• Updated with video: Brompton Junction store opens in London's Covent Garden1 year 8 weeks agoI wouldn't faint just

    I wouldn't faint just politely explain that I have no spares for anything else other than a Brompton, but would use my general cycling sense and experience to help you.

    We still like to see people on bikes regardless of brand or style, whatever works for you Smile

  • Best winter thermal socks/liner?1 year 8 weeks agoPJ McNally wrote:As for Assos

    PJ McNally wrote:
    As for Assos sizes - are those just euro sizes? Where 2 is s, 1 is xs, 0 is xxs?

    No, seems Assos has its own unique sizing system. As it seems everyone has their own solution that doesn't involve any assos socks I will just have to find out the hard way; pay for them, try them and keep them or sell them on ebay if I don't like, then try again.

  • VIDEO: Cyclists hurt on 'lethal' Edinburgh tram tracks1 year 8 weeks agoA few uber-cyclists on here.

    A few uber-cyclists on here. Applause

  • Rumble in Brum as "vigilante" cyclists stage bus lane protest1 year 8 weeks agoThere's some rubbish above.

    There's some rubbish above. Sometimes you can ask politely until you're blue in the face, but sometimes increasing the pressure with direct action works, as long as your desired action is the easiest way for the local government to stop it, rather than having people arrested.

  • Space for Cycling campaign launches standalone website1 year 8 weeks agoarfa wrote:Zanf, reading some

    arfa wrote:
    Zanf, reading some of your other comments, I wonder if you have participated in any of the space for cycling rides ?


    In answer to your very dull inquiry, yes, I have been on a few S4C rides, as well as a number of other cycling campaigns over the last few years, and other 'reclaim the streets'/liveable cities ones over the last 25 years. Yes, I know quite a few people involved in S4C, at varying levels of the organisation. Yes, anyone who knows me, knows my viewpoint that any UK cycling campaign whose remit is narrow and only about cycling is doomed.

    The fact is, as I have seen in comments on various other threads, most people getting involved in cycle campaigning, have painted themselves into a corner with regards to what they aim to achieve, and then made that unachievable by the methods by which they aim to achieve it.

    arfa wrote:
    Perhaps a bit more publicity that a bicycle is a suitable means of transport around town for children, women, families etc as well as angry young men might garner a bit of broader support and move the debate from the fringe to the centre ground ? This is the only way to bring about change unfortunately in a consensus driven democracy and "cyclists" like it or not, have a major PR mountain to climb.

    Just the fact that you even think like this points out that you have lost your ideological argument/'PR mountain' already.

  • VIDEO: Cyclists hurt on 'lethal' Edinburgh tram tracks1 year 8 weeks agoJuiceQC wrote:Helmet ? Yes.

    JuiceQC wrote:
    Helmet ?

    Yes. You are.

  • Rumble in Brum as "vigilante" cyclists stage bus lane protest1 year 8 weeks agobikeylikey wrote:Aggressive

    bikeylikey wrote:
    Aggressive actions like this never work to 'urge' anyone to do anything. They just get people's backs up and make them much more likely NOT to do what they're being 'urged' to do.

    They are being "urged' to obey the law just as everyone else has to. Direct action campaigns are in fact very effective and most of the legislation that protects your job, statutory holidays and enforces health and safety at your workplace, as well as a vast amount of other protections, has come about from it.

    bikeylikey wrote:
    While I sympathise with the cyclists feelings, being one myself and not a driver or taxi user, this just spoils the campaign, loses respect for cyclists, and is likely to increase aggression from drivers, making things even less safe for cyclists.

    Which 'campaign' would that be? The one passively asking for space, or the recent farcical one asking for everyone to be nice to each other?

    Exactly what respect is going to be lost when no respect is currently being shown?

    People are being killed daily on the streets because the attitude is that the car is king, so this attitude of not wanting to upset anyone is banal, counter-productive and at best, victim blaming.

  • Bradley Wiggins could win the Tour again, says Rod Ellingworth1 year 8 weeks agoEllingworth... in a single

    Ellingworth... in a single statement you loose creditability, only perhaps if the other top 5 riders in the world retired tomorrow.

    What Brad did was amazing, I loved last year and followed and supported him, but I'm afraid there are better riders now.

  • VIDEO: Cyclists hurt on 'lethal' Edinburgh tram tracks1 year 8 weeks agoI was in Edinburgh last month

    I was in Edinburgh last month doing a charity night ride, it is a good city to cycle in, but I was dismayed at seeing the cycle lane in Princess St go along the tram tracks.

    I won't be going back (at least with a bike) as I don't think it is going to safe enough once the trams start running.

    A little more thought of cycle integration with the tram system needs to be done IMHO

  • Meet Sir Dave Brailsford at Changing Places day in Derby - and win a Genesis Volant bike1 year 8 weeks agobendertherobot wrote:When's

    bendertherobot wrote:
    When's the event for lorry drivers to get out on bikes to see the cyclist's perspective?

    That's part of the Changing Places scheme, too. And many contractors (including Bowmer & Kirkland) do provide cyclist awareness training to drivers.

    As an example of what is happening, look at this article from London Cycling Campaign: http://lcc.org.uk/articles/lambeth-council-signs-safer-lorries-pledge

    Among other things it says:

    "Lambeth has committed to giving all its lorry drivers on-bike cyclist-awareness training, to using the latest safety equipment on all its lorries, and to building these conditions into all future contracts with private sector haulage providers.

    "Council leader Lib Peck said, 'Lambeth Council is delighted to have signed the London Cycling Campaign Safer Lorries, Safer Cycling pledge, committing to only using the safest drivers and best-equipped lorries.

    "'Back in 2008, Lambeth was the first borough in London to introduce on-bike cyclist-awareness training for our lorry drivers, and we're pleased to maintain our position as one of the leading boroughs for lorry safety in the capital'."

  • Horse riders ask New Forest Show to stop renting car parking to sportives1 year 8 weeks agoThere is someone on this site

    There is someone on this site who has the signature tagline "if bicycles were invented now - they'd be the solution not the problem" and I just think it sums the situation up so well.

    I find it depressing that there is so much anti-cycling sentiment / resentment in the UK generally and also how willing cyclists are to criticise each other's choices as to how they enjoy the sport.

    I started cycling for a bit of fitness but really started to put miles in of the road when I signed up for L'Etape du Tour' - one of those dreaded events so regularly criticised on these forums for 'paying to ride free roads'. As part of my milestone targets for my training and my education of pacing, riding in groups, eating, drinking I entered a sportive each month building up to the Etape. I started with the Cheshire Cat and developed my training with The Charlie B, Granfondo Cogolin, The Tour de Lac Lemond and Grandfondo Ventoux. For me, entering these events was an incentive, an education and an enjoyment (for the most part) - so why the negativity about them?? They work for some - not all.

    A few years ago I was running regularly and entered a number of big city marathons. Not once did a club runner criticise why I would want to pay to run on the free roads. It was always encouragement and "great - someone else enjoying the sport", getting out there and living life. I was never going to trouble the scorer but I still got out there and challenged myself in a way that appealed to me even if not you.

    As for all the comments about riding more than two abreast and slightly holding up traffic (The Forest is a bit short of climbs to break up the groups) - You can be sure that nobody worries about the disruption to local traffic as 60,000 come and go each week to football matches , just as when F1 goes to silverstone, the horse racing at Ascot, Classical concerts in Hyde Park or even the New Forest Show gridlocking part of the New Forest each summer for 1 to 2 weeks..... We all have different ways to enjoy life - we just need some give and take. Even if there were 5 large sportives a year in the Forest (and I think there are less) this is still a fraction of the time that the Forest is available for all other users to share and enjoy - and the benefits to the local economy is great (I suspect that a great number of the complainers are retired and 'financially secure' - not the local B&B's).

    It bemuses me that it generates so much hostility - not that appreciation and respect to the community and the environment is not equally required from cyclists whilst being "accommodated" ...


    Just a sub note as have rambled too much already but you can be sure these conversations are not happening in France where even a local club sportive has assistance from the police, traffic stopped at junctions rolling road closures and large peletons etc etc etc.

  • VIDEO: Cyclists hurt on 'lethal' Edinburgh tram tracks1 year 8 weeks agosm wrote:Lethal things,

    sm wrote:
    Lethal things, review welcome. However in this instance it's "hardly a near miss with traffic" and the blame for the fall lies entirely with the cyclist - what did he think was going to happen?

    He had many choices approaching that corner and chose the wrong one. The cyclist in yellow made a good choice attacking the line at a good angle and the two behind also made a good choice in deciding to hold their line and not cross the track.

    I have to agree with this, surprised more commenters aren't agreeing! The line the rider took into that corner was asking for trouble. I don't think we can blame the council for this one. You can clearly see the cyclists behind keeping a sensible line will have zero issue with the corner.

  • VIDEO: Cyclists hurt on 'lethal' Edinburgh tram tracks1 year 8 weeks agoDid anyone see Cycling Weekly

    Did anyone see Cycling Weekly a couple of weeks ago? Apparently Edinburgh is one of the best cities in the UK for cycling. Not sure I agree.....

  • VIDEO: Cyclists hurt on 'lethal' Edinburgh tram tracks1 year 8 weeks agoI have to wonder a bit about

    I have to wonder a bit about this.

    Sheffield is full of tramlines that I have to negotiate crossing three or four times on the way in and back from work, every day. I've never even had a close call (touch wood), because I appreciate how to ride on, near and around them. It's all about anticipation, they behave the same way as wet grids, so don't brake on them, don't stand up and accelerate on them and keep your angle of attack wide. Easier said than done with a 23mm racing tyre, but then you have to wonder why people commute on those at all. A 25mm intermediate tyre would be better and no slower for commuting.

    Trams are a good idea for large, busy cities and they reduce the amount of driven traffic which, in the long run, makes it better for cyclists. Rubber plugs definitely sound like a good idea for those sections of track that are off-angle, but in general I think it's down to us to use our brains.

    I tend to experience very courteous behavior from drivers around the tracks too, which is a big help. Maybe I've been lucky, or maybe they see me lit up like a bonfire, looking like I have some responsibility and give me the respect I deserve?

    Rather than tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie, no helmet (controversial I know) as well as no understanding of action-reaction. I hope the bloke in the vid is ok, but I also hope he has seen the footage and realises how much of an idiot he is.

    Darwin's theory in motion.

  • VIDEO: Cyclists hurt on 'lethal' Edinburgh tram tracks1 year 8 weeks agoAll the tram lines I've seen

    All the tram lines I've seen in Holland and Denmark have been planned with other road users in mind. I've no experience of the Edinburgh ones, but certainly the new Oldham extension to the Manchester Metrolink has been planned by someone who has never seen a bike, let alone ridden one. Many stories of cyclists being brought down by these tracks (which are in places 45 degrees - or more - from the perpendicular)

  • HOY bikes competition - the shortlist1 year 8 weeks agoDamn, just been out to get my

    Damn, just been out to get my picture this morning

    Not going to win any awards (or a bike!)

    Autumn Challenge photo IMG_3564-Copy.jpg

  • New 2014 cervelo R31 year 8 weeks agompt68 wrote:Phil A

    mpt68 wrote:
    Phil A wrote:
    The R3 105 version is £1999 and the ultegra is £3099, i have order mine and will be here at the end of Nov. Let me know if your looking to get one and i can put you onto my lbs who are fantastic.

    An extra £1000 just for Ultegra over 105.Thats a bit steep isnt it??
    Surely not a grands worth of difference between the 2 groupsets

    Agree it's a big difference, but you do get a significant wheel set upgrade and a much more exspensive Rotor chainset on the Ultegra model as well.

  • Horse riders ask New Forest Show to stop renting car parking to sportives1 year 8 weeks agoThe racketeering going on is

    The racketeering going on is not in the interest of cycling, the people making the money are not doing the image of cycling any good with repeated sportives in one area.

  • VIDEO: Cyclists hurt on 'lethal' Edinburgh tram tracks1 year 8 weeks agoAnd yet those cycling Utopias

    And yet those cycling Utopias of Holland and Denmark are full of tramlines. I've never seen anyone come down over there. More grey cells abroad?

  • Horse riders ask New Forest Show to stop renting car parking to sportives1 year 8 weeks ago@Neil753, great post.

    @Neil753, great post.

  • VIDEO: Cyclists hurt on 'lethal' Edinburgh tram tracks1 year 8 weeks agoWell considering on Princes

    Well considering on Princes St the cycle lanes are actually inside the tram rails, there's going to be a lethal incident at some point.

  • VIDEO: Cyclists hurt on 'lethal' Edinburgh tram tracks1 year 8 weeks agoI ignored a "Cyclists

    I ignored a "Cyclists Dismount" sign at a level crossing once. My front wheel got stuck in the rails and chucked me off the bike. Lesson learnt don't try and cross rails at less than 45 degrees if your tyres are small enough to fall in the gap.

    The rubber fillets sound like a good idea and the best way to make that junction safer.

  • New 2014 cervelo R31 year 8 weeks agoHi I agree but my lbs really

    I agree but my lbs really has sorted me out and i snapped their hand off when they gave me the price.

  • Sportful Pista LS Jersey Full Zip1 year 8 weeks agolmarlow wrote:Halfords still

    lmarlow wrote:
    Halfords still have a number of these in various sizes if you aren't fussy about the colour at £25, get on now it is a bargain! Big Grin Big Grin

    Thanks for the heads up!


  • VIDEO: Cyclists hurt on 'lethal' Edinburgh tram tracks1 year 8 weeks agoI don't think I've heard a

    I don't think I've heard a single positive word about the whole Edinburgh Trams fiasco. The entire thing seems to have been a series of total cock ups right from the start.