• Just in: Genesis Equilibrium Ti1 year 24 weeks agoI've got both an original

    I've got both an original Equilibrium and a titanium "best" bike. But even if I lost one or both of those, I wouldn't buy this. That gimmicky head tube ruins it for me. Maybe if you were a top professional, and it was a bike you'd be pushing to its limits in race conditions, the extra stiffness might just be noticeable, if hardly a race-winner. But this isn't a race bike. So why lumber its prospective owners with a fork that would be very difficult and expensive to replace if crashed? Why force people to buy the fork with the frame - the original Equilibrium didn't. The answer is obvious: they added this feature to help justify the high price. You can get a Lynskey Sportive for several hundred pounds less, and fit a 1 1/8" fork for about 100 quid. Spa Cycles do a titanium audax bike that is 650 pounds cheaper which, although a bit rough around the edges, would be fine for many of the same use cases. But that's the bike industry for you, where you can push your products upmarket by simply increasing the diameter of a few tubes.

  • Perhaps one of the worst cases of driver abuse I've seen1 year 24 weeks agodrheaton wrote:It's clear

    drheaton wrote:
    It's clear that the rear of the two riders was level with the SUV at the start of the video at the head of a line of traffic, what was happening?

    Not level. Look at the shadows. The driver was bugging the first cyclist he came to, the rear or the two, who obviously didn't want to be alone, so caught up with his mate.

    drheaton wrote:
    Why was that rider not closer to the front rider

    Why should he be?

    drheaton wrote:
    Had something been said?

    Nothing that could have been said would excuse the driver's actions.

    drheaton wrote:
    All of those questions need to be answered before a judgement is made.

    This isn't a court. Hopefully this incident will go to court though, and a combination of testament under oath and previous incidents with the same driver will convict him. Sadly, he'll probably get a wrist-slap.

    drheaton wrote:
    I would say that most likely cause is that something else has happened that we are not aware of. That takes far fewer assumptions than that the driver is just a dick.

    Really? Let's count the number of assumptions:

    My position:

    Assumption #1: That the driver is one of the tens of millions of mentally ill people in the United States.

    That's it. Now your position:

    Assumption #1: That the cyclists did something so heinous, on this back road in the middle of nowhere, that it would cause even a sane person to sit on their tail, blowing their horn at them (I don't actually think there is anything a cyclist can do that would justify such a reaction, which is what presumed liability in certain European countries is all about.)

    Assumption #2: That despite the noise and the apparent danger, these two cyclists colluded to frame this guy with their camera phones.

    Assumption #3: That they are both such fine actors that they can feign total nonplusedness under these circumstances.

    Assumption #4: That they got home, edited the video, and posted it to YouTube, risking that whatever truth you think exists will come out eventually, given the exposure that the video is getting.

    drheaton wrote:
    Sadly this, and many other cycling forums, are predisposed to judge the driver the guilty party without any further evidence. In most cases the driver is guilty of aggressive or dangerous behaviour but not always and judging drivers the guilty party automatically just causes the Them vs Us divide to widen.

    Every driver makes a trade-off, choosing his or her own convenience over other people's safety, every time their turn the ignition key. For that reason alone, I am happy to say I predisposed to judge drivers guilty unless there is evidence otherwise. That's not a position that would hold up in court, but it doesn't have to.

    drheaton wrote:
    I'm just saying that you can't judge a book by its cover and you can't judge the action of a person based on a clip 2 minutes long that could have been taken completely out of context.

    If you take that attitude, all those people riding with cameras are wasting their time. Because even if they record their entire journey from home to destination, you could say that they are hiding the fact that they cut-up or gave the finger to the driver that mowed them down six weeks previously.

  • DfT's Think Cyclist campaign: Why so little funding in comparison to motorcycle awareness campaign?1 year 24 weeks agoIf we hold in mind that the

    If we hold in mind that the target for this campaign is motorists who don't ride a bike, then the message is a very useful one – that most cyclists also drive a car.

    Of the guidance for drivers and cyclists, the only one I really take issue with is the 'high viz and helmets' which smacks of 'blame the victim' thinking.

    £80k won't buy much media space but the message will reach some people. I think we have to recognised that in politics there's a huge amount of inertia so getting any new issue (like cycle safety) funded in a time of spending constraint is quite an achievement.

    It's the same with infrastructure spending – the challenge is to get politicians into the habit of regularly spending money on cycle-safety related projects. Over time this will increase, but by nature they are too cautious to go for big budget projects.

    In response to Mostyn's comments about the cycling organisations. They represent their members, most of whom are hard core - touring cyclists in the CTC and competitive cyclists in BC (many of whom may only cycle on training rides and races and never ride in towns or the rush hour). So they will always support proposals that are in the interests of their core membership.

  • Avanti 2013: carbon road bikes, practical urban bikes and a super-slippery TTer1 year 24 weeks agoI ride a Quantum 1.0 2011 and

    I ride a Quantum 1.0 2011 and love it. I think the frameset is unchanged. They're great bikes and the new Quantum Team with DA 9000 Di2 looks well lush.

  • Perhaps one of the worst cases of driver abuse I've seen1 year 24 weeks agodrheaton wrote:I wonder if

    drheaton wrote:
    I wonder if his wife was sleeping with one of the cyclists... There must be extenuating circumstances, there's no reason for him to act in that way and it was certainly exagerated. Beeping as he drives past closely is one thing but sitting behind them for so long whilst other cars overtake him is bizarre.

    [[[[ NO NO NO! You've ALL got it wrong. The frustrated tank-driver is peevish because the pesky cyclist (or both cyclists) had REFUSED to pound his wife, who is a dog. The offer was made (b4 the video starts) by "her indoors" as tubby-hubby likes to call her, (or"her in Chelsea Tank"), who is actually sprawled in the back, and had stuck her bits out of the window at the velo-men back up the road--- but as she is a dog, they pedalled swiftly on, yelling "No ta, we're very busy just now!" And the bikies are also aware that she's known locally as "Beatrice the Bike", which is baffling as she has no velo. However, it's rumoured that she keeps Fiziks and B17's in her drawers---in the spare room, that is. All very strange, but these facts might explain why hubby-wubby bought the monster wheels all those years ago, even b4 he became impotent, and insanely jealous of cyclists' chunky thighs.

  • Wanted Cyclocross Bike1 year 24 weeks agosteveh wrote:Hi Mostyn, If

    steveh wrote:
    Hi Mostyn,

    If bike still for sale, would offer you £700?

    Let me know.


    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the offer; but, No thanks. Sorry.

  • DfT's Think Cyclist campaign: Why so little funding in comparison to motorcycle awareness campaign?1 year 24 weeks agoMOT, half hearted approach to

    MOT, half hearted approach to a serious subject! Life and the safety of it, is of no real concern to the powers that be at the MOT. And as for our so called cycling organisations? We should all pull out of them, they seem to be un-concerned about the dangers their members face while cycling on the roads of the UK.

  • is it worth considering a genesis equilibrium as a bike for upgrading?1 year 24 weeks agothanks a lot for your replies

    thanks a lot for your replies Big Grin
    i must admit to being very impressed by the bike when i saw the red equilibrium 20 in john's bikes in bath (it looked lovely).
    i must admit to having a big soft spot for the classic steel road bikes (i think it comes from watching greg lemond era tour de france/looking through those freewheel catalogues from the late 80's) and the genesis bike looks bang on the money tbh for me.
    i really hope my local shop can order them (as i have p'xed another bike towards the road bike.whatever that may end up being Wink

  • Who is going where ?1 year 24 weeks agoThe full IAM Cycling squad

    The full IAM Cycling squad is:
    Marcel Aregger
    Marco Bandiera
    Matthias Brandle
    Rémi Cusin
    Stefan Denifl
    Martin Elmiger
    Jonathan Fumeaux
    Kristoff Goddaert
    Heinrich Haussler
    Sébastien Hinault
    Reto Hollenstein
    Kevyn Ista
    Dominic Klemme
    Permin Lang
    Gustav Larsson
    Thomas Löfkvist
    Matteo Pelucchi
    Alexandr Pliuschin
    Sébastien Reichenbach
    Aleksejs Saramotins
    Patrick Schelling
    Johann Tschopp
    Marcel Wyss

  • Parlee Z-Zero launched – with disc brake option1 year 24 weeks agoI thought the road BB7s were

    I thought the road BB7s were silver? They look like the MTB versions.

  • is it worth considering a genesis equilibrium as a bike for upgrading?1 year 24 weeks agoAlso yes. You can buy the

    Also yes.
    You can buy the frame and fork and build as you see fit.
    I built mine with veloce group and bracciano wheels and its great. (thanks to Dave's review!)
    Shop around and it might be cheaper than a built one.
    It isnt the lightest of frames but doesnt seem any slower than my plastic bikes.. and my build is about the same weight as the new Ti version at half the price.

  • Team Sky. A force for evil ??1 year 24 weeks agoAll the Sky haters should

    All the Sky haters should just group together and put £5 each to an underfunded, poorly run Pro-Continental team of middling riders led by a blinkered, old skool DS/manager. They won't have to worry about their proud 'rooting for the underdog' position getting corrupted by the riders or the team being seen as arrogant, overly ambitious in their goals, having a big team bus or, god forbid, anybody actually winning a race.

    (not that I'm against underdogs; far from it!)

  • Just in: Genesis Equilibrium Ti1 year 24 weeks agoAnyone know the weight

    Anyone know the weight difference between the Genesis Steel and Ti frames?

  • Next year's Giro d'Italia features stage finish on the Col du Galibier (+ video)1 year 24 weeks agoBecause they don't have

    Because they don't have enough stupidly mental climbs in Italy they could use? Devil

    No Stelvio Pass in 2013 though Sad

  • Just in: Genesis Equilibrium Ti1 year 24 weeks agoCan we have a video review

    Can we have a video review please chaps ? Big Grin

  • is it worth considering a genesis equilibrium as a bike for upgrading?1 year 24 weeks agoThe 2013 is due any day so im

    The 2013 is due any day so im hoping that 2012 full bikes may start appearing with good savings. The 2012 frameset is impossible to find now (ive tried)
    I currently have a Aether and want to upgrade to the Equilibrium.
    If i dont see a too-good-to-miss 2012 full bike i will probably buy the 2013 frame and build it up myself (my budget isnt to the same level as Dave though !)
    Ive really looked hard to find a frame/ bike that looks as good as Genesis in that price range and nothing compares (in my opinion)

  • DfT's new Think Cyclist campaign fails to get cycling organisations on board1 year 24 weeks agoJohn Stevenson wrote:it's a

    John Stevenson wrote:
    it's a way of appearing to do something that's a lot cheaper than actually solving the problem by decent road design.

    Unfortunately true. Happened lots of times before.

    gazza_d wrote:
    Bear in mind that the budget for this campaign is the same as the subsidy for 16 electric cars and you will see how little time, effort and money is being put into this.

    Now that is putting it in perspective!

    The 'blame the victim' attitude prevalent in so many of the DfT's road safety campaigns does absolutely nothing but reinforce the idea that cycling is a dangerous form of transport, yet it is far from the case.

  • Opinions please. Transfer post1 year 24 weeks agoThere we go folks. Its up

    There we go folks. Its up http://road.cc/content/forum/67036-transfers-2013-world-and-pro-continen...

    My eyes are pickled with having three screens running to code, research and combine Devil

  • is it worth considering a genesis equilibrium as a bike for upgrading?1 year 24 weeks agomaybe i should elaborate

    maybe i should elaborate Big Grin

    it's a brilliant frame. mine's currently running sram apex and some fairly low-end ritchey wheels and it's lovely. it's had full ultegra 6700 and a £1k wheelset on it in the past and it never felt like mutton dressed as lamb.

  • is it worth considering a genesis equilibrium as a bike for upgrading?1 year 24 weeks agoyes


  • DfT's Think Cyclist campaign: Why so little funding in comparison to motorcycle awareness campaign?1 year 24 weeks agoTo put some horribly crude

    To put some horribly crude figures on it, that's £3k per motorcycle road death and £1.4k per cycle road death.

    You might think that with cycle casualties being the only type that are increasing faster than usage rates that more funding rather than less would be justified...

  • Team Sky. A force for evil ??1 year 24 weeks agoThe Sky road team, have just

    The Sky road team, have just been putting into practice what Brailsford, Boardman and their mates have been doing on the track for 12 years or more.

    I think it's that Brailsford etc had the vision to transfer that to the road, and that Sky were brave enough to put up the cash.

    I would love to see other UK based and managed protour teams.

    Next year I would not be surprised to see Wiggo go for the Giro. Sky and Cav to go for green in the TDF and Froome to try again in the vuelta.

    DB knows and I suspect always knew that Yellow and green in the TDF was too big an ask for one team. I also think that he's too canny not to think that Cav would be unsettled as a superdomestique and occasional stage winner, The guy wants green and quite possibly to win the most TDF stages of anyone. Think Sky will reshape for the tour around Cav next year.

  • Team Sky. A force for evil ??1 year 24 weeks agothe thing I don't like about

    the thing I don't like about them is the way they have to be the best at little things, like making sure they have the biggest most expensive team bus at the Tour. It makes them come across as quite arrogant and self important in my opinion.

  • DfT's new Think Cyclist campaign fails to get cycling organisations on board1 year 24 weeks agoIt doesn't have a

    It doesn't have a moon-walking bear in it.

    For that reason, I'm out.

  • Just in: Genesis Equilibrium Ti1 year 24 weeks agotj wrote:Looking forward to

    tj wrote:
    Looking forward to seeing a more detailed review...

    This isn't a review.