• Updated: Norwich Police seek driver who tweeted about collision with cyclist1 year 12 weeks agoTrouble is - all of this

    Trouble is - all of this attention - deserved or otherwise - has turned this minx into a small time celebrity sensation. I'm sure .. if he wasn't under "serious judicial review" (gotta tread carefully here - remember Silly Bercow and the cost of mouthing off???) ... that old smarmpot Max Clifford could turn her into an ugly pimple on everyone's face!!!!

    Action and attitude say it all. Where is the humble meaningful apology? Where's the real sadness for what she (allegedly) did and what she definitely said? Where's the contrition?

    Yeh, go and have a fag and a large gin & tonic down the pub, love, and tell everybody how smart and clever you are. I'm sure the world will hang on your every word ... and the oh-so-intelligent opinions you seem to want to share. Hmmmmm

  • US study claims 20 per cent lower rate of child cyclist deaths in states with compulsory helmet laws1 year 12 weeks agojova54 wrote:Between 1999 &

    jova54 wrote:
    Between 1999 & 2000.

    Sorry Jova, 2010

  • US study claims 20 per cent lower rate of child cyclist deaths in states with compulsory helmet laws1 year 12 weeks agoQuote:... nor does it seek to

    ... nor does it seek to analyse issues such as the impact of legislation on levels of cycling ...

    Talk about the elephant in the room!

    So head injuries are reduced - but we don't how how much of that may be because all children are ferried around in SUVs

  • US study claims 20 per cent lower rate of child cyclist deaths in states with compulsory helmet laws1 year 12 weeks agoBetween 1999 & 2000. Using

    Between 1999 & 2000. Using data that is 13 years old? Shurely shome mishtake?

  • RH+ PW Revo Bibshort1 year 12 weeks agowhy's Matt always standing in

    why's Matt always standing in a pond wearing bib shorts. Big Grin

  • Starting a race team1 year 12 weeks agowell done chaps for doing

    well done chaps for doing something, but i can't help but feel there's a misconception about cycling clubs here.

    "there was a market for a new type of club with less focus on the traditions of their former members, that they didn't see to be too relevant to the modern cyclist"

    but maybe i'm wrong; a transient 'team', linked to an institution or commercial company rather than rooted in place and with a sense of community value and worth probably has everything to do with the 'modern' cyclist with their 'avant-guard'(sic) kit.

    i guess i don't believe that's necessarily a good thing and the traditions of cycling clubs aren't some inherently fusty anachronism, more often that not they are the spine of cyclo-sport in this country and contain as many mythical stories of human endeavour, comradeship and fortitude as all of the newer, often defunct within two years, trade or shop or sponsored models put together.

    and lastly, it seems as though this group of nice chaps has done not much more than emulate the existing club model, with all of its strengths and weaknesses, but tried to dress up in new clothes, in this case that of leopard trek.

    despite these reservations and question marks over some of their assertions, i wish them luck with their aims. be warned though, the "focus on the traditions of the former members" will come very quickly.

  • Back Froome at the Tour de France, Sutton tells Wiggins1 year 12 weeks agoIs there anyone else riding

    Is there anyone else riding the 'Tour'?

  • Back Froome at the Tour de France, Sutton tells Wiggins1 year 12 weeks agoThe route looks good for

    The route looks good for Wiggins to get into the yellow jersey first though. He's not going to do big turns on the front and will finish with the same time as Froome in the early stages.

    The TT could see him get into yellow which leaves the team with a real dilemma at that point - do you actually decide not to defend the jersey and allow your own rider(s) to attack him?

  • Fairdale Weekender1 year 12 weeks agoUnless I'm missing something,

    Unless I'm missing something, that looks like a single eye at the back (so mudguards and rack would have to share an attachement Thinking ) and really rather awkward to get to eyes on the fork on the brake side- I do wonder with bikes like these if they properly consider how to attach such kit.

  • Updated with prices: Shimano unveil Ultegra 6800 11spd groupset1 year 12 weeks agoThat chainset is pretty, but

    That chainset is pretty, but I guess you have to be a little bit of an engineer to appreciate it. Form follows function.


  • Bad vibrations: Council removes non-slip strips from bridge after Cambridge cyclists complain (+ videos)1 year 12 weeks agobizarelly, I found it was

    bizarelly, I found it was less painful the faster you take it.

    However, as it is narrow, with blingd corners, and busy with cyclists and pedestrians, taking it fast is a stupid, stupid idea.

    The complaints listed aren't from skinny-tired roadies; it was bad to ride across even with fattish hybrid tires.

  • When do you change your chain? Update > It may be too late!1 year 12 weeks agoI just changed my chain after

    I just changed my chain after almost 3000km - putting my wear indicator on it for the first time it was more than .75% stretched, which is way beyond replacement time.
    The new chain had fixed my shifting issues, so it would seem my block is ok for now.

    I think you're meant to change every 2000ish km? Block every 4000ish, Chainrings every 8000?

  • DAUPHINE1 year 12 weeks agoLulu Sanchez has just been

    Lulu Sanchez has just been added to the Tour de Suisse roster...

  • Last Day Transfers and Transfer Strategy Discussion Thread1 year 12 weeks agoDave Atkinson wrote:the rules

    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    the rules are what they are, enrique. they won't be changing...

    I know... Wink

    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    ...save it for the big suggestions thread for next year sometime after the vuelta, eh?

    Of course Smile...

  • Fairdale Weekender1 year 12 weeks agoMechanical discs on a flat

    Mechanical discs on a flat bar bike of this cost are a travesty.

  • Last Day Transfers and Transfer Strategy Discussion Thread1 year 12 weeks agochiv30 wrote:... I'd enjoy it

    chiv30 wrote:
    ... I'd enjoy it so much more if you didn't whine so much!

    Chiv, you sweet, sensitive soul... I would do it for you, if it means that much to you, but you have to ask me nicely! Smile Wink Big Grin



  • Ultegra Di21 year 12 weeks agoThe rumours I have heard and

    The rumours I have heard and they are only rumours at this stage. Is that you will be able to upgrade from 10 speed to 11 speed Di2 with a firmware upgrade.

    So if you have 10 speed Di2, when you wear out your chain & cassette, get a firmware upgrade, 11 speed chain & cassette (and maybe chainrings) and hey presto 11 speed.

    Hopefully somebody with a bit more knowledge of Di2 & 11 speed can enlighten us.

    seeing I use old school 10 speed mechanical SRAM Red on my Canyon AL8

  • Ultegra Di21 year 12 weeks agoIt's inevitably going to

    It's inevitably going to happen isn't it? Have to say, feel as if I already have about a million gears on my bike.

    (Canyon AL Di2)

  • Campagnolo launch Bora 35 lightweight aero wheels1 year 12 weeks agoYou're right Nick. What I

    You're right Nick. What I should have said of course was that he owned the same frame as Team Sky. His wheels were some other make - not Campag funnily enough.

    My general point about new mamils spending money on items which only offer marginal gains for those with the real fitness to exploit them wasn't about denying them the right to pleasure - just as long as they spare me the delusional self justification of their reason for purchase. It's about looking the part for them - not cycling. I totally reserve the right to snigger at that -regardless of your tutting. Big Grin

    Taking of which. I note on another thread that you're complaining about 'pedants' and 'know-it-alls'. Ahem. Wink

  • Van Nic chinook1 year 12 weeks agoWell done mate, anything

    Well done mate, anything Campag will do. Now what about the wheels? More Campag should do the trick.

  • Bad vibrations: Council removes non-slip strips from bridge after Cambridge cyclists complain (+ videos)1 year 12 weeks agotony_farrelly wrote:It's a

    tony_farrelly wrote:
    It's a piece of transport infrastructure, it needs to work properly, it doesn't, so they're fixing it.

    There is a first time for everything i suppose.

  • Law firm Leigh Day teams up with IG London Nocturne for safe cycle routes to next month's event1 year 12 weeks agoThat route along the canal

    That route along the canal from regents park to islington is terrible!
    It's really narrow and packed on a weekend. And there's building work being done on it with a big chunk of no cycling! Hmmm, they really researched that well Wink

    Better to go round the park, Portland place then shimmy over to the Torrington place bike lane etc... Shouldn't be to busy on a Saturday !

    20mins from top of park to end of St. John's street Big Grin

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 12 weeks agoJonas Lorenzen wrote:Cheers

    Jonas Lorenzen wrote:
    Cheers Smile I actually thought I came 2nd Big Grin From the mountain TT and on, things weren't going my way, took some chances on some "free for all med. mountain stages" that didn't pay off. Guess the tactics for stage races is: When in doubt, play it safe and bank some transfers for the more obvious stages.

    I'll be honest I think without the shortened and cancelled stage I may have closed the gap a bit more , as it says above I was almost 200 points behind at 17 it was then I decided the last 4 stages would be gambles ....unfortunately that turned to 3 stages , still c'est la vie Smile

    I'll be looking out for you in the tdf Wink

  • gluten free1 year 12 weeks agoThe canteen at my work is

    The canteen at my work is poor too, the guy who is in charge of the kitchen is clueless... I asked him if the chicken rice soup was gluten free.... He said "no... It has rice in it" ... I mean what f@ckin chance have you got? Big Grin

  • gluten free1 year 12 weeks agoI must admit the bread thing

    I must admit the bread thing is hard. I used to eat loads of bread... French bread, soda bread, tiger loaf... I could just eat and eat it. But as you say the GF bread isn't nice, it's ok toasted, but as a sandwich it's edible...it's eating for effect rather than pleasure. I ate far too much bread anyway so I look on it as a good thing. I don't know if I'll go GF forever but at the moment it seems to be helping my son, which is the main thing.