• Single Speed riders - how many of you are out there?!1 year 6 weeks agoMines a retro Reynolds 531

    Mines a retro Reynolds 531 frame Raleigh with some average parts, can't beat it! I max out easy on descents, but its the same as going downhill with a bike made out of lead with me Wink

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoQuintana 3:29 down on GC -

    Quintana 3:29 down on GC - now if he's feeling good come the weekend it could make for some VERY exciting racing next week...

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks ago1,3,7,8 and last for me, plus

    1,3,7,8 and last for me, plus a few extras - GC, teammate bonus etc. Should've stuck with my gut that it would be mainly GC guys up there and not bothered with Malori or Ludvigsson, although in fairness a fully fit Malori might still have gone well, and I didn't realise he'd crashed when I picked him.

    I've been rubbish this Giro, keep making fairly good predictions but for some reason not picking my fantasy team to reflect them! Will be going for a good stage in the mountains now...

  • There's shouldn't be a women's TdF, Giro or Vuelta1 year 6 weeks agoThe problem is that women's

    The problem is that women's sport is not always as popular as men's. Apart from Tennis and a few others, there is often not the same level of interest in women's sport and therefore the sponsors are not so many. Sadly many female athletes end up being judged on their appearances rather than sporting prowess (Anna Kournikova for example), and in many cases there is not the same fanbase as the equivalent men's sport. Now women's cycling is having an upsurge in the UK because of the success of the Olympics and in the Tour - alongside cycling in general of course, and it is great that new races are cropping up. But in the long run, I doubt that the women's side of the sport will attract enough cash for long enough to truly develop like the men's has.

    There was a Tour of Germany btw - but the Germans went massively off cycling in the late 2000's due to the doping problems (they close their eyes to other sports but that is a different topic!). Even having 2 or 3 top male sprinters winning lots of races has not changed this. Anyway, it could perhaps be run as a women's race, but I could only see that if Germany's cycling scene turned round and someone put the money in. It would be nice to see this happen though, but i am not holding my breath.

  • UKIP policies on bikes...1 year 6 weeks agoYES. UKIP have got something

    YES. UKIP have got something right. 100% agree to all of this (with some exception to 10.9)

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoTransfers already done for

    Transfers already done for tmw.

  • There's shouldn't be a women's TdF, Giro or Vuelta1 year 6 weeks agoGermany is huge, but cycling

    Germany is huge, but cycling is still recovering in Germany from all the things of the past.

    I'd like to see a tour of Scandinavian. Plenty of challenges there.

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoBouhanni looking good for LR.

    Bouhanni looking good for LR. Not that he's in my squad.

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoBarring an accident Uran will

    Barring an accident Uran will win the Giro!

  • Single Speed riders - how many of you are out there?!1 year 6 weeks agoI live in Wiltshire (Melksham

    I live in Wiltshire (Melksham to be exact) there's three of us that have been riding fixed together since last September.

    Bought a Dolan FXE frameset last April and built it up with a mix new parts and bits i had lying around. Got fed up with replacing bits on my best bike every summer.

    I've been riding it regularly now since last September and absolutely love it , so much so that i'm actually missing it now the weather has improved and the best bike is out again. I cant quite put my finger on exactly what it is, i think it's the simplicity of not changing gear and how smooth and quiet it runs plus the satisfaction you feel when you're on top the gear and spinning effortlessly, but it's really enjoyable to ride.

    Currently running 48X19 which can be a bit spinny downhill (have got used to this and have maxed at 188 which was quite funny) but gives me around 20mph at a cad of 105.

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoYep, I also took out Ulissi.

    Yep, I also took out Ulissi. Did not see that coming.

  • Liverpool unveils its Cycling Revolution1 year 6 weeks agoAn unambitious, token effort.

    An unambitious, token effort. Don't waste your breath councillors, this target will probably be achieved without any input from you.

  • Video: To beard or not to beard1 year 6 weeks agoWonder if my Norris (norse)

    Wonder if my Norris (norse) Skipper has any significant (dis) advantages....or my oft seen soul patch...couldn't quite get to grips with my hollywoodian phase...cos I just aint gonna get rid of my sidies....

  • Don't take bikes to watch Tour in Yorkshire, say local train companies1 year 6 weeks agoHow are they going to enforce

    How are they going to enforce the 'no cycling beyond the road block' rule?
    That grumpy Yorkshireman in that video the other day will be nothing compared to thousands of cyclists being told by some kid in a vi-viz tabard they cant cycle up Holme Moss.

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoOPQS guys seem to be

    OPQS guys seem to be slaughtering themselves. I didn't pick any (apart from Uran) because I thought they'd all be told to hold something back.

  • Wiltshire Police arrest driver after video of car swerving at cyclist goes viral1 year 6 weeks agoracyrich wrote:If only one of

    racyrich wrote:
    If only one of the victims (or non-victims as the (police) case may be) was non-white, then any of us could claim it was a racist attack, and all hell would be unleashed on the driver.

    Ah! Wear a turban instead of a helmet. Then you could claim it's racially motivated and would produce a response.

    My black brother in law can tell you how much more attention the police pay to non-white road users.
    He has often been stopped by the police whilst driving, to check that he is OK. They sometimes help him out when he is walking too. Just to make sure he isn't inadvertently carrying something odd.

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoExactly!


  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoBrambilla?


  • Videos: On board with Giant-Shimano at the final Tour of California stage - more great footage1 year 6 weeks agoNew racers please note

    New racers please note Degenkolb's firm but coolly gentle push of another rider he needed to move out of the way.

    So different to an experience I had in a recent low-category race. A rider, presumably new to the game and doubtless loaded with adrenalin and possibly taking his cue from the telly, in the middle of the bunch, palming off other riders as if he was in a rugby match. Some of us remonstrated with him, explaining to him as calmly as the circumstances permitted that he was likely to bring us all down if he carried on like that. Needless to say we were met with a wall of abuse.

    This is great TV, but can all new racers remember to bear in mind, there are several biking skills (not least of all the banishment of abject terror through experience) being deployed here, very few of which can be acquired from a few Sunday rides and a daily commute.

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoBrambilla goes 2nd. Where dod

    Brambilla goes 2nd. Where dod that come from? His best in the last couple of years was 44th.

  • Recovery from a hip injury1 year 6 weeks agoIt's now 12 weeks since the

    It's now 12 weeks since the accident. I can now begin to answer some of my own original question. Physio at local hospital has now almost completed. Tried an exercise bike at the hospital gym - all ok, very easy, no pain.
    Now have turbo trainer - doing a few miles each day with no ill effects. Looking good. Still on light pressure on leg but the cycling action really efficacious.

  • Video: To beard or not to beard1 year 6 weeks agoI'm pleased to see that my

    I'm pleased to see that my beard isn't slowing me down. I would now like to see how the beard compares to other artificial chin warmers, as on the occasions I've shaved mine off, I've been reaching for the snood.

  • Video: To beard or not to beard1 year 6 weeks agojust goes to show it's

    just goes to show it's muscles not silly things like hair that really make the difference.

    I would like to see Usain Bolt take on a sprinter though!

  • Video: To beard or not to beard1 year 6 weeks agoIf you have a decent beard,

    If you have a decent beard, you can tuck it into the top of your shirt and that removes the vortex that builds up under your chin and slows you down. So I think that if Spesh had down the same tests with Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top guitarist for those too young to know), and then shaved him, they would have found a statistical difference in the results.
    It's also possible to soak your beard in energy drink ahead of a race and lick that off if your energy levels are starting to flag… which also improves performance.

  • Swedish 'test cyclists' get free bikes in return for driving less1 year 6 weeks agoDamn, had I known about this

    Surprise Damn, had I known about this I would have applied! Although a car is very unnecessary in Gothenburg. If you live outside of Gothenburg then most people will still want a car as the distances to most places are too great.