• R445: Road of Dreams1 year 5 weeks agoBeautiful!


  • Paris Roubaix1 year 5 weeks agoTook Boucher out last night

    Took Boucher out last night D Oh

  • Paris Roubaix1 year 5 weeks agoLead is 9:20 @50km

    Lead is 9:20 @50km

  • FORUM'S SCORUM's MINI LEAGUE 2014(Spring Classics and Pre-Giro tours)1 year 5 weeks agoplus i missed the Chava

    plus i missed the Chava withdrawal At Wits End

    Karma for my 10pt Aregger 'theft' in GW?

  • Paris Roubaix1 year 5 weeks agoKristoff Cancellara Gaudin De

    Van Kiersbulck

    And in purist
    Van Avermaet
    Van Bilson

  • dhb Momentum Roubaix Long Sleeve Jersey1 year 5 weeks agoGonna get me one of these,

    Gonna get me one of these, can't beat it for the price no way!

  • Video: tailgating a tipper truck at 40mph1 year 5 weeks agoMill states that it is

    Mill states that it is acceptable to harm oneself as long the person doing so is not harming others. He also argues that individuals should be prevented from doing lasting, serious harm to themselves or their property by the harm principle. Because no one exists in isolation, harm done to oneself may also harm others, and destroying property deprives the community as well as oneself.Mill excuses those who are "incapable of self-government" from this principle, such as young children or those living in "backward states of society".

  • Paris Roubaix1 year 5 weeks agoDarn it - Schillinger was my

    Darn it - Schillinger was my breakaway guy for Flanders, but went for someone else today...

    Offredo (Turgot)
    Vansummeren (Mouris)

  • Vuelta Pais Vasco Stage 61 year 5 weeks agoAnd where are all the

    And where are all the 'panzer-doubters' now......normal order resumed!!

  • Just about the most helpful (and honest?) thing I've ever read on a bike forum1 year 5 weeks agoGood post I feel. Not sure if

    Good post I feel. Not sure if it makes me any more comfortable blind buying, like with online retailers.

  • Garmin or Strava for routes abroad ?1 year 5 weeks agoall I want is a record of

    all I want is a record of training and routes, time, distance, elevation, route.

    My Edge 200 does all of that, and you can save regular routes back to it, it then paces you behind/ ahead.

    It's a great wee gadget, it just works.

    I upload using garmin connect, plus I have an iPad app called connect stats that shows alternative views and automatically uploads to Strava ( if you want)

    It's only a few quid more than a decent wheel sensor computer if you shop around, and a lot more accurate.

    Garmin will last all day, I've never been near a flat battery even after 10 hours use, keep your phone charge for emergencies!

  • Paris Roubaix1 year 5 weeks agolead is now 4:40.

    lead is now 4:40.

  • Paris Roubaix1 year 5 weeks agoSo 8 man break 1min lead so

    So 8 man break 1min lead so far

    221km remaining from 257km
    10:12:06 CEST

    The eight attackers are:
    David Boucher (FDJ.fr),
    Kenny de Haes (Lotto Belisol),
    Andreas Schillinger (NetApp-Endura),
    Michael Kolar (Tinkoff-Saxo),
    Clément Koretzky (Bretagne-Séché Environnement),
    Benoit Jarrier (Bretagne-Séché Environnement),
    Tim De Troyer (Wanty - Groupe Gobert)
    John Murphy (UnitedHealthCare).

  • Eurosport Player - any good this year?1 year 5 weeks agoJust signed up. £4 a month

    Just signed up. £4 a month seems worth it for a smooth-playing legal outlet to see all of the big races. Tired of those ad-packed ("1 weird old tip!!! Dermatologists HATE her!!!!1!!1"), virus-ridden hooky feeds.

    Bring on the cobbles...

  • FORUM'S SCORUM's MINI LEAGUE 2014(Spring Classics and Pre-Giro tours)1 year 5 weeks agoVOLTA AO CATALUNYA Stage


    Stage 1
    Wig_Billy 177
    simon F 150
    drheaton 150

    Stage 2
    drheaton 185
    simon F 167
    KeejayOV 138

    race leader drheaton

    Stage 3
    Dave Atkinson(purist) 134
    andynic 120
    Dave Atkinson(standard) 118

    race leader simon F

    Stage 4
    Didge2 140
    Didge2(purist) 139
    Turbojoe 137

    race leader simon F

    Stage 5
    Wig_Billy 141
    Twybaydos 139
    Nix 136

    race leader simon F

    Stage 6
    silas chime 98
    stevespro79 94
    Joelsim 89

    race leader simon F

    Stage 7
    Julie Danson 140
    Didge2 139
    NeilG83 138

    RACE RESULT and FSUCI ranking Pts accrued for GC position

    simon F 10pts
    drheaton 6pts
    adholman 3pts
    naffets 2pts
    Dave Atkinson 1pt

    Purist Division

    andynic 5pts
    Twybaydos 4pts
    KeejayOv 3pts
    Didge2 2pts
    drheaton 1pt


    leader after Milan-San Remo was andynic

    E3 Harelbeke
    Nata1ia 132
    chokofingerz 128
    fluffchucker 128

    competition leader Twybaydos

    ray silvester 177
    Twybados 168
    Jonas Lorenzen 168

    competition leader Twybaydos


    leader after Ronde van Drenthe was backflipbedlam

    Trofeo Alfredo Binda
    Julie Danson 138
    Alan Tullett 134
    sanderville 134

    competion leader Alan Tullett

    FSUCI Rankings

    1)Wig_Billy 67
    2)cherrypicked 39
    3)TERatcliffe 35
    4)Twybaydos 32
    5)naffets 31
    =6)stevemarks,drheaton 30
    7)chrisdstripes 27
    9)silas chime 26
    10)Julie Danson 25
    11)the domestique 20
    12)simon F 19
    =13)andynic,Nata1ia 18
    15)adholman,ray silvester 17
    =17)Johnny2names 14
    =19)ghedebrav,NeilG83 13
    =21)backflipbedlam 11
    =23)chiv30,Didge2 9
    =25)happylemon,livestrongnick,LatteLycraLosers 8
    =28)SounD_az,Jonas Lorenzen 7
    =30)willskill,Mikeh 789,space cowboy 6
    =33)STEVESPRO79,JAndrewHill,Dave Atkinson 5
    =36)KeejayOV 4
    =37)rcorbin,stumps,obutterwick,enrique,Georgeodio,Alan Tullett,sanderville 3
    =44)C4rolina,Nix,chokofingerz 2
    =47)debbieg,ojbutterwick,southstar,galibier86,cranky,Turbojoe,Joelsim,fluffchucker 1

    naffets score corrected(31pts.....I forgot to delete the 29 when he scored 2pts for the 4th place overall in Catalunya.

    I'll do a big update tomorrow for Roubaix and am dreading doing Vais Pasco where Twy beat me to the purist win by 3 pts At Wits End

  • Garmin or Strava for routes abroad ?1 year 5 weeks agoI'd say go Garmin if you want

    I'd say go Garmin if you want it to be reliable - you can then put all the stats onto Strava too if you like.
    I used Strava on my phone a couple times last summer here in France and it was wildly inaccurate with altitude gains etc. Plus it kills your battery so don't expect to be able to use your phone to call anyone after having it recording your ride for a few hours!

  • Paris Roubaix1 year 5 weeks agoTerpstar(stybar) Cancellara(T


    Gotta work 10 hours today so gonna miss it for the first time in 4 years Crying

  • Government urged to restrict use of cars as report says air pollution causes 30,000 premature deaths a year1 year 5 weeks agoThere needs to be a multi

    There needs to be a multi pronged attack on private car ownership. Cars spend 90% to their time parked - what a waste of resources.
    I was going to rant about how public transport needs to be easier, more frequent and essentially faster and direct than it currently is but lets face it, it always comes down to money. If public transport was a lot cheaper but with improved standards and car ownership and use cost more a major shift would occur.
    While it costs 3 times more to take a bus or train than it is to drive nothing will change.

  • Video: tailgating a tipper truck at 40mph1 year 5 weeks agoBloody idiot what on earth

    Bloody idiot what on earth does he think he is doing having fun on a bike! To make matters worse his bike isn't steel and there no brooks saddle!! He needs to understand that cycling is serious stuff!

    Imagine thinking personal autonomy still exists in this day and age I mean the days of John Stuart Mill and all that liberty crap are well gone Wink

  • Video: tailgating a tipper truck at 40mph1 year 5 weeks agoFluffyKittenofTindalos wrote:

    FluffyKittenofTindalos wrote:
    but its really a separate issue from transport policy.

    Not when the two come together as in the example of this idiot, not only is he putting himself at risk but those around him too of emotional harm, its not only a matter of the law but also morality that you are responsible not just for yourself but those around you. This idiot crashes and hits any of the vehicles around him, who suffers emotionally, because he wanted to participate in risky behaviour and prove his skills to others. There are places where you can go to participate in riskier behaviour that doesn't put members of the public at risk as this one does, he is an example of a selfish, irresponsible cyclist and he does a disservice to all responsible law abiding cyclists.

  • Electron Terra Mini front light1 year 5 weeks agoPaul_C wrote:Would not be

    Paul_C wrote:
    Would not be legal in Germany, so why the bleep are they being sold in this country and being pushed as being suitable for comuters? They are only suitable for those riding off road in the dark.

    Possibly because many of the British Standards relating to cycling are so antiquated, you would have to use a paraffin lamp or something to conform. They are widely and universally ignored, both by the Police and retail.

    Even the German regulations are a bit silly with their dynamo requirements (which are also widely ignored).

    Manufacturers aren't interested in tailoring their products for a dozen different national regulations, they should all be updated at the European level.

  • Lake CX145 Road Water Proof Boots1 year 5 weeks agoI seem to know an awful lot

    I seem to know an awful lot of people with poor foot circulation. I've been wearing Northwave Fahrenheit boots with shimano road cleats. The first winter I have been able to ride all day I all weather without cold feet, though I did cheat twice when bellow zero c by using hotties toe warmers.

    The NW were waterproof with gortex lining and warm as insulated!! Big Grin

  • First look: Bespoked UK Handmade Bike Show… There's a lot to see, so get on down there!1 year 5 weeks agoYennings wrote:But I can't

    Yennings wrote:
    But I can't help thinking a more 'organic' venue like Truman Brewery would have worked better for this kind of show. Presumably will be way busier today/tomorrow, though, so that should help with the atmosphere.

    Agreed. Nice bikes but the venue was shit. It smelt like shit, literally. And yes, way too clean, might as well have been in a conference centre in Croydon for atmosphere. Those poor hipsters looked right out of whack. I even saw one scuttling out of Westfiled holding a boutique brewed beer, wearing a flat cap and looking like he was trying to get out of the zombie Apocalypse. Even I, determinedly not hipster, felt at atmoisphere more in keeping with the handmade aesthetic would have been good. It's not like London is short of them. I fear that they will all scuttle back to Bristol next year.

    On another note, "How much?!" I know the price tag isn't really the point but it makes Spa cycles £315 725 frames look like total bargains. Someone wanted £1000 for a 725 frame. Yikes. I guess that's the problem when you start putting skilled people back in expensive countries - they want to be paid properly.

    And I know this really isn't the point but it's hard not to think that buying a Defy and a TCR for the same price as a single steel bike is not a good deal. I must be soul less Devil

  • Government urged to restrict use of cars as report says air pollution causes 30,000 premature deaths a year1 year 5 weeks agolevermonkey wrote:Rupert

    levermonkey wrote:
    Rupert wrote:
    How many cyclists die early due to breathing in pollution in the air ?
    Has there been a study on this lately ?

    Surely the risk for cyclists breathing hard and deeply is greater than those more sedentary

    No! Studies show that the benefits of cycling outweigh the risks and car drivers are exposed to far higher levels and for longer. Nerd

    Jeremy Clarkson would point out that your healthy lungs filter out the pollution for the benefit of car drivers. Devil

    I can't find the link, but there was a study that found exactly that. Motorists receive a much higher dose of pollution compared to cyclists, for the simple reason they follow the exhaust of the car in front. The air conditioning and filters make little difference, whereas simply being to the side of the road does.

    Obviously, any motorist who uses their horn against you whilst you are in primary is just concerned for your health, and wants to warn you about the bad air you may be breathing Laughing

  • Cyclist killed in Whitechapel in November had almost twice driving blood alcohol limit1 year 5 weeks agoBeing ignorant: all three.

    Being ignorant: all three.