• Sportful R&D bib shorts and jersey1 year 7 weeks agoLook very nice. I have

    Look very nice. I have sportful winter tights and they are excellent. Had a shop around and you can get these at Evans with code CL10 for £165.58. Bargain. If only I wasn't skint!

  • MP: ‘cyclists bring it on themselves’ if they time trial on dual carriageway1 year 7 weeks agoTTing on a busy A road is

    TTing on a busy A road is asking to be removed from the gene pool unfortunately but then banning cyclists from A roads is a little to extreme. The roads are busy, heavy and are meant to be driven at speeds up to 70mph, specially the main 'arterial ones' that supplement the motorway to larger towns and cities.

    Like Beaufort, I avoid them like the plague as I accidentally ended up on one once and it wasn't a pleasant 10 minute experience. Wind drag from on a normal bike from a passing truck would be enough to pull you into the middle of the road so heavens knows what it would be like on a TT bike.

    It is a shame it has to come to this as we should be able to share the roads but common sense has to prevail. Is someone going to try a TT on the M4/M25 next?

  • MP: ‘cyclists bring it on themselves’ if they time trial on dual carriageway1 year 7 weeks agoCan we start a petition to

    Can we start a petition to turn the A50 into a cycle path?!

  • Skoda FL1 year 7 weeks agoI like both ways. I like this

    I like both ways. I like this one knowing I can make as many as I like when I like. But could run out.

    But I like knowing I have 2 transfers everyday and can make penalties if needed and still end up with 2 transfers the next day.

    With this one I had a poor day today, but could have been worse. Contador and Porte are now in, so have a strong team for the next couple of stages

  • I want to build a single speed - but how?!1 year 7 weeks agoTurn that into a geared bike

    Turn that into a geared bike or punt it and get something with horizontal dropouts.

    It can be done, but a frameset like that is not singlespeed friendly, certainly not as a novice project.

  • MP: ‘cyclists bring it on themselves’ if they time trial on dual carriageway1 year 7 weeks agoPersonally I avoid A roads

    Personally I avoid A roads when riding. Just not worth the risk.

  • Tour de France stage 8: la vie en Vosges1 year 7 weeks agoenrique wrote:Dave Atkinson

    enrique wrote:
    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    the skoda one's not doing a season's worth of calculations on 2,500 riders...
    enrique wrote:
    Why don't you run that part of the update during the race itself when there's no traffic in the game?...
    If it really is the rider updates that make the processs slower, why don't you run that during the race while no one is playing? I don't think rider stats change that much if they're behind one stage... Thinking

    Its the whole process that takes the time, you can't just run different bits at different times as everything is coupled. Updating the rider scores/stats is the needed to update all the league standings and so on and so forth. For the 20 or so minutes it takes to run the update, it wouldn't be worth it to run parts at different times anyway, as the game will ultimately still be unavailable for the same period.

  • A silly sunglasses question...1 year 7 weeks agoI'm a speccy git, and find it

    I'm a speccy git, and find it varies from eyewear to eyewear.

    In general though, I usually have the glasses on before the helmet... Because I'm a speccy git.

    I don't give a toss about the velominati rules. I've been riding too many years to be given instruction by anyone... Particularly some twat in his forties that started cycling a year ago.

  • MP: ‘cyclists bring it on themselves’ if they time trial on dual carriageway1 year 7 weeks agoOne cyclist on A50 struck

    One cyclist on A50 struck from behind by texting truck driver


    Another truck driver received a suspended sentence for death by careless driving for mowing down and killing a cyclist from behind


    A quote from the (presumably) naive and completely misguided woman who has put the petition together

    “Two years ago I witnessed a cyclist get struck by a HGV. As a witness, the police kept me informed and the cyclist died leaving behind his wife and children.
    “The driver was given a driving ban losing his livelihood"

    Seems much more concerned that the truck driver lost his job to me.

  • Heat Punctures1 year 7 weeks agomike the bike wrote:I would

    mike the bike wrote:
    I would be surprised if your problem stems from excess heat, I think it much more likely you have a fault in your wheel. The rim tape seems to be the prime suspect and I would junk the insulating tape and replace it with proper, fabric rim tape. I prefer it to the plastic type as it doesn't stiffen with age or deform into a twisted mess.

    Wheel rims, and especially discs, do get extremely hot under prolonged braking. There's nothing new here and race mechanics commonly burn their fingers working on hot metal.

    Best of luck.

    This is what I wanted to hear, thanks Mike.
    Thanks everyone for your contributions, i'll get some decent rim tape ordered now. Smile

  • I want to build a single speed - but how?!1 year 7 weeks agoMight be better though to buy

    Might be better though to buy something off ebay with horizontal dropouts, or get something like a Pompino with track ends. Not as light, but if you're into fitness use rather than racing why worry?

  • I want to build a single speed - but how?!1 year 7 weeks agoHere's

    Here's onehttp://www.singlespeedoutlaw.com/main/articles/singlespeedhowto.shtml

  • Training on Low Carb Diet1 year 7 weeks agoIf you want to shift some

    If you want to shift some lard, try the 5 day detox diet here
    Basically, cut out sugar, alcohol, caffeine and you're most of the way there.
    It usually shifts 2-3kg for me but I still manage a 20 mile commute on it although it will leave you a bit tired and low on glycogen.
    A word of warning, I stopped it on Thursday and went for a longish ride on Saturday and had to reach for the gels at mile 50 to avoid bonking this weekend.

  • French rickshaw driver looking for the Channel escorted off dual carriageway in East Sussex1 year 7 weeks agoI must save this URL for when

    I must save this URL for when anti-segregationists next poo-poo good cycling infrastructure because they fear they'll lose the "right" to use the road. It's de facto gone already on quite a few roads. On other A-roads, a hard-core of cyclists may still go out on them, but many others are put off from cycling on them.

    I'm not easily put off, but there are a few single-carriageway A-roads around here that are really nasty to cycle on. Straight and flatter A-roads with good visibility particularly, for some reason - seem to get much higher rates of nasty, close & fast passes on them.

  • The Armstrong lie on channel 41 year 7 weeks ago[oops, this comment was meant

    [oops, this comment was meant for another story]

  • rider weight1 year 7 weeks agoPower to weight is the

    Power to weight is the important figure. If I could drop 7lbs and keep the same power all the better. Taller cyclists will generally weigh more than smaller, so to be competitive whilst tall you need to be stick thin - as long as they can put out the same or more power than a smaller rider.

  • Drunk driver who killed cyclist sentenced to 7 years in jail1 year 7 weeks agoExactly, though Battle isn't

    Exactly, though Battle isn't in the highlands of Scotland:

    It has a station with trains going to London & Hastings, and also an hourly bus service as well.

    In short, like many, including those not living in cities, she won't actually need car.

    Tragically the Novak family had to suffer first.

  • I want to build a single speed - but how?!1 year 7 weeks agoThe biggest issue you'll have

    The biggest issue you'll have to overcome if using that frame is the chain tension and gearing. Ideally for a SS bike you need horizontal drop outs to slide the rear wheel backwards or forwards to get the chain tension spot on.
    You might be lucky and choose what is called the magic gear which is a ratio from chainring and sprocket that needs to tensioner . Another option is to use a chain tensioner on the mech hanger.

  • Worlds greatest sprinter: Kittel or Cavendish?1 year 7 weeks agoDon't know about who is the

    Don't know about who is the greatest but Kittel doesn't seem to get himself involved in any where near as many crashes as Cav does. In this respect, Kittel seems to be a more disciplined and measured sort of rider, while Cav can be more predatory, opportunistic and, err, physical. Kittel will always rely on his well-drilled and extremely efficient lead out train. Cav, on the other hand, while also relying on his lead out train to a great degree, has shown time and again that in the absence of a lead out instinctively knows which wheel to follow. He can also see opportunities and openings that others may have missed. This, of course, can sometimes create a certain amount of contact with other riders. Hence the crashes. Cav's background in track racing has undoubtedly stood him in good stead; physical contact with other riders and having to fight for and hold your position play a central role in track sprints. At the end of the day though, you can't win a sprint if you crash out...

  • Disabled cyclist doused in Coke and left in ditch after being run off road on training ride1 year 7 weeks agoBeatnik69 wrote:I'm not sure

    Beatnik69 wrote:
    I'm not sure if Rob will read this thread or not but I'd like to wish him all the very best for his challenge. Unfortunately I'm not in his area or would offer to go on training rides with him.

    If Rob does read this, then if he could drop a mail to general@addiscombe.org then I will find people willing to ride with him.

  • Tour de France stage 8: la vie en Vosges1 year 7 weeks agoA breaker might have won the

    A breaker might have won the day, but the Contador/Nibali crew still put up a lot of points. Hopefully that happens again tomorrow, I'm not really feeling like switching everyone out to roll the dice on MAYBE having one guy get into the break.

  • Skoda FL1 year 7 weeks agoDave Atkinson wrote:you won't

    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    you won't be saying you like it when you've run out with three stages to go Big Grin

    Looking at the stages though Dave I don't think ppl will run out before Paris I think the first week was the most unstable in terms of parcours, ie flat , lumpy flat, flat ,etc whereas the last two weeks are more grouped in terms of terrain and as such now that I'm set for the high stuff I'm unlikely to be making mass changes , just the odd one or two here and there

    Still if it all goes to poop then you could be proved right but I think I still prefer the format , but in something like last year's tour it may have worked out a lot harder tactically

    I'm tired and babbling so I'll say goodnight

  • Drunk driver who killed cyclist sentenced to 7 years in jail1 year 7 weeks agoOnly 7 years jail and a 2

    Only 7 years jail and a 2 year driving ban for killing some whilst driving pissed out of your brains and not stopping! Claiming she hit a badger but causing that amount of damage to her car - what bollocks! The bitch should hang for killing Mr Novak. She doesn't deserve to breath or see the light of day.

    And how come the stupid idiots at the CPS charged her with causing death by careless driving!! It should have been causing death by dangerous driving or manslaughter as she was so reckless to drive whilst pissed our of her brains. Her standard of driving was atrocious, erratically driving on the grass verge FFS! The CPS have reached a new low - cretins.

  • Drunk driver who killed cyclist sentenced to 7 years in jail1 year 7 weeks agorichred_uk wrote:toothache90

    richred_uk wrote:
    toothache90 wrote:
    Ridiculous! By the time she has served half of that sentance she will be allowed to retest for her licence. If anything the ban should start from the time you get out of prison. IMO she should of gotten a life ban.

    According to this story http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1228881/Mother-wins-law-change-d... the ban does start after the serving of the sentence.

    Agree on the life ban, but as someone who spent 3 days in a coma because of drink driver wiping me out from behind, there's very little I'd consider as a harsh punishment for them.

    How about hanging?

  • Share the love on the road with a stay awesome sticker1 year 7 weeks agoNeill_M wrote:Cyclists Stay

    Neill_M wrote:
    Cyclists Stay Totes Ossum

    Should it not be 'Cyclists Stay Like, Totes Ossum'? Big Grin