• Paul Smith to design Rapha’s Team Sky kit?1 year 20 weeks agoOh, just 250 different Paul

    Oh, just 250 different Paul Smith jerseys, was it? In that case it's entirely understandable!

  • Disc-braked road bike round-up starring: Colnago, Parlee, Eastway & more1 year 20 weeks agoI think the biggest headache

    I think the biggest headache is going to be for those of us on neutral service. At the moment we carry three rear wheels, Shimano 10, Campag 10 and Campag 11. In some races / sportifs we can rub along slamming a Campag 10 into a Shimano 10 and vice-versa, but it's not ideal. In 2013, we'll need to add Shimano 11 to that & it remains to be seen whether we can bodge Campag 11s into Shimano 11 bikes - it should be possible because Shimano discussed 11 speed cassette widths with Campag when they were designing the new Dura Ace 11 freehub body.

    The headache comes if we have to start carrying that lot with discs on as well, plus disc or conventional fronts - maybe at a push with fronts we can do dual wheels, so a rim brake on a disc hub (so long as the forks will permit the rotor - some won't, for sure) ... but the disc rears that we have seen so far are all 135mm hubs and road bikes at present are all 130s, so we will have no choice other than to carry both.

    I spy with my little eye, absolute chaos for a couple of seasons ...

    If anything slows down adoption in the pro peloton (apart from UCI intransigence) it'll be that.

    I don't think that there is any debate about whether discs will work, whether they will give less hand effort for the same braking so greater control on long descents, etc - that is all patently "not a problem" ... though it's painful enough watching 3rd & 4th cat races now with riders hitting the brakes all over the show ... God knows what it will be like when the brakes are even more efficient ... I think the problems are likely to be much more mundane and practical.

    Of course, it'll all be great news if you are a frame manufacturer or a hub / brake manufacturer ... gotta keep those boys in China churning out the tat, eh, boys? There are only so many pointless basic variations of headset (27 basic specs at last count, believe it or not)and BB system (6 and counting) that can be foisted on an uncritical market! This must be the next "Next Big Thing" ...

    Sorry to sound cynical ...

  • Winterise your bike1 year 20 weeks ago40 years old and still can't

    40 years old and still can't face the thought off mudguards. Man up

  • Paul Smith to design Rapha’s Team Sky kit?1 year 20 weeks agoWho cares, buying this over

    Who cares, buying this over priced tat is more about showing off your bank balance.

  • Winterise your bike1 year 20 weeks agoI am not a club rider or a

    I am not a club rider or a racer , just a 'fast' commuter. I just ride my sabbath September with mudguards all year round. I hold my own on strava round here.

  • Winterise your bike1 year 20 weeks agoSwiss stop green are good

    Swiss stop green are good all-rounders, decent wet braking and long lasting

  • Winterise your bike1 year 20 weeks agoSwissstop green

    Swissstop green

  • Christmas gifts for discerning cyclists1 year 20 weeks agoTop marks for proper use of

    Top marks for proper use of the word 'Correct'.

  • Winterise your bike1 year 20 weeks agoCan anyone recommend some

    Can anyone recommend some decent winter/wet weather brake pads?

  • Winterise your bike1 year 20 weeks agoPrepare your bike for winter?

    Prepare your bike for winter? Wash it and put it indoors and get the winter bike out. Training on a bike and only having one bike is like wearing one shoe....

    My winter bike is a Dolan Prefissio bought for buttons with an 8 year old Choris group set at the end of it's life. I have so little regard for it it is covered in stickers - but the mudguards are solid grandad numbers filed so they do not scrape and the back mudguard has a section of another reject crud guard glued on it - so even in heavy rain the rider behind gets no spray. Club rules...

    You need a pig of a winter bike. An undesirable workhorse that's only dignity is to work you through the dark months. You have to work hard on the crap bike. It repays you in full when spring comes and in the last week of April you bring out the light, fast, beautiful summer bike. That's the pay off. You need 2 bikes.

  • Construction gets underway of Derby's new Velodrome1 year 20 weeks agoGizmo_ wrote:So - Glasgow,

    Gizmo_ wrote:
    So - Glasgow, Newport, Manchester and Derby? Is that the only four? That's OK I think. What worries me slightly is if people start building them all over the place and we end up with twenty of them... realistically even with the amazing success we've had recently there are only so many people who can/will take up track cycling and I would hate for the image of cycling in this country to be tarnished by a load of white elephants sitting around gathering dust and debt. If there's a surplus of money flowing into cycling it would be better spent on infrastructure, public education (for cyclists and non-cyclists!) and so on.

    'white elephants gathering dust'???Are you for real? Have you ever tried to book track time on one of these velodromes? The demand is through the roof! There are lots of people queuing up, travelling far and wide to these facilities. Here in the northeast we have to travel to Manchester for our closest indoor session and we don't even have any outdoor tracks that aren't derelict to train on. We've got a black hole of provision up here that desperately needs to be plugged. Get kids into the sport in a traffic free environment, get their parents into it, widen the appreciation of cycling as both a sport and means of daily human propulsion!

    Congrats Derby I salute you!

  • London Assembly Members call for huge investment in cycling as they urge mayor to Go Dutch1 year 20 weeks agoAh, I understand now, and

    Ah, I understand now, and fully agree. Slebs attract a lot of attention, but don't always (?) know what they are talking about. I would add that as far as helmets go, it's how you ride, not what you wear, but that would start off the usual helmet comment firestorm. Wink

  • 1 million motorists fined for using mobile phone - but a third of drivers still admit to doing it1 year 20 weeks agoWhile we're at it, what about

    While we're at it, what about the people I see on their bikes when I'm cycling, using their mobiles? Confused

  • Disc-braked road bike round-up starring: Colnago, Parlee, Eastway & more1 year 20 weeks agoThey were supposed to be

    They were supposed to be Shred… they must have slipped of David's list, we've even got a pic too. I'm surprised they haven't got a UK distributor (in fact I'm gonna checked that they haven't picked one up in the last weeks). Most of those bikes on the list are available now though or pretty much imminently.

  • Disc-braked road bike round-up starring: Colnago, Parlee, Eastway & more1 year 20 weeks agoI'm surprised Volagi bikes

    I'm surprised Volagi bikes was not shown. Unlike some of these, they are available now, although, alas, no distributor in the UK.

  • how do you motivate yourself to ride in rubbish weather?1 year 20 weeks agoF*** me Have you seen the

    F*** me Sad Have you seen the forecast for tomorrow (Sat) Crying Where are the car keys.......

  • Cambridge hospital turns bike shelter in to… smoking shelter1 year 20 weeks agoI would imagine that a

    I would imagine that a smokers reduced circulatory capacity would lead to a lower tolerance of cold and wet weather conditions, which is why shelters are necessary for them! Wink

  • Paul Smith to design Rapha’s Team Sky kit?1 year 20 weeks agoThat's right, all the jerseys

    That's right, all the jerseys were different, weren't they? How the hell did a first-year mountain bike event ever manage to swing a unique Paul Smith jersey for everyone who took part? Nuts!
    Think it was just 250 jerseys, and it as an optional extra, from memory. Not to all entrants!

  • Winterise your bike1 year 20 weeks agoI hear you....... I just hate

    I hear you.......

    I just hate them, they are rubbish.

  • Paul Smith to design Rapha’s Team Sky kit?1 year 20 weeks agoI spoke with somebody working

    I spoke with somebody working on a trade stand at the the NEC Cycle Show this year who told me she had been working on the design of the Sky team kit for Rapha over the summer months.

    Whilst she gave nothing specific away, and I didn't press too much to be honest, I got the distinct impression that the Sky team selected Rapha because they wanted to be seen to be promoting British business and that the Rapha Condor Sharp team kit was the template the new design would be based on. If so, I could see that Paul Smith may be more involved in designing a range of accessories and leisure wear as opposed to shirts and shorts.

    I look forward to finding out on January 1st 2013.

  • Cambridge hospital turns bike shelter in to… smoking shelter1 year 20 weeks agoThe key quote here is

    The key quote here is "Smoking shelters are in place because they help to minimise the safety and health risks." To some management wonks, cycling is an optional and risky activity, while providing a place for smokers is a necessity, because it avoids risks such as passive smoking compensation claims if smokers light up in the workplace itself. I'm sure a lot of the former cycling sheds at Royal Mail establishments were likewise converted to smoking shelters, when management decided that postmen doing their rounds by bike, as they had been for a century, was suddenly a health and safety (and liability) risk.

  • Just in: Books for Christmas1 year 20 weeks agoDon't forget 'The Srampagmano

    Don't forget 'The Srampagmano Tales' is also available for Kindle/Kindle app here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009SKO6MG

    Erm, merry xmas.

  • Disc-braked road bike round-up starring: Colnago, Parlee, Eastway & more1 year 20 weeks agoIf hydraulics can be made to

    If hydraulics can be made to use less watts, it won't matter how ugly they are - we'll all be using 'em

  • Winterise your bike1 year 20 weeks agoMay also be worth looking at

    May also be worth looking at some wet weather specific brake pads - bog standard pads can be terrible in the rain.

    @Brummie.. £20 on Cruds or £500 on a bike? Really? They do fine.

  • Paul Smith to design Rapha’s Team Sky kit?1 year 20 weeks agopaul smith's the rumour, not

    paul smith's the rumour, not rapha