• Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 12 weeks agodrheaton wrote:Full

    drheaton wrote:
    Full scores:...

    JAndrewHill -100
    taustin789 -60
    Mikeh789 -55
    thorolf -54
    Dave Atkinson -53
    rcorbin -53
    johnny2names -53
    Alan Tullett -53
    andynic -53
    livestrongnick -50
    Wig_Billy -49
    northstar -49
    makiavelli -49
    smiley_boy2501 -49
    Tuarts -49
    Rant -49
    obutterwick -48
    NeilG83 -47
    stevemarks -47
    fico -47
    flying11 -47
    jasonbrim -47
    farrell -46
    Ghedebrav -45
    m.n.charlton -45
    Timbo13 -44
    djb123 -40
    TERatcliffe26 -39
    SounDaz_7 -39
    enrique -39
    Gmancervelo -39
    stepho - 39
    Gkam84 -35
    stumps -34
    drheaton -33
    hguop13 -33
    chrisdstripes -28
    fluffchucker -28
    d_jp -28
    debbieg -24
    shishman -21
    STEVESPRO 79 -19
    ray silvester -19
    spin cycle -19
    letgoup -19
    viveLaPants -19
    Philip Unwin -0
    TheHatter -0

  • Giro Stage 4 picks1 year 12 weeks agoMountain 1 1 Pirazzi 2

    Mountain 1
    1 Pirazzi
    2 Gretsch
    3 Visconti

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 12 weeks agoPirazzi!!! First points in

    Pirazzi!!! First points in comp. Surprise

  • £1800 for a bike and what to buy????1 year 12 weeks agoNot a name I've heard of so

    Not a name I've heard of so will check it out, many thanks.

  • £1800 for a bike and what to buy????1 year 12 weeks agoCheers, it's 1 less to

    Cheers, it's 1 less to consider.

  • Too much Cycle City Ambition… and not enough cash1 year 12 weeks agoOxford's bid:

    Oxford's bid: http://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/cycle-city-ambition-grant-appl...

  • Video: British cyclist rear-ended by motorbike in California... amazingly, no bones broken...1 year 12 weeks ago'There is a huge demand for

    'There is a huge demand for glasses, contact lenses and corrective eye surgery and the like but everyone's hindsight is always 20/20....'

    Visual acuity can of course be better than 20/20 (or 6/6, if you're in the UK). Surely the point is that hindsight is always perfect...? In which case, yer reference needs updating


  • Too much Cycle City Ambition… and not enough cash1 year 12 weeks agoSome of Cambridge's plans are

    Some of Cambridge's plans are OK, but frankly fail at the word "ambition". 2.5m bi-directional paths? 2m shared use paths? Not exactly "ambitious".

  • Painful calves - updated1 year 12 weeks agoI'd advise getting a

    I'd advise getting a professional bike fit if you haven't had one before.

    That said it might be worth trying to move your cleats further back toward the heel of your shoe (if they are not already) and checking that your seat is not too high.

    The further towards your toe the cleat is positioned the more the calves will have to work to stabilise your foot during the down stroke.

    Having your seat too high will also mean that at the bottom of your pedal stroke your toes will have to dip to complete that portion.

  • £1800 for a bike and what to buy????1 year 12 weeks agoWhat components you got on

    What components you got on the current bike? You could buy frame only if your current components are in good nick.

  • Too much Cycle City Ambition… and not enough cash1 year 12 weeks agoEven though I live in

    Even though I live in Manchester, I really hope TfGM don't get a penny of it.

    They'll have a load of half-baked, overpriced ideas, they'll build them on the cheap, and in 2 years time the stuff they've built will be falling apart.

    Give the dosh to a council with a better history of sanity/road upkeep.

  • Giro Stage 4 picks1 year 12 weeks agoSprint 1 1 Lithgart 2

    Sprint 1
    1 Lithgart
    2 Berard
    3 Le Bon

  • Too much Cycle City Ambition… and not enough cash1 year 12 weeks agoAs I said in the forum

    As I said in the forum thread

    "I am against the government giving more money out to paint some marks on the road and "make cycling safer" until a proper NATIONAL plan is in place, not just region by region. It needs to be a nation wide plan, so that EVERYONE is singing from the same sheet, else we will have huge differences in what local area's put in place."

    So by a national plan, I mean, if you want funding, you stick to the rules laid out by a decent selection of bodies that put something together. So cycle paths, crossing sections....etc and ALL places submitting bids would be had to stick to these rules.

  • £1800 for a bike and what to buy????1 year 12 weeks agoTrek Domane 4.3, nice.

    Trek Domane 4.3, nice.

  • Too much Cycle City Ambition… and not enough cash1 year 12 weeks agoA shame this article doesn't

    A shame this article doesn't include any links to any bid documents.

    According to a Newcastle presentation here:

    ...there are First Wave cities (Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Nottingham) and smaller Second Wave cities.

    And it states "The Government expects to support one First Wave and two Second Wave cities.".

    Of course I don't know if this is correct.

    And I'm biased, but Go Manchester!

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 12 weeks agoFull scores: drheaton -

    Full scores:

    drheaton - 33
    TERatcliffe26 - 39
    JAndrewHill - 100
    STEVESPRO 79 - 19
    ray silvester - 19
    Dave Atkinson - 53
    Ghedebrav - 45
    Philip Unwin - 0
    chrisdstripes - 28
    Gkam84 - 35
    NeilG83 - 47
    stumps - 34
    Timbo13 - 44
    stevemarks - 47
    Wig_Billy - 49
    spin cycle - 19
    livestrongnick - 50
    djb123 - 40
    SounDaz_7 - 39
    hguop13 - 33
    rcorbin - 53
    m.n.charlton - 45
    enrique - 39
    fico - 47
    obutterwick - 48
    taustin789 - 60
    Gmancervelo - 39
    thorolf - 54
    johnny2names - 53
    shishman - 21
    northstar - 49
    letgoup - 19
    flying11 - 47
    fluffchucker - 28
    viveLaPants - 19
    farrell - 46
    makiavelli - 49
    jasonbrim - 47
    smiley_boy2501 - 49
    stepho - 39
    Mikeh789 - 55
    TheHatter - 0
    Alan Tullett - 53
    andynic - 53
    d_jp - 28
    Tuarts - 49
    debbieg - 24
    Rant - 49

  • Video: My Brevet Cymru1 year 12 weeks agoWell done Dave, what an

    Well done Dave, what an experience! Looking forward to the write-up.

    If I had got to Newquay in the sun I don't think I would have turned round and ridden back.

  • Knowing and comparing components, Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo1 year 12 weeks agoOK, I will list from top

    OK, I will list from top components to bottom for the three main brands.

    I won't even factor in that Ultegra brakes are the best Shimano brakes, but they are not the highest model....


    Dura Ace (Di2)
    Dura Ace
    Ultegra (Di2)


    SRAM Force
    SRAM Rival
    SRAM Apex


    Super Record (EPS)
    Super Record
    Record (EPS)
    Athena (EPS)

  • Too much Cycle City Ambition… and not enough cash1 year 12 weeks agoPortsmouth and Southampton

    Portsmouth and Southampton have put in a joint bid, totalling about £5 million.

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 12 weeks agoManaged to cobble together a

    Managed to cobble together a spreadsheet that's worked out the scores, top three are:

    JAndrewHill - 100
    taustin789 - 60
    Mikeh789 - 55

    with lots and lots of people hovering between 40 and 50 points.

  • Video: My Brevet Cymru1 year 12 weeks agovorsprung wrote:Sorry to hear

    vorsprung wrote:
    Sorry to hear you had a bad time on the A40 to Brecon! Shame, that's one of my favourite bits of the Brevet Cymru: it's a coach road so the climbs and descents are very gradual. I stopped somewhere on the A40 to put my mp3 player on, two guys went past and I got into a bit of a race up with them.

    Just in case you think I am over doing the machismo -
    I had a bit of a bad patch on that last section from Talybont, especially on that really big climb just before Chepstow. The flesh was willing but the mind was asleep.

    Some photos on the blog..

    Some of the people in your photos look familiar from the stops, i think you must have been just ahead of me on the road until the horror.

    I was wanting to enjoy the A40 bit too. Didn't though Smile

    Learnt a few lessons on my first 400 though, what doesn't kill you etc and so on

  • Video: My Brevet Cymru1 year 12 weeks agosponican wrote:There were

    sponican wrote:
    There were several riders on Porkers who'd also done the Brevet Cymru. That presumably entailed finishing in Chepstow at about 0600 and hightailing straight to Poole to start Porkers at 1400. Bad, bad craziness.

    that is madness. i guess London-Edinburgh-London isn't far away though...

  • Video: My Brevet Cymru1 year 12 weeks agoYennings wrote:PS: Which

    Yennings wrote:
    PS: Which Genesis bike were you using, BTW? Couldn't recognise the colour scheme? Is it a prototype?

    it's the equilibrium 853

  • Giro Stage 4 picks1 year 12 weeks agoI had 6 transfers and went on

    I had 6 transfers and went on a gut instinct of who would be in the break today, that failed as the 3 guys I left out of the 9 I had picked are in the break.....

    Kept my sprinters for tomorrow though Wink

  • Giro Tech 2013: The road bikes - part 11 year 12 weeks agoLovely bikes. I'm a massive

    Lovely bikes.

    I'm a massive Spesh fan, as most know by now, so love the ones there. Also I still have a soft spot for Pinarello too.