• Video: SRAM electronic groupset is WIRELESS1 year 6 weeks agoi'd think that the batteries

    i'd think that the batteries in the two mechs, which are receivers, will be larger and easily removeable for charging, and the shifter (transmitter) batteries will be more tucked away as they're likely to last a lot longer

    induction charging mat in the shed, anyone? Smile

  • Vulpine Cycling Blazer1 year 6 weeks agoThe picture of the cyclist's

    The picture of the cyclist's back leads me to suggest the next version should have the gusseted shoulders of a Norfolk shooting jacket.
    A secure inner mobile telephone pocket would also be a boon.

  • Two cyclists airlifted to hospital with serious injuries during 2014 Fred Whitton Challenge1 year 6 weeks agokeep your brakes on right

    keep your brakes on right from the top and make sure they are 100% maintaned I ve done it 3times with good brakes and once with shit brakes I thought they would be ok but were n't, fortunately i survived

  • Video: SRAM electronic groupset is WIRELESS1 year 6 weeks agoAnyone been able to find the

    Anyone been able to find the patent documentation mentioned? Can't find it via Google patent search.

  • Video: SRAM electronic groupset is WIRELESS1 year 6 weeks agoI'm probably being stupid

    I'm probably being stupid here, I am not that clued up on the subject - but say the entire peloton adopts wireless technology, at the start of every climb, or the start of every sprint the entire bunch will change gear pretty much simultaneously.

    Thats a lot of signals bouncing around, would they are be right, all of the time?....

    It would only take a missed gear change to ruin a sprint or loose time on a climb - would the benefits of wireless outweigh the relative security of a wired setup?.

  • Video: Where Will You Watch The Tour?1 year 6 weeks agoSlightly underwhelmed by the

    Slightly underwhelmed by the video. They could've put some actual cycling in it. Nice bit of enthusiasm from Sir Paul, though.

    There's surely an element of market research to this. They mustn't have too much idea how many people are going to be where. One option not covered by the questionnaire is watching the start in Leeds and then making the short train journey to Harrogate to catch the finish. I wonder how feasible this will be.

  • Video: SRAM electronic groupset is WIRELESS1 year 6 weeks agoI guess it means that bike

    I guess it means that bike manufacturers don't have to drill holes all over the frame for electrical or mechanical cables or to fit cable guides, so there might be marginal weight/strength gains there too.

  • Womens World Cup-Tour of Chongming Island1 year 6 weeks agochrisdstripes wrote:Bronzini

    chrisdstripes wrote:
    Bronzini just won stage 3 ahead of Wild! Today's top 5 are all in my team for Sunday, which is encouraging...

    Wehey nice one!!! (I'm not too up to date it seems, stupid work/training/sleep getting in the way Tongue )

  • Giro D'Italia Stage 6: Sassano-Montecassino1 year 6 weeks agoJoelsim wrote:Talk on Polish

    Joelsim wrote:
    Talk on Polish TV...

    You watch Polish TV?.... Wow!...

  • Swindon thieves grab £20k-worth of bikes from secure garage1 year 6 weeks agodrmatthewhardy wrote:I had

    drmatthewhardy wrote:
    I had mine on Immobilise.com with RFID tags in the frames but then I came across BikeRegister.com and that's the one the Met appear to be using. They permanently marked the bike I ride to work with BikeRegister.com, at one of their roadside stands in Hackney. The PC who did it said they don't use Immobilise any more, and don't have equipment to read the tags Immobilise sells.

    All a bit confusing, because Immobilise specifically say on the website that the Police do have RFID reading capability.

    When this came up once before, I think the answer was that it depends on which force covers your area.

    In London the Met seem to use BikeRegister, and it's their kit that they use at the free bike marking events. I use both, I got my bikes marked via the Police and then put the details (frame number and bikeregister serial) onto immobilise. All free, so no reason not to take a belts and braces approach.

    You can also use immobilise for devices, such as Garmin's etc. No idea whether the Police will check those if they are ever recovered, but it's useful to have all the details and serial numbers in one place if you are insured.

  • Womens World Cup-Tour of Chongming Island1 year 6 weeks agoBronzini just won stage 3

    Bronzini just won stage 3 ahead of Wild! Today's top 5 are all in my team for Sunday, which is encouraging...

  • Russell Brand's answer to driver-cyclist aggro: a big hug!1 year 6 weeks agoThe lad on the bike is hardly

    The lad on the bike is hardly a slightly built mountain goat roadie and he was in full on rowing mode when Brand decided to go over and chill things out.

    He's also been in some pretty suspect situations due to his former drug use. Well, you hardly pick up class 'A' drugs from the local WI bake sale now do you?

    I think it's fair to say that Brand has got some balls on him.

    But some keyboard warriors reckon they'd leather him if he got involved?

    Insert some sort of roll eyes type emoticon here if you so wish.

  • Swindon thieves grab £20k-worth of bikes from secure garage1 year 6 weeks agoMiles253 wrote:Anybody know

    Miles253 wrote:
    Anybody know how effective tagging your bike is? Can it be traced like find my IPhone type deals?

    Tags can't be traced, only GPS trackers can do that and they'll probably remain relatively expensive.

    If bikes used NFC tags as I'd like (or dual standard NFC/RFID tags), you'd be able to read it with just a smartphone. They would allow anyone buying an expensive bike to easily check it (and thus ensure they're not handling stolen goods), The Police could also do spot check at bike parks, such as those at mainline railway stations.

    It's really about cutting off the demand. You can't stop people from stealing bikes just by arresting those doing it, as there's always another person ready to take their place. If you start making it difficult for people to own or buy a stolen bike, fewer will be stolen in the first place.

  • Video: SRAM electronic groupset is WIRELESS1 year 6 weeks agoProbably a small market, but

    Probably a small market, but have hankered after electronic groupset, but with a non-Di2 titanium frame, the idea of either having ugly black tape securing the wires was as much of a put off as the thought of drilling holes in a frame (Kinesis Gran Fondo Ti) that wasn't pre-designed for it. Wireless resolves that. Will wait for it to succeed in the wild first before committing - but very interesting.

  • Campagnolo Scirocco 35 CX Wheels Any Good?1 year 6 weeks agoThanks for the feedback guys.

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I've gone ahead and bought a set which ill receive next week. Unfortunately I wont be fitting them until August when my new frame is ready Sad

    Once I have them fitted ill post some feedback.

    Thanks Wink

  • Swindon thieves grab £20k-worth of bikes from secure garage1 year 6 weeks agoWith a little bit of

    With a little bit of knowledge of strava and their api, it is fairly easy to find out what area the privacy zone is hiding and more often than not the center point of the heat map is over the owners house.

    For obvious reasons I won't go into detail as to how you do this.

  • Foss "super" inner tubes1 year 6 weeks agoI was racing last night, and

    I was racing last night, and because the race wheels are retained centrally for major events this year, I was racing on 'training wheels' which run Conti GP4000s tyres and standard tubes. I happened to throw a leg over a bike running decent tubs, and the difference was obvious.

    Indeed when I throw a leg over my bike with race wheels in, the difference is clear... never underestimate the difference good rubber can make to the feel of a bike.

    Now, what that difference equates to in real speed is hard to say without doing some proper tests, but it does feel better.

    Saying that, if you run a decent set of racing tubs on a set of resistance rollers, you do go noticeably quicker than on a set of standard clinchers and tubes.

  • Video: SRAM electronic groupset is WIRELESS1 year 6 weeks agoWireless makes retrofitting a

    Wireless makes retrofitting a simple job. A pretty big benefit I would have thought? One of the problems with current electronic offerings is fitting it to an existing frame that isn't set-up for it. Wires taped on, battery pack stuck there etc.

  • Hour Record regulations "modernised and simplified" by UCI1 year 6 weeks agoHow would you define a

    How would you define a fairing?

  • Rapha 3/4 women's tights1 year 6 weeks agoFar too expensive.

    Far too expensive.

  • Race Training whilst in London1 year 6 weeks agoIn London you've some pretty

    In London you've some pretty good choices. As Hitman says, Richmond Park is easy to get to and has some really nice bits of road, though I'm not sure where things are with regard to the speed limits that were being imposed there.

    Herne Hill Velodrome is the second oldest velodrome in Europe and the only one of the 1948 Olympic Venues still in use. It's increasingly popular at the weekend but is definitely worth riding on. There's also the Olympic Park, though I've yet to ride there myself. For weekend training, Cyclopark at Gravesend is just a short train journey out of town and is an excellent venue with road, MTB and BMX tracks.

    I live in London but work in Kent just close to the M25, so I know that area pretty well. There are plenty of really good country lanes in Kent just past Bromley. It's not far out from London and you could ride there or take the train.

    KCL is a good university, but that's a separate issue.

  • Video: SRAM electronic groupset is WIRELESS1 year 6 weeks agoI was thinking about the

    I was thinking about the batteries in the levers and how they might be changed/charged, but then I thought about car keys, and how long they keep on going... years and years and years.

    A good comment above about the possibility of simply having ready charged batteries at hand... that would be a real plus for anyone traveling/racing away.

  • Just in: Garmin Edge 1000 + unboxing & initial setup1 year 6 weeks agoYour remote isn't very, err,

    Your remote isn't very, err, 'remote'.

    Got mine on 8th May, somehow, they weren't in stock anywhere but one place (Start Cycles). So far it's proving pretty good, way more reliable than other new Garmin releases, I've had them all more or less, 305, 705, 800, 810 and now the 1000, I must be a glutton for punishment Cool

    New firmware out today by the way.

  • Video: SRAM electronic groupset is WIRELESS1 year 6 weeks ago"It's easy to imagine the

    "It's easy to imagine the battery being inside that black housing. Perhaps you flip up the latch and pull it off for recharging."

    Agree that’s what it looks like to me

  • Womens World Cup-Tour of Chongming Island1 year 6 weeks agoWild's had an amazing season

    Wild's had an amazing season that's true. Big Grin

    I'm a bit gutted Bronzini hasn't got the top spot yet mind you, love that lass she's ace!!!