• is Ned Boulting secretly playing fantasy cycling?1 year 15 weeks agoNed Boulting is the fantastic

    Ned Boulting is the fantastic tv cycling presenter in the uk.

  • Listening to music whilst out on a ride1 year 15 weeks agoIpersonally dont wear them as

    Ipersonally dont wear them as they hurt my ears but i found this after searching.

    A spokeswoman from Gwent Police’s road safety division says: "There is no law specifically banning the use of earphones while driving."

    However, the use of earphones at the wheel would fall under the Road Traffic Act offence of not being in control of a vehicle. .

    "It would be up to the officer at the roadside to judge whether they thought the driver's control was impaired by the use of earphones or any other activity such as changing a CD or smoking.

    "If a driver listening to earphones was involved in a collision then they could face charges under the more serious offence of dangerous driving."

    Also, section 148 of the Highway Code states: "Safe driving and riding needs concentration. Avoid distractions when driving or riding such as loud music (this may mask other sounds)."

    I appreciate this is in connection with a car / motorbike but i thought it might clear things up a bit.

  • Turn your bike into a tandem for €391 year 15 weeks agoWould've been cool on a

    Would've been cool on a Chopper with that seat that was obviously designed for carrying two people. Cool

  • Saddle Bag or Jersey Pocket1 year 15 weeks agoThanks for all the

    Thanks for all the comments,

    I have bitten the bullet and to keep my new Fizik Arione R3 saddle looking beautiful, I have bought a Rapha Essentials Case, put a tube, self adhesive patches and a mini tool in it! They fit great and in the middle pocket of my jersey hardly feel it!


  • Vuelta Pais Vasco1 year 15 weeks agoLooks about right to me,

    Looks about right to me, think stage 2 will end up with some kind of sprint that Ratto will win Wink

    Yeh no young riders, these spanish races never seem to have one

  • New Bike :p1 year 15 weeks agoSo. Went for a ride in full


    Went for a ride in full team kit today, was feeling that way inclined. Big Grin

    I must have ridden a carbon frame once or twice, but I had absolutely forgotten what it felt like.

    I had got used to the road buzz and chatter transmitted through my S1, but this felt like a flipping armchair! Had to check a couple of times that I hadn't p*nctured because the ride was so smooth.

    Think my position's a bit wrong, but I'll sort that out tomorrow.

    I've got Rival on my other bike, and Force is basically just more of the same. The upshifts are a lot cleaner. Which is nice. Had a little bit of cable stretch on the Front Mech, but that's to be expected really.

    Had a slightly worrying moment when the faceplate of my stem managed to loosen itself off, and the bars started slipping forward going downhill, and I couldn't really reach the brakes. Managed to bring myself to a stop and torque it back up. Only damage is a slight ruffling of the graphics on the white bit in the middle of the Ergonovas, which is a shame, but I'm the only person that would ever notice.

    The wheels are most definitely training wheels, sluggish and difficult to accelerate. I'm expecting the bike to come alive when the C5's arrive.

    The Planet X saddle is very comfortable, I would even go so far as to say more so that my normal Arione.

    Brakes - Good.

    Bar tape - Still White.

    I had my crappy SPD-SL's on, but some better ones are in the pipeline.

    Anyone seen any good Orange/Black/White bottle cages?

    Otherwise, I'm thinking the Elite on with a Union Jack on the side.


    Incidentally, if anyone wants a new Bike, please order a Vo2. You'll be able to get a discount through me, and I'll get a commission!

    Ditto to the PHIAN's, who I'm now affiliated with!

    Big Grin

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco1 year 15 weeks agoFine, I have it as: 1 - MM 2

    Fine, I have it as:

    1 - MM
    2 - MM
    3 - SF
    4 - SF
    5 - MM
    6 - ITT

    Will need to do another roster update before Monday but they're up to date and rider values have been set.

    Also, no Young riders comp?

  • Vulpine: fifteen thoughts on value1 year 15 weeks agoHa! Good article. Enjoyed

    Ha! Good article. Enjoyed it.

    As previous poster accurately said "But some hold value differently".

    More than happy to take a look at Vulpine when next my Lidl/DHB stuff bites the dust.

    And probably more likely to be able to get Mrs B do a birthday shop at Vulpine than Lidl.....

    horses, courses etc

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco1 year 15 weeks agodrheaton wrote:Aye, it's

    drheaton wrote:
    Aye, it's almost ready to go, one question, would you rate a cat 2 summit finish as a summit finish or just as a normal mountain (look at stage 3).

    Yeh thats a summit finish for me anyway, as its going uphill before the part it classes as the 'cat 2 part' (I think it is anyway)

  • Fantasy Directeur Sportif Challenge1 year 15 weeks agoFor Pais Vasco I have exactly

    For Pais Vasco I have exactly 9, Dan has 8 and Rob you have 12 to choose from so just let me know your final lineup when you decide

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco1 year 15 weeks agoAye, it's almost ready to go,

    Aye, it's almost ready to go, one question, would you rate a cat 2 summit finish as a summit finish or just as a normal mountain (look at stage 3).

  • Vulpine: fifteen thoughts on value1 year 15 weeks agoHi @TrimmDich and @FixieGirl,

    Hi @TrimmDich and @FixieGirl, this was an experiment to save having to sample sale the too-many XLs and XXLs I bought before we launched and knew how many we were going to sell.

    I hope that's a fair reason for discounting...So that we can buy lots of nice new stock, as we've run out of the other sizes. We don't want to anything that annoys you, but I have to do something to make good my cockups!

  • Fantasy Directeur Sportif Challenge1 year 15 weeks agoRight guys two races this

    Right guys two races this weekend, Flanders Sunday followed by Pais Vasco Monday.

    No Gilbert makes it easy for me with exactly 9 riders for Flanders, I have you with 8 Dan and an exact 9 for you too Rob.

    Just about to look at Pais Vasco teams now

    Also will send you out the spreadsheet after Roubaix/Pais Vasco have finished next weekend

  • Red light jumping Tokyo cyclists could face jail, says report1 year 15 weeks agoLucky i don't live in Tokyo.

    Lucky i don't live in Tokyo. Riding parralel?

  • How much does my frameset weigh? Boardman Team Carbon 20101 year 15 weeks agoUnless you have weighed every

    Unless you have weighed every component yourself then you cannot be sure of any weight measurement ....

  • BMC confirms Philippe Gilbert and Taylor Phinney out of Sunday's Tour of Flanders1 year 15 weeks agoPhinney out of my fantasy

    Phinney out of my fantasy team then

  • Turn your bike into a tandem for €391 year 15 weeks agoHey, hallo! Most of the

    Hey, hallo! Most of the people who have had chance to ride it so far have said hurray! The final test, before I seriously started to realize the idea was 110 mile trip, last spring. Me and my friend are both about 6ft, 190 pounds. It's not for babies, my word for that:) I have went through all the "is the rack strong enough" and legal problems. Some inspirational links: http://bikeportland.org/2010/04/26/is-carrying-someone-on-your-bike-ille...
    About up hill-down hill dispute I have to say that it makes the regular bicycle more or less similar with recumbent bike. Not best idea in South of France, but otherwise it's like flying carpet, it's hard to say who is actually pedaling.
    I will not explain all the tips and tricks right now, take your time to think about it and check www.vigurvant.com after few weeks, when there should be special section about it. Although the first patch might be sold out by then.
    P.S I have never tried it with Surly Big Dummy kind of bicycles, but my friend who makes bit similar electrical bicycles http://liberatorbike.blogspot.com/ will integrate the idea in this summer. I really can't imagine about the mileage you can cover then.

  • Listening to music whilst out on a ride1 year 15 weeks agoCommuting: no way I would

    Commuting: no way I would listen to music. Morning traffic over here is distracting enough as is.
    Training/Rec: Of course! Get a little adrenaline from a great song, catch up on NPR (BBC Radio over here), or listen to what's going to be coming up on you schedule-wise.

    I have to say, the concern over the image of cyclists as a whole is impressive. If you really think about it, where else is there such a large community (with loose to no ties to each other) so concerned with their public image?

  • Turn your bike into a tandem for €391 year 15 weeks agoWindy captain queasy stoker

    Windy captain queasy stoker

  • New Bike :p1 year 15 weeks agoLooking good!

    Looking good!

  • Turn your bike into a tandem for €391 year 15 weeks agoI routinely ride a Surly Big

    I routinely ride a Surly Big Dummy with a passenger. Extra pressure on the pedals doesn't make a lot of difference on the flay really, being in a hurry on the thing is neither safe nor stylish. Uphill it might be nice, but to be honest having the passenger put her feet down and give a bit of a scoot-boost is pretty good.


  • Offline maps for villages and forests1 year 15 weeks agoGive Pocket Earth a try. You

    Give Pocket Earth a try. You just have to look up the areas you'll be travelling through when you've got an internet connection, and it downloads them. Has worked really well for me in the 3g blackspots I go through.

  • Turn your bike into a tandem for €391 year 15 weeks agoAn accident waiting to happen

    An accident waiting to happen

  • Gent Wevelgem: War without tears1 year 15 weeks agoI'd argue that more than one

    I'd argue that more than one rider has shed a tear both during and after the spring classics.

  • Campagnolo open ‘virtual museum’ + video1 year 15 weeks agoSuper lovely. Those hubs are

    Super lovely. Those hubs are particularly tasty. Just out of interest, which of the myriad BB standards is the one in the video?