• Ride London 100 (2014) - Accommodation1 year 6 weeks agoBIkes can also be taken on

    BIkes can also be taken on 'surface level' underground trains - District, Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines. Others will take bikes where trains run at surface level e.g Central line east of Liverpool St.

  • Beds for Cyclists launch bike-friendly hotel map browser1 year 6 weeks agoIt might not have had the

    It might not have had the wanky graphic design wand waved over it as much, but the Beds for Cyclists site started around the same time, and has quite a few more routes listed. Still, all resources for cycling are good, right?

  • Podium Cafe VDS1 year 6 weeks agoray silvester wrote:Good old

    ray silvester wrote:
    Good old 'Boxer' Bouhanni....100pts for 3rd in LeSamyn

    Me and you both Applause

  • Ride London 100 (2014) - Accommodation1 year 6 weeks agoNick T wrote:There's no

    Nick T wrote:
    There's no congestion charge on a Sunday buddy.

    Didn't know that. Thanks very much for the info.

  • Top Gear: Cyclist’s widow tells Jeremy Clarkson: 'Look me in the eye'1 year 6 weeks agoI have much sympathy for the

    I have much sympathy for the lady in the article, however......... I am sure there have been many motorists who have been killed while Top Gear is doing a piece where they laugh at a car. Wouldn't it be a very sad thing if TV was to become a laugh free zone, because nothing funny for the majority of people was made.

  • London woman reunited with stolen bike - after police stop pavement cyclist 13 miles away1 year 6 weeks agobikebot wrote:The Police will

    bikebot wrote:
    The Police will check both if they recover a stolen bike, but it's the BikeRegister system they use if you go to one of their free marking events.

    Actually they don't it very much depends on the force, for example my local force typically checks it's own database and then maybe Immobilise. Whilst Avon & Somerset check themselves, BikeRegister, Immobilise and Stolen Bristol Bikes. Some forces only check themselves and ignore the property registers.

    Also different forces register to different systems, mine currently use Immobilise.

    Personally I think just recording the frame number (if there is one) should be enough, the tax payer or cyclist shouldn't have to fork out £20 to mark something that already has a unique mark. You'll notice in this very article that they checked the frame number not the ID on the sticker.

    I've got a full table of who checks what based on asking each force what they typically check, but one of the registers you mention is being so agressive after I tweeted a link to it that I'm having a solicitor look it over prior to publishing it again.

    If however you'd be interested happy to share it privately via email (john@stolen-bikes.co.uk)

  • Chinese revolutions1 year 6 weeks agoOnly been out once on them so

    Only been out once on them so far for a short spin. As said in the blog, the next instalment will be mid-April when I've had chance to put some decent miles on them - the weather's been rubbish in Scotland and I'm yet to fully test them, I'm still riding my winter bike!

  • Top Gear: Cyclist’s widow tells Jeremy Clarkson: 'Look me in the eye'1 year 6 weeks agoa.jumper wrote:I particularly

    a.jumper wrote:
    I particularly enjoyed the "work harder ********" abuse from the passenger of a hot hatch that overtook me on my way home yesterday.

    It was probably a comment at how slow you were going from another cyclist Wink

  • Top Gear: Cyclist’s widow tells Jeremy Clarkson: 'Look me in the eye'1 year 6 weeks agoredmeat wrote:My father died

    redmeat wrote:
    My father died of a heart attack. Am I offended every time Jimmy Carr/Frankie Boyle/whoever makes a comment about someone dying from a heart attack? No. Should I be? No.

    Stop being so terminally offended.

    Pretty much sums up my feelings. Yes comedy will offend people, but luckily those people aren't being held at gunpoint and can choose not to watch it.

    Clarkson is still nowhere near a Frankie Boyle.

  • Strade Bianche Rider List1 year 6 weeks agoThey're not very recent

    They're not very recent startlists though, must have been drawn up at least a couple of weeks ago

  • Podium Cafe VDS1 year 6 weeks agoGood old 'Boxer'

    Good old 'Boxer' Bouhanni....100pts for 3rd in LeSamyn

  • London woman reunited with stolen bike - after police stop pavement cyclist 13 miles away1 year 6 weeks agolaterrehaute wrote:Does

    laterrehaute wrote:
    Does anyone know which cycle database to use. This article links to www.bikeregister.com but there is also www.immobilise.com that claims to be a national database used by the police. Do the police link into all of them or are they actually the same database behind the scenes?

    The Police will check both if they recover a stolen bike, but it's the BikeRegister system they use if you go to one of their free marking events.

    BikeRegister supply the Police with the etching kits which you can also buy on their site. The etching is a unique serial number usually placed on the underside of the frame, and they will take a record of that along with your frame number. It's very much worth finding out about the marking events, it's a bit of extra security and it costs nothing.

  • Positive test for 2013 Track Worlds medallist Kirill Sveshnikov1 year 6 weeks agoVodka? Russia, the new


    Russia, the new Spain
    Katusha - a Russian, Spanish team, **** sticks

  • Ride London 100 (2014) - Accommodation1 year 6 weeks agoDepending on whereabouts

    Depending on whereabouts exactly in Bethnal Green that is it should only be about 4 miles from Kings X so if you can otherwise travel light you can probably do the journey without public transport. If you'll have too much stuff with you you might be able to get a cabbie to take you on (I've managed this before, they're not all bad guys).

    General comment for non-Londoners when it comes to transport: DLR and London Overground take bikes now (shouldn't be any restrictions on the weekends but watch out for engineering works on the London Overground which are frequent on weekends). Buses don't take bikes.

  • Ride London 100 (2014) - Accommodation1 year 6 weeks agomickcee wrote:Travelodge

    mickcee wrote:
    Travelodge Bethnal Green for me, says its 20 mins from Olympic park on bike and was dirt cheap at the time. A walk from Shoreditch on an evening for some Pasta

    My problem is getting my bike accross London on the Saturday when i come in from Kings Cross from Newcastle???

    KX to Bethnal Green is 15 minutes ride, tops.

  • Beds for Cyclists launch bike-friendly hotel map browser1 year 6 weeks agoPretty similar to these guys

    Pretty similar to these guys http://www.pannier.cc/Routes

    Or not?

  • Chinese revolutions1 year 6 weeks agoI'm keen to know your month

    I'm keen to know your month in verdict too. I'm on the fence as to whether there will be a birthday present to myself.

  • Advice - SPD-SL vs. Speedplay pedals1 year 6 weeks agoThanks for the advice,

    Thanks for the advice, guys.
    Not looking to use them on a commuter bike, it will be for my race bike. Looking to get a good time in the London-Surrey 100 this summer!
    I've heard from a few people that they've clipped out of speedplays on occasion when they're really putting down the watts in sprints or on the track because the angle required to clip out is directly proportional to the amount of float you have. But, since I'm neither a sprinter nor in possession of a pair of legs that could grind out even a 1/4 of the power of Cav, I don't suppose it really matters Smile
    What I'm looking for is a really secure, tight platform, since the wiggle I get in my current SPDs is really irritating me.

  • Camelbak Podium 610/710ml water bottle1 year 6 weeks agoDavid Arthur wrote:nowasps

    David Arthur wrote:
    nowasps wrote:
    A problem with the old ones is the half inch of drink left in the bottom that you can't squeeze out. Any change here?

    Yes, that doesn't happen with the new design bottle. A big improvement all round

    That's answered the major question for me; thanks! I'm off to upgrade right now.

  • Taipei Cycle: "The world’s first intelligent commuter bike"1 year 6 weeks agojarredscycling

    jarredscycling wrote:
    Mechanical disc? They must not have heard Road.cc's predictions on hydraulic discs

    I think mechanical was a good idea for this bike. It is keeping things simple.

    They are missing a trick though, because it is a single speed. They should have had the motor in the rear wheel and a dyno up front to continually recharge the battery Wink

  • Saddle bag recommendations1 year 6 weeks agoAnother medium Caddy user

    Another medium Caddy user here, very happy with it. About as small as I'd want to go personally though. Any extra space when I've put my tube, tire levers, Park patches and a gel in I just fill up with an extra muesli bar or something.
    I've got the quick-release version and I also really like the way it holds it a bit further back- I could occasionally feel other ones I've had on the back of my thighs which is annoying.

  • Chris Boardman says Sir Dave Brailsford needs to decide between GB and Sky roles1 year 6 weeks agofarrell wrote:gareth2510

    farrell wrote:
    gareth2510 wrote:
    Maybe this was evident on the track recently?

    Definitely, I mean fancy coming home with *only* 6 medals from a world championships?

    As a sight aside for the rest of the thread:

    No Cavendish or Wiggins (yes, I do know they are concentrating on road and yes I know they weren't available for selection), a retired Chris Hoy and a whole heap of young, fresh blood lacking in experience. It's going to have a huge, huge impact, you simply can not expect them to be taking every gold in sight.

    Did they embarrass themselves or British cycling in general when racing over there? Far from it. Shane Sutton thinks they performed below his expectations and I respect that view, he's putting rockets under arses. He's asking questions to make the team ask questions of themselves and making it clear that they need to be committed and at the top of their games.

    The worlds, for me, had a fuck ton of positives and I think that there is a really good future ahead but a lot of other countries are mimicking the GB set up and finding their own marginal gains which is putting the squeeze on and making sure that GB know that they have no divine right to win anything at all.

    I dont think I mentioned that I expected GB to win everything in sight. 6 medals is brilliant, but for what ever reason they were not as successful as previous Worlds and maybe this is because of the the man with the final say over British cycling spreading himself too thinly. Only my opinion though

  • Colnago C60 Sneak peek: Pre-launch lowdown on Colnago's new range topper1 year 6 weeks agoTake my money Ernesto. Take

    Take my money Ernesto. Take it all.

  • Top Gear: Cyclist’s widow tells Jeremy Clarkson: 'Look me in the eye'1 year 6 weeks agoAh, so I see editing a reply

    Ah, so I see editing a reply sends it to the bottom of the thread and makes it look stupid and out of place. Arse Smile

  • Updated: Taipei Cycle: Xpedo to launch power meter1 year 6 weeks agoJimmy Ray Will wrote:My fear

    Jimmy Ray Will wrote:
    My fear is the same as others... that this will present cornering challenges.

    Not proper corners but on exit when starting to pedal again. Now we've all done it, and the fact is, you'll be doing it more in these pedals. I would suggest a revised design should place as much of the 'junk', towards the crank side of the pedal and away from that trailing edge.

    That said, this design is particularly interesting to me, as we are one step closer to what I think will ultimately be the power answer. The fact that the power measurement is taking place directly under the cleat is great as well....

    However.... does it manage to calculate 'pull' as well as 'push'? When riding normally this will not be relevant, but in a max sprint or a 30sec effort, you are likely to be generating significant force on the upstroke... which will be missed in a system that simply measure compression forces.

    Moving stuff to the crank side presents clearance issues, which was the same challenge faced by the Vector team. In fact the Garmin solution has been equally criticised for pedal clearance owing to the pod positioning. Which you prefer is a personal thing, but I'd guess that the Garmin pod would shear off more easily than the design shown here. Obviously everything comes down to individual crash dynamics, but if you assume the pedal does make contact it could boil down to $150 for a replacement pod vs $x for a replacement powermeter and patching yourself up after a big off.

    I've been running the Vectors for months now and not observed any issue - but with conventional aggressive cornering the inside pedal is at 12 'o' clock anyway and I'm not a crit racer.

    With regards the manner in which the forces are recorded, strain gauges are multi-axial rosettes build into the spindle - capable of measuring any input (even non-planar). The greatest limiter in many respects comes down to sample rate and having the resolution to generate meaningful data - and then having a defined protocol for communicating it. The new Pioneer system has made a few steps forward in that area.

    EDIT to add: It would appear the xpedo uses a sensor on the pedal contact surface, not in the spindle. This makes them less "capable" than the Vector solution from a hardware POV - but you pay your money and take your choice I guess.