• Giro D'Italia - Stage 1712 hours 26 min ago1 MODOLO Sacha ITA LAM

    1 MODOLO Sacha ITA LAM 3:07:51 0:00
    2 NIZZOLO Giacomo ITA TFR 3:07:51 0:00
    3 MEZGEC Luka SLO TGA 3:07:51 0:00
    4 HAUSSLER Heinrich AUS IAM 3:07:51 0:00
    5 APPOLLONIO Davide ITA AND 3:07:51 0:00
    6 BROECKX Stig BEL LTS 3:07:51 0:00
    7 LOBATO Juan ESP MOV 3:07:51 0:00
    8 PORSEV Aleksandr RUS KAT 3:07:51 0:00
    9 REZA Kévin FRA FDJ 3:07:51 0:00
    10 VAN DER LIJKE Nick NED TLJ 3:07:51 0:00
    11 VIVIANI Elia ITA SKY 3:07:51 0:00
    12 RICHEZE Axel Maximiliano ARG LAM 3:07:51 0:00
    13 GENIEZ Alexandre FRA FDJ 3:07:51 0:00
    14 COLBRELLI Sonny ITA BAR 3:07:51 0:00
    15 BOLE Grega SLO CCC 3:07:51 0:00
    16 PETACCHI Alessandro ITA STH 3:07:51 0:00
    17 MONTAGUTI Matteo ITA ALM 3:07:51 0:00
    18 KONIG Leopold CZE SKY 3:07:51 0:00
    19 GILBERT Philippe BEL BMC 3:07:51 0:00
    20 CARUSO Damiano ITA BMC 3:07:51 0:00
    169 KLUGE Roger GER IAM 3:17:15 9:24
    1 NIZZOLO Giacomo ITA TFR 159
    2 MODOLO Sacha ITA LAM 142
    3 VIVIANI Elia ITA SKY 134
    4 BOEM Nicola ITA BAR 111
    1 KRUIJSWIJK Steven NED TLJ 92
    2 INTXAUSTI Benat ESP MOV 91
    3 LANDA MEANA Mikel ESP AST 73
    5 GESCHKE Simon GER TGA 53

  • Brian Robinson receives £15,000 after collision with car that pulled out on him12 hours 29 min agoCTC provides free legal

    CTC provides free legal advice through Slater & Gordon. Think their 3rd party insurance covers car on bike instances as well as bike on bike up to £10m (not sure if BC does bike on bike).

    Worth having if you recall that story about the Aussie cyclists sueing each other http://road.cc/content/news/134495-australian-man-ordered-pay-17m-damage...

  • Time Xpresso 15 pedals12 hours 31 min agoI would rather take the

    I would rather take the xpresso 4 at about £40 (I have) and the 100 gram weight penalty and pocket the £360 difference. I love the ease of entry and exit and at £40 they are the price of speedplay cleats, so when the bearings wear out just buy another set.

  • Brian Robinson receives £15,000 after collision with car that pulled out on him12 hours 32 min agoI used the BC service when I

    I used the BC service when I was knocked off by a car while on a cycle path (yes, really...) and sustained a broken hand. Very efficient and great to be able to just hand it over to someone who knew exactly what they were doing. My payout was not as much as Brian, but my injuries were not as serious and the damage to my bike was not as severe, so probably similar on a pro rata basis, and a lot more than I expected.

    More than the money, I wanted to make a point to the driver who did it by hopefully hitting his insurance premium, especially because he wasn't very bothered about what he did, and the police weren't very interested either.
    BC solicitors were excellent. I highly recommend BC/CTC membership for anyone who cycles regularly.

  • road.cc Metric Century Challenge 201512 hours 38 min ago01 Jan 1 Point 112.1KM Total

    01 Jan 1 Point 112.1KM Total Points 1 Total KM 112.1
    11 Jan 1 Point 135.1KM Total Points 2 Total KM 247.2
    18 Jan 1 Point 101.2KM Total Points 3 Total KM 348.4
    25 Jan 1 Point 130.6KM Total Points 4 Total KM 479.0
    08 Feb 1 Point 104.1KM Total Points 5 Total KM 583.1
    15 Feb 1 Point 131.2KM Total Points 6 Total KM 714.3
    22 Feb 1 Point 126.8KM Total Points 7 Total KM 841.1
    01 Mar 1 Point 116.5KM Total Points 8 Total KM 957.6
    08 Mar 1 Point 122.7KM Total Points 9 Total KM 1080.3
    22 Mar 1 Point 112.3KM Total Points 10 Total KM 1192.6
    29 Mar 1 Point 100.7KM Total Points 11 Total KM 1293.3
    04 Apr 1 Point 100.0KM Total Points 12 Total KM 1393.3
    06 Apr 1 Point 115.5KM Total Points 13 Total KM 1508.8
    09 Apr 1 Point 100.6KM Total Points 14 Total KM 1609.4
    12 Apr 1 Point 114.4KM Total Points 15 Total KM 1723.8
    19 Apr 1 Point 135.6KM Total Points 16 Total KM 1859.4
    3 May 1 Point 154.5KM Total Points 17 Total KM 2013.9
    10 May 1 Point 130.9KM Total Points 18 Total KM 2144.8
    17 May 1 Point 137.2KM Total Points 19 Total KM 2282.0
    23 May 1 Point 101.6KM Total Points 20 Total KM 2383.6
    25 May 1 Point 133.4KM Total Points 21 Total KM 2517.0
    27 May 1 Point 128.0KM Total Points 22 Total KM 2645.0

  • Help needed with new bike.12 hours 46 min agoRob Not sure if you've made a


    Not sure if you've made a decision yet - you probably have. I just had to set the record straight after Davey's comment. The Rose CDX is not a cross bike. It is a road disc bike.

    I had my Ribble R872 stolen in Feb and have just taken delivery of my new Rose CDX. I went for the SRAM Force version (CDX-4400) after years of feeling underwhelmed by Shimano groupsets. All I can say is that words escape me. The CDX frameset is astounding and the SRAM Force groupset absolutely destroys the Ultegra it replaces. The bike is, to all intents and purposes, perfect. I could not improve it. So glad I didn't go for Di2, as I was contemplating. And this is all in at 7.3kg!! The lightest disc bike I've seen by a fair margin.

    What's more is the Rose CDX has recently won two separate road disc group tests in German magazines (sadly it's not been tested in the UK) - even beating far more expensive BMC's and Cannondale Hi Mod's. It's a pity it wasn't part of the BOTY test in Cycling Plus. I think it could've won it easily.

    Anyway, if you've not made a decision, I think it's an easy one.


  • Brian Robinson receives £15,000 after collision with car that pulled out on him12 hours 48 min agoI doubt the hard nosed

    I doubt the hard nosed insurance & legal profession attach any financial value to ones accolades from so long ago. If your cynical supposition that 'celebrity' swings things rang true then the driver would have been prosecuted as well and not handled through civil means?

  • Giro D'Italia - Stage 1712 hours 53 min ago1,2,3,7,8,11,15,16 not sure

    1,2,3,7,8,11,15,16 not sure what happened to Hofland

  • Lorry driver who killed cyclist given year's community order and 11 penalty points12 hours 56 min agoGod, that's awful.

    God, that's awful. RIP.

    Don't try this, people. Just wait.

  • 10 and 11 speed compatibility question12 hours 56 min agoIt will be fine.

    It will be fine.

  • Lorry driver who killed cyclist given year's community order and 11 penalty points13 hours 1 min agoBe nice to know what was

    Be nice to know what was blocking the footpath? The other lorry? The scaffolding? It is hugely dangerous when something or someone blocks a footpath and makes no provision for safely circumventing it.

  • Map reading13 hours 22 min agoAn old timer in our club can

    An old timer in our club can pretty much navigate his way around the south of england from memory and once advised me to remember the towns/ villages on the outer edges of my intended route area. One for each of the compass points. That way you only really need to remember 4 places to look for if lost and then you will know what direction to head once there.

    I use Garmin Connect to plan routes and upload them to my device. Google street view for cross referencing. I'm pretty good with most of Hampshire & Berkshire now from memory. Wiltshire and Surrey are getting stronger. If i go to a new area then i use the compass points principal.

    Never been lost yet, wish i could say the same for my legs!!

  • Schwalbe One Tubeless13 hours 23 min agoI run these babies and am

    I run these babies and am very happy with them, comfort, speed and puncture wise.

    One of the advantages of tubeless is that they can be run at lower pressures but, I have found, if using at say anything between 80 & 90 psi (I am 71kg), the rear really feels like it is going to come off the rim when stomping up short climbs.

    I haven't actually had the tyre come off but now run the tyre at above 100psi if I am going to be pushing hard and it feels a lot better in that respect although a harsher ride in general.

  • Lorry driver who killed cyclist given year's community order and 11 penalty points13 hours 24 min agoSeriously, I've every

    Seriously, I've every sympathy for the victim as well as the driver in this instance, but why on earth couldn't the cyclist just wait? Why risk it?

  • Video: GT Grade gravel bike put through its paces in Provence13 hours 34 min agoI have a GT Grade Carbon 105

    I have a GT Grade Carbon 105 and absolutely love it.
    It's not as fast on the road as my standard bike - primarily due to the position not being speed focused and the handlebars being super wide (which is great for stability and control off road but crap for aerodynamics).
    Also, it doesn't climb as well as my standard road bike due to being a bit heftier.
    To focus on those points misses the point of the bike through. It rides very well on the road and climbs very well for its weight. It is super comfortable and smooth. Great for long days in the saddle especially when you can't rely on the road surface being perfect. Show it a genuinely rough road surface (such as cobbles) and it feels in its element. Point it off road and it is a huge amount of fun. It almost begs you to test it out.
    I run it with a set of hutchinson sectors (28c) tubeless. These have proven brilliant for rides that are primarily on the road or on gravel-type surfaces. If I am going to be spending the majority of the day off road (especially forest tracks and that sort of thing) then i stick on a set of cyclocross or similar tyres (it currently has a set of schwalbe sammy slicks on it which i am running tubeless at about 40psi).
    I love riding hard and fast on the road but this bike just offers up a whole additional world of potential fun. I am not going to be getting many PBs on sportives or up my local climbs on it, but I'll have a hell of a lot of fun in the process.

  • Time Xpresso 15 pedals13 hours 35 min agoThat's one ugly pair of

    That's one ugly pair of pedals.

  • 10 and 11 speed compatibility question13 hours 35 min agoDeeJayJay wrote:As far as I

    DeeJayJay wrote:
    As far as I am led to believe, it is the difference in chain width between 10/11 speed that would cause an issue. The 11 speed chain is thinner than its 10 speed compatriot, meaning that the other components are designed for use with the specific width of chain.

    IIRC the 11-speed chains are narrower on their external measurements (shoulders) but are the same internally so, e.g. a 10-speed chain may get wedged in an 11-speed cassette but an 11-speed chainset should cope with an otherwise 10-speed groupset (even a triple should have enough room to cope with the tiny difference in outside chain width).

  • Blackpool cyclist involved in collision with toddler summonsed for dangerous cycling13 hours 35 min agoJust as a matter of interest,

    Just as a matter of interest, has anyone asked why that family has a camera filming the street outside their home?

  • First Ride: SRAM 1x Road13 hours 48 min agoThis seems to be the perfect

    This seems to be the perfect occasion for that quaint American retort, whatever.

  • CTC critical of police response to death of Merseyside cyclist13 hours 55 min agoQuote:Except you have to read

    Except you have to read all the rules and not just the ones that make your side of the argument. Being 'over the limit' is the threshold by which you are judged automatically to not have proper control. As with driving, the belief that you are capable of having proper control, or even your ability to demonstrate that control, makes no difference when you pass the legal limit.

    Have a read yourself. Because you're not really making sense. A motor vehicle has a prescribed limit, over which you are causing an offence.

    Offences relating to alcohol and cycling I quoted above, feel free to read them again.

    Driving or being in charge of a motor vehicle with alcohol concentration above prescribed limit.

    (1)If a person—
    (a)drives or attempts to drive a motor vehicle on a road or other public place, or
    (b)is in charge of a motor vehicle on a road or other public place,after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in his breath, blood or urine exceeds the [b]prescribed limit[b] he is guilty of an offence.

    Prescription of proportion of alcohol

    2. For the purpose of the definition of “the prescribed limit” in section 11(2) of The Road Traffic Act 1988, the prescribed proportion in relation to driving or attempting to drive, or being in charge of a vehicle, in Scotland, is—

    (a)22 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath;
    (b)50 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood; or
    (c)67 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of urine.

  • Blackpool cyclist involved in collision with toddler summonsed for dangerous cycling13 hours 57 min agobobbypuk wrote:So a home CCTV

    bobbypuk wrote:
    So a home CCTV tape is sufficient grounds for investigation and prosecution but a helmet cam showing a clear number plate and dangerous driving is not? Or are police now investigating all the helmet cam footage they get?

    I'm guessing it was the confession he *probably* made when he voluntarily attended a police station the day after that lead to the summons being issued.

  • Blackpool cyclist involved in collision with toddler summonsed for dangerous cycling14 hours 32 sec agoSimon E wrote:"he has said

    Simon E wrote:
    "he has said that his life has been ‘destroyed’ since the footage was released."

    Even if he is getting some grief, 'destroyed' is surely over-egging it. If you live for social media then it might feel that way.

    Sadly, given the number of instances of driver transgressions against cyclists that have resulted in drivers having their personal details posted online (including on this website), their employers harassed and in some cases losing their jobs, it wouldn't be surprising if the rabblement hadn't reached for their pitch forks and gone to work on this cyclist - especially if a sensationalised version of events had appeared on the likes of the Daily Mail. Helping to catch people who commit criminal acts is one thing - becoming judge, juror and executioner is something else entirely.

  • Video: GT Grade gravel bike put through its paces in Provence14 hours 8 min agoDr_Lex wrote:A bit of

    Dr_Lex wrote:
    A bit of marketing guff? I'd go further and say its predominantly marketing, similar to that for fat bikes and MTB wheel sizes.
    On the plus side, it's all about bikes...

    Not entirely marketing - they came out of people wanting something for off-road that was quicker than a mountain bike but less race focused than a cross bike. They have been around in some form for a while but they have recently come to the fore thanks to gravel sportives in the states, and the bike industry have not caught on.

    Re wheels sizes on MTBs, again, not all marketing - there are definitely benefits to all three sizes. Yes the 27.5" size did seem to come from no-where, but the 26" size only happened by accident, and so it was inevitable that at some point someone would go 'hang on, why are our wheels that size? and is it the best size?'. As for the 27.5" size, for the whole industry to switch almost overnight, there must be more than just marketing, cause a change like that across the board within a matter of two years or so is totally unheard of.

  • 10 and 11 speed compatibility question14 hours 8 min agomrmo wrote:only thing I can

    mrmo wrote:
    only thing I can offer is that 7spd worked with 8spd chainsets, 8spd worked with 9spd chainsets, 9spd worked with 10spd chainsets. I can't really see why 10 won't work with 11spd. May not be perfect but I doubt in the real world it would be an issue.

    +1 for the front... don't go trying to swap derailleurs and cassettes though...

  • Giro d'Italia Stage 16: Alberto Contador rides into Mortirolo's history, Mikel Landa wins stage14 hours 20 min agoil sole wrote:I too thought

    il sole wrote:
    I too thought contador was incredible...Landa's victory was also great to watch - if only BL***Y eurosport didn't ruin the highlights show last night! Firstly it was about 20 mins late because of some dire tennis in paris, then they don't show Contador's chase down on Aru, they then cut to a break with 2Km of the mortirolo climb left, only to re-appear with 13Km to go - what was that about??!!!!

    It's not the Mortirolo, it's the Motorola according to Sean Kelly during the commentary! Made me laugh.