• Build or Buy?1 year 16 weeks agoThanks so much for all the

    Thanks so much for all the advice.

    My Caad9 is quite old and has a Tiagra groupset on it, but I'm keen to keep it as is and use it for the commute and turbo.

    Looking around there are some amazing deals to be had at the moment on both components and full bikes at the online retailers but agree I think the next best step is to visit my LBS (going to pop to Sigma Sport tomorrow).

    I'm a 58 frame and really like the idea of picking all the parts and building something a bit unique and I'm a bit of a bike geek too so a spreadsheet sounds ideal.

    Has anyone had experiences of bike jumble sales? Or is it best to buy new?

  • 2014 Giro d'Italia to start in Belfast, reports L'Equipe1 year 16 weeks agoGreat! It's easier to get to

    Great! It's easier to get to than Leeds so it is! Big Grin

  • Paddy Power latest bookie to offer odds on Oprah's chat with Lance Armstrong1 year 16 weeks agoJohn_the_Monkey wrote:"Why

    John_the_Monkey wrote:
    "Why isn't Tygart out catching REAL criminals?"

    I think you're getting mixed up with Detective Inspector Jim TAGGART. Thinking

  • Do you wear a watch whilst cycling?1 year 16 weeks agoConversely I wore my Polar

    Conversely I wore my Polar HRM everywhere I went for 12 years, although I went through about 6 or 7 different models in that time. No I didn't wear the strap unless I was training!

    Only just started wearing proper watches again in the last 6 years which I find quite a luxury. I don't wear a watch on the bike though although maybe I should as I have "done a Delgado". Blushing

    I use a Garmin Forerunner 310XT on the bike and would probably wear it as a watch too if I didn't have to recharge it every couple of days.

  • £1,000+ bill for Brighton cyclist who rode wrong way up one-way street1 year 16 weeks agoI know this road well. Ride

    I know this road well. Ride it several times a week.

    How on earth did this guy think he'd get off? Totally indefensible. It's chaos at the best of times.

    100 meters south and you've got the de facto mixed-use ultra-wide two-way pavement ,with a glorious view when it's not raining sideways in your face.

    Brighton council has laid on some very convenient contra-flow cycle paths (in the North Laines for example). Recent planning permission to renovate the deadly Vogue Gyratory has me confident that things are improving.

  • Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 groupset1 year 16 weeks agoDi2/EPS is the way to go,

    Di2/EPS is the way to go, it's brilliant. Why would you spend that much on high end mechanical only running gear?

  • Sustrans tells cyclists using Strava and other apps to keep off shared use paths1 year 16 weeks agoI must say I feel very

    I must say I feel very ambiguous about some of these routes, for example I not infrequently use the route across N Wales from Bangor to Rhyl. The time it takes me to do this varies (in similar weather conditions, it is E-W along the coast so wind is a big factor) from a little over two hours, at night in winter, to well over three and a half hours, Wkend daytime summer. This route is the only practicable safe way across N Wales for anything other than motorists. So is an international trunk route for cyclists etc.
    Despite the recognition of this and tremendous work and endeavour to provide it, it is far from satisfactory as a through route.
    The numerous bridges on it seem designed to slow cyclists as much as possible with cost saving sharp and blind corners. In addition many of the seafront sections weave between lamp posts and some of it occupies sections where fisherman put down there rods and leave car doors open (which is at least safer than opening them as you pass). Some of it passes through throngs of crowds on the sea front - especially in summer.
    I think the only realistic solution here is to use a lane of the A55 exclusively for cyclists and other long distance walkers etc.

    Also as far as I'am aware these routes are public highways; so the highway code applies. Much though I dislike over signage I think this fact should be reinforced - especially KEEP LEFT, as it is often other cyclists wobbling about all over the place who are a problem.
    In addition, as a trunk route it should have priority over any other roads crossing it.

    I also agree with what others saying, concerning the fact that if you use the road next to one of these routes, it not only tends to make motorists irate that you are not on the cycleway, but more dangerous because there are less cyclists on it.

    While I do recognise that, like any other road user, I can't expect to have everything my way. On the other hand they often seem designed pretty much exclusively for dog walkers (with attendant trip wires) and children learning to ride.
    Rather than using a cycle as transport.

  • Build or Buy?1 year 16 weeks agoAlso with gear and brake

    Also with gear and brake components you can get some great deals on ebay. Stuff that's got 300ks on it for half price of new. That's like a weeks worth of riding!!!

  • Build or Buy?1 year 16 weeks agoCervelos are lovely but

    Cervelos are lovely but that's only an S1. For that budget you can get a really well specced Canyon. Have a look on their website.

    Mind you I built my top bike and there is definitely a unique pleasure in setting up a workstand in your front room with a bare frame of your choice. Then cherry picking all of your favourite components and putting them on. I too was an uber geek and had an Excel spreadsheet with weights and prices of all the different bits. Then I weighed each part before assembly so I'd have a gram for gram outlay of my bike. There's always a few extra for grease mind you.

  • Just In: Boardman Road Sport1 year 16 weeks agolove boardmans - the only

    love boardmans - the only upgrade this needs is swapping the 34 ring for a 36 one

    they should be sold through wiggle in the uk, like they are throughout the rest of the world (!)

  • Normal team picked, how do I set up Purist team?1 year 16 weeks agoThanks Dave, I think it will

    Thanks Dave, I think it will all make more sense once the TDU starts. I'm looking forward to having a go with transfers but just choosing one team for each race took me long enough, choosing transfers each day could seriously impact on my life

  • Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 groupset1 year 16 weeks agoIntereseting set of comments

    Intereseting set of comments on a really good groupset and (as a dedicated Campag man) a challenging entry into the market, though the 4 bolt cranket (with my cycnical head on) may have quite a lot to do with making life harder for 3rd party chainring manufacturers - that said, maybe that's not such a bad thing because all groups now are designed to work as, well, groups ...

    One comment to make though - I'd have hoped that a reviewer, who should no such things, would have refrained from mention of cable stretch. At this level, it doesn't happen ... what does happen is outer and ferrule compaction, and the drawing of ferrules into their respective housings in frame and lever - which a good mechanic will sort before the bike leaves the workshop ...

  • Damon Albarn's bicycle security tips... just buy a new one1 year 16 weeks agoWell I never lock or carry a

    Well I never lock or carry a lock for my bike. I do remove my Garmin, but to honest I think that even that is a bit unnecessary. But then I live in rural Brittany, where people welcome Lycra in bars and coffee shops. Make mine a double espresso si vous plait.

  • New London cycle lanes will undertake buses at bus stops1 year 16 weeks agoIs it better? It replaces one

    Is it better? It replaces one problem - bus/bike conflict - with another - bike/walker conflict. Crashing into Walkers might be better for bikes, but is it better in general? I'd rather have no problems if we could!

  • 2014 Giro d'Italia to start in Belfast, reports L'Equipe1 year 16 weeks agoSuch a great thing that would

    Such a great thing that would be.

    Lets hope the feckin fleg issues sorted before marching season or else politics may negatively influence cycling once again in Ulster.

  • North Yorks cyclist wins campaign for changes to road layout1 year 16 weeks agoNot a cycle lane really, but

    Not a cycle lane really, but I've used them on 60 mph roads and I think quite a few do. Not great, but understandable. On some dual carriageways, they are actually marked as cycle lanes - A5D in Milton Keynes is one example.

  • The Case for Non-Expiring Tranfers for Standard Users Too1 year 16 weeks agoEnrique I understand that in

    Enrique I understand that in these difficult times it is sensible to watch what you do and don't spend money on. I applaud you for obviuosly not throwing a tenner at a game and using it for something more important. Many others wouldn't. You make considered arguments and I can tell you appreciate Road CC and the game.

    The point I want to make is Road CC are in business to promote something they are passionate about (cycling) and make money. If they didn't make money they wouldn't be able to provide the great Road CC website etc and share their passion. They need to charge a fee to develop the Fantasy Game and improve it for everybody, which they cleraly have done. But they are also considerate enough to include all those like yourselves who don't want to or can't afford to pay which is a sign of their passion and wanting everyone to enjoy cycling and all that goes with it. Such as this game.

    I think the game this year is pretty much perfect. Road CC has listened to all the advise on this forum and incorporated as much as they can and granted most of our wishes within reason. For those who are willing to pay of course they expect a bit more. It wouldn't be fair to pay and not get anything extra than the free game. But I am greatful that the free game is provided. It means the game and cycling as a whole is as it should be- accessable to anyone who wants to do it.

    I hope this doesn't sound like a rant or patronising. I just feel that Road CC and this game provides a fair and reasonable compromise between standard and premium and for that we should be appreciative.

  • Build or Buy?1 year 16 weeks agoThe Classified link is your

    The Classified link is your friend.


    You will be VERY lucky to buy/build a higher spec'd machine than this puppy for the money - and within the budget too.
    Kind Regards,

    Trikeman. Wink

  • Velobici PBP Tivoli Seamless Collar1 year 16 weeks agoI have an Arcteryx Merino one

    I have an Arcteryx Merino one not as shaped as the Rapha one but still pretty good like the rest of their kit. +1 for 100% Merino

  • Damon Albarn's bicycle security tips... just buy a new one1 year 16 weeks agoSeeing it was in the Currant

    Seeing it was in the Currant Bun, it might not be true. Or it might in all likelihood be based on a half truth, in that he admitted he forgot to lock his bike once and it was nicked, but he's had other bikes nicked too.

  • Just In: RoadHawk Ride High Performance Bullet Camera1 year 16 weeks agoBez wrote: a lighter

    Bez wrote:
    a lighter socket

    Now I always get a roasting for this from people in the motor trade.....Apparently its no longer a lighter socket, most cars you have to ask for one of those lighters.

    Its now known as an accessory socket....weird how things have changed since I was young.

    It used to be a lighter or an emergency tyre pump....then came portable cd players with a car socket...

    Now you can put anything into a car socket

  • Just In: Boardman Road Sport1 year 16 weeks agothere's no point being

    there's no point being snobbish about boardman bikes, halfords or no halfords.

    their TT line is amazing and their high end road bikes are impressive.

    this bike is a bargain.

  • Just In: Boardman Road Sport1 year 16 weeks agoZaffiro tyres, really? Or

    Zaffiro tyres, really? Or have they just put those on the review model?

    My Halfords bike (Carrera, granted) had **** kenda tyres, punctured repeatedly and developed a bulge / hernia. Needless to say, replaced (With some £5 Hutchinsons, going strong).

  • Velobici PBP Tivoli Seamless Collar1 year 16 weeks agoI've got a Rapha one too. I

    I've got a Rapha one too. I agree with TheHatter, it's a cracking piece of kit.


  • Build or Buy?1 year 16 weeks agoRight, just had a quick scan.

    Right, just had a quick scan. I don't know your size, so there are a mixture of things in here, 9 bikes. Not suggesting you should buy any of them or that any are better than others.

    But it gives you things to think about regarding the specs.

    A couple of Di2 bikes in there aswell Wink