• Hackney council to remove 'ghost bike' in memory of killed cyclist1 year 13 weeks agoTony/Sarah Suggest you rack


    Suggest you rack back sensational headline and have a chat with Hackney Cyclists on this. Council officers took action without consulting appropriately, and issue is being dealt with.

    As you note the notice is not being actioned, and a local solution is being sorted out, given the unfortunate way in which this was handled.

    One option to consider is a simpler Memorial Plaque, of which a number have been erected (for pedestrians as well) when it becomes difficult to effectively maintain a ghost bike at the appropriate location.

    I recall a memorial on the Bere Regis-Wareham road set up when 2 children died in a car crash in the 1930's - still tended in the 1960's, not sure if it is kept so well now.

  • Hubdock: a better way to change a rear wheel?1 year 13 weeks agoantonio wrote:I wonder why it


    antonio wrote:
    I wonder why it didn't take off first time round? Maybe a little different but same principle.[/quote
    Hi, Antonio This is the first time we have launched the HubDock Quick Release Rear Wheel Axle and our first Kickstarter Launch. According to the US Patent Office there is no other patent either domestic or international that addresses the specific advantages that the HubDock represent/covers. I have 4 U.S. utility patents on the Hubdock. We are challenged by the volume of comments and blogs needing to be addressed and we appreciate everyones interest. If you can help the Hubdock get out to the bike world we would be grateful. We are offering the Mountain Bike Hubdock on Kickstarter, incase you missed our updates.

  • Yellow Jersey Press Laurent Fignon - We were young and carefree1 year 13 weeks ago'Weight: 200g' - err not sure

    'Weight: 200g' - err not sure how this is relevant to a book!? Or am I missing something? Thinking

    I'm halfway through this - don't entirely agree with the review. It's certainly interesting, but its not terribly well written - probably more down to lack of editing, rather than shortcomings with translation. I'd probably give it 7 out of 10.

  • World champion female triathlete slams Saudi's 'gesture' of allowing women to cycle1 year 13 weeks agoI think, seeing as she is so

    I think, seeing as she is so concerned about the women of Saudi Arabia cycling, they should give her a visa so she can show them how to do it. I think she wouldn't make it back to good ole Blighty in one piece.

    I worked in Saudi for a few years and I like to cycle in the UK, but I wouldn't cycle in Saudi unless it was on a closed road or somewhere away from traffic. My wife doesn't much like driving in the UK, but she liked driving in the US. If I suggested that she drive in Saudi, she'd have thought I was trying to get rid of her Smile

    Imagine the scenario, you're driving in the fast lane on the motorway going pretty quickly, then in your rear view mirror you see 2 land cruisers coming faster than you, only they are on both hard shoulders...

    Or imagine you are at junction waiting for the light to go green. It does and you move off, perhaps not more than 10 meters when in the rear view mirror you see a car hit the curb at speed right where you was no more than 10 seconds before.

    Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Although there are nice recreational areas. They are closed and are usually frequented by families and cycling in them wouldn't be so much of an issue...but perhaps at night is better. It can reach 50 degrees c.

    Or put your bike in the car and drive somewhere far and deserted...petrol was 10p per litre when I was there.

  • mini pump for giant defy 21 year 13 weeks agoHi all. Many thanks for your

    Hi all. Many thanks for your posts. I went for a Topeak Road Morph with gauge in the end.

  • Thousands flock to Two Tunnels opening + video1 year 13 weeks agoThe official count was 10,

    The official count was 10, 000 at the festival of which an incredible 8000 made it through the tunnels.

    Yes it was mad and yes there were queues but overall it was a fantastic day befitting the long wait we've had to endure to see the project finally (almost) complete.

    To those wondering is it worth travelling to Bath to ride? Yes absolutely.

  • HHHHEEEELLLPPPPP!1 year 13 weeks agoThe spec above has carbon

    The spec above has carbon forks, the Giant website lists aluxx. If they are carbon, then should be fine, alu ones tend to be chattery I gather. Can't say for myself, never had alu forks.

    When you ride it, give it a proper thrash. Get out the saddle and hammer it, push hard into corners, and if you can find some rough road surfaces chuck it at them. Basically ride it harder than you normally would, because you've got a limited time to test it. And if anything is wrong, walk away. Don't buy it if you're not 100% happy. There are lots of other bikes out there.

    I tested a bunch of 'superbikes' a couple of years back, and found a nice little circuit, near the river in York which had cobbles, a tight bend rising up a slope, and a downhill chicane. Couple of laps of that gave lots of feedback.

    I don't know what shops are near you or who does demos/test rides so I can't point you at anything specific. If the Giant isn't right then you might find it helpful to just ride lots of different bikes, rather than targetting particular ones. Evans can be useful, since they carry a lot of stock, and there's lots of independent shops around London who could be helpful with a demo ride. See if Halfords will let you ride anything. I know, but they have a wide range of bikes, including some pearls. If they let you, then take out a range of bikes and get some benchmarks above and below your budget. You'll find lots of bad bikes there as well as some good ones, so you'll be able to compare. And if they'll let you ride a Pinarello then give it a go, even though it's out of budget. Riding a bike doesn't mean you have to buy it Smile Honest. You can give it back. Though you might want to trade the wife/car/house/children for it.

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 13 weeks agoMy new Wilier GT And my old

    My new Wilier GT Big Grin
    And my old faithful Trek 1.5 (before its conversion to winter bike)

  • Thousands flock to Two Tunnels opening + video1 year 13 weeks agoyeah, the dogs weren't really

    yeah, the dogs weren't really a problem on the outside sections. not the world's greatest idea to let an excitable black spaniel off the lead in a dark tunnel full of bikes though Thinking

    to be honest, there was plenty of less-than-ideal behaviour from everyone. bikes going too fast and weaving through pedestrians at speed, peds walking four abreast and blocking the whole path, etc. i'd expect it to settle down quite a bit but still be somewhere you'll have to keep a lid on your speed if you want to be a responsible user, like the bristol-bath is.

    went through today and it was still very busy. tomorrow morning at 8.45am? not so much, i'm guessing Wink

  • Thousands flock to Two Tunnels opening + video1 year 13 weeks agoYes, I'm pretty amazed by

    Yes, I'm pretty amazed by that too, saw a few guys going through there on Saturday at warp speed through families with children and old age pensioners - it wasn't clever.

    Bit ambivalent on the dog walking question though, as someone's who's walked their dog along that track for the best part of 8 years, because it was a nice, safe place to let a whippet off the lead I have a fair amount of sympathy for the local dog walkers who are continuing to walk their dogs off the lead there - don't think I'd let mine off in the tunnel though and I certainly didn't let her off on Saturday.

    When I rode along there on Saturday evening there were quite a few dogs of their leads between the two tunnels including quite a few I'd not seen there before, but they weren't a bother.

  • New badges with amounts1 year 13 weeks agoAlan Tullett wrote:Philip

    Alan Tullett wrote:
    Philip Unwin wrote:
    I'm kinda proud of my lanterne rouge x 4

    They are fun, got 5, but none for a while!

    63 badges now, not including 2k and 5k. Think we'll need a 15k and 20k one by the end of the season.

    High scores recently! Almost getting too easy to pack your team with GC contenders!

    Got 29 sprint and 4 Lanterne Rouge, unfortunately can't pick anything in between. Sick

  • Bug in league scores?1 year 13 weeks agoParis-Nice: Prologue:
    Paris-Nice: Prologue: Houilles > Houilles	35
    Paris-Nice: Stage 1: Saint-Germain-en-Laye > Nemours	106
    Paris-Nice: Stage 2: Vimory > Cerilly	88
    Paris-Nice: Stage 3: Chatel-Guyon > Brioude	80
    Paris-Nice: Stage 4: Brioude > Saint-Vallier	71
    Paris-Nice: Stage 5: Chateauneuf-du-Pape > La Montagne de Lure	102
    Paris-Nice: Stage 6: Manosque > Nice	58
    Paris-Nice: Stage 7: Nice > Col d’Eze	108
    Spring Classics: Gent - Wevelgem	50
    Spring Classics: Milan - San Remo	68
    Spring Classics: Paris - Roubaix	50
    Spring Classics: Ronde van Vlaanderen	105
    Tour Down Under: Stage 1: Prospect to Lobethal	95
    Tour Down Under: Stage 2: Mt Barker to Rostrevor	77
    Tour Down Under: Stage 3: Unley to Stirling	45
    Tour Down Under: Stage 4: Modbury to Tanunda	84
    Tour Down Under: Stage 5: McLaren Vale to Old Willunga Hill	85
    Tour Down Under: Stage 6: Adelaide City Council Street Circuit	91
    Tour of Oman: Stage 1: Al Musannah > Sultan Qaboos University	85
    Tour of Oman: Stage 2: Fanja > Al Bustan	94
    Tour of Oman: Stage 3: Nakhal Fort > Wadi Dayqah Dam	129
    Tour of Oman: Stage 4: Samail > Jabal Al Akhdhar	60
    Tour of Oman: Stage 5: Al Alam Palace > Ministry of Housing in Boshar	68
    Tour of Oman: Stage 6: Hawit Nagam Park > Matrah Corniche	58
    Tour of Qatar: Stage 1 - Katara Cultural Village > Dukhan Beach	87
    Tour of Qatar: Stage 2 - Al Rufaa Street > Al Rufaa Street	86
    Tour of Qatar: Stage 3 - Al Wakra > Mesaieed	135
    Tour of Qatar: Stage 4 - Camel Race Track > Al Khor Corniche	129
    Tour of Qatar: Stage 5 - Al Zubara Fort > Madinat Al Shamal	161
    Tour of Qatar: Stage 6 - Sealine Beach Resort > Doha Corniche	149
    Vuelta Pais Vasco: Stage 1: Elgoibar - Elgoibar	83
    Vuelta Pais Vasco: Stage 2: Elgoibar - Vitoria (Gasteiz)	65
    Vuelta Pais Vasco: Stage 3: Vitoria (Gasteiz) - Trapagaran	161
    Vuelta Pais Vasco: Stage 4: Trapagaran - Eibar (Arrate)	209
    Vuelta Pais Vasco: Stage 5: Eibar - Beasain	168
    Vuelta Pais Vasco: Stage 6: Beasain - Beasain	139
  • Paris - Roubaix1 year 13 weeks agoJAndrewHill wrote:I think I

    JAndrewHill wrote:
    I think I should hazve got ten for lanterne rouge...was it not stansnijderr?

    No it was Juul-Jensen

  • Lance Armstrong asks court to dismiss SCA bonus lawsuit1 year 13 weeks agoIts just good to see him

    Its just good to see him given some of is own bullying medicine. I hope they get back every dime from him.

  • Od Designs OdPod1 year 13 weeks agoLooked at it at the CityCross

    Looked at it at the CityCross event. May not fit all bottom brackets, such as BB30.

  • HHHHEEEELLLPPPPP!1 year 13 weeks agoLooool i test it this week

    Looool i test it this week prob Tuesday and im sure he said the forks were carbon?! but your right i dont think i can wait any more Smile I need to get clipped in and start falling over at round a bouts and traffic lights apparently Smile

  • Lance Armstrong asks court to dismiss SCA bonus lawsuit1 year 13 weeks ago1 year ago this would have

    1 year ago this would have resulted in about 50 responses within an hour.
    And now… nothing. No one seems to have an opinion anymore.
    No one cares anymore?

  • Paris - Roubaix1 year 13 weeks agoI think I should hazve got

    I think I should hazve got ten for lanterne rouge...was it not stansnijderr?

  • First Ride: Bianchi Infinito CV1 year 13 weeks agoFlecha did the bike justice

    Flecha did the bike justice today, great effort. Really looking forward to placing some orders to get this into store. It looks like a superb bike and the initial public reaction is incredibly positive.

  • FS: Specialized Roubaix Sport '13 56cm (Brand new/Unridden!)1 year 13 weeks agoBike still available and open

    Bike still available and open to sensible offers


  • HHHHEEEELLLPPPPP!1 year 13 weeks agoskitza wrote: Looking at the

    skitza wrote:

    Looking at the spec of the Giant Defy above are there issues?

    no and yes Plain Face

    One school of thought is to buy the best frame you can get with cheaper components, and then as they components wear out you can upgrade over time, ending up with a pretty good build over time. So cassette, chain, maybe crankset, wheels are all things you'll look to replace over time.

    The other school of thought says buy a Planet X or a Ribble, with Dura Ace at bargain prices, but a shall we say inexpensive frame. Trouble with that approach is the frame isn't the bit that wears out, and over time you buy Ultegra or 105 level bits to replace worn out DA and end up with an average bike. Ok that's maybe a bit canted, but I'm strongly in the former camp.

    With the Giant, the frame is aluminium, which Giant are pretty decent at working with, but the components are a right mix, with non series cranks, ok brakes, alu fork, which is probably not ideal, and own brand wheels. GIant aren't known as a wheel supplier, but that doesn't mean they're bad. The bits you want to spend money on, the derailleurs and shifters are all 105 though, which is widely held as bullet proof. So it's a decent platform if the frame rides well.

    Have you ridden it yet? If so, did you like it and did it fit? If so, buy it. NOW, stop procrastinating and get out there! Then start saving for upgrades Big Grin

  • Fantasy Directeur Sportif Challenge1 year 13 weeks agohow is it, that after a great

    how is it, that after a great ride by one of my team, topping a Classics season that has so far been littered with wins and podiums, that somehow I feel as though I've come last... ?

    drheaton wrote:
    I haven't checked actual scores but I don't think this weekend could have gone much better for me, Quintana winning Pais Vasco and a 1,2 at Paris-Roubaix, WT points galore!

    Mind you, as Fabian was powering into the stadium, I was grabbing a Strava KOM, and by a decent margin. So not all bad.

    Roll on all those 1 week Tours where someone has no serious GC contenders :-P

  • new mini pump1 year 13 weeks agoIf you want to go micro, try

    If you want to go micro, try the Airbone. It is 10cm long so you just carry it in your jersey pockets with a spare tube folded and levers. It does obviously take a bit longer to pump but it has a screw on valve so no air spills out. Whatever you get try to get a screw on as they are much more efficient than a simple clamp over and flippy switch type.

  • Thousands flock to Two Tunnels opening + video1 year 13 weeks agoI'm amazed the opening

    I'm amazed the opening weekend hasn't featured any nasty crashes. It's a fantastic facility, but plenty of cyclists are going too fast, and dog-walkers are taking dogs in off their leads.

  • Why don't you see Pro's eating bananas?1 year 13 weeks agoI'm tempted to try some

    I'm tempted to try some riceballs and egg but can never be bothered to make them in the first place!