• Majority of Bristol-Bath Railway Path users hate each other3 hours 24 min agoThese results could be easily

    These results could be easily replicated by asking any human beings, engaged in any activity of any sort, anywhere, whether they had experienced frustration as a result of other people doing things.

  • Lorry driver jailed for 8 1/2 years for killing LEJOG charity riders3 hours 26 min agomike the bike wrote:However

    mike the bike wrote:
    However he will have to take an extended driving test to get a licence after that. Assuming he passes and it's not a foregone conclusion (people like this get a very sceptical test).

    On the contrary, in order to pass the car test he will simply have to drive to the same standard as any other successful learner, although he will have to do so for a minimum period of one hour rather than the usual 30 minutes.
    The examiner will have no idea of the gravity of his offence and should assess his driving purely on its merits.

It's 70 minutes. The same number of minor errors (15) as for the "up to" 40 minute test or any major faults is a fail. That's autiomatically stiffer as it has to be at least 70 minutes. That's 30 more minutes to make minors, (not checking a mirror is a minor fault for example). Examiners for a standard test can cut it short if they are satisfied that the person is completely competent. My son's test last year was just 20 minutes to pass. Extended tests have to go for 70 minutes and that's giving them enough rope to hang themselves in essence.

I happen to ride with an examiner, we were both professional drivers together and we have discussed this once or twice over the years. A first timer is regarded as inexperienced and nervous and often young as well and examiners take that into account. (They get a fair wind if they are intrinsically safe.), Previously banned drivers taking the extended test are regarded as experienced drivers who need to prove beyond doubt that they are safe to give a licence back to. That fact automatically comes with baggage, that somebody thought them fit last time and got it seriously wrong. Ipso facto you had better be really sure this time.

I didn't say it was rigged or a con. I said that examiners are more sceptical. Wouldn't you be? Here's a proven bad driver and you're being asked to give them their licence back. You'd want to be pretty sure that it didn't come back to haunt you.

The stated case that they are treated the same as new drivers may sound nice and be the official position. But that's just like saying that the police treat everyone the same and fairly whether they are young kid on a first offence or known criminal with a long record.

....Yes of course they do, silly me!

  • Video: Shave? Wax? Immac that leg hair? Pah. Real men use a blowtorch3 hours 27 min agoHaving had my ears flamed at

    Having had my ears flamed at a Turkish barbers recently (a service I didn't even ask for, incidentally!), I can attest that this technique works brilliantly and doesn't hurt at all, certainly a lot less than waxing. It does however create a smell that's even more disgusting than Immac.

  • Win! A VIP Experience at the Tour of Britain with road.cc and The Cycle Show3 hours 29 min agocomment


  • New Bike Help!3 hours 31 min agoHi How about the Scott


    How about the Scott Speedster 20 2015 model ??

  • Win! A VIP Experience at the Tour of Britain with road.cc and The Cycle Show3 hours 31 min agoOooh yes please

    Oooh yes please

  • Vuelta stage 103 hours 32 min agoAll I want is my podium badge

    All I want is my podium badge Day Dreaming

  • Exposure Strada mk 5 front light3 hours 32 min agoGiven that this is ROAD.cc,

    Given that this is ROAD.cc, I'm a little disappointed with the lack of detail on the dipped beam feature. I would like to see photos of the beam shape.

    Agree with others about German lights.

  • The Union Jack is where it's at3 hours 33 min agoYes everything seems to look

    Yes everything seems to look a lot cooler in the colours of the Italian flag.

  • Blue is the bike colour of 2015. Or is it orange?3 hours 37 min agoBMC did orange for the GF02

    BMC did orange for the GF02 in 2013-2014, so perhaps they just got the memo early? Smile

  • Just a vent and looking for sympathy3 hours 39 min agoI can understand why you're

    I can understand why you're venting off! In the meantime you could try weight-training - notwithstanding exercises that involve ankles obviously - plus most people switching to road riding, regardless of their level of fitness, find their core strength and/or flexibility lacking, so you could try working on those so that you're good to go once the ankle is sorted.

    If I'm off the bike I also spend time working out new routes to load onto the garmin, but you may not have this kit yet.

    Oh, and find some new entertainment while you're bumming around at home. If you've got a fancy TV package trawl through on-demand and get into 24 or the Walking Dead or something!

  • Transport for London opens new Cycle Superhighways consultation tomorrow3 hours 45 min agowhars1 wrote: CS3 might be

    whars1 wrote:

    CS3 might be more successful (primarily the Cable St part) but it has some nasty spots and involved very little improvement on what was before (with the notable exception of giving priority to the cycle path on Cable St).

    One Sunday morning last year i rode into the city and decided to try this route back out.
    I followed it from the start all the way back to Beckton and was pretty impressed although it did take some unusual routes (the bit where it cuts across some garages must be hell for the garage owners during peak times) it was quite a novelty and i almost felt i was in the Netherlands until...
    I got to the junction with the "Queen Elizabeth II Greenway" or as it was known previously "the sewer bank" and decided to follow it to the end and then loop back round and rejoin the CS3.
    I came round the bend on the shared use path that joins CS3 ready to cross back onto the blue line, glanced over my shoulder to make sure no one was coming out of the tunnel under the A406, looked ahead as i crossed onto the blue line to see a 4ft high bollard beside the path then a 2ft one next to it ahead of me.
    Having been lulled into a sense of comfort by this wonderful blue line i thought i'll be able to get through that its on the superhighway!
    This was quickly replaced by SHIT! no i won't!
    In a panic i swapped hands from the bar ends (flat bar obv) to the brakes caught the front one 1st and slapped my face straight into this blue wonder my head ending up an inch from the bollard.
    I hurt all sorts and ended up riding back home one handed with blood pouring out my cheek which was embedded with bits of Boris's blue grit.

    About 3 weeks later i finally got back on my bike and went for a ride with my missus we ended up in that area and i said i'll show you that bollard.
    She cycled straight through!
    They'd moved it about a foot.
    I fully expect to appear on CCTV footage on the worlds wackiest police chase fireman falling off bikes or something.

  • Specialized celebrates 40th anniversary with limited edition Allez steel frame3 hours 53 min agoThat's a beautiful looking

    That's a beautiful looking bike, i had to fight the urge to wolf whistle at it from my desk Surprise

  • Specialized celebrates 40th anniversary with limited edition Allez steel frame3 hours 53 min agoAdd shallow rims and a retro

    Add shallow rims and a retro 7-eleven kit and you're onto a winner...

    (Are we allowed to like Spesh again yet? No? Oh.)

  • LBS bike service options - Is it worth it?3 hours 53 min ago'Don't cut your own hair, or

    'Don't cut your own hair, or stitch your own wounds. But by all means try to do most easy bike maintenance yourself. '

    I do all three of these. All have been fine to date Wink Few of the scars are a bit messy, but everything holds together ok.

  • LBS bike service options - Is it worth it?3 hours 57 min agoI actually enjoy being left

    I actually enjoy being left alone to fix my bike/computer/whatever else - I find it therapeutic. It helps that I'm firmly of the opinion that most things are pretty easy to fix, the only thing I won't mess with around the house is gas. Everything else is fair game Smile

    (of course there's always a huge argument with the missus when she wants to pay someone to do it "properly")

    Bikes are pretty simple things really, the only thing you may lack is the correct tools for the job. If you are reasonably mechanically minded, careful and test your work (i.e. don't go bombing down a large hill 30 seconds after stripping and refitting your brakes), I'd say it's pretty hard to do anything too dangerous.

    One tip from personal experience, get a good clean space on work on where you won't loose any bits. I managed to loose a tiny o-ring washer from the hydraulic brakes on my MTB without noticing when servicing them. Queue dot-4 fluid leaking out of the housing every time I pressed the brake lever. I now do my maintenance on a plastic sheet (still in the garden as I've no garage and the bikes aren't allowed in the house) so I don't get oil everywhere and don't loose anything.

  • The Union Jack is where it's at3 hours 57 min agoBe interested to see any

    Be interested to see any other nation colours.

  • Specialized celebrates 40th anniversary with limited edition Allez steel frame4 hours 9 min agoI might watch "American

    I might watch "American Flyers" later.

  • 10 of the best road bikes under £1,0004 hours 14 min agoI recently bought a Rose

    I recently bought a Rose SL-2000 to replace a stolen Specialized Allez Elite and have been very pleased with it. I upgraded the wheels when bought it, which admittedly takes the price over £1000, and it's an excellent bike for the money.

    It's an aluminium frame and it's a pleasure to ride. My BMI is 23, by the way.

  • LBS bike service options - Is it worth it?4 hours 16 min agoFor me this depends on how

    For me this depends on how much you trust your own mechanics and indeed the mechanics of the people that will potentially be doing the work for you.

    The you have to compare that with how much you enjoy doing the mechanics, against the time it takes you away from your family/riding or whatever else.

    Someone explained it to me like this... all being equal, they are not paying someone to maintain their bike, they are paying someone to provide them with extra time for the family riding etc.

    It's how much you value your own time rather than how much you value the mechanics time that is important.

    Personally speaking, I don't get past the trust argument... I don't trust many mechanics to do a better job than I can... therefore, I do my own mechanics. If something was to go wrong, I want to be able to blame someone for it... best if that person was me.

  • Video: Shave? Wax? Immac that leg hair? Pah. Real men use a blowtorch4 hours 17 min agonot sure it smells worse than

    not sure it smells worse than Immac!

  • Vuelta stage 104 hours 20 min agoGlad I went for Vandewalle

    Glad I went for Vandewalle

  • Transport for London opens new Cycle Superhighways consultation tomorrow4 hours 22 min agobikeboy76 wrote:This is

    bikeboy76 wrote:
    This is exactly why I avoid any cycle lane that is segregated or part of the pavement. They constantly cross drives and turnings that force you to give way to oblivious drivers.
    As well as the driver going down the bike lane in the vid there was a woman walking down it too. Bike are for roads. Lanes on roads. Simple.

    Facilities like this aren't aimed at people like you. They are aimed at people who want a nice relaxed ride where they are going, or those that don't yet cycle, but would if there were 'dutch' style infrastructure in place.

  • Just a vent and looking for sympathy4 hours 23 min agoNot much you can do with a

    Not much you can do with a bad ankle.
    They should be able to tell you some stuff to do and keep the strength up with it.
    Swimming is more likely to be what they suggest I'd think.

  • The Union Jack is where it's at4 hours 25 min agoPS and that was all in jest

    PS and that was all in jest lest anyone should take it the wrong way. Smile

    Ironic timing on the article though!