• Do you trust your handlebar stem?1 year 6 weeks agoMKultra wrote: I await the

    MKultra wrote:

    I await the storm of pedantic rage but be honest chaps, buying a torque wrench is not a cure for being cack handed.

    That's exactly what it is a cure for, do bolt up to specified torque, then stop.
    Not, tighten, tighten, tighten, and then a bit more till you think you got 11.8Nm

    The thing is most people don't realise just how little 15Nm and less is, especially when they're swinging off the end of an XL length Allen key.

    You can even get the ones that stop going beyond the set torque if you're really stupid/hamfisted.

  • Best vehicle you've ever drafted?1 year 6 weeks agoGot behind a combine

    Got behind a combine harvester on a busy A road for a couple of miles on Sunday.
    Not fast by any means (about 20mph) but i only had to turn the pedals once on what would have been an otherwise very tedious and windy slog.
    Added bonus was that it held up traffic behind so didnt have to contend with cars whizzing past at 60mph.

  • 'Flimsy little helmets' completely pointless, says leading brain surgeon1 year 6 weeks agosurly_by_name wrote:I wear

    surly_by_name wrote:
    I wear one. I make my kids wear one. I couldn't care less if you wear one. If they were made compulsory I wouldn't care very much at all (although according to a poster on another thread, this is because I am a supporter of TYRANNY). I would prefer it if people who elected to wear a helmet put them on properly (not backwards - yes, I've seen it done - or too far back on individual's skull). But otherwise I just don't care. really, we should all stop this and go and worry about something much more important.

    Dear Road.cc: can we please, please, please stop it with helmet articles? I assume they are only published to get page impressions up. The articles themselves are of no value whatsoever.

    I can't help seeing something contradictory about saying you don't care, while simultaneously throwing your ha'pennyworth in!

    I would care a lot if they were made compulsory, and I'd care even if I didn't cycle myself.

    Compulsory helmet law = cycling suppressed = more cars on the roads. I don't want that, entirely independently of whether I cycle myself or not. For one thing, I quite like breathing, for another they get in my way regardless of whether I'm walking, cycling, or taking the bus.

    My main interest in all of it really is as someone who thinks there are far, far, too many cars on the streets of cities, rather than being that bothered about my own cycling.

  • Do you trust your handlebar stem?1 year 6 weeks agoCrosshouses wrote:Jimmy Ray

    Crosshouses wrote:
    Jimmy Ray Will wrote:
    ITM Millennium!!! Isn't that over 10 years old? I think that, right there is your problem.

    Truth is the stem/bar interface is never going to be that brilliant from an engineering point of view... but things have moved on significantly from those Millennium days.

    Muchos kudos for simply taping your bars back on and riding home... that is truly hardcore!

    Get well soon.

    Oh dear, you've got me worried about my 40+ year old bike on which I'm planning to ride the Retro Ronde.

    Will it fall apart on the cobbles? Is there any way to check, short of ultrasonic inspection?.

    Looking at my 30+ year old bike/stems they are very solid looking and look better engineered than this relatively modern stem. I have never known one ancient or modern breaking. I am reassured that no one seems to be saying, "This has happened to me...."
    Suggests I am just unlucky...

  • HGV collision victim Bart Chan accuses Boris Johnson of "empty words" on London cycling safety1 year 6 weeks agoIf anybody knows Bart Chan

    If anybody knows Bart Chan let him know there is a free entry to one of the SRS Events cyclosportive waiting for him whenever he is ready and fit enough to ride again.

  • 'Flimsy little helmets' completely pointless, says leading brain surgeon1 year 6 weeks agofelixcat wrote:levermonkey

    felixcat wrote:
    levermonkey wrote:
    Until someone does some definitive and comprehensive research that we can all agree on then I think this matter will remain unresolved.

    I think the "experiments" in compulsion in NZ, Oz and some North American jurisdictions are pretty conclusive. Take a look at this.


    Of course there are those who prefer not to accept evidence they don't like, and it will always be impossible to convince them. Look at the climate change deniers.

    And it is always difficult to go against conventional wisdom and common sense.

    To be fair, there's a difference between 'conclusive research' on mandatory helmet laws, and 'conclusive research' on the effectiveness of helmets in accidents. They are two slightly different things (the former seems to be as you say, the latter seems to be undecided), hence you might be arguing at cross-purposes.

  • THE bike build1 year 6 weeks ago65 and I have a Cervelo R5

    65 and I have a Cervelo R5 and a Cinelli Saetta.....I'm happy!

  • Cannondale 2013 launch: 655g SuperSix Evo Black1 year 6 weeks agoThe figures in the article

    The figures in the article are correct, they are straight from Cannondale.

    Of course, as with most components, the manufacturer claimed weights and actual weights can vary quite a bit, as you've found out with your own frame.

    And with carbon frames handbuilt there is going to be a small percentage of weight, it's highly unlikely that every Evo frame coming out of the factory is exactly the same weight

  • THE bike build1 year 6 weeks ago+1 for Colnago master with

    +1 for Colnago master with super record

  • THE bike build1 year 6 weeks agoI'm planning a frame build

    I'm planning a frame build for a significant work anniversary - as you say a nice 853 frame with a good paint job, handbuilt (by me) wheels and campy bits.

    For a dream carbon bike I'd want something reasonably rare - probably a Time NXs or Look 695.

    In Steel I'd go for a Colnago Master with Super Record.

  • Cannondale 2013 launch: 655g SuperSix Evo Black1 year 6 weeks agoI know this review is from a

    I know this review is from a while ago now, but I have this bike and wanted to correct a major mistake...

    When I say major, it's not the end of the world but most people looking at buying one of these, will be very attracted to it's weight!

    The reviewer is correct on occasion, but gets the figures mixed up along the way. Easily done!

    This frame (and forks) does use the 'nano' glue to make it 40 grammes lighter... This reduction in weight doesn't bring the weight down FROM 695g, it brings the weight down TO 695g!

    Trawling through t'internet, and the Cannondale site, you'll find it's the Black version that is the one with the weight down to 'sub 700 grammes'! And just to verify this to myself, I had every single part of my bike laid out in bits! (This was because I had a new frame under warranty - due to a crap BB.) (And because I am that 'anal'!!!)

    My 56cm frame (on calibrated scales) weighs: 694.6 grammes! This is minus the derailleur hanger, but included the little plastic cable guide (behind the seat-post - where the rear inner brake cable exits the frame). I even removed the cable guide that sits under the BB! Which in case you're wondering, weighs 4.1g!

    Hope this is of interest - to someone!

  • Win a Bianchi L'Eroica t-shirt and sweatshirt1 year 6 weeks agoYes please.

    Yes please. Smile

  • Minor injuries and cyclist deaths are down in Greater Manchester - but there's a significant rise in serious injuries to riders1 year 6 weeks agoJaye Bloomfield tragically

    Jaye Bloomfield tragically died on the slip road of the Mancunian Way (at a point where, albeit being extremely hazardous, it is not only possible to cycle but perfectly legal) last year so Gaz Walker should perhaps think before signing up to troll Peter Abel, get his facts straight and perhaps focus more on protecting cyclists and not victimising them.

    On a related side issue - except for Oxford Road it is impossible to enter the city from the south of the city without interacting in some way with the Mancunian Way, with none of the options being particularly favourable or designed to keep cyclist safe. That is the true crime in this city.

  • Win a Bianchi L'Eroica t-shirt and sweatshirt1 year 6 weeks agoYes please

    Yes please

  • dhb Seamless Short Sleeve Base Layer1 year 6 weeks agoMuch as I rate DHB kit, £30

    Much as I rate DHB kit, £30 sounds a bit steep when you consider that fancy-pants Vulpine just launched a similar base layer tee for the same price...

  • Graeme Obree launches new Flying Scotsman Sportive1 year 6 weeks agoLol - part of that route is

    Lol - part of that route is my weekend fun-run - but I'm not daft enough to bounce up and down those hills around Darvel

  • Best vehicle you've ever drafted?1 year 6 weeks agoAt Uni I used to draft pizza

    At Uni I used to draft pizza delivery mopeds - not a great tow but great fun knowing they were on a delivery deadline Devil

  • First look: Vulpine 2014 Summer range +Video1 year 6 weeks agoIn a related matter - out of

    In a related matter - out of interest anyone know what the yellow bicycle is?
    Nick Vulpine lurks on here a lot - he must know surely?
    Nice clobber by the way

  • Castelli Velocissimo Sanremo Speedsuit1 year 6 weeks agoExcellent - I always wanted

    Excellent - I always wanted to look like I was cycling in one of those ridiculous 'shortie' wetsuits...

    Nice 'ironic' touch with the model wearing a Lancestrong wristband, too...

  • Chris Froome says he almost left Sky in 2011, tells of tension with Bradley Wiggins1 year 6 weeks agoThe excerpt of the book does

    The excerpt of the book does sound like it was written with the benefit of (2012) hindsight. Sure, Froome had been held back in the 2011 Vuelta to be beaten by the colossus that is Juan Jose Cobo. But other than that he had done nothing as a pro. The rumours had been that Sky were close to binning him.

    Wiggins had been 4th in the Tour in 2009 (now 3rd after Armstrong's disgrace) , Sky team leader since 2010, had won Criterium-Dauphine in 2011 and entered the 2012 Tour off the back of winning Paris-Nice, Dauphine and Romandie.

    But his team mate, who had won nothing at all in his career at that point, expected to be allowed to ride against his team leader, and was cheesed off when the team vetoed it? I don't know if the ghost writer spiced it up a bit, but if that is a realistic description of Froome's mindest then the Froome Dog is a grade A whopper.

  • Win a Bianchi L'Eroica t-shirt and sweatshirt1 year 6 weeks agoWould like a bike to go with

    Would like a bike to go with them

  • Win a Bianchi L'Eroica t-shirt and sweatshirt1 year 6 weeks agoThat would make a nice

    That would make a nice difference from the hand carwash sandwich board that i have to wear for 80hrs a week.....

  • Giro special: 12 exotic Italian road bikes1 year 6 weeks agoTook a Bianchi Oltre XR.2 out

    Took a Bianchi Oltre XR.2 out for a quick spin a few weeks back, fitted with Super Record EPS, Rotor power cranks and deep bling wheels, £15,000 all in... and just to check the sizing for a Sempre order. After ten years on an aluminium Cannondale R700 and brief spins on a Planet X Pro Carbon and a Verenti Insight, this was staggering... my limited abilities probably struggled to get even £2,000 of performance out of the ride, let alone extracting the extra pennies worth. It definitely felt as though you'd need be Cav to get maximum benefit from this Oltre.

  • Video: SRAM preview revised 2015 hydraulic discs1 year 6 weeks agoWhy do they need to issue

    Why do they need to issue videos saying what's in the brakes if they've been shipping them since end of April? Surely people should have been riding them for a month.
    So annoyed, was big SRAM Red fan, had them on 5 of my bikes. Had this recalled and sent back end of last year, I'd still be without a bike! Glad I've managed to get refund & upgraded (I mean that) to the Di2 Shimano version (& it cost less!). Not even a hint of compensation either, just the promise of getting the MY2015 brakes. Shame, SRAM have lost a good customer

  • Win a Bianchi L'Eroica t-shirt and sweatshirt1 year 6 weeks agoIts will be the only thing

    Its will be the only thing Bianchi i will ever own! Not because i dont want to im hasten to add!