• Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists1 year 6 weeks agoLove to see the cops policing

    Love to see the cops policing this.

    They will have to give cyclists a buffer like 3mph over the limit like they do with drivers or is that just for special ones?

    tbh its the slow cyclist that cause more problems, usually riding in the gutter, not shoulder checking or indicating and blinding people in their head to toe HiViz. Kiss

  • fish and chips versus energy bars1 year 6 weeks agoI tried fig rolls but had to

    I tried fig rolls but had to stop every 30 miles for a dump

  • Police appeal for witnesses after cyclist killed in south-west London1 year 6 weeks agoIt's significant that there

    It's significant that there are only three comments to this article.

    I felt this sense of 'resignation' this morning, as I came out of Greenwich Park, heading towards the little junction at the bottom, turning left onto Nelson Road. At that point, the road has three lanes. The left one curves back to the left, heading south onto Greenwich High Road, and the middle and right-hand one curve north.

    I pull out from the aforementioned junction, and I'm in the middle lane, occupying (as usual) the left 'third' of that lane. I hear a flatbed truck coming up behind me, and I can hear that he's on the left lane. The roar of his engine, and the clatter of his flatbed, and my 'spidey sense' kicked in, and I thought, 'Someone's in a hurry...'

    As he was on the left hand land, I assume he's taking the left, and so I move into the centre of my lane, to make sure he passes me with enough clearance.

    Just as well I did.

    Matey doesn't give a shit about anyone else, passes me on the left with about 4 - 8 inches to spare, barrels into my lane, and heads right onto the Market Square. If I had stayed where I was, he'd have hit me - or at the very least, would have passed me even closer than that.

    I mentally noted his registration number, and then you know what? A mile later, I thought, 'Ah, what the hell..'. Because I'd have reported him through RoadSafe London, and two weeks later, would have got an e-mail from the Met, saying thank you very much for your submission, which we have recorded and it will help us in future road planning and traffic law enforcement. However, we are unable to take this matter further at this time'.

    In other words: 'so what, you effing tw*t? You chose to use a 'child's toy' for your means of transport, and a grown up decided that you were holding him up'.

    And that's exactly what the authorities want. They save money by setting up 'Road Safe', which in reality is a PR stunt to convince us that they care. They save even more money by having one person answering the e-mails, and they save even more money by being able to fob us off with a simple response, whereas it'd be harder if the complainant were actually standing in front of the copper. The result is that many people just can't be arsed.

    End result: money saved, road traffic offences 'reduced', and Hogan-Howe gets his golden handshake when he leaves the Met, and everyone's happy.

    Except cyclists. But then, who gives a f**k about them?

  • piaggio mp3 yourban 300 lt (can ride on car license)1 year 6 weeks agoMore to the point, what is

    More to the point, what is this doing on a bicycle forum? Looks like spam to me.

  • Defeated by Blaze Hill, gears for 25% incline1 year 6 weeks agoA few months of slogging away

    A few months of slogging away on my 70s vitus steel racer with 42/25 around surrey hills and suddenly the 36 semi compact ring on my new build seems like I'm flying.

    I guess it's just about practce.

  • Wiggins: I'd be pissed off if I were Hoy, plus "f*cking Chris Froome"1 year 6 weeks agoYeah I like him. He's all

    Yeah I like him. He's all tetchy for ages and then he gives a press conference like this and I like him again.

    Sports *personalities* I like. They transcend their teams and sponsorship deals and earn the right to speak about things they are passionate about.

    As for calling out the sponsorship - why not? There's more than a bit of pot calling kettle black, but hey, he knows the score when it comes to money and he wants a bit of respect for his mate, fine.

    And 'Fucking Chris Froome' is a great way to start a press conference - funny, acknowledging the pain, showing he can laugh at himself.

    Clearly he loves the riding and is relishing just getting on with it and being one of the boys.

    A man who loves his cycling and is good at it and gets to do it at the highest level and have an opinion - what's not to like!?

  • 4 highlights of Raleigh’s 2015 range1 year 6 weeks agoRight... I'm saving* for an

    Right... I'm saving* for an RX Pro!

    *Probably... though I'm not really, but if I could actually save money, I'd save for one of those to replace my winter bike as a do-all trainer/CXer/light tourer/[buzzword alert]gravel bike.

  • Wiggins: I'd be pissed off if I were Hoy, plus "f*cking Chris Froome"1 year 6 weeks agoI really want to like Wiggo

    I really want to like Wiggo but can't like someone who slagged off the idea of a knighthood to be a bit different and 'out there' and then accepted one.

  • World champion Rui Costa out of Tour de France1 year 6 weeks agoHave you done a "tour tech"

    Have you done a "tour tech" on Nibbles? Are you sitting on it, terrified of the consequences?

  • Tour de France Tech 2014: Yukiya Arashiro’s Colnago C601 year 6 weeks agoMost expensive bike in the

    Most expensive bike in the peloton? Certainly one of the prettiest.

  • Video: Coolest support car ever? Team Sky's Jaguar F-type1 year 6 weeks agoI suspect Brailsford did not

    I suspect Brailsford did not get the bus down Chester Road and nonchalantly wander into the customer centre at Castle Bromwich and spec his F Type with bike rack and extra batteries.

    I would expect it more to do with their sponsor Jaguar wanting to showcase a trick piece of kit that will look nice in target markets such as the US.

    ...and it does look nice and as has been said upthread, it's good to see a successful British team paired with an exceptionally success British (Indian) car manufacturer.

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists1 year 6 weeks agoCan't see why cyclists would

    Can't see why cyclists would have a problem with this, as long as it does apply to all traffic.

  • CatEye Strada Slim wireless computer1 year 6 weeks agoOn my third Strada since

    On my third Strada since 2009. All died. The latest gets up to 4 hours in the saddle then goes to reset. Angry

    Meanwhile, on the winter bike, the Cateye Cordless 2 soldiers on into it's 10th year..

  • My brother’s not a doper, says Jonathan Tiernan-Locke’s twin sister1 year 6 weeks ago'Contamination' why not jump

    'Contamination' why not jump on the bandwagon, even the Queen's stable seems to have done so.

  • Wiggins: I'd be pissed off if I were Hoy, plus "f*cking Chris Froome"1 year 6 weeks agoI have sympathy with

    I have sympathy with Scotland. With the possibility of political and financial independence looming Scotland needs a few deals. They could change their road signs to 'Welcome to Scotland (brought to you by Emirates, William Low, Old Grouse and Highland Water)'.

    When I mentioned Old Grouse Keith I was referring to the whiskey. Big Grin

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists1 year 6 weeks agoBit of a pointless debate,

    Bit of a pointless debate, really. Councils have no legal authority to enforce speed limits, if the Police aren't supportive of the 20mph, then you're not going to get booked even if technically cycles are included in the TRO.

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists1 year 6 weeks agoAirzound wrote:I'm gonna need

    Airzound wrote:
    I'm gonna need a faster bike ………… Devil

    ...and I'm going to need faster legs.

  • Decent (Enough) Short-Duration Locks1 year 6 weeks agoI use one of these. the

    I use one of these. the cables and the lock fit in a jersey, or the cables can be wound around the steerer tube, or seat post.


    Certainly NOT secure for overnight locking in the Bronx!

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists1 year 6 weeks agoQuote:The Borough has long

    The Borough has long had an unusual relationship with cyclists, until recently refusing to even consider segregated cycling infrastructure because it believed mixing cyclists with motor traffic would help get drivers to slow down. Although new Southwark cabinet member for transport Mark Williams  has said he will reverse this policy, Southwark did for a long time appear to consider cyclists to be mobile speed bumps.

    I am not well enough informed on the doings of the borough of Southwark to comment generally on how they deal with cyclists; the way this is worded does sound callous. But whatever you think of segregated infrastructure, 'roads for everyone' is not unsound reasoning, and suggesting that the council regards us as little more than "mobile speedbumps" may be a tad unfair. To the extent we calm traffic, I think it's a good thing!

    The more cyclists on the road the better. You don't have to be a hardcore vehicular cyclist [bias alert: I am] to eventually reap the benefits of encountering more motorists who through experience will be trained to better deal with your presence on the road.

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists1 year 6 weeks agoMountainboy wrote:Hang on

    Mountainboy wrote:
    Hang on knob-jockeys!
    The 20mph figure for motor vehicles wasn't arrived at by magic, I 'guess' it is a speed that would mean fewer pedestrians would be killed/seriously injured in collisions than would be at 30mph?
    (please correct me, I haven't studied this, you can probably tell)

    Speed limits were mostly a factor of visibility, road conditions and braking distance so as to avoid an accident happening in the first place. See if you can beat the braking distance of a car on your bike at those speeds. Wet and dry conditions.

  • love him or hate him we needed a lance1 year 6 weeks agoYou are funny, I'll give you

    You are funny, I'll give you that!

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists1 year 6 weeks agoseven wrote:The offence may

    seven wrote:
    The offence may stand, and in that respect your point is valid, but it becomes moot the second the first person comes along and mounts a challenge to the statute itself. You can't simply make a law that says "it's an offence to step over this here line when you're wearing blue shoes" if the majority of people wearing blue shoes have no reliable means of seeing where that line is. Well, you can, but you won't get very far with it. You either don't prosecute it very often (in which case what was the point of having it in the first place?) or you prosecute freely in which case watch the legal challenges mount up.

    As a byelaw, a Council really can propose whatever they want, including banning blue shoes. However, they have to be approved by the appropriate Gov't Minister which is to avoid any conflict with national laws or interests. Presumably Ken Clarke was the minister with responsibility for shoes, and would have intervened in the blue shoe banning proposal.

    Most local byelaws that introduce 20mph zones reference the national legislation, Southwark have specifically used their own choice of words to include all road vehicles rather than just motor vehicles, and in law bicycles are vehicles. If that wording is approved by a minister, it's law in Southwark.

    The requirements for signage on 20mph zones are significantly simpler than 30mph. However, concerns have been raised in the past about using such signage borough wide. Obviously many more cars than bicycles are affected, not just because there are more motorists, but that the average speed of cyclists in Southwark is already below that limit. If there is any legal challenges, it's more likely to come from a motoring group.

    I am interested to see if they will modify their 20mph signage in anyway. Where a 20mph road in a neighbouring borough, joins a 20 mph road in Southwark, the position for cyclists would be ambiguous, and that might be a matter for a legal challenge. The Police in the Richmond Park have signs placed around the road which specifically include cyclists in the speed limit.

    Regarding the speedometer defence. You might find a judge has remarkably little sympathy, and tell you bluntly to ride at walking speed if you can't tell how fast you're going. The "how could I know" defence is used in all kinds of area of law and is often very badly received. Personally, I know when I'm hitting around 20mph even without looking at the computer.

  • FORUM's SCORUM's MINI LEAGUE 20141 year 6 weeks agoQueen Stage today ladies and

    Queen Stage today ladies and gents!!

  • Game Suggestions1 year 6 weeks agochiv30 wrote:ray silvester

    chiv30 wrote:
    ray silvester wrote:
    I have plans next season to have a forum's scorum's two tier league....possibly calling it pro tour and continental.....with promotion and relegation perhaps?

    I like the idea but how will the pro tour teams be selected for next year ....ie players per league?

    It'll probably be Top thirty and all equal scorers in the Pro Tour level and everyone else in Pro Conti with 5 promoted and relegated each season?

  • First Ride: Trek Émonda SLR1 year 6 weeks agoGreat to get a brand response

    Great to get a brand response - thanks. Wasn't enquiring out of anything but curiosity; I love my pal's Domane for comfort. I can drop a few kg off my own hide far more cheaply! My Fuji will see me through probably two more years and then I'll be looking at Project One, S-Works, or possibly Canyon if their amazing pricing is matched by their quality.