• Tour de France - Stage 91 year 10 weeks agoTrofimov (Katusha), Hesjedal

    Trofimov (Katusha), Hesjedal y Danielson (Garmin), Antón (Euskaltel-Euskadi) y Rolland (Europcar) up the road with short gap, less than half a minute.

    Wondered which Euskaltel rider it would be. Anton a bit pricey for the risk though. Hope Rolland gets some decent mountain points today but doesn't look like there are going to be any break wins just yet. Maybe in the Alps. Porte appears to be behind the yellow jersey group. Don't know why as I've only just turned on the TV. Looks like it's going to be a long day today. Wine and food with the Tour followed by another beautiful evening ride.

    No' it's not Anton. Even the Spanish site have got it wrong it's Jon Izagirre. (114) I'm assuming with that that Steephill have the numbers right.

  • Social attitudes survey on transport: The people have spoken but are they telling the whole truth?1 year 10 weeks ago@TeamCC "Basking in the glory


    "Basking in the glory of the Olympics"

    "Lycra clad speed freaks"

    A bit of a double standard, don't you think?

  • Tour de France - Stage 91 year 10 weeks agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:Im happy

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    Im happy to give you my team


    I'm not surprised you've got Rolland. I think a lot of people will today. Not sure Nieve will do much today but he paid for himself yesterday as far as I'm concerned.


    Le Mevel
    El Fares (who's injured but will be out soon)

    3 wild cards: Sicard, Serpa and maybe Le Mevel given that Cofidis have done bugger all so far. Today is the first day a break could go away and I can't see that happening again until next Sat or Sun as the sprinters and Sagan will shut down next week in the fight for the green jersey. Actually didn't make a transfer for the first time in the Tour and after taking 60 points in penalties and today is the day my two-stage saving transfers strategy needs to pay off as I lost out not having Porte or Quintana yesterday. Still top 100 though, amazingly, so still in with a shout but I'm going to need 2 or 3 break artists to come off as well as avoiding silly mistakes. The ITT is the one stage where I'm not sure quite what to do.

  • Tour de France - Stage 91 year 10 weeks agomy 5 main riders are in the

    my 5 main riders are in the yellow jersey group at least Thinking

  • Leopard SA reasserts position on Fränk Schleck as he and brother Andy hit back1 year 10 weeks agoTeamCC wrote:The greatest

    TeamCC wrote:
    The greatest story of brother success in sport has to be the hockey duo Gretzkys. They hold the title for most points by brothers, Wayne has 2857 points, Brent has 4.

    I presume you follow ice hockey, but 2857/4 is hardly a 'great' performance split. What about the rowing Searle brothers, Olympic champions. Or the Bryan brothers in tennis completed a Golden Grand Slam yesterday. Or our own Murray brothers, both Wimbledon winners (after today.) Bobbie and Jack Charlton, world cup winners, and there are plenty of other footballing and rugby playing internationals, what about the rugby Evans' they were Scottish internationals until one of them broke his neck; now he is a model!
    Sorry but whoever Brent Gretzky is Frank Schleck still has a better record.

  • Leopard SA reasserts position on Fränk Schleck as he and brother Andy hit back1 year 10 weeks agoInnocent or not, whether they

    Innocent or not, whether they supported him during his ban or not, they chose not to renew his contract. After that, I'm sorry but diddums.

  • Tour de France - Stage 91 year 10 weeks agoThis is why I do not like

    This is why I do not like Froome. He has no brains, this stage has breakaway written all over it, Sky should be on the front controlling the race, Froome has blasted his team out the water, idiot. Control the race FFS.

  • Tour de France Stage 8 reaction: Froome and Porte reflect on dominant display by Sky1 year 10 weeks agoUrk, why does David Millar

    Urk, why does David Millar feel like it his job to pass comment on the cleanliness or not of team Sky. His 'doping really make me unhappy and I am so, so sorry' bit is wearing very thin.

  • Stuck inside with hayfever1 year 10 weeks agoI was mainly having a moan.

    I was mainly having a moan. My eyes are now recovered enough to go out for a sunday morning spin, but expect to suffer afterwards. I use daily antihistamine pills for about two months each summer and generally they take the edge off any symptoms, expect for weekends like this where you just can't resist a rub.
    PJ, true, going to the doctors asking for steroid injections does sound like a bit of an extreme measure. I love the idea that I might have a team doctor, you must be thinking of Raleigh/SirVelo.

  • What's the best pro cyclists's name?1 year 10 weeks agoNeilG83 wrote:Cooks

    NeilG83 wrote:
    Cooks wrote:
    Does it not bug everyone how every ITV commentator prnounces every cyclist's name differently? How many different pronounciations of Sagan can you have? And dont get me started on Fuglsang...

    What about Peter (Kenner, Kenno, Kenyuck, Kenyack, Kennog, Kenyah) Kennaugh

    Ignore all of those; Pete Kennaugh's dad has tweeted that it's pronounced Kenyick!

  • Tour de France - Stage 91 year 10 weeks agoLooks like a good day to have

    Looks like a good day to have dropped sagan! Doh

  • Tour de France - Stage 91 year 10 weeks agoJohnny H trying to get away

    Johnny H trying to get away again!

  • TDF Stage 8 Castres --> Ax 3 Domaines1 year 10 weeks agostumps wrote:northstar

    stumps wrote:
    northstar wrote:
    stumps wrote:
    northstar wrote:
    Pure class? lol.

    I take it you disagree ? Never mind there's always one.

    LOL, none to blind as those who don't want to see.

    You're in the minority if you think that was normal it seems.

    Blinded much?

    Oh dear, how sad, never mind. Lets hope he goes on and wins by a massive margin just to really wind you up Rolling On The Floor

    A rider who was not even rated by Sky 2 years ago (proof: Sean Yate's comment in the Eurosport Studio yesterday after the stage), who was hardly able to blow a paper bag apart (never mind a whole top-class and probably partially doped peloton) before he joined Sky, flies up a an 8km, 8%+ gradient climb at near 'EPO-era' speed, and 'EPO-era' Watts/Kilo levels (according to early estimates), and will also likely crush the field in the time trials - remind you of anyone? I don't think it's sad to have suspicions, in fact, I think anyone who wants cycling to be clean needs to be very suspicious about that performance - made more suspicious by the fact that his domestique glided over the finish in 2nd place (by some margin). Was nobody reminded of the US Postal years by that performance - or, can everything be explained away by the fact that Sky are a British team, therefore must be clean?

  • Tour de France - Stage 91 year 10 weeks agolivestrongnick

    livestrongnick wrote:
    Ten dam
    D V P

    3 changes today

    Oh Yes....we have a new nickname....D V P....nice one Cool

  • Tour de France - Stage 91 year 10 weeks agoOut, Froome and

    Out, Froome and Kwiatkowski.
    In, Voeckler and De Gendt.

    Unashamedly chasing the break today.

    De Gendt

  • Stuck inside with hayfever1 year 10 weeks agoThe reason I mentioned

    The reason I mentioned immunotherapy or "desensitisation" as its also known, is because its the nearest thing to a cure. You go through your course of treatment, normally over a year or two and it is supposed to clear up all symptoms. You take a pill in conjunction with your regular hayfever treatments and it builds up your tolerance levels over time.

    You may see it as a last resort, but many Dr's are recommending it as a first thing to try as the success rate is so high.

  • Tour de France - Stage 91 year 10 weeks agoRolland Talansky Quintana Por

    Ten dam
    D V P

    3 changes today

  • TDF Stage 8 Castres --> Ax 3 Domaines1 year 10 weeks agoFroome's ride was very

    Froome's ride was very impressive but it hardly came out of the blue, he's been doing that for two to three years and Contador is nowhere near the rider he used to be.

    Your comments of 'that was good wasn't it *nudge nudge wink wink*, are helpful without something to back it up. Doping is an issue in cycling and will always be an issue but at some point you have to accept what you see.

    Either you accept that Sky are just ahead of the curve when it comes to coaching and legitimate race preparation (which I do, cycling was crazy previously with individual riders responsible for their training in a totally unstructured way) or you think that Sky are running a US Postal style doping system for their top riders because that's surely the only way Sky and Froome could be that good right?! (sarcasm)

    For what its worth I don't like Froome. Wiggins was nowhere near the rider Froome is and that as why I liked him, he made the best of what he had whereas Froome is a bit like Contador, very very good to the point of it being unfair on the rest of the peloton.

  • Tour de France Stage 8: Sky blow race apart as Chris Froome takes yellow jersey and Richie Porte goes 2nd1 year 10 weeks agoWalsh finally tweeted last

    Walsh finally tweeted last night that he'll be fielding questions at 10.30am today. Might be interesting to follow his twitter feed this morning to see how he explains that performance. If some quick estimates are true, the average Watts per Kilo that Frome knocked out on that final climb were at 'EPO-era' level. Just as suspicious is a team 1 & 2 on a summit finish - when did that last happen (by clean riders)?

  • Tour de France - Stage 91 year 10 weeks agoDennis will be in a few

    Dennis will be in a few purist teams(mine included!!).

  • CTC to deliver damning report on Devon and Cornwall police attitude to cyclists1 year 10 weeks agoIt's is tragic, what happened

    It's is tragic, what happened in Cornwall and my sympathy goes to the families.
    Something needs to be done about ignorant drivers. They moan and groan, try to cause injury and feel safe when they can drive off rather than discussing situations face to face. Stricter laws are required to clamp down on such lunacy and an ad campaign to educate the ignorant.

  • TDF Stage 8 Castres --> Ax 3 Domaines1 year 10 weeks agoOk, attacking is perhaps the

    Ok, attacking is perhaps the wrong word but he is very defensive over team sky / chris froome for whatever reason.

    He won't address the issue, just thinks it is all about himself it seems.

  • TDF Stage 8 Castres --> Ax 3 Domaines1 year 10 weeks agoI hardly think that stumps is

    I hardly think that stumps is attacking you.... Confused

  • Tour de France - Stage 91 year 10 weeks agoSchar and Dennis dns today

    Schar and Dennis dns today

  • TDF Stage 8 Castres --> Ax 3 Domaines1 year 10 weeks agoQuote:And what about

    And what about Quintana? Is he doping too?/

    Go and ask Movistar, why do you think I know? I just have my opinions like everyone else.