• Am I over-analysing this?1 year 7 weeks agoAs good value as Planet X or

    As good value as Planet X or second hand may seem to be, one of the factors to take into consideration is how the bike makes you feel.

    Call me shallow but I'd rather pay twice as much on a bike that I love the look of and makes me want to ride it. This is why I don't drive Kias or Fords. They might be good but I don't care. Personally I want a bit more than a good subjective review in a magazine written by someone I don't know or a 'bargain'. It's not a Vacuum cleaner it's a bike.

    Go to the shop. Examine the bikes, look at them from every angle, touch them, pick them up, ride them.

    Choose the one that makes you smile.

  • Dunwich Dynamo XXII1 year 7 weeks agoThe weather doesn't look

    The weather doesn't look great for this one.

    Hopefully i can take part, but I'm at my daughter in law's first birthday party on Saturday. If i can just stay away from the booze....

  • Tour de France Stage 71 year 7 weeks agoJust Fuglsang & Albasini in

    Just Fuglsang & Albasini in for Kittel and Gerard for me. Still hilly sprinter based.

    Peter Sagan (CAD)
    Michael Albasini (OGE)
    Alexander Kristoff (KAT)
    Arnaud Demare (FDJ)
    Bryan Coquard (EUC)
    Jean-Marc Bideau (BSE)
    Rein Taaramae (COF)
    Giovanni Visconti (MOV)
    Jakob Fuglsang (AST)

  • Tour de France Stage 71 year 7 weeks agoPichot in the break.....at

    Pichot in the break.....at last

  • Marianne Vos backs UCI's Women's Cycling Week1 year 7 weeks agoShe is. Great cyclist.

    She is. Great cyclist. Leading the Giro Rosa at the moment and looking good to win it. And another advocate of women's cycling, British ITT champion and also due to ride La Course, Emma Pooley, won the sixth stage yesterday with a dramatic solo breakaway after having a so-so race to date due to mechanicals, breathing problems and a nose bleed in the first stage. All a bit quiet coverage on here amongst everything on the TdF, especially yesterday when it was a double stage win for Lotto-Belisol after Greipel's exploits on Stage 6.

  • Halfords wants to hire over 400 "cycling gurus" to boost its bike boom1 year 7 weeks agoWhat I don't like about

    What I don't like about Halfords: http://rdrf.org.uk/2014/02/12/whats-wrong-with-halfords-cycling-top-tips/

  • Am I over-analysing this?1 year 7 weeks agobashthebox wrote:Quite

    bashthebox wrote:
    Quite honestly, your best bet might be to buy second hand, something that's good enough but doesn't cost the earth.

    You may be right, but this is a one-off opportunity - I'm 50 this year, my divorce is almost final so I have an excuse and some spare cash from the settlement. In a year's time I'll have bought a house with my girlfriend (so no cash), and I'll be approaching 51 - which doesn't seem worthy of a big splash anyway! No more until I'm 55 at least Smile

  • The Armstrong lie on channel 41 year 7 weeks agoYou're putting words into my

    You're putting words into my mouth saying that my comment leads to the conclusion he deserved it. I didn't say that, nor do I think it logically follows from my comment.

    Looking into the cancer risk aspect, it certainly used to be the view that testosterone increased aggressiveness of cancer. However, it seems more recently that there's been a rethink on this view. I can't find papers back specifically on testosterone abuse and testicular cancer, but this is an opinion piece on androgen therapy and prostate cancer:


    So, what I wrote in my comment above may be unfounded.

  • rider weight1 year 7 weeks agolisa76uk wrote:A guy I follow

    lisa76uk wrote:
    A guy I follow on Wordpress oddly blogged about this very thing today, good read... http://fitrecovery.wordpress.com/2014/07/10/what-is-the-ideal-cycling-weight-its-not-simply-as-light-as-possible/

    2.49? I'm putting down the Pom-Bears....

  • Am I over-analysing this?1 year 7 weeks agoThanks for the responses

    Thanks for the responses everyone,

    Can you test-ride Planet-X and Canyon? Maybe once I know what I prefer, I would buy the next bike online, but this time around I can't afford to buy something I haven't ridden - £500 saved for the bike turns into £1700 wasted if I don't like the way it feels, rides etc.

    notfastenough wrote:
    Generally, anything you buy at that price will be really good.

    Thanks for that... I know it's true, but it's nice to hear it from someone else Smile

    notfastenough wrote:
    Cycling is like crack - addictive, expensive and keeps you skinny!
    Love that! Applause

    notfastenough wrote:
    don't give in to any pressure to 'buy it today' at a discounted price

    Er... the pressure is all from me! I've been building up to this for a year and I've reached the point where I can wait no more! The LBS I'm off to tomorrow has some good sale prices right now, but being happy with my choice is more important than the money.

  • The nutrition of a Tour de France rider1 year 7 weeks agoHaha, changing dinner menus

    Haha, changing dinner menus to stop "meal fatigue".

    After riding like that I couldn't give two hoots what was dished up and put under my nose, I'm eating it. And a plate of seconds. And be grateful I'm not expected to do the dishes.

  • Am I over-analysing this?1 year 7 weeks agoPersonally, I wish I'd gone

    Personally, I wish I'd gone cheaper initially

    Absolutely agree with this. It's SUCH a minefield of wheels, groupsets, frames and all. Quite honestly, your best bet might be to buy second hand, something that's good enough but doesn't cost the earth. You can find decent second hand carbon with 105 or ultegra for under £750. A year or so on that and you'll be ready to get your n+1.

  • TdF - Carbon Rims in the Wet1 year 7 weeks agoMy experience is that once

    My experience is that once you are used to it, braking on carbon rims in the wet is not that bad.

    Actually, the pads available out there make it OK... I understand that a lot of non-Campagnolo sponsored teams find a way to fit Campag carbon brake pads to their machines as these are seen as some of the best.

    The ones we use on our team are amazingly good in the wet, however they will literally last no more than 100miles in the rain.

  • Tour de France Stage 71 year 7 weeks agoEarly break out and away 1in

    Early break out and away
    1in for me

  • Tour de France Tech 2014: Simon Yates’ Orica GreenEdge Scott Addict1 year 7 weeks ago3 Brits? When was this

    3 Brits? When was this written, 10th?

  • The Armstrong lie on channel 41 year 7 weeks agoI very much enjoyed the film

    I very much enjoyed the film and, to my surprise, came out understanding (if that's the right word) Armstrong a lot more than I expected. He was undoubtedly a product of his tough upbringing and the battle with cancer that he experienced.

    He was unfortunate to have been competing in an age in which doping had been endemic for decades __ he just took the doping to new levels and was incredibly successful. That success enabled him to build an empire with which to perpetuate the lies.

    The tragedy to me is that we'll never know who should have won those 7 TdF's and the blame for that cannot be laid on Armstrong alone. Surely the self-serving ineptitude of the UCI bosses was the principal architect of the doping culture.

    Armstrong's raised over $325M for charity too.

    As they say, never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins.

  • Tour de France Stage 71 year 7 weeks agoGood chance that a break

    Good chance that a break could take this today, Thinking

  • The nutrition of a Tour de France rider1 year 7 weeks agoHmmm, this looks like an

    Hmmm, this looks like an ordinary day's intake to me. Perhaps that's why my body fat so stubbornly refuses to reach 5%.

  • Wahoo RFLKT+ iPhone Powered Bike Computer1 year 7 weeks agoNever had any dropouts

    Never had any dropouts either. Also, there is an Android beta that includes RFLKT support if you email them. Works well with my Nexus 4/5.

    Not sure if this is the right place but I have one of these for sale. Ended up with 2 due to some app dev i've been working on. There is a classified ad waiting approval but PM if interested.

  • Tour de France Stage 71 year 7 weeks agoI'm thinking cannondale may

    I'm thinking cannondale may make this.finish hard for the pure sprinters it's something sagan seems to enjoy doing

  • Am I over-analysing this?1 year 7 weeks agoGenerally, anything you buy

    Generally, anything you buy at that price will be really good. If you buy a bike, ride it once a week, don't fuss over small details and just generally try to stay healthy, then yeah, maybe you're over-analysing it. But hardly anyone does that. Cycling is like crack - addictive, expensive and keeps you skinny! You get hooked, you ride more, you read too many reviews (sounds like you're already guilty of this one!), you find out through trial and error what position you want, how you like the bike to handle, what your preferred kit is (and believe me, the small details will matter!) etc etc ad infinitum. Before you know it, you're drooling after stuff that you don't have and you wish your £2.5k had been spent on 'that bike' because you realise that you can have a faster bike that's stiffer where it should be but comfortable where it needs to be.

    Personally, I wish I'd gone cheaper initially. I spent £1000 on my bike when getting back into cycling, but that kept creeping up as I found out that the bars were the wrong shape, the stem was too short, the saddle was no good for more than a couple of hours, blah blah blah, even before deciding what tyres/saddle/pedals/shoes/clothing etc etc I liked. Then I spent more on a second bike when I knew what I wanted (Trek Madone as it happens). I should have spent £500 on an Allez or a Defy to start with.

    So no, take your time, test ride as many as you can, and don't be rushed. The sale season starts around October-ish, so don't give in to any pressure to 'buy it today' at a discounted price. Try making a shortlist of dealers you will buy from, consisting of the ones that will let you test ride AND will provide a bike fitting, preferably included with the purchase.

  • rider weight1 year 7 weeks agoYeah the weight training is

    Yeah the weight training is just a habit I've formed over the years, it's not specifically there to improve my riding. The only cycling related bits are core training and various leg exercises that I use to try and strengthen specific parts like my problem knees. Plus you have to look good with your shirt off right Big Grin

  • The Armstrong lie on channel 41 year 7 weeks agoPaul J wrote:OldRidgeBack:

    Paul J wrote:
    OldRidgeBack: Fight back from what was likely a self-inflicted cancer. If not self-inflicted, his testosterone abuse certainly was a major factor in why he had such an aggressive form of it.

    and your evidence is?.. I would refrain from making statements like that unless there is incontrovertible proof -otherwise where does it end?

    Yes lifestyle factors may have an impact on cancer, but do you go around accusing breast cancer victims of causing their own disease by, for example, drinking too much?

    And is the logical conclusion of your argument that he deserved it because it was his 'fault'? Lance is am unpleasant character based on his treatment of others and was rightly banned from sport but nobody deserves that disease.

    Oh and by the way, testicular cancer is more prevalent among younger men than older, and in young people cancer is often more aggressive anyway due to speed of cell growth

  • Halfords wants to hire over 400 "cycling gurus" to boost its bike boom1 year 7 weeks agodon simon wrote:Cycling to my

    don simon wrote:
    Cycling to my local Halfords is not ideal as it's on an out of town shopping complex.

    Not sure I understand you there? Bikes are allowed to go "out of town" too.

  • Tour de France Stage 71 year 7 weeks agoStripped my team ready for

    Stripped my team ready for the weekend
    Kept 1 sprinter

    Van sum