ordizia-Ordizia1 year 7 weeks ago#itzulia After 62km Ferrari,

    #itzulia After 62km Ferrari, Montaguti, Sicard and Villela have 4'15"

  • Bike symbol lights aim to cut cycling accidents1 year 7 weeks ago"because they enable quicker

    "because they enable quicker and more accurate identification of cyclists by drivers"

    but its a bit like a light bulb joke - the driver has got to want to identify cyclists - I find it hard to understand that having a symbol of a cycle will improve driver ability to spot cyclists in the dark when many fail to look for a bike shaped object and rider in daylight

    as to research how about looking at how cyclists appear to drivers in a typical urban environment at night - when I drive I find it hard to pick out cyclists mixed in with cars because the car headlights are very bright - these headlights are designed for 50mph plus non-urban roads not for cities - at low speeds with street lights side lights should suffice making easier to pick out cyclists in the mix - ok when speed picks up revert to headlights but at 10/20mph headlights just don't contribute to road safety for pedestrians or cyclists