• Is Ned Boulting any good?1 year 6 weeks agofarrell wrote:Even more off

    farrell wrote:
    Even more off topic, if you want to amuse yourself try shouting Thibaut Pinot in a broad Mancunian accent.

    I think I heard someone ordering a glass of it last night in Withington.

  • Southwark can’t impose speed limits on cyclists, says CTC1 year 6 weeks agoCome on guys this is a

    Come on guys this is a non-issue. Southwark are to be absolutely applauded for introducing 20mph limits. The cyclists speed limit (if enforceable at all) would only apply to a very small proportion of the actual and potential cyclists in the borough. It's much more important to get as many people out of cars and onto bikes (or on buses or walking) than it is to provide for the few fast cyclists.

    There are plenty of times and places where travelling at 20mph on a bike is not safe, and it's certainly initimidating for new or slower cyclists to be hassled by someone wanting to go faster than them.

  • Southwark can’t impose speed limits on cyclists, says CTC1 year 6 weeks agoCouncil in 'talking bollocks'

    Council in 'talking bollocks' shocker. Who'd have thought it, eh?

  • QR lever not properly closed - do you tell them?1 year 6 weeks agoSome Fella wrote:What about

    Some Fella wrote:
    What about the release lever on a rear brake?
    I see this a lot - its an easy thing to overlook but my impression is (judging people on how well maintained the rest of their bike is) is that they dont know its open because they dont really know what it does.

    A lot of the pro riders will ride with the quick release open, especially on wet days. This is to enable them to close the mechanism should they wear through their brake blocks over a long stage.

  • Michael Albasini insists he’s not racist, apologises to Europcar’s Kévin Réza1 year 6 weeks agoNone of this comes as a

    None of this comes as a suprise,professional cycling is clearly institutionally racist
    Why are there so few black or non white riders in any of the teams? doesnt it strike you as odd that in the decades of racing we have very rarely seen any riders from an 'ethnic' background

    why is that? are they not good enough? or is there something more sinister at work?

    i think this repellent scumbag comment from albasini is the tip of the iceberg but is most probably a widespread view and policy amongst the stinking professional cycling fraternity that they dont want 'dirty negros' in their pure aryan sport

  • Southwark can’t impose speed limits on cyclists, says CTC1 year 6 weeks agothereverent Exactly my


    Exactly my reaction, which is why I asked Roger Geffen's opinion, as he is a man who truly Knows His Stuff.

    Still waiting for Southwark to tell me just what legislation they're planning to use for this. Suspect I'll have a long wait.

  • Tour De France stage 181 year 6 weeks agoI'm hoping for GC today, have

    I'm hoping for GC today, have the top 5 on GC plus Majka, and just have Nieve for the break (and a quid each way on Nieve, Horner and Trofimov, so 2 for 3 ain't bad...)

    Unfortunately had to drop Voeckler (and J-Rod) to get Valverde in, which would be fine except I brought in Haussler for 19 and 21 and apparently he's abandoned. Bit of a waste, but doesn't affect today's score as he'd have got zero anyway. Had Haussler in for all the sprint stages except the one where he came second...

  • QR lever not properly closed - do you tell them?1 year 6 weeks agoYes, always. Some people just

    Yes, always. Some people just don't know everything, and many of those people will appreciate advice that could keep them or their bike safe.

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists1 year 6 weeks agoPleasantly surprised at how

    Pleasantly surprised at how much comment this has drawn.

    An awful lot of the statements here about road law are wrong however. Chapter and verse from the CTC in today's follow-up:


    The TL;DR: councils cannot impose laws willy-nilly. The regs that allow them to impose 20mph speed limits apply only to motor vehicles. They can no more legislate bike speeds than they can pedestrian speeds.

  • Southwark can’t impose speed limits on cyclists, says CTC1 year 6 weeks agoWhe I read the original story

    Whe I read the original story yesterday, I didn't think they could impose this without centrla government changing the Road Traffic Act.
    Still shows on how little knowledge a council will try and change the law.

  • Michael Albasini insists he’s not racist, apologises to Europcar’s Kévin Réza1 year 6 weeks agoBigDummy wrote:We'll have

    BigDummy wrote:
    We'll have none of this nonsense, thanks.

    I'm glad Réza and his management consider the incident closed, but a half-apology in which the offender claims that calling someone "dirty negro" isn't really racist is pretty disappointing. .

    So despite all parties being happy and closing the matter, you're going to assume he is a racist and treat him as such?

  • Suggest me a cycle gps nav please1 year 6 weeks agoThe Garmin edge 200 will do

    The Garmin edge 200 will do it, no map & turn guidance though, you just follow a black line & are informed if you go off course. Battery life is amazing compared to full mapping devices. There are vids on youtube showing off many units in action.

  • Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Movistar road bike1 year 6 weeks agoI agree, I don't particularly

    I agree, I don't particularly see this as some rolling billboard.

    The Movistar brand isn't known in the UK and I don't think too many people (outside of those who follow professional cycling or maybe work in mobile telecomms) would particularly associate the colours with that company.

  • Southwark can’t impose speed limits on cyclists, says CTC1 year 6 weeks agoLets all head to Southwark

    Lets all head to Southwark and ride fast, faster than 20mph.

  • Southwark can’t impose speed limits on cyclists, says CTC1 year 6 weeks agoThey seem to have gone

    They seem to have gone completely bonkers. How I am suppose to know how quickly I'm going with no speedometer on my bike (and I don't have to have one by law). This place is going crazy when it comes to cyclists.

  • Which energy drink?1 year 6 weeks agoStanley wrote:let me know

    Stanley wrote:
    let me know your route/s on ride. i can supply you with a list of drinking houses where they are sociable so your not alone. warm pies, hand pumped beers and all believe it or not near a bus stop where you can ride home on the bus, bike in the river and have a good well deserved kip. fred whittam next wed if your free.

    remember stay safe, healthy happy, sleep well and be kind to the missus. life will be fantastic.

    Laughing . It's mostly around the Hampshire area - New Forest, Test Valley, Meon Valley. In fairness, my routes generally pass a lot of pubs, we're not short of good old-fashioned country pubs round this way, I'm just not inclined to stop at them when I'm out by myself.

    Comments I guess are otherwise to be expected, differing opinions on which sports drinks taste/work the best, so will still pick up a few small sachets of each at the weekend and give them a trial, coupled with a pocketful of something like flapjack (I make a pretty mean one myself - so easy to modify it to include a bit more in the way of nutritional content).

    Having a small child also means I'm never in short supply of Haribo either...

  • Michael Albasini insists he’s not racist, apologises to Europcar’s Kévin Réza1 year 6 weeks agowho knows, One is French the

    who knows, One is French the other Italian Swiss? things that get said aren't always what is heard. Really depends on how good your command of a language is.

  • QR lever not properly closed - do you tell them?1 year 6 weeks agoEhhhh ... I don't know, that

    Ehhhh ... I don't know, that may sound more like a threat ... Big Grin Especially if you use an Italian accent.

  • Guernsey judge criticises road layout as lorry driver acquitted of causing cyclist's death1 year 6 weeks agotruffy wrote: Being in the

    truffy wrote:

    Being in the right is no consolation if you're critically injured

    Am I the only one who is utterly sick of this kind of 'argument' being used to shift blame on to a victim? I can't be the only one, surely ...

  • Video: Ninja skills cyclist lands on feet in miracle escape after being hit by car that cuts across him1 year 6 weeks agoIf you watch the video there

    If you watch the video there was exactly 2 seconds between the point where the driver clearly moved right ... and the time of impact. Not ideal but still enough time to take some evasive action. He didn't even begin to slow down or slam a left turn to minimise the collision. Mind you, maybe that's what saved him worse injuries in the end.

    What a ridiculous load of waffle you've produced here. His speed is perfectly safe for that road, you can't really go everywhere assuming that people (over whom you have right of way) are going to direct their cars at you without warning. I don't slow down for junctions where I have right of way - it's just asking for people to try and squeeze past you. Also it reinforces the 'bicycle is second class on the road' mentality in both the rider and the driver's head.

    The car that hits him barely indicates, and clearly isn't looking. There's much less than two seconds, and even in those two seconds, there's not really anywhere to go - turn left you'd still get hit, turn right you'd be in the oncoming traffic + more chance you'd slide and get run over, which would be a lot worse.

  • Is Ned Boulting any good?1 year 6 weeks agoSorry but much of ITV's

    Sorry but much of ITV's coverage seems rather tired. Same old music, same old everything. Geriatric and mistake-strewn Phil Liggett now makes the 'world of pain' whimsy of Carlton Kirby seem like a better option on Eurosport even though that means Sean Kelly too and even though Liggett remains the voice of cycling. And Boulting and Boardman's buffoonery takes up too much of the 60 minute highlights. Why is what seems like the first 10 minutes of the highlights them on their bikes? Jesus. Why isn't there more from the mechanics trucks on the bikes, the tech, the riders etc. Showing us stuff we can't see and don't know about. Imlach is still excellent. And 2 minutes of Boardman are better than 30 of Lemond. When he finally scrutinises the action.

  • Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Movistar road bike1 year 6 weeks agoPeowpeowpeowlasers

    Peowpeowpeowlasers wrote:
    Given the amount of visible branding on that bike, and given that anyone who rides it is basically a moving advertisement, it should be a damn sight cheaper than it is.

    Whatever happened to subtlety?

    Am I looking at a different set of pictures ? I can only see 2 small visible bits of Moviestar branding, the bar tape and the wheels ?

  • Tour De France stage 181 year 6 weeks agoHaussler is abandonne. Here

    Haussler is abandonne.

    Here we go full break:
    Mikel Nieve (Sky), Jesus Herrada and Jon Izaguirre (Movistar), Yuriy Trofimov (Katusha), Alessandro De Marchi and Marco Marcato (Cannondale), Lars Boom (Belkin), Jan Bakelants (OPQS), Blel Kadri (AG2R), Matthieu Ladagnous (FDJ), Daniel Oss (BMC), Bryan Coquard, Kévin Reza and Thomas Voeckler (Europcar), Julien Simon (Cofidis), Sylvain Chavanel and Marcel Wyss (IAM), Bartosz Huzarski and Tiago Machado (NetApp) and Florian Guillou (Bretagne

  • QR lever not properly closed - do you tell them?1 year 6 weeks agoMaybe go for the 'ole

    Maybe go for the 'ole switcheroo approach: "Hello, once I went for a ride and my Quick Release came loose, my wheel fell off and before you knew it I was upside down on fire. I hope that never happens to you. BYE"

  • Three cyclists hospitalised in hit-and-run on Kent A2 — police appeal1 year 6 weeks agoKeep posting these articles

    Keep posting these articles Road.CC the more attention this problem gets the more awareness it creates and the more pressure it puts on the government to take a serious look at the law that lets dangerous drivers like this get off with a slap on the wrists.