• Recumbent Tandem Trike Danube touring plan - ideas sought1 year 6 weeks agoI have an ICE X2 recumbent

    I have an ICE X2 recumbent tandem trike. My wife & I, and latterly my son & I, have toured on it in the past, in the Netherlands, Denmark and France.

    It is a great bike for touring in the right environment, but not without its problems.

    * Comfortable.
    * Can carry a camping load for 2 people
    * Copes with headwinds well
    * You don't have to find somewhere to prop it up whenever you stop
    * Sociable
    * Stoker has hands free, can take pictures, read maps, sort food out etc
    * Everyone loves it

    * Heavy (85 pounds unloaded). As you can see, we mostly used it in flat countries
    * Difficult to transport. It can be dismantled into small enough bits (frame in 3 sections, seats and front wheels off) to fit into the rear of a reasonably-sized car in about 20 minutes once you have practiced. I ended up buying a trailer to tow it on.
    * Everyone looks at you & it

    As Gkam says, it takes a good while to get used to riding it a long distance. And it is slower than an upright tandem, although on a ride like the Danube cycleroute I suspect that there wouldn't be much in it.

  • There's shouldn't be a women's TdF, Giro or Vuelta1 year 6 weeks agoI am a little uncomfortable

    I am a little uncomfortable with the idea of forcing women's sport onto the public by introducing quotas and laws and levies etc. Although women's sport should be encouraged, it needs to have a more organic popularity base. Encourage races to be held, encourage media coverage and over time something may well develop. But if there is no real interest in the general public, then it is a little bit oppressive to say 'you will watch this, you will watch that'. In the UK we are lucky and can build on the back of Olympic and TDF success. If enough people start cycling and develop and interest in the racing side, then sponsors will come. But this is something to encourage and facilitate, not dictate.

    I think any levy on Bike to Work would perhaps be best spent on proper bike lanes and infrastructure (although this should really be funded by the public purse). If I bought a bike to get to work on, then I would be a bit puzzled as to why I had to subsidise women's bike racing.

  • Giro Stage 131 year 6 weeks agoCav was amazing although I

    Cav was amazing although I always tend to have him when he crashes and not when he does well so he's a conundrum for me.

    Just brought in Bouhanni and a couple of cheap guys for the break although there aren't many points on offer today. But with it being a nailed on sprint only a couple of fools will go out there and I hope they are my couple of fools.

    Got my transfers planned for tomorrow and then I hope to be able to save the odd one or two for later but it depends how things go.

    Rain forecast for later this afternoon though but I hope there won't be any more crashes. The Giro always has too many of them. Boring low-scoring stage but I can watch it so I will just so I know who's been in a crash. Thank god everyone else had Malori yesterday. Very odd ITT. (Probably after saying this something amazing will happen!)

  • Cycling-mad primary schoolchildren head to Dolomites for ultimate school trip1 year 6 weeks ago30 miles a day in the Italian

    30 miles a day in the Italian Dolomites, huh hardly worth their while going in fact if one of the teachers can't be bothered to turn up for that just contact me i'll take their place, i know, i understand, 30 miles is it worth the effort of even getting out of bed, take the week off your class is away anyway i'll take the effort on, you stay at home & enjoy the quiet time Wink

  • Swedish 'test cyclists' get free bikes in return for driving less1 year 6 weeks ago"...or take your children to

    "...or take your children to preschool and then get to your workplace in the morning..."

    I often take the younger one to nursery and the older one to school, and then continue on to work by bike, using a combination of forward-mounted child-seat and a bike towbar for the older one.

    This is quite do-able. In bad weather we just wrap up. But the deal breaker is the busy roads, so I use some sections of pavement. Of course I don't like doing this, I know it's not legit and am always as courteous as possible - stopping to wait for pedestrians, etc.

    But otherwise I'd be driving a meagre couple of miles on congested roads, and then have to drop the car back at the house since there's no parking at work. Or I could push a heavily laden bike around, getting on and off all the time, which kind of defeats the point and would take too long.

    So all the encouragement to cycle and do "a bit of planning" is pointless if you don't provide safe space for cycling on these kind of journeys. Politicians always want to do what's easy, instead of what's been proven to work.

  • Video: To beard or not to beard1 year 6 weeks agoI believe sidies act like the

    I believe sidies act like the F surface on a Ridley Noah forks and calm the airflow on to the ears!

  • Giro Stage 131 year 6 weeks agoTook two penalties for today

    Took two penalties for today but the differential, as it were, will be worth it, barring a big old crash (eminently possible, of course) or improbably high finishes for Hepburn and De Gendt.

    After today, I might need one pen but that should be it; in fact with any luck I'll be getting some back in the bank. I've two 3-pointers in the squad which leaves plenty of flexibility elsewhere.

    I really want Nizzolo to win today and shake up the points contest. Still a damned shame that Kittel only cameo-ed in the Giro, no doubt he saw that Cavendish underperformed at the last TdF in part because he had a full Giro in his legs.

    Anyone else think Cav doesn't quite get enough credit for that red jersey win last year, by the way? A fantastic achievement, especially before this year's rule change upweighting points on sprint stages.

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoDave Atkinson wrote:enrique

    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    enrique wrote:
    We'll see if dave's comment still holds true...

    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    ... i look forward to seeing exactly the same people doing well...

    the 2013 giro winner is currently 2nd. and the 2012 giro winner is currently 5th.

    so it's not exactly all change, is it?

    And I was 10th (and 5th most of the race) in the 2011 Tour and 20th in 2013 but I've never done well in the Giro. I think it's because I just followed the other races rather than picking for them and used the other races to work out a strategy for the big one and kept myself fresh; a bit like my man Uran.

  • Cycling the star performer as Halfords unveils full-year results1 year 6 weeks agoAirzound wrote:He also

    Airzound wrote:
    He also highlighted improvements in staff motivation and training.

    Rolling On The Floor

    Well to be fair, he'd have to be daft (or advised really badly) not to have noticed the general perception of the staff and service when it comes to cycling. I haven't been in recently (never, if I'm honest), but I'd have to assume they were addressing it?

    It also doesn't hurt to have a name traditionally associated with motorists to be backing the calls for better cycling infrastructure.

  • STRAVA - - - - DELETED -- BYE BYE!1 year 6 weeks agoI just use it to track my

    I just use it to track my miles and see what my mates are doing. I stopped caring about KOMs when people kept flagging my rides for beating them. It seems there are a lot of sore losers that take the thing way too seriously out there.

    There is a guy who I ride with who is a very good Cat 2 rider who would probably bebetter if he bothered his arse to race more. he regularly sits down in 10-20th place on all the major segments around my way yet tears people apart in TTs and races. I sit a few places above him but he's waaaaaay better than me. Your Strava KOM means nothing.

  • STRAVA - - - - DELETED -- BYE BYE!1 year 6 weeks agoOf course you can't take KOM

    Of course you can't take KOM too seriously doesn't mean you can have banter with mates over it. Anyone who thinks it's really competitive is deluding themselves BUT if it drives a person on to push themselves a little harder, then it is adding a level of personal competition that isn't entirely a bad thing if that's what drives you on!

  • Giro d'Italia Stage 12: Rigoberto Uran storms into the race lead1 year 6 weeks agoI know he hasn't been in the

    I know he hasn't been in the world's elite of time trialling before but the parcours DID have more than it's fair share of going-up-the-hill'iness for a TT, and he does like a hill. Surely not SO surprising that he should finish well overall on a course like that?
    Just surprised that Cadel didn't either a) smash it to build a lead over the climbers or b) finish 2nd, close to the fastest time.

  • Cycling-mad primary schoolchildren head to Dolomites for ultimate school trip1 year 6 weeks agoTHIS is why I buy local.

    THIS is why I buy local. There's far more to shopping for your cycling stuff than cheap online deals.

    portec wrote:
    Great idea (conceptually, at least). I would have chosen somewhere other than the Dolomites though. When I was there it was like cycling around Brands Hatch during a superbike race.

    The guy leading it knows Italy and cycling inside out, I'd wager he knows exactly what he's doing.

  • Video: To beard or not to beard1 year 6 weeks agoRupert wrote:Beards are good

    Rupert wrote:
    Beards are good in the winter when cycling but .... there is more to this trend for cyclist growing beards..... has it something to do with shaving the legs ?

    I am sure they did test on hairy legs vs shaved legs years ago and they found that hairy legs were faster. Something to do with smoothing the air flow over the legs.

    I've made this joke before, but in my case shaving my legs might help me on the hills because of the weight saving Party

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:Oh dear,

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    Oh dear, and that my friends is the end of my Giro, what a joke

    should have gone De Gendt and not took Ulissi out. Think im gonna give this game up and quit while im behind.

    I did the same; took out Ulissi, Matthews and a cheap one for Malori (didn't know about his crash and it wasn't mentioned in any of the reports I read but may have forgot to check twitter); Siutsou and Majka and I already had Cataldo, but he'd also had a crash, but got some points from him but was hoping for 5th or so. Got a few points for Siutsou as well. At one point I was back home before going to another job and Ulissi was 1st and Majka hadn't finished. I was very worried I'd screwed up but in the end I got 173 and went up a couple of places. I think our TT specialists did equally badly but I had Aru and Cataldo already and didn't take any pens. So far this Giro has rewarded defensive play in both the real tour and the fantasy game.

    At 120 points behind the lead and only about 70 behind 2nd you're still in with a shout as there are a lot of mountain points up for grabs. We'll all have the same 7 riders or so. It's the other two cheaper ones that will count.

    Very happy with my man Uran though as I've got a bet on him to win at 14-1 (could have got better odds but only went for it 10 mins before the deadline so used an account I had a fiver in and hadn't used for a couple of years - put a little extra on as well). That's looking pretty good right now but we've seen so many crashes and Pozzo is still a threat but Quintana is going to have to get better fast to take that kind of time back. Maybe Uran will attack while the fire is hot to get rid of Evans and Quintana for sure. Pozzo will be there to the end but his achilles heel(s) are the cold and descending, which is where he lost most of his time to Uran. I also didn't pick any other OPQS rider as well as I thought they'd all be told to take it easy to save themselves for the mountains. Then there are 3 others in the top 10. Brambilla 6th or Poels 7th would have been the picks of the day but they hardly have a great reputation in ITT.

  • Cycling-mad primary schoolchildren head to Dolomites for ultimate school trip1 year 6 weeks agoBrilliant, what a forward

    Brilliant, what a forward thinking school, but I'm glad I'm not doing the risk assessment !! Well done to M Steel for supporting this and the school.

  • Lance Armstrong stripped of Legion d'Honneur, plus date set for sworn testimony1 year 6 weeks agoMercuryOne wrote:I don't

    MercuryOne wrote:
    I don't understand why the French honoured Armstrong in the first place. By 2005 he was already pretty suspect in the eyes of the French cycle press. I would have thought the Elyseé would have taken that on board.

    My thoughts too, Mercury One. He was made a Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur in October 2005, 2 months after he was exposed as a cheat in the famous l'Equipe article "Le Mesonge Armstrong", which proved beyond reasonable doubt that he doped during the 1999 Tour de France.

  • STRAVA - - - - DELETED -- BYE BYE!1 year 6 weeks agoIt is interesting to me that

    It is interesting to me that so many people like the KOM aspect of Strava, and yet they do not seem to enter time trials, where for a couple of quid you can rock up and compare yourself to real people on the same night and get an accurate time.

    To me a KOM is a bit silly. I have faster times on loads of sections than people who regularly beat me in races, they simply do not represent a persons ability compared to your peers. Look what happens to a the KOMs if you get a hill climb on a segment. A mega hilly race in our area certainly did interesting things to the leaderboard on a few hills.

  • Colnago C60 road bike1 year 6 weeks agoIf the frame was lighter it

    If the frame was lighter it probably wouldn't ride as well any more. I'll take a 300g frame weight penalty for better ride quality every time, especially when you can build this lighter and for less money.

  • Cycling-mad primary schoolchildren head to Dolomites for ultimate school trip1 year 6 weeks agoGreat idea (conceptually, at

    Great idea (conceptually, at least). I would have chosen somewhere other than the Dolomites though. When I was there it was like cycling around Brands Hatch during a superbike race.

  • There's shouldn't be a women's TdF, Giro or Vuelta1 year 6 weeks agoTour of Germany (for women)

    Tour of Germany (for women) might be a good idea - could give the sport, which is pretty tarnished in Germany, a new start.

    Given increase in numbers of women cycling in the UK surely we must be able to do something about it in this country.

    Big issue is how to pay for it, I don't think its appropriate to make a public problem (low profile of women's cycling, or most other sports) a private problem (by foisting it on already cash strapped promoters). Thought experiment, if the government proposed a law requiring TV channels (all of them - including pay) to show an equivalent amount of corresponding women's sports giving them equal prominence, do you think this woudl get made law? So why force promotoers to solve an issue that they can't solve all at their own expense.

    Maybe something like adding £10 to the cost of every bike sold on ride to work scheme with funds being hypothecated to subsidise a major women's event.

  • Giro Stage 131 year 6 weeks agoI'm writing off today and

    I'm writing off today and have made GC transfers, so I have no pens for tomorrow. Still have Bouhanni, so just need to swap him for Quintana after today and I'm ready for a big weekend in the mountains!

  • Cycling-mad primary schoolchildren head to Dolomites for ultimate school trip1 year 6 weeks agoWell done M Steel, bought my

    Well done M Steel, bought my first mountain bike from them years ago and still a great shop it seems.

  • Cycling the star performer as Halfords unveils full-year results1 year 6 weeks agoHe also highlighted

    He also highlighted improvements in staff motivation and training.

    Rolling On The Floor

  • Schwalbe One V-Guard tyres1 year 6 weeks agoTubeless ONEs are great.

    Tubeless ONEs are great. 2500miles on 23c Tubeless and starting to wear, however IT IS A RACE TYRE. Probably shouldn't be used for training.

    Unfortunately only problem - I can't seem get them in 25c as stock is low. Does anyone know where to get 25c tubeless from?