• Video: "Unpickable" Forever Lock is picked1 year 7 weeks agoOf course none of this is

    Of course none of this is relevant because in the history of bike theft, not one lock has ever been picked.

  • Looking for a new bike? Chris Froome's 2012 Team Sky Pinarello up for sale on eBay1 year 7 weeks agoI've not figured it out how

    I've not figured it out how yet, but someone will find a way of making this seem like "a bad thing".

  • Police hunt rider in Team Sky kit who assaulted fellow cyclist in Lancashire1 year 7 weeks agoSome nobbers drive cars, some

    Some nobbers drive cars, some nobbers ride bikes...

    many nobbers do both.

  • Cyclist’s naked toilet stop in field drives Yorkshire farmer potty1 year 7 weeks agoSome Fella wrote:Farmer

    Some Fella wrote:
    Farmer objects to human pooing in field that he has either set aside for animals to poo in or that he is going to dump loads of chemicals in at some point to increase yield?
    Farmers = custodians of the countryside and fucking hypocritical Tory badger killing scum.

    Fairly sure they kill leftie badgers too.

  • Transport Minister to consider turning Highways Agency in to Cycling & Highways Agency, say campaigners1 year 7 weeks agoThe thinking behind the

    The thinking behind the 'Cycling and Highways Agency' is fundamentally flawed. Not only that but it could adversely affect cyclists if introduced as proposed (not that it is ever going to happen.

    Firstly, as others have set out above, the HA is not responsible for the roads with the highest demand and potential for cycling, Local Authority highways departments are.

    Secondly, if there is a finite pot of money, it would be better spent on roads where people cycle more (LA roads) than in builidng long and lonely routes along the strategic road network where it would see little use. If there were two towns 30km apart, much more benefit would arise from building 30km of cycleway in either town than in trying to build a route between them that would be used by a small minority.

    There is however an issue with design standards for cycling provision (there is little in the way of national standards compared to roads in general), with the level of funding available for cycling varying markedly across LAs and of course in political will and support for cycling.

    I am fortunate to live and work in Cambridgeshire where things are better than average. But then the average is so low....

  • Criterium-du-dauphine stage 61 year 7 weeks agoRight. Another shocking

    Right. Another shocking day.

    Stagehunting tomorrow.

  • Police hunt rider in Team Sky kit who assaulted fellow cyclist in Lancashire1 year 7 weeks agoIn every sport you find thugs

    In every sport you find thugs and wankers. The description isn't much to go on really (grey carbon bike and Sky kit) but surely the guy that was assaulted can help come up with an e-fit that can be circulated.

  • Rapha launches 220-mile (in a day) Manchester to London Challenge charity ride1 year 7 weeks agoFAQ's Q3. Does the

    Does the registration fee go towards the sponsorship target?

    No. The registration fee covers the event organisation. Any remaining money will be donated to Ambitious about Autism. This a non-profit event.

  • Rapha launches 220-mile (in a day) Manchester to London Challenge charity ride1 year 7 weeks ago£45000 (if they fill all 300

    £45000 (if they fill all 300 spaces) and it is not for profit!!! I'm not sure even the most ardent fan of Rapha can defend that. From what they say you get for your £150 I have underestimated how much money all the sportive organisers around the country must have lost over the years with their £20 entry fees. I'm sure the charity will raies lots of money through this (£225000 if all 300 places are filled) but it could be even more if Rapha didn't price the average rider out of the game.

  • Shimano Groupset but which Range?1 year 7 weeks agoThanks for the information.

    Thanks for the information. I have now determined that's it's the shimano 2300 series groupset.

    Thanks again

  • Sergio Henao back racing after tests - can he make Sky's Tour de France team?1 year 7 weeks agodaddyELVIS wrote:fukawitribe

    daddyELVIS wrote:
    fukawitribe wrote:

    Mea culpa - you're right. One pertinent definition of 'conclusion' is "a reasoned deduction or inference" - whereas you actually know its bollocks, based on ... what, magic ?

    based on the fact I'm not gullible - or magic, if you like!

    I'm not gullible but I actually don't know that all of this is bollocks because I don't have all the data - tell me your secret that gives you that omnipotence ? I could guess, or have an opinion, but I fear I will never reach the level of certainty you have about this.

  • First foray in to the world of mountain bikes1 year 7 weeks agomrmo wrote:mooleur

    mrmo wrote:
    mooleur wrote:
    Merlin have some super duper cheap ones! Big Grin http://www.merlincycles.com/sensa-mountain-bikes-58874/

    Thinking of moving to the dark side this winter, too, let us know how you get on! I'd be interested to know how power on the road bike translates to the MTB Smile

    As a mountain biker???... ok I have ridden it 7 times this year!, who happens to spend most of their time on the road these days. My observations, first power gets you into trouble very quickly! speed can be your friend but a lack of skill* can be a real issue. *mtb is a different skill set to road.

    Biggest difference though is how you ride, on road it tends to be fairly steady state riding constant power for mile after mile, off road is much more akin to sprint rest sprint rest intervals. Off road, I suspect, but don't know, you need to produce far more power but the average power is far lower.

    Where you ride will have an affect but the climbs tend to be shorter but steeper, because tracks are narrower you do tend to coast a bit more.

    One thing to learn is to let the bike go, some roadies tend to get a bit tense when the bike starts to drift on gravel and mud, off road it will happen.

    Oh and always look where you want to go, NEVER look at the trees or rocks because you will go where you look!

    Would agree with all of the above, maybe not having to produce more power off road though, the gear ratios are so different off road. Climbing off road is way more complicated than on road, it is all about technique and terrain. Keeping the back wheel turning, even if only slightly, and not slipping is key. When you are on a difficult climb off road, if you break traction at the back wheel, chances are you'll stop very quickly and you'll found out how good you are at unclipping instantly! Once you've done that, getting going again can be very difficult; if you're in the 30 tooth at the front and similar at the back, you don't go very far for a half turn of the cranks and if you don't clip back in first time it's very hard to keep the thing moving.

    I'm in the South Downs, and the hills off road that I go up are longer and harder than on road. I do a lot more road than MTB these days, but if I want to do hill repeats I have to go quite a long way on the roads to find hills, but off road I'm surrounded.

    Switching to off roading for the winter can be problematic too. The trails stay wetter & muddier longer than the roads so you will get covered in shite and your bike will need cleaning after every ride, which you can avoid in the winter on the roads.
    For me, off road riding is like football or squash, burts of sprinting/all out effort, but quite a lot of jogging about. On road cycling is like distance running, holding a constant speed, monitoring how you feel and what you've got left, and keeping something in reserve for the finish.

  • Sergio Henao back racing after tests - can he make Sky's Tour de France team?1 year 7 weeks agoColin Peyresourde wrote:The

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    The point about the Sky team is that they are supposed to be the team you can trust, the whiter than white team. So all this releasing of information that they want you to know is to strengthen our belief in that and support them, buy their merchandise and watch them on telly....so it's a commercial thing. Why do you think they do it?

    I didn't think I was going to have to teach you to suck eggs on that one....anyway you seem to want to believe in the PR so fine. I don't think you are going to change our opinions and we are not going to change yours.

    You don't have to teach me to suck eggs. I'm not taken in by anything that would effect my purchasing or viewing preferences - as i've already said on here - nor do I believe they are perfectly clean - which i've also mentioned. I've also had previous commercial contact with parts of the Murdoch empire before and am well aware of some of the things they are capable of...

    Also my opinions will change based on the evidence I see so no, nothing is set in stone. You seem to be deliberately ignoring that.. as you have also ignored all the times i've asked you what you would do in various stituations, including the one in which the initial result and subsequent research were valid.

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    My view point is that it's easy to suck up these messages and not question them: why does a successful bike team want to/need to show us this information?

    Really ? Really ? FFS - OK, again I ask, what would you have them do if the anomalous result actually occured ? If you think it didn't, please enlighten as to what the plan was, and what the risk-benefit analysis might have been ? (don't forget to include the fact that Sky have been without a tidy rider for nearly 3 months). Of course they want to make the most of a (potentially) bad thing, no-one here appears to be saying otherwise, but that doesn't mean the whole thing is made-up and it doesn't mean everyone is suddenly going to think of Sky as angels... however, as someone quite nicely put on here, some folk will find evidence of doping in their own shadow.

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    If this has happened to Henao why not Nairo Quitana? Or Uran Uran?

    Good question and - who knows ? Henao and Uran are from relatively nearby areas of Colombia I believe, I think Quintana is from a higher and more southern area - plus they are individuals and follow different off season training (location and type)... be interesting to see their data.

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    Do you suspect them any more or less than Sky's Henao?

    Not particularly, no. You ?

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    If they are competing on a level playing field what does that mean if one of them is caught doping?

    What does that mean ?

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    Why has this ground breaking research only just been done now when it has such positive ramifications for Columbian athletes.

    Altitude adaptation research has been done before - there is a fair bit of it about. This seems to be a much more specific analysis (from what has been released in the media and some reading between the lines) - we'll hopefully know more when it's published.

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    Why has this not formed a more serious part of a more serious paper?

    Eh ? It was a particular piece of research which is begin put forward for publication, as far as we know. I'm not sure what you think is not 'serious' about it, care to expand on that ?

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    It sounds as if they are trying to use the veil of authority to avert our gaze.

    From what ?

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    Lots of questions, but no real answers. I just know that just because you can't see a crime happening doesn't mean it hasn't happened. And that you should he wary of anything processed by a PR team.

    I am wary, i'm just not so obsessed with some opinion on the degree of doping in the pro-peloton that I won't consider all aspects of the case - yes, even ones that imply that Skys every single move may not actually have been hatched in from the deepest depths of Hell itself.

    Colin Peyresourde wrote:
    I wonder why you want to believe it all so much.

    I don't - however the scenario on the face of it seems reasonable, far more so than the most of the lurid alternatives that seem to be bandied around, and that's what we were discussing. I am, however, waiting for the data to be released before drawing much more from the episode than that. I've said this over and over here, i'm not sure what you're reading but either it's not what I wrote or (beginning to sound more likely) you just want to persist with some straw man about Sky not doping rather than what we were originally talking about.

  • Transport Minister to consider turning Highways Agency in to Cycling & Highways Agency, say campaigners1 year 7 weeks agoTwo things 1) We're already

    Two things
    1) We're already in the last legislative session of this parliament. This won't have a hope of even being discussed in it
    2) There's an election coming up.

    'nuff said.

  • Cycling could help reduce £10bn annual diabetes bill say MPs1 year 7 weeks agoI'm not fat - I'm Phat, and

    I'm not fat - I'm Phat, and what's wrong with that? Cool

  • Five-year-old boy dies in Belfast after being hit by car while riding his bike1 year 7 weeks agoBased on what, are you

    Based on what, are you calling this murder?

  • What's on in Bike Week 2014: your round-the-UK guide1 year 7 weeks agoWe're marking the beginning

    We're marking the beginning of Bike Week on Monday in York with a combined: Dr. Bike, Operation Spoke cycle security marking, York Bike Belles - women only cycling group, York Cycle Challenge and our iTravel sustainable travel advisers - all in one place - St Helen's Square between Betty's and The Guildhall. Hopefully see you there! Big Grin

  • Video: "Unpickable" Forever Lock is picked1 year 7 weeks agoAn analogy from the world of

    An analogy from the world of IT security - http://xkcd.com/538/

    Thieves don't pick locks.

  • Froome and the Inhaler1 year 7 weeks agodaddyELVIS wrote:madonepro

    daddyELVIS wrote:
    madonepro wrote:
    daddyELVIS wrote:
    giobox wrote:
    This appears to be another classic sky PR mess. If they'd been upfront about Froome needing an inhaler this would be a non-story. Surely it was predictable a TV camera would eventually catch sight of him using it? Why not get out in front of the story before it happens?

    More to the point, why has Walsh missed this one? Oh, I think I know the answer to that!

    Enlighten us all Mr armchair director sportif!

    It's a non story, for years asthmatics have not required a TUE for there inhalers. But if you were all as smart as informed as you proport to be you'd know that.

    If all you do is negativity piss off to football.

    Correct, below 1,600 micrograms for Salbutamol, above that dose in 24 hours then its a controlled substance - I think it can be used for both a performance enhancement and masking purposes. However, this doesn't get away from the debate around whether asthma in the peloton should be a prevalent as it is thought to be!

    But, you're missing the point - the point is: does Froome really have asthma given that its never been mentioned previously? - I believe in his book he explains how he is susceptible to coughs and colds a lot due to his blood parasite condition, but never mentions asthma.

    The Walsh reference relates to the fact that he is the ghost-writer of Froome's book, plus has been planted in Sky for various periods and also penned a book about Sky and various press articles! Again, he's never once mentioned Froome's asthma. To some, Walsh is starting to look like a Sky-controlled media outlet! I'm not saying he is, but it all looks a bit cosy!

    Regarding not needing a TUE, you are assuming that it was Salbutamol in the inhaler!

    Now, if Sky were ever as transparent as they said they would be, we'd already know about Froome's asthma and then I agree, this would be a non-issue.

    Their lack of transparency (whilst claiming the opposite) together with their record of not quite telling the truth until they really had to, makes this a real issue!

    But unlike you, I know what medication comes packaged in inhalers, if you people want to insinuate, get your facts right, or get a life...

  • Police hunt rider in Team Sky kit who assaulted fellow cyclist in Lancashire1 year 7 weeks agooozaveared wrote:Scoob_84

    oozaveared wrote:
    Scoob_84 wrote:
    full kit w@nker

    yeah maybe it's my age but I'm with Rule #17 on this.

    Rule #17 // Team kit is for members of the team.

    Rule #17 // Pro Team kit is for members of the team.

    You pay for it, you wear it, it supports the team, so if you wanna follow the rules, fuck off back to golf, they have shitloads.

    Rule of Cycling: STFU and ride your bike...

  • London cycling culture and bicycle theft1 year 7 weeks agoThanks for your comments,

    Thanks for your comments, they're much appreciated.

  • Sergio Henao back racing after tests - can he make Sky's Tour de France team?1 year 7 weeks agofukawitribe wrote: Mea culpa

    fukawitribe wrote:

    Mea culpa - you're right. One pertinent definition of 'conclusion' is "a reasoned deduction or inference" - whereas you actually know its bollocks, based on ... what, magic ?

    based on the fact I'm not gullible - or magic, if you like!

  • Cyclist’s naked toilet stop in field drives Yorkshire farmer potty1 year 7 weeks agoI take it that the farmer

    I take it that the farmer (like all good farmers) cleans the shite off the roads after his tractors and animals have made a mess of them.

  • Transport Minister to consider turning Highways Agency in to Cycling & Highways Agency, say campaigners1 year 7 weeks agoRoad.cc itself reported on

    Road.cc itself reported on the TfL underspend earlier in the year, fairly shocking numbers for anyone interested - http://road.cc/content/news/108328-boris-johnson-guilty-massive-underspe...

  • Transport Minister to consider turning Highways Agency in to Cycling & Highways Agency, say campaigners1 year 7 weeks agolevermonkey wrote:As Bikebot

    levermonkey wrote:
    As Bikebot pointed out in his post we don't lack the money [We lack the political will] and as P3t3 pointed out in his post there is the space to implement it.

    I'm not even sure we lack the political will, the mandate is there. The TfL cycling budget is still small, but it's been going up year by year. The amount they actually spend however has been going down.

    To me that can only mean one of two things. Either the people charged with implementing the plan are incompetent, or they are ignoring the plan and following their own agenda. That's why I think the story is important, it's good to make a Gov't department clearly responsible, and then beat them over the head with it when they ignore that responsibility.

    BTW, that junction cost about 20m euros, of which the mixed use bridge was about 6m. The TfL cycling underspend in just the last year was £38m, which roughly works out at about ten such bridges if you really wanted to spend it in such a way. Obviously, I wouldn't suggest that, but such bold thinking should be appropriate in some cases.