• Met Police boss: Trucks in the capital are ‘killing machines’1 year 10 weeks agostumps wrote:Just out of

    stumps wrote:
    Just out of interest does anyone know how many of the hgv drivers involved are from abroad ?
    Maybe its there lack of local knowledge thats letting them down so they concentrate more on where they are going / satnav than whats around them.

    In my experience within the transport industry, I'd say it's unlikely that foreign drivers are involved in more accidents than British drivers, at least in London. Apart from anything, the sample (ie 10 to 15 deaths in London each year) is too small to measure any trend. But you are right to raise the issue of concentration. HGV drivers have quite a lot to think about, and so any unexpected distractions are a bad thing. I just think that those distractions have an equal effect on drivers, regardless of their nationality. Foreign drivers need to display a high level of competence to their employers, simply because transport firms are well aware of the adverse publicity that these tragedies generate.

    I gather that "tipper trucks" of the type commonly involved in London tragedies are mainly driven by UK drivers, simply because EU drivers tend to be driving artics, which usually pays more, and if you're saving up to buy your house in Poland, for example, you can save faster by having a vehicle in which you can sleep (ie an artic with a sleeper cab), so avoiding the need to pay rent. Certainly most of the names of the drivers recently in the media spotlight appear to have typical UK surnames.

    However, it is indeed the case that foreign lorries are staistically more likely to be involved in an accident, perhaps for a number of reasons. As an example, according to data from RoSPA, foreign drivers driving left hand drive vehicles driving on main roads, are 3.4 times more likely to have a "side swipe" prang. And, according to VOSA, foreign registered HGVs are twice as likely to be served prohibition orders for vehicle defects (10.6% for UK trucks vs 21.8% for EU trucks, in 2011), so there are a lot of potentially defective trucks out there. In fact, I've personally had a total brake failure myself in London, when driving an HGV (although the Mercedes computer flagged it up rather incongrously as, "warning - braking characteristics have changed") and it was only my habit of leaving plenty of stopping distance that saved the day.

    I think it's good that drivers and cyclists are having these discussions, because if we left it up to Boris we'd be waiting forever to see any improvement. We must all work together on this one.

  • Bath cyclist dies after Saturday night 'hit & run' - Police appeal for witnesses1 year 10 weeks agoUterly reprehensible.

    Uterly reprehensible.

  • Vulpine Men's Merino Button Jersey1 year 10 weeks agoYes I could have chosen my

    Yes I could have chosen my words more carefully! I was just so disappointed that it didn't fit me and had to be sent back. I'll have to hope the new version is on offer on 'that' website at some point because although I think they're worth what you ask for them they're outside my budget at rrp! Thanks for getting back to me.

  • Bath cyclist dies after Saturday night 'hit & run' - Police appeal for witnesses1 year 10 weeks agoVery sad news. The thing that

    Very sad news. The thing that makes me feel sick about incidents like this is the sheer cowardice of the driver, to leave a badly injured person. Who knows, that young man could still be alive if the driver had called an ambulance ? Hit and runners deserve a very long stretch and a lifetime driving ban in my opinion.

  • Shimano RS81 C35 wheels1 year 10 weeks agoReading this has made me

    Reading this has made me realise my existing RS80s probably won't work if I upgrade to Ultegra 6800 11spd will they?

  • Ultegra brake lever problem1 year 10 weeks agoI've never had a puncture on

    I've never had a puncture on the rear wheel yet, thank god, so that lever release has never been touched, you can hear a spring noise on the front brake lever but the rear has lost this noise, maybe a spring issue I'm thinking, thanks for the suggestions

  • "LOVE ME" - Love my trike1 year 10 weeks agoCheers Mr P

    Cheers Mr P

  • Latest transfers1 year 10 weeks agoPlus Heano has his brother in

    Plus Heano has his brother in tow this year, so he's not going to miss Uran Big Grin

  • Genesis Croix de Fer 20141 year 10 weeks agobendertherobot wrote:Croix

    bendertherobot wrote:
    Croix forks are super springy
    Cheers for that. I'll check it out.

  • Fabian Cancellara to attempt the Hour record1 year 10 weeks agoSome kind of competition

    Some kind of competition between current riders would be great, but I'm sure we will never see the likes of the Obree/Boardman rivalry again. That's mainly because we are very unlikely to ever see anyone like Mr Obree again! I can't imagine Spartacus marginally missing the record, so then keeping himself up all night by drinking copious amounts of water, in order not to stiffen-up, then going back the next day and breaking the record.
    And if you tell that to kids today they won't believe you!

  • Vulpine Men's Merino Button Jersey1 year 10 weeks agoHi Arthur, just seen this and

    Hi Arthur, just seen this and thought I'd reply. Sizing is based on averages and everyone is different. I have very short legs for my height! So I'd say that its not the sizing that's wrong, per se, but rather that the sizing may not suit you. We find most customers are very happy with their sizes, either anecdoctally, or mainly because we get so few returns!
    But...The jersey you bought would have been a 2012 version and we shortened the back a bit.
    I hope the Softshell is treating you well. Sorry we didn't reply sooner, it slipped through the net!
    Take care,

  • Genesis Croix de Fer 20141 year 10 weeks agoTotally


  • Ultegra brake lever problem1 year 10 weeks agoLong shot, especially as I

    Long shot, especially as I couldn't see it on the vid. But is the little cam that you undo for easy wheel changes, etc done up ok?

    I've never pulled the lever when it's opened to know but thought I'd ask.

  • Genesis Croix de Fer 20141 year 10 weeks agoSimon E wrote:Lots of

    Simon E wrote:
    Lots of cyclocross racers are changing over to disc brakes, even at the top level. The Hope Factory team have, not surprisingly been running prototype hydraulics for 2 years or more while others are using cables. If I was shopping for a winter/year-round bike then whether it had disc brakes would be a significant factor.

    Have you considered a Genesis Equilibrium or the new disc version?

    With tyres I wouldn't necessarily go too narrow, there's nothing to be gained by doing so, just get some good 28mm tyres e.g. Schwalbe Durano or Conti 4 Season. Or 25mm Michelin Pro4 Endurance.

    I've considered an Equilibrium but not sure I can justify 2 purely road bikes. The Equilibrium disc would be out of my price range. Would probably be looking at the Tiagra or possibly the 20 with 105.

    I like the idea of disc brakes on a winter bike to cope with the wet and crap on the roads- do they actually do this?

  • 16 Top tips to keep YOU motivated and cycling through the winter1 year 10 weeks agoA new (cheaper winter) bike

    A new (cheaper winter) bike is always a great motivator, can't beat a new toy to go out & play with, and no self-excuses like "but I've just cleaned it" as your main ride will stay pristine if kept for dry sunny rides only.... end of season sales too!

  • Daily Mail warns MAMILs to step away from the bike for their health's sake1 year 10 weeks agoI was quite smug. At age

    I was quite smug. At age sixty six I could cycle fifty miles in a day and climb most hills, rarely having to go down to the ‘Granny Gear’ on my hybrid bike. Not exactly light weight with the decent lock, comprehensive tool kit, spare tube, small first aid kit, water bottle, extra bottle of energy drink, lightweight jacket and waterproof jacket, just in case it rains.

    I had a heart attack last Sunday after riding just 500 yards. I had been getting some chest pains for a week or two and whilst waiting for tests my GP advised me to ring 999 if the pains persisted after cycling. I did as he said. One artery had narrowing and they fixed me up with a stent. The damage was minimal.

    They let me out of hospital in just 24 hours because of my general fitness, e.g. resting pulse rate of mid fifties. I’m convinced the regular cycling to work and in retirement taking any opportunity to use my bike to the local shops and local longer rides was responsible for surviving the attack.

  • Fabian Cancellara to attempt the Hour record1 year 10 weeks agoWhen Chris Boardman and

    When Chris Boardman and Graeme Obree swapped the hour record on a number of occasions in the 90's with there innovative bikes it was a golden era.
    Then the UCI step in and ban the modified riding positions of Chris and Graeme ....... How boring ...... and a step back in time.

    A radical riding position UCI is riding a recumbent styled bike.

    Sport is about improvement .... development and entertainment.

    Could Bradley Wiggins take Chris's 56.375 km Record.

    Ps Each year they motorcycle riders get faster and faster at the Isle of Man TT due to development of equipment etc

    Good luck Fabian

  • Daily Mail warns MAMILs to step away from the bike for their health's sake1 year 10 weeks agoSeems like we have identified

    Seems like we have identified the source of the shocking burden on the NHS: the Daily Mail. Warning people not to get on their bikes and sending them to the doctors needlessly. I wonder what DM will be complaining about next week?

  • Sustrans to transform 300 miles of walking and cycling routes into nature havens1 year 10 weeks agoQuote:What is the point of

    What is the point of Sustrans????

    You may feel that Sustrans doesn't directly benefit you in any way, but lots of funding organisations/bodies clearly feel that Sustrans delivers on it's projects as the organisation is constantly growing.

    Rather than asking your question on this forum, why not check out


  • Sustrans to transform 300 miles of walking and cycling routes into nature havens1 year 10 weeks agoAl__S wrote:could they

    Al__S wrote:
    could they perhaps focus on widening and tarmacing more of their off-road network?

    What they are proposing is all well and good, but i have one question?

    What is the point of Sustrans????

  • BMC Team Machine SLR011 year 10 weeks agoYou are confusing marketing

    You are confusing marketing with reality. As an aside, just in case there is some confusion, CSI is also not real.

  • Daily Mail warns MAMILs to step away from the bike for their health's sake1 year 10 weeks agoI'd rather go out in a blaze

    I'd rather go out in a blaze of glory, 50mph blasting down one of the Lake District's passes than as a fat cough potatoe eating a big Mac.

    When the grim reaper comes calling it's time to go and there's nothing you can do about it , so stop worrying.

  • Daily Mail warns MAMILs to step away from the bike for their health's sake1 year 10 weeks agoVery poor written article,

    Very poor written article, even if some of the advice is useful for newbies. Angela Epstein seems to be confused with the MAMIL tag and I think that's why it got on here; it hardly mentions cycling in the piece other than a stat about bike sales, focussing more on running. Runners don't generally wear lycra whilst out running - Gordon Ramsey probably did as he was training for an Ironman, which included time on a bike.

  • Manchester Council employees failing to hit targets for cycle to work scheme uptake1 year 10 weeks agoIt's certainly flat, and I'm

    It's certainly flat, and I'm always surprised by how few cycle from chorlton to town (only a 3/4 mile journey. But take one look at the cycle lane on chorlton road, it's just a car park, as with all cycle lanes in manchester.

    What we need is simply an enforcement of the existing rules, no cars in asl, no changing lanes at traffic lights using the asl, no speeding, and a dedicated cycle path on each of the main roads into town e.g. stretford, ashton, eccles, cheetham hi. The space is there but not enforced with a solid white line.

  • Daily Mail warns MAMILs to step away from the bike for their health's sake1 year 10 weeks agoJust get out enjoy life and

    Just get out enjoy life and MTFU