• Updated: Sir Bradley Wiggins out of Tour de France - Official1 year 12 weeks agoAwwwww what a shame....are we

    Awwwww what a shame....are we sure it wasn't his dodgy mouth that's seem him a doubt for the tour??

    As for the Vuelta, its been pretty much promised to Porte this season. Wiggo had his chance with the Giro. It didn't work out. Move on and wait for next year Devil

  • DAUPHINE1 year 12 weeks agobackflipbedlem wrote:So guys,

    backflipbedlem wrote:
    So guys, as said before I'm pretty new to this, so dont mind posting my first draft standard team.
    Are there any obvious guys that shouldn't be in my team.
    Had to stick the last two guys in purely for cheapness!
    Any thoughts mucho appreciato!


    Can't see any glaring errors in that! I have 3 of them, I only beat you by 2 points in the Giro tho'...
    As mentioned above, GC guys might not come to the fore until at least the TT, but if a couple of the early stages are a bit tougher than they look, then J-Rod could turn out to be a great pick - not gone for him myself tho'.

  • Updated: Sir Bradley Wiggins out of Tour de France - Official1 year 12 weeks agoSo if Wiggins isn't riding

    So if Wiggins isn't riding the Tour, what is the likelihood that he will do a 'Contador'? - in the sense that he will be the only rider to specifically target the Vuelta.

    Not the doping stuff...

    Seems like the most sensible direction for him to create a successful season of 2013..?

  • TfL plans to fine motorists and dock points from licences for ignoring Advanced Stop Lines1 year 12 weeks agoGreat news. 60 quid and three

    Great news. 60 quid and three points does seem a little harsh, possibly harsh enough to spark some anti-cyclist resentment, so it's good to see the changes being flagged up clearly in advance.

  • My side project1 year 12 weeks agoI won't spam this forum every

    I won't spam this forum every time I make an update, but I have put quite a few nice tweaks in to the search algorithm since the weekend, so hopefully you'll find it works better if you want to try again. Thanks

  • Best race frameset under £2k?1 year 12 weeks agoVery true, and that TCR looks

    Very true, and that TCR looks like a reasonably-priced option for my next bike.

    It's like washing powder, new Daz whites are so much whiter that you'd think last year's Daz whiter-than-whites were dull grey. Alwight?!

    Anyway, Raleigh started racing for the VO2 Dev Team, so that's understandable. However I do think he should have to change his username every time he changes his mind...

    Whereas I am fickle, my head is turned by something else every few days.

  • Updated: Sir Bradley Wiggins out of Tour de France - Official1 year 12 weeks agoDon't see how 'too much

    Don't see how 'too much float' could do it. The float isn't under spring retention on Speedplay, so the foot just goes where the knee wants it to.

    Anyway, regardless:

    1. Wiggo is an awesome bike rider.

    2. This year's TdF would appear to suit Froome more for the protected rider role. If that has resulted in a spat and the most graceful way of resolving the team leader argument is to feign injury, fair enough.

    3. All the cocks knocking him down on twitter should win the odd elite WT race before running their mouths.

  • Welcome to Marlborough Country - but don't expect to park your bike on the High Street1 year 12 weeks agoWe stopped in Marlborough for

    We stopped in Marlborough for a coffee en route from Winchester to Malmesbury, and the cars in the High Street were staggering... They were nose to tail cruising locking for a parking space, and just crossing the broad street to head out meant taking your life in your hands. As for parking, if you're out on a ride, you're not going to leave a bunch of race bikes at the other end of town... At best you're going to want to lock them nearby or do as we did and prop them up outside the coffee shop.
    Mind you on the way out we had to cycle past Marlborough rugby club as they were kicking out the Sunday morning geoups, and that was absolute gridlock... You couldn't even weave a bike through the jam as the esate cars and SUVs all assumed that they had right of way over everyone else.
    On the whole Marlborough wasn't a great place for anyone... Car drivers, cyclists, pedestrians.

  • Richard Ballantine RIP1 year 12 weeks agoA true cycling classic

    A true cycling classic ...happy memories of stripping down and rebuilding my Freddie Grubb. In later editions I think the popular 'Dog' section had to be cut open to avoid offending more sensitive souls but essential reading for a teenage boy! RIP Richard!

  • Updated: Sir Bradley Wiggins out of Tour de France - Official1 year 12 weeks agoStrikes me that a Sky TdF

    Strikes me that a Sky TdF team without Wiggins would be a much better team.

  • Alpe d' huez for the Tour in July.1 year 12 weeks agoYou will find it tough to get

    You will find it tough to get camping in Bourg for less than a week if even thats still available. No council site either.
    Head further up the valley to Le Grave and the council site should have a pitch open even late in the day for next to nothing.
    Id hire a car myself...no idea about buses as we always hire.
    Roughing it is the way to go but the campers mightve taken all the roadside spots a few days earlier and the dutch taken over the climb.
    Try looking for a friendly hotel/selfcaterling lodge owner that will allow the use of garden...most do so for the race only and again may already have been booked but email prior and you might get lucky.

  • Updated: Sir Bradley Wiggins out of Tour de France - Official1 year 12 weeks agoThis TdF was never suitable

    This TdF was never suitable for Wiggo. They're going up Alpe d' Huez twice fer chrissakes! So I think Sky has now decided to bite the bullet in as diplomatic a was as possible.

  • Patellar Tendonitis1 year 12 weeks agoAlso, a week before Wiggins

    Also, a week before Wiggins got taken out by that van I got taken out by a car in the exact same way. Now Wiggo has a knee problem.

    It is remotely possible I am a living, breathing Wiggo voodoo doll.

  • Giro Factor shoes, size 44, black1 year 12 weeks agoHi, are the Giro Factor shoes

    Hi, are the Giro Factor shoes still for sale? Are they the 2012 model?
    Cheers, Kevin

  • 12 of the fastest aero road bikes1 year 12 weeks agoNote to author: it might make

    Note to author: it might make for a nice pic, but as soon as you stand up any aero advantage is blown straight out of the water... Wink

    As @Darkerside notes, if you want to do aero properly then this ain't the way, /unless/ you are doing sporting riding to UCI rules. If you are then of course you're forced to play the game their way, but as a certain Mr. Obree will tell (and demonstrate to) you, if you want to go properly fast then UCI compliant bikes are *NOT* the way forwards.

  • Best race frameset under £2k?1 year 12 weeks agonotfastenough wrote:We should

    notfastenough wrote:
    We should just have a page where our biases are listed, and you'll have the opinions before you even start!

    But isn't that a given when requesting opinions on an internet forum? Thinking

    At least I linked to a road.cc review of the TCR, and I've read good things about Trigon frames.

    Otherwise you're at the mercy of the marketing bollocks, where each brand touts this year's frame as stiffer, more compliant, lighter, more aero, better, betterer and EVEN MORE betterer than the best from last year.

    Does that mean bikes from 5 or 10 years ago were made of cheese? And who of us really stresses a bike's headset enough to warrant a bigger, heftier one? Not me, for sure!

    Anyway, I thought Raleigh was a Cervelo fanboy. They is fickle, them yoofs...

  • Strava abroad1 year 12 weeks agoFor a recent trip to Mallorca

    For a recent trip to Mallorca I used MotionX GPS app (a couple quid I think). It works without the sim installed, so on my rides I'd remove the sim (but take it with you and the pin to get it in and out in case of emergencies!), tracked the ride and then uploaded the gpx files to the strava site when I got home. Zero data charges but tracked every mile.

  • Updated: Sir Bradley Wiggins out of Tour de France - Official1 year 12 weeks agoToo much play (i.e. float) in

    Too much play (i.e. float) in the pedal, and he uses Speedplay...

    Interesting to see how that plays out.

  • Ridley Helium SL celebrates Campagnolo's 80th anniversary1 year 12 weeks agoHow can a company with such

    How can a company with such an illustrious history of making beautiful kit have come up with such a horribly tacky anniversary logo? How to make a squillion pound groupset look like it came out of a cracker...

  • Kinoko’s custom Independent Fabrication Gravel Royale1 year 12 weeks agoIt's nice, but having that

    It's nice, but having that many headset spacers on a custom frame begs a few questions. Whoever did the measuring-up needs sorting out.

  • Tech roundup: K-Edge, Cavendish’s Venge, Hoy Bikes Shizuoka city bike and more1 year 12 weeks agoApropos nothing in particular

    Apropos nothing in particular but why do corporate videos always have awful awful music. Especially corporate videos from bike companies.

  • Tech roundup: K-Edge, Cavendish’s Venge, Hoy Bikes Shizuoka city bike and more1 year 12 weeks agodoes the K-edge mount lose

    does the K-edge mount lose its ability to position the garmin were you want it now then? looks like it cant slide forwards and back anymore - something which was very handy in the original iteration

  • Patellar Tendonitis1 year 12 weeks agoSome things I've learned this

    Some things I've learned this week:

    1: Walking any further than half a mile aggravates the injury

    2: Riding a couple miles on the flat doesn't actually cause any pain

    3: Foam rollers are agonising when rolling your thighs over them! Got to be working.

    4: Nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, chillies) can cause joint inflammation in certain people. I'm going to try a month without them to see if it improves. Not looking forward to that, I love my spice!

  • 10 extraordinary days in the life of a #bloodycyclist1 year 12 weeks agoIt's good that something like

    It's good that something like this can be born from the events the other week. For too long arguments between drivers and cyclists have resulted into a descending spiral where the two camps seem further apart than ever with nothing really improving.

    While there are many examples of bad driving out there there are also quite a lot of bad riding. And there seems to be a growing fundamentalism among riders which only seems to result in more rules being broken and relations being strained more.

    I like Toby's attitude in this respect. We all need to learn or relearn the rules for responsible road use, whether we are drivers, cyclists or pedestrians (and often we are all three). Hopefully we can all come back with a refreshed attitude of co-operation.

    Oh and I like jersey too.

  • Cyclist's Output Power1 year 12 weeks agoGkam's added the weight of

    Gkam's added the weight of the bike as well I think. But the watts per kg figure excludes the bike. So I think the right power output is 337.2 Watts if we use Gkam's figures.

    However, your man above ^^ reckons Nibali's output for the first part of the TT was 6.22 w/kg or 373.2 watts. Even for the last 6.4km it only fell to 361 watts. In other words, he rode it f**king hard but measures his effort really well.

    I am inclined to agree with Nibbles re power meters but there is no doubt they are useful in some applications - especially for uphill TTs!