• Have you wasted money on super light new wheels?1 year 12 weeks agoI think you'll see I pointed

    I think you'll see I pointed out that the figures are not statistically significant. i.e. useless.

    What I have found, like the article you link to (which is interesting) is that there is no evidence to disprove the hypothesis I stated.

  • Silverstone 9up TTT returns and this year they're aiming for 60 teams1 year 12 weeks agoSounds awesome.

    Sounds awesome.

  • Stoemper Taylor frameset1 year 12 weeks agoandyspaceman wrote: ... if I

    andyspaceman wrote:

    ... if I could have only one 'good' bike ...

    Don't use this kind of language in here please.

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 12 weeks agoHe might be quite good in the

    He might be quite good in the MM stages and there are quite a few of them.

  • The Giro Purist thread1 year 12 weeks agoBradley Wiggins Michele

    Bradley Wiggins
    Michele Scarponi
    Robert Gesink
    Matteo Rabottini
    Rigoberto Uran
    Mattia Gavazzi
    Luka Mezgec
    Julien Berard
    Stefano Garzelli

    I think Gesink who has been fairly quiet recently could do quite well.

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 12 weeks agoMmmm...I had Wurf in my team

    Mmmm...I had Wurf in my team but took him out!

  • Family to take legal action against bike shop after teenage boy killed when his front brake failed1 year 12 weeks agoWell, this could have been me

    Well, this could have been me 40 years ago. I was out with a friend (we were both about 14) having a lovely ride and we came to a 1 in 5 hill we'd never been down and dared each other to go down 'no brakes'. We did so and then came to a tight right-hander at about 30-35 mph with a brick wall as our destination if we didn't get round it. He went out to the right side of the road. I decided to use my brakes but my front cable came out of the lever (I knew it was a bit dodgy but hadn't done anything about it). Luckily my back brake did work, my back wheel came round and I went down on the ground not into a wall. Cut up all my clothes, thank god I had a coat on (can't have been too warm I suppose- I'm sure it was the summer) and was able to ride the bike back home about 10 miles after a lorry that was about 100 yards down the road when my friend went out to the right took us both a few miles. Either one of us could have died.

    My condolences to the family.

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 12 weeks agoWas going to pick Visconti

    Was going to pick Visconti for my team but couldn't fit him in, typical !

    Hope this isn't the story of my Giro.

  • Stoemper Taylor frameset1 year 12 weeks agoFrom British builders with

    From British builders with larger set ups and sub standard paint jobs.
    The majority of the tig frames out there are about the same price as this if not more. Especially if its coming from abroad.
    Also Stoemper does offer custom.

    andyspaceman the answer to your questions are all in the tubing. Higher end steel tubing is generally stiffer, more responsive and lighter. Frames like this are a lot faster than lower steel frames but not always as comfortable.

  • Copenhagenize Index 2013 - Amsterdam still top, French make big strides - but no UK city in top 201 year 12 weeks ago..while Copenhagen made up

    ..while Copenhagen made up for lost points on helmet promotion..

    Or maybe Copenhagen knows better than the damn fools who put this together.

    I'm now going to take this as seriously as the Nobel peace prize (won by Barack Obama before he had done anything).

  • Sponser Red Beet Vinitrox1 year 12 weeks agoSod science - How many jars

    Sod science - How many jars of beetroot does that equate to?

    And how much tater hash do you need to make to go with the beetroot?

  • It's May already, that can only mean one thing1 year 12 weeks agoAnd trailing along in 3rd

    And trailing along in 3rd place with 573 WT points.... Excluding Fabien, my team has contributed 5 WT points since the last round up, and my position for the Giro looks bleak with Cav my main points chance, and Pichon having crashed on the first stage already.

    I did say I was going to come last didn't I?

    Now is the time that some historical factors are coming home to roost, and exposing my team choices for what they are. Good TdF contenders. Why is probably not an unusual story, but here goes...

    I shall begin by saying Indurain and then Armstrong turned me off watching racing, and my physique turned me off having a go myself at any level.

    Why Indurain? I remember hearing an explanation on the radio of his success as being due to very high oxygen transport capacity courtesy of being born at altitude. Nowadays that kind of comment would make the labs recheck the EPO figures. I'm not saying Indurain doped, but I remember that explanation left me feeling that pro cyclists were 'super human'. Armstrong turned me away because he came across as such an arrogant bully combined with the Festina case leaving it clear cycling was a 'dirty' sport. David Millar also did damage to my belief in British riders in pro cycling being so far down the field because they were clean. Nope, they were just not that good. And dirty. Nowadays Millar is a quandary to me though, because he has done some serious good for cycling since then, though I can't quite forgive him his mistake.

    So circa 2000 there I am, a cyclist who does not follow pro racing at all.

    So what turned me back on to pro racing? BBC coverage of the Olympics and World Cup track races, ITV4 coverage of the Tour Series, ToB and TdF have made it more accessible. The resurrection of the ToB with stages passing near me at the time also encouraged an interest.

    I guess I knew a little by Sydney, more by Athens, but very little still. By Beijing I knew the BC track cyclists and their chances well, but I could not have told you who had a chance in the road races or TTs. Then we wiped the floor with the competition on the track and the women showed that we were a force outside the velodrome too. BBC ran World Champs highlights that year, and I remember screaming Nicole Cooke home from the sofa. Some hours after she'd won.

    So you'll see actually my interest in road racing, having been turned off by the men has been rekindled by the women. And in fact since then I have been keen for more parity so we can see more of the women's scene.

    Since Beijing, the coverage on terrestrial TV has blossomed, albeit slowly. I'm using TV as a benchmark because whilst quality cycling magazines have been round for a long while I seldom visit newsagents, so only bought them infrequently. Radio has only recently worked out bikes exist, so the square god has for a long time been the reference for me here.

    Has it got anything to do with Wiggins, Cavendish et al? Well a bit. But like I say Nicole Cooke and Emma Pooley got me first.

    Why the fantasy league? I've done fantasy 6 Nations for a few years, and learnt more by doing it. I've done ok, and enjoyed it, so when a colleague said he was doing a Fantasy TdF a couple of years ago, I took note and last summer went to find it. I ended up on road.cc, and ran a purist team for the Tour, ending up on the first page of results, which felt rather good. That got me interested, and I did the rest of the season, all as purist. This year the FDS idea came up, and it added a different challenge, one of picking a team and sticking with it all year, for better or worse, across all types of race. That intrigued me, and I saw a chance to learn more about why for example Cancellara is never team leader at a Grand Tour, and more interestingly why he is happy with that.

    How does this influence my team? Well picking it was based on names I knew from radio, TV and occasional articles, and from online. Since the TdF is a big part of the image of pro racing outside the sport, I know more names from there than anywhere else. And now, picking a team based on names I knew, plus some cheap riders, and not knowing the Giro and who would ride it in preference to the Tour has left me a rather short team, with stage wins a possibility, but no GC contenders.

    On the other hand I should have stage wins and WT points galore through July. Well the odd one here and there anyway.

    And next year... I might even know who might ride the Giro before the season starts instead of the week before the race.

  • Where to start with road bikes?1 year 12 weeks agoHi Ben, I wouldn't worry too

    Hi Ben, I wouldn't worry too much about the sore back and pins and needles, it happened to most of us when we started out but it stops if you keep riding regularly. Were you riding your MTB? A decent pair of padded mitts will help with the pins and needles and your back will get used to the riding position so long as your saddle isn't too high. If you find that your hips are rocking from side to side when you pedal you'll need to put your saddle down as it will hurt your lower back and your knees. Good luck in finding that frame. It sounds like what you need is something comfortable and reliable and an old steel frame would certainly fit the bill.

    If you are going to ride 250 miles a week in all weathers you'll need something that's good quality but not madly expensive as a groupset. I'd be looking at Veloce, Tiagra, 105 or Apex. Even the new Sora might be OK as you'll get through quite a lot of chains and the odd cassette.

    As far as geometry is concerned something with a longer wheelbase and taller head tube will feel a little more comfortable but the best thing to do is to test ride any suitable candidates in your bike gear and see if they feel right to you.

  • Get Britain Cycling petition heads towards halfway point - help spread the word!1 year 12 weeks agoThanks Simon. I was looking

    Thanks Simon. I was looking for a link to the CTC website but I think you must mean Roger Geffen's comment at the bottom of the Bikebiz article.

    In fact he's also made the same comment on a road.cc article which I found later.



  • Family to take legal action against bike shop after teenage boy killed when his front brake failed1 year 12 weeks agoHow dreadful for the

    How dreadful for the family.
    The legal challenge does seem odd. Who is getting sued? If the bike shop did the job correctly, and the dad agreed that the brakes were "firmer", I wonder where the case is going to go? In the end we are all personally responsible for our machines, and in the case of a minor, I guess a responsible adult. But you can't tell what happens when a youngster goes out, if they decide to make any adjustments, or if a component fails/is not fitted/secured correctly, and did not show until the moment before the tragedy.

  • Family to take legal action against bike shop after teenage boy killed when his front brake failed1 year 12 weeks agoI think you may have

    I think you may have misquoted the coroners verdict. According to this article:

    more likely than not being sufficiently tight

    should read effectively

    "more likely than not, not being sufficiently tight"

    which makes more sense.

    The article has a more complete report of what the coroner said.

  • UPDATED: Vachery Triathlon price drop as organisers downgrade event to open roads1 year 12 weeks agoAt £125 for a race entry

    At £125 for a race entry "reduced from £145", there must be some very well off triathletes about, and some profit centered organisers, hopefully doing a good job.
    The difference regarding the closures is clear, it's called the Olympics and had massive following, this event is a tri which does not have the same level of following or support, and the names of the stars are not so well known as cycling stars by the public (a lot of whom may have a problem understanding how a tri works anyway). So hardly a surprise and the comment about enforcing closure is a valid one.
    It's a pity, but sadly a cultural thing, and perhaps involving the communities on the route more heavily would shift the perception. As it is I suspect the locals in the most crowded county in England simply see this as a "nusiance" to be stopped.
    Though a large tri with lots of competitors of varying abilities on open roads may prove even more of the dreaded "nuisance" than they could ever imagine!

  • Have you wasted money on super light new wheels?1 year 12 weeks agoCheers robdaykin but that

    Cheers robdaykin but that data is totally useless, here is a link to a test on a climb (where weight would matter most) using a powermeter: http://www.training4cyclists.com/how-much-time-does-extra-weight-cost-on... your seriously suggesting 500g's will effect speed by 8%?

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 12 weeks agoJust done a check and no-one

    Just done a check and no-one has Visconti and he's the highest scoring Italian already.

  • The Giro Purist thread1 year 12 weeks agoWell, my pretend purist team

    Well, my pretend purist team has the same big three. Be interesting to see how our other picks go.

  • The Giro Purist thread1 year 12 weeks agoLooking at the teams, I'm

    Looking at the teams, I'm more and more happy that no-one is looking like this

    Bradley Wiggins (DUH)
    Ryder Hesjedal (No-one else is picking him, he should score well)
    Vicenzo Nibali (Double Duh)
    Michele Scarponi (Has been in good form, should score well)
    Jorge Azanza (Always have a Euski)
    Julien Berard (Don't know what I was thinking)
    Thomas Dekker (Decent wee climber and can TT)
    Vladimir Karpets (Climbs and has cool hair)
    Stefano Locatelli (Sprints? Breaks? Climbs? TT? Abandons?)

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 12 weeks agoFirst blood to me. Canola

    First blood to me.

    Canola gets two mountain points!!! Yeah! I'm leading a comp. already.

  • The Giro Purist thread1 year 12 weeks agoMy team for purist Mark

    My team for purist

    Mark Cavendish (OPQ)
    Elia Viviani (LIQ)
    Nacer Bouhanni (FDJ)
    Taylor Phinney (BMC)
    Samuel Sanchez (EUS)
    Matti Breschel (SAX)
    Oscar Gatto (VIN)
    Mattia Gavazzi (AND)
    Luka Mezgec (ARG)

    to be honest this is an unashamed attempt to win stage podiums and high roller badges as I have no interest in the prize and it was me who suggested the numbers on the badges to begin with.

    My real purist team to win would be:


    might score it myself if I can be bothered.

  • Family to take legal action against bike shop after teenage boy killed when his front brake failed1 year 12 weeks agoPoor kid - poor family. What

    Poor kid - poor family. What a terrible thing to happen.

  • Staying visible!1 year 12 weeks agoI agree. Hi vis all the

    I agree. Hi vis all the time, hot pink in summer (maybe not for the blokes though) and flashing lights on very sunny days especially when you're going between strong light and deep shadow. As they say, every little helps.