• Texas truck drivers arrested for killing cyclist and trying to dump his body in a ditch1 year 5 weeks agoPeople like this deserve to

    People like this deserve to just be left to rot in a locked room.

  • Suspended sentence for motorist who used car "as a weapon" to knock cyclist off bike1 year 5 weeks agojoebee9870 wrote:Ive heard

    joebee9870 wrote:
    Ive heard that the government are going to have a special "kill a cyclist" day when motorist can simply run over a cyclist and drive off freely. Thinking

    You forgot to mention they can then collect "points" for every KSI. When they get to 12 points they win an award - I suggest it be called a Clarkson.
    I've said it before and I'll continue to say it: There should be a cyclists militia who will wreak vengeance on those who hold the lives and limbs of cyclists in such low regard.
    My cycling club was formed over 130 years ago; YEARS before any cars were on the road. We are ENTITLED as citizens to the full protection of the law.

  • Just In : Koga Beach Racer1 year 5 weeks agoThat is one cool bike!

    That is one cool bike!

  • Rapha launch Pantani jersey1 year 5 weeks agoTo me this jersey provides no

    To me this jersey provides no genuine association with Pantani or his achievements and just feels like opportunism, trading on the mythology built around Il Pirata.

    That criticism is aimed solely at Rapha. If other people, XXL or any other size, like it and buy it I have no problem with that. I don't think it's for me to judge whether they are right or wrong, 'genuine' fans, misguided Mamils or fashion victims.

    I don't think pink really goes with my hair colour anyway but if I wanted to wear pink I'd prefer to get one of the Giro jerseys from Prendas (there are blue, red and white too)... or take part in a sponsored ride for a Breast Cancer charity Wink

    There's no such veneration for Casartelli, Wouter Weylandt and others who died or whose careers were tragically cut short like that of Mauricio Soler.

  • Texas truck drivers arrested for killing cyclist and trying to dump his body in a ditch1 year 5 weeks agoAnd I thought the UK could be

    And I thought the UK could be bad Surprise

  • Texas truck drivers arrested for killing cyclist and trying to dump his body in a ditch1 year 5 weeks agoLooking forward to hearing

    Looking forward to hearing what happens, I don't agree with the death penalty, and Texas executes more people than any other state but will this driver even get a custodial sentence?

  • "I just don't care" texting Aussie driver tells police after injuring cyclist1 year 5 weeks agoJoeinpoole wrote:It gets

    Joeinpoole wrote:
    It gets worse ...

    "Defence counsel Tony Robinson said that in the time between the accident and this week’s court hearing Ms Davis was caught drink-driving (.07) and received an infringement notice when she drove her friends to the Gallery nightclub in Warrnambool.

    He said she decided to drive that night because she thought she was going to lose her licence anyway because of the collision with the rider."


    My God! She's got Baldrick defending her!!! Maybe he has a cunning plan to get her off?

  • Texas truck drivers arrested for killing cyclist and trying to dump his body in a ditch1 year 5 weeks agowell Texas does have the

    well Texas does have the death penalty....

    Hit and run then disposing of the body is pretty pre meditated...

  • Rider Names - Giro1 year 5 weeks agoJAndrewHill wrote:I can

    JAndrewHill wrote:
    I can confirm that there is no cyclist of that name on twitter. ...

    Heh heh Smile

    Gkam84 wrote:
    All world team riders should now match up to the UCI listing. Conti teams will get done next week...

    Party Woo hoo! Yeah! Thank you, Gkam! I'll be more than happy to check the Pro Continental team list next week… I think that includes 'Kevyn' or 'Kevin' Ista, who I'll probably write to the UCI about, too..

    Twybaydos wrote:
    If in any doubt, check the rider's twitter. That's what they want to be called...

    I agree with you Twy… But source wise, well, crap, I understand G's insistence on using the 'official' source… Though I would trust you more than the UCI or even the teams!

    Astana, for example, writes on its team site that the team had a Classics 'brakethrough' (http://proteam-astana.com/2013/12/24/classics-brakethrough/)...

    You seem to know a lot about Russian… I've been wondering how you picked it up? Family? School? Locals? Thinking

    Anyways, just like you said:

    Twybaydos wrote:
    … I think you'd better grovel to the UCI… admitting your mistake

    and I took offence to that, I also take offence to you speaking of my :

    Twybaydos wrote:
    ...diligent romanisation of names...

    I take offence to that. You can characterise my efforts as 'diligent' but you may not characterise them as a 'romanization' of names, kind sir. I am not taking creative liberties with translations, my dear Twy, I, sir, am merely reporting discrepancies I have found on the names of riders between how they appear on their team website and the game start list. You, sir, are claiming the knowledge to know how a language is being rightly or wrongly translated, sir, not I, and though I applaud your knowledge, I do not take kindly to your characterisation of my efforts. *hrumph*.

    When, oh, when, will you decide to 'grovel up to me' with an apology for twisting my 'words' and 'actions' ? I'm waiting for it, kind sir. Please, sir, do not ignore this simple request. You, sir, sound like a proper and reasonable individual. I, sir, think it not unreasonable that you apologise for your behavior. That in itself, sir, would say a lot about your manners and upbringing, kind sir, and, it would mean a lot! Waiting

  • British fan passes vial of pills found during Paris-Roubaix to UK Anti-Doping1 year 5 weeks agoThis guy's the managing

    This guy's the managing director of a veterinary equipment supplier. Not a medic/vet/nurse/technical expert. His company deal with equipment not meds. So why should he know better? And what member of the general public is going to go out on the basis of his so called publicity-hunting tweet and buy a pair of Olsen-Hegars from him as a result? (They're needle holders by the way......i'm a vet and wouldn't necessarily switch to using Thames Medical as a result of this tweet)

    I don't know if Mr. Brampton did the right thing or the wrong thing but he did the best thing he could under the circumstances. If these are dodgy pills and UKAD confirm that and the rider is correctly identified then i hope they'd do a specific test to look for that substance or its masking agents. Might come to nothing but it would give any drug-taking rider something to think about. I, like everyone here, hope it's not a banned substance but anything which can be done to catch the cheats should be done.

  • Help shape the future of road cycling tyres with a quick R&D survey for Mavic1 year 5 weeks agoGp4seasons for a tenner.

    Gp4seasons for a tenner.

  • The ubiquitous Carlton Kirby1 year 5 weeks agowith CK the sprint for the

    with CK the sprint for the line starts to climax with about 15k to go.

    He just doesn't have the knowledge and race insight that's required to cover the big races, how many times does he get corrected by his co-commentator? Let's remember he gets paid to do this, so I'm not interested in how difficult it may or may not be, there are commentators who do a far better job, so let's have them (back), especially David Harmon.

    If I manage to find another feed of a race without CK, then I always switch from Eurosport.

  • Buyer’s Guide to Saddles1 year 5 weeks agotried just about every thing,

    tried just about every thing, nothing worked.
    pain, numbness or both !!!!!
    all the "fittings" said 130 or 143 .. then I got
    loaned a regal-e .... talk about heaven Smile

    now I have a c17 on the hybrid and regal-e on
    all the rest Smile

  • Inquest hears of 40mph head-on crash that killed Junior Heffernan during Severn Bridge Road Race1 year 5 weeks ago@ shay - Re: riders crossing

    @ shay - Re: riders crossing the white line.

    I had the same experiences when I was racing in the 70s and 80s. We'd be flying along, with regular (but largely ineffective) exhortations through the commissaire's vehicle mounted public address system to "keep to the left". To a neutral observer, it must have looked like an early Ealing comedy.

    I've always thought that a good solution would be for riders to pay a "safety deposit" (perhaps £100) which would would be forfeited by any rider who crosses the white line.

    Since there's a small hardcore of sportive riders willfully engaged in some seriously dangerous behaviour out on the road, I'd personally like to see the "safety deposit" idea applied to sportives as well. It's very easy to enlist help with pics along the route, which could then be immediately emailed to the organiser via a smart phone.

  • Surface 604 launch Element e-fatbike1 year 5 weeks agoIt's an electric moped.

    It's an electric moped.

  • Surface 604 launch Element e-fatbike1 year 5 weeks agoThey do look good compared to

    They do look good compared to the usual ebikes.

  • Texas truck drivers arrested for killing cyclist and trying to dump his body in a ditch1 year 5 weeks agoLet's face it, the CPS in

    Let's face it, the CPS in this country would drop proper charges and try to do them for littering. Let's hope the US deals with these scum as appropriate.

  • The ubiquitous Carlton Kirby1 year 5 weeks agoI don't dislike CK as much as

    I don't dislike CK as much as some, but he seems to forget he's broadcasting, and screams "WOOOAHHHHH!!!!" too often instead of telling the viewer what's actually happening. Commentating is incredibly difficult, especially for hours at a time but so many commentators seem to have a fear of silence. Sometimes just shutting up and letting the images speak for themselves is the best thing.

  • Turbo training music1 year 5 weeks agoHow about....... on the warm

    How about.......
    on the warm up
    Start by The Jam then
    All fired up by Pat Benatar
    Mustang sally by Buddy Guy (or for youngsters The Commitments)
    No way but the hard way by Airbourne
    Unleash the albannach by The Albannach
    Try (just a little bit harder) by Kozmic blues band (Janis Joplin)
    This wheels on fire by Siouxsie and the Banshees
    The Wheel by Spear of Destiny
    Wheels by Family
    Wheels of fire by Judas Priest
    and on the warm down
    Wheels of confusion by Black Sabbath

  • The ubiquitous Carlton Kirby1 year 5 weeks agoAs mentioned above I believe

    As mentioned above I believe David Harmon is ready to work again but has not been given the chance as yet. A couple of his recent tweets:

    @spokesmen Thanks all once again for your messages. I'm ready to work behind the mic. It's not my call anymore if I do

    @spokesmen Thank you for all the questions about @EurosportUKTV. I have not been booked for any commentary on the channel

    A real shame if they are overlooking him. Especially if it is in favour of Carlton Kirby more often than not. Even more especially in his time of need after giving them many years good service.

  • Pedal sheered from crank on SRAM Apex1 year 5 weeks agoThe problem with alloys I

    The problem with alloys I guess. Yes, it smells a little but unfortunate mistake

  • Just In : Koga Beach Racer1 year 5 weeks agoBeautiful.


  • Texas truck drivers arrested for killing cyclist and trying to dump his body in a ditch1 year 5 weeks agoWTF


  • Texas truck drivers arrested for killing cyclist and trying to dump his body in a ditch1 year 5 weeks agoJust unbelievable. I will be

    Just unbelievable.

    I will be interested to see how the Texas judiciary rules on this.

  • Rapha launch Pantani jersey1 year 5 weeks agoNice jersey, but the only

    Nice jersey, but the only bloke who looks cool wearing pink on a bike is the actual leader of the Giro, so I'll not be purchasing.

    Pantani - legend. RIP.