• Roadhawk Ride 720p High Performance Bullet Camera1 year 8 weeks agoI've been using one of these

    I've been using one of these for the last nine months or so. Overall I'm really pleased with it, and the auto overwrite is great meaning i only have to do anything with the SD card when there's a video i want to do something with.

    Low light performance isn't great - you can't make a lot out from the recordings unless you're on a road with really good street lighting. If you search on YouTube there are quite are few review / demo videos you can check out.

    I find the battery life OK. I tested it by charging it and wiping the card then leaving it recording until the battery ran out. At the end of it I had 18 five minute segments, so about as claimed. I find the battery warning light comes on quite a while before the battery actually runs out. I might test it again to see how the battery is holding up, but I've not noticed much loss of battery life. I usually charge a couple of times a week but my commute is fairly short.

    Overall I'm really happy with the purchase and unless your riding takes in a lot of unlit roads if recommend it.

  • What has happened to Bike Route Toaster1 year 8 weeks agoRideWithGPS is a great site

    RideWithGPS is a great site which our club uses a lot with Toaster as the backup and route loader for older Garmins.

  • Raleigh Strada 61 year 8 weeks agoGiven a Simplon Grid F1 is a

    Given a Simplon Grid F1 is a 1700€ bike, and the Raleigh is £650, not surprising the Raleigh weighs more and isn't as good, as they really aren't comparable bikes given the price difference. Something like a Planet X Kaffenback would be a far better bike to compare the Raleigh to.

  • Muc-Off C3 Ceramic Lube Wet1 year 8 weeks agoAnd for £10.20 off the

    And for £10.20 off the interweb, I have ordered a bottle containing 120ml. Big Grin

  • 1,000 attend 'die-in' protest at Transport for London HQ1 year 8 weeks agoWhat a malicious and

    What a malicious and misleading interpretation by Andrew Gilligan regarding the demand that a “ban on any vehicles whose drivers cannot see adjacent road users” means a ban on lorries.

    It does not.

    It's a demand that lorries (in this example) are fitted with blindspot eliminating technology and mirrors. Such as the newest style mirrors and cameras where this isn't fully covering blindspots.

    Cheap and proven technology, which is probably less than £1,000 per lorry.

    He just lost a massive amount of respect with that rhetorical red herring.

  • Roadhawk Ride 720p High Performance Bullet Camera1 year 8 weeks agoThat battery life is poor

    That battery life is poor isn't it? Means it'll go on charge every single evening/night so will lose capacity pretty quickly.

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins in trouble over crude joke at charity dinner1 year 8 weeks agohttp://www.theguardian.com/sp


    Chris Hoy said 'arse'. Bring on the unwarranted abuse. Or is it only Wiggins you have a problem with?

  • Cyclist rides into telegraph pole, blames council1 year 8 weeks agoOn the one hand - yes the

    On the one hand - yes the modern way is to blame the authorities for every accident you have, which is a bit of a shame . But on the other hand, it is, indeed, inconceivable that a road would have been open for use with something like that in the middle of it.

    But what bemuses me is, I'm sure I only read something on the web just the other day highlighting exactly this telegraph pole path as a farcical facility that someone would probably crash into in the dark.

    Also, if this were to be reported in the way that cyclist/lorry interfaces are in the media*, it surely would be headlined "telegraph pole collides with cyclist".

    * e.g. http://www.itv.com/news/london/story/2013-09-26/cyclist-collides-with-lo...

  • Government 'will not legislate' for Mayor of London's cyclist headphone ban1 year 8 weeks agoWhat is it about politicians?

    What is it about politicians? So they think it's a good idea for cyclists with their backs to heavy oncoming machinery to reduce themselves to being deaf & distracted? Helloooo. Deaf people have no choice and why would they be stopped? They're too wise to wear headphones on a bike anyway.

    But if it keeps everyone happy, ban the deaf from wearing them too. Simple Laughing

  • Cyclist rides into telegraph pole, blames council1 year 8 weeks agoIts interesting to try to

    Its interesting to try to imagine this incident happening to a car, and resulting comments.
    It's a bit of a leap, because it is inconceivable that a road would be built with a solid obstacle in the middle of it. However, there are incidents when drivers do silly things, like running off the road at a tight corner, Round here in the Fens they occasionally drive into rivers.
    If a driver does something like this the call is to remove the bend, or put up barriers on the river bank. Highwayment even try to move road furniture, like lampposts or bus shelters to the back of the pavement. Even "dangerous" roadside trees are removed.
    The basis idea is to make the roads safer for idiot drivers.

  • What has happened to Bike Route Toaster1 year 8 weeks agoWhat's the recommended site

    What's the recommended site for creating AND sharing gpx files/routes visually as well as downloading?

    BikeHike would be perfect if you could save, link and display routes. This is what BRT did that I used more than anything.

    Sadly Strava routes is currently my go-to but are there any others?

  • 1,000 attend 'die-in' protest at Transport for London HQ1 year 8 weeks agoI meant to add that in spite

    I meant to add that in spite of the constant digs at 'cyclists' in every corner of the media, there is an enormous untapped demand for cycling in London and elsewhere.

    All the annual big events, from London-Brighton to Bike Week demonstrate this again and again.

    But it is hugely dependent on having the right infrastructure in place that means people can feel safe while doing so.

    What makes Gilligan's stance so disappointing is that he views this approach as a 'knee-jerk' reaction, just like his master.

  • Sir Bradley Wiggins in trouble over crude joke at charity dinner1 year 8 weeks ago'highly successful sportsman

    'highly successful sportsman says something a bit rude'.

    How dare he. he should hand back the knighthood.

    Yours, disgusted of Tonbridge Wells.

  • 1,000 attend 'die-in' protest at Transport for London HQ1 year 8 weeks agoI don't think we could expect

    I don't think we could expect anything less from Boris cheerleader Andrew Gilligan...

  • Cyclist rides into telegraph pole, blames council1 year 8 weeks agoThere's a concrete bollard in

    There's a concrete bollard in the centre of a cycle path on my commute, I'm aware of one rider who has hit this, luckily without serious injury. It's at a road junction so easy to see how he could have been distracted?

  • Different Saddle Needed - Any Suggestions ?1 year 8 weeks agoThanks everyone for your

    Thanks everyone for your contributions, I ended going for the Charge Scoop Titanium and wow what a difference, moved it slightly forward to where I had previously had it placed, and everything improved expentially.

    The first trip out with the new saddle on, I undertook a gentle 50 mile trek and what a difference it was, I no longer was doing an impression of John Wayne at the end of my odyssey, no more NNS (numb nuts syndrome)

    I ended up going for the Scoop saddle with the titanium rails, and that was a wise decision, I love the shape, feels very comfortable, but not over soft, and the perfect size for me. I did try a few saddles thanks to my LBS, the nearest competitor to my Scoop was the Fizik Aliante, and that was a very close second, but the Scoop just beat it.

    Once again, thanks everyone... All advice duly taken on board. Cool

  • London taxi drivers claim film shows most cyclist jump red lights - but does it?1 year 8 weeks agoCantab wrote:only by

    Cantab wrote:
    only by understanding the psychology of the offence that we can tailor education or infrastructure to discourage RLJ

    Interesting point about adapting the infrastructure, and one that I think ought to be strongly considered by those in charge of transport policy.

    In David Hembrow's AViewFromTheCyclePath blog, he describes bike journeys (ones with actual destinations, not just pootling around) in and around Assen, where he lives, as being almost traffic signal free - there is virtually no opportunity for people on bikes to jump red lights because they encounter so few - if any.

    That's what I'd like to see in London and in fact everywhere else in the UK. As well as extensive physical separation of bikes from motor traffic - which would mean everyone aged 8-80 would feel safe travelling by bike and encouraged to do it, not just the Strava types - there would be fewer points at which bike journeys are interrupted.

    If it means making short car journeys more inconvenient, all the better, as this would help provide the space for much of the required segregation, and further encourage people onto their bikes as well as reduce pollution and many of the other drawbacks of our reliance on motor transport.

  • My side project1 year 8 weeks agoIt's a while since I posted

    It's a while since I posted here, but I have continued working on my website and I believe it is much improved.

    Once again, I would really appreciated it if those of you that are interested could take a look and offer some constructive feedback too.

    Improvements since I last posted here:
    * Faster page loading
    * Faster searching
    * More accurate searching
    * Common spelling mistakes are understood and synonyms are automatically matched
    * Better look and feel
    * Improved site navigation
    * More products from more retailers: AW Cycles, BikesDirect365, BikeFusion, Chain Reaction Cycles, CycleStore, Cycle Surgery, Evans, Halfords, Leisure Lake Bikes, Merlin Cycles, Pro Bike Kit, Rapha, Rutland Cycling, Wiggle & Westbrook Cycles. (Hargroves to come when they fix their product feed issues.)

    Let me know what you think... Thanks

  • Cyclist rides into telegraph pole, blames council1 year 8 weeks agoLucky it wasn't a kid he ran

    Lucky it wasn't a kid he ran into if can't stop or take avoiding action in what his lights show him!

  • Cyclist rides into telegraph pole, blames council1 year 8 weeks agoSounds like the cyclepath was

    Sounds like the cyclepath was not complete as it states the final surface is not laid. If it's a bt pole I can understand the delay as they are a nightmare to work with. They will charge a four figure sum just to survey the site and give you a quote to move the pole! I am sorry but you run into a stationary object generally it's your fault

  • Transport minister rejects call to make HGV cycle safety features compulsory1 year 8 weeks agoI would scrap asl's if not

    I would scrap asl's if not that. Scrap the lane filtering into them
    With that. I would make it an offence to filter down near side of vehicles within a certain distance of the junction. Like, how many motorists apart from lorry drivers check their near side any way. Also. If a cyclist is ahead within say 25 meters of a junction then the motorist can't push past in that zone or once the cyclist has come to a stand still.

    Sadly though. Not sure how this would be policed!!!

  • Transport minister rejects call to make HGV cycle safety features compulsory1 year 8 weeks agoHmmm - with friends like

    Hmmm - with friends like George Galloway, who needs enemies?

  • Cyclist rides into telegraph pole, blames council1 year 8 weeks agojova54 wrote:Shock News!!!

    jova54 wrote:
    Shock News!!! "Stupid cyclist blames someone else for his problem".

    Looks like the council have been trying to improve the infrastructure and are waiting on a certain telecommunications company to do their bit.

    If you hit a stationary object in the dark either you should slow down or get some better lights.

    I'm glad to hear the telegraph pole wasn't injured in the encounter with Mr Fowler.

    I do wonder whether this is a wind-up. The telegraph pole clearly should have been wearing high vis, because heaven forfend that drivers (so to speak) should be expected to be able to see it anyway. Sounds like a clear case of victim-blaming to me.

    And when was the last time you saw a telegraph pole in the middle of a road? Apart, that is, from a spoof website put up by one of those "crap cycle lanes of.." compilers?

  • Canyon Inflite AL 8.0 cyclo-cross bike1 year 8 weeks agoMuch as I like the look of

    Much as I like the look of the Kinesis, it's actually slightly more expensive at £1399 and isn't available - in my size at least (60cm) - for 'a few months' according to my LBS.

  • 1,000 attend 'die-in' protest at Transport for London HQ1 year 8 weeks agoIt seems to me that there is

    It seems to me that there is a clear implication in Gilligan's comments - unfortunately echoed by someone who really should know better, Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize, that this was some form of nihilist-anarchist demonstration.

    It was not. Looking around I saw the full spectrum of London's cycling community, from couriers through to commuting City lawyers and accountants etc like myself. There was no chanting, no disorder, few banners, no sign of the Socialist Workers Party or "Workers' Institute of Marxism-Leninism Mao Tse Tug Thought". Several LCC luminaries were there (though I didn't see the CEO).

    It was all very well behaved, quiet and respectful. The police had it all under control and there was no evident ill-feeling. We all wished each other a nice weekend afterwards.

    It is just dumb of Gilligan and MCA to imply that we want to bring the economy to its knees or to frighten non-cyclists away from joining the cycling community. I think we all know that cycling is, statistically, relatively safe - safer indeed than many other activities - but it is not subjectively safe and it is not as safe as it should be. If other major world cities can aspire to zero cyclist deaths, and in some cases achieve it, so can London.