• Cyclist's Output Power1 year 11 weeks agoAnyway, this should

    Anyway, this should help:

    The chap who does these is invaluable to follow on twitter if you're interested in cycling power outputs. Though don't treat them as gospel, they're estimations.

  • Fizik R3 high arch issue .. how to resolve1 year 11 weeks agoNice present! If you pull the

    Nice present!

    If you pull the insole out of the shoe, what is the arch like underneath?

    If the high arch is in the insole, then I guess a custom insole would resolve it. If it's in the shoe construction, then I guess not.

  • Cyclist's Output Power1 year 11 weeks agoWhy are you adding weight to

    Why are you adding weight to Nibali, Gkam? That inflates your power by more than 10%.

    In fact, I'm really confused. Why is there a 500kg horse riding a bicycle? Would you need to make the horse wear cleated shoes, or could you attach the cleats directly to the hoof? Would a horse's long snout make it more aero? What would a horse wearing lycra look like?

  • DAUPHINE1 year 11 weeks agoPurist... 3 guys who can

    3 guys who can climb and TT, none of whom have ridden for a month.
    6 guys that could easily do nothing, but I like them and they're good all-rounders and/or breakaway guys.
    Beat that! Thinking

    Standard is ok, hoping for minimal transfers before the TT.
    3 Ardennes classics types
    3 guys who can get over hills and sprint from a medium-sized group
    3 breakaway guys (2 of whom are in my purists)

  • DAUPHINE1 year 11 weeks agoMy purist, barring

    My purist, barring withdrawals, is set in stone at 149.1 points. I've got in 2 40 pointers and the rest are all about the same value so looking at the gc and breakaways for my purist.

    My standard team is done but i may mess about with it slightly.

  • What's the best pro cyclists's name?1 year 11 weeks agoJacob Piil... It's such a

    Jacob Piil... It's such a shame he never tested positive

  • Video: Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll…(don't try this at home kids)1 year 11 weeks agoIn approach, he reminds me of

    In approach, he reminds me of the Japanese skateboarder Gou Miyagi. Absolutely just doing his own thing

  • Achievements - Understanding1 year 11 weeks agoHow about a badge for a

    How about a badge for a 'Perfect Score', where your 9 riders came in 1-9? I wonder if anyone's ever gotten that? Thinking

  • Dauphine Rider Roster1 year 11 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:... Its not that

    Gkam84 wrote:
    ... Its not that I dislike you...

    Ok, enough.. my eyes are starting to water... Now I know Quintana's not in and I can continue planning my worthless but inspired team! Smile

  • 'Disc brakes will take over' - the man from TRP tells us why1 year 11 weeks agomustard wrote:BBB wrote:Let's

    mustard wrote:
    BBB wrote:
    Let's be realistic here. A typical rider...doesn't cycle in the rain (regularly)

    Sorry? Do you actually live in the UK? I can count on my fingers the number of dry rides I've had this year!

    Yes I live in the UK (South) and I commute every single week day.
    I can count on my fingers the number of cyclists riding in the rain.

  • Cyclist's Output Power1 year 11 weeks agoHorse..... Nibali's average

    Horse..... Thinking

    Nibali's average output uphill in the Giro was 5.62 W/kg but that's based on guesses, because I don't think he uses a power meter. Infact he's against them (see the quote).

    But lets just say that the 5.62 W/kg was right and take it for 70kg, even though Nibali is only around 60kg.

    5.62 W/kg x 70kg = 393.4 watts. 90 above your calculations.

    Lets also take the "suspicion level" (for doping) W/kg which is around 6.2 W/kg

    6.2 W/kg x 70kg = 434 watts....

    Not that I know what any of this means, nor do I really care how many light bulbs they can power Devil

    "Yesterday I did something pretty important. I've done lots of others attacks like that but it was special because it came off.

    "Sky has a certain way of interpreting the race. Lets call it scientific, even if it's perhaps not the right term. They work to impose their rules on the race. However, yesterday you couldn't impose a pace; you need legs as certain kinds of strategy don’t work."

    Nibali explained that he is in favour of race radios but against power metres. On Monday he suggested banning power metres from races in a message on Twitter.

    "People say radios ruin the racing but it’s the riders who decide the best tactic during the race, as I did with other riders yesterday. We aren't radio controlled from the team car," he argued.

    "Power metres help you understand how you feel and show your limits but in certain moments we've seen how Sky control their effort. Without power metres that wouldn't be possible."

    "At the Tour de France, Team Sky controlled the race with a great team. At the Tour there weren't stages like yesterday or a hard day in the rain. Yesterday was important because I was able to build my success."


  • Dauphine Rider Roster1 year 11 weeks agoI'm neither a good guy or bad

    I'm neither a good guy or bad guy.

    Its not that I dislike you, hell I don't even know you. I just find the constant new threads annoying sometimes. Especially when there was one open about the race that is discussing everything from rosters to values and all in between.

    It wasn't bad to ask, and I guess from the replies that others have left, they feel I "snapped" at you. Which wasn't my intention, I just thought I'd be a bit more firm with my reply, because of the new threads all the time.

    To try and clear up one thing, I tend not to use 3rd party sites like Pro stats or other websites. I do not know where their information comes from, but in general, a number of their start lists are wrong until an official one is released. I go straight to the horses mouth and get them from people inside the races and UCI. Sometimes the information I get is just the best they have at the time and it can be old data or wrong aswell. But its the best I have to work from.

    As I said, it will need updated when a full and final start list is announced. Which, for any race that I've run these season, I get slightly ahead of Joe Public Wink

  • Richard Ballantine RIP1 year 11 weeks agoRichard taught me everything

    Richard taught me everything I know with his wonderful Bike Book. RIP

  • Richard Ballantine RIP1 year 11 weeks agoI can't overemphasize the

    I can't overemphasize the influence his book had on my life; reading it as a teenager it really did help me to understand and grow to love cycling, all cycling. The book (he wrote others but it's The Book), greasy and dogeared is still somewhere in the garage with my tools. He taught me basic bike mechanics, riding technique that nearly killed me, and yes, how to kill a dog .


  • Sir Chris Hoy provokes online ire of some Scottish nationalists with independent Scottish Olympic team comments1 year 11 weeks agoJust a little bit

    Just a little bit disengenous, FMOAB.

    Twitter, to me, is just white noise and brain farts and is best ignored.

    There are some good posts above and, much as I am a cycling and Chris Hoy fan, there are more important things to consider in life, particularly in respect to the Referendum.

    I have been to the Chris Hoy Velodrome and it is fantastic. However, if we want more investment in sport in Scotland then I definitely feel that there will be more likelihood of it happening under an Independent Scottish Government based in Edinburgh than a budget cutting one based in Westminster.

    Frankly, what colour of vest a Scottish athlete wears at the Olympic or Commonwealth Games doesn't matter to me one little bit.

    BTW, it seems like the 'traitor' tag attached to Sir Chris didn't come from a nutty 'cybernat' Smile


    Impartial observers might think that such an event would be a little more newsworthy than some incredibly mild rudeness being directed at Chris Hoy. The worst of the “vile abuse” described by the Mail and others contained such spine-chilling vitriol as the athlete being called a “soft sod”, a “public schoolboy” and a “tosser”. An accusation of “traitor” being reported in many of the papers, meanwhile, appears to have actually come from a Unionist – the Scotsman quotes it in full as:

    “Oh dear Chris, you have just went from being a Scottish hero in the eyes of the Bravehearts to being a traitor, how dare you?”

  • Dauphine Rider Roster1 year 11 weeks agoTERatcliffe26 wrote:With

    TERatcliffe26 wrote:
    With regards to this, I think it was the fact Gkam had already explained his answer in the other thread for the dauphine, whereas with the TdS thread, there wasn't one previously. (not to say that creating this thread was right or wrong)

    Yeah... What can I say?... I just wanted to know what start list he was looking at, really... I don't know... Is it that bad to ask?... Was it horrible to open up another thread? I don't know... It's irrelevant, I guess, but it got my curiosity going, so, I opened up this thread and wrote to ask because I really, really (!) wanted to know if Quintana was or wasn't on the roster 'cause I found conflicting reports on the start lists I was looking at (above)...

    I'm not saying he's right, I'm wrong, I'm not trying to annoy him, or you... or anyone... I wish I could say what I want without upsetting anyone... But, my attitude is, if it matters to me, why not ask?... I'm curious about these things... I like stats etc... So why not ask what he was looking at?... He gave me an answer and it's his prerogative to answer whatever he wants, I mean, who am I to judge him? Wink He's got his temperament, I've got mine, I irritate people, he doesn't (!) Wink

    The truth is, as if you didn't know, I'm very compulsive and anal and obviously very irritating both here and with my family and friends Wink ... about pointing out details,etc...

    But, hey (!), he cleared up my doubts about Jose Costa on NetApp (!)... Yeah, the guy's a good guy, I may not like him, he may not like me, but, so what?... I'll say this, it is true we're all nuts about this game and that's good enough for me! Smile

  • 12 of the fastest aero road bikes1 year 11 weeks agoWhere's the orbea orca?

    Where's the orbea orca?

  • 12 of the fastest aero road bikes1 year 11 weeks agoAero bikes may offer

    Aero bikes may offer measurable benefits for someone regularly clocking +20mph solo and who spends most of the time on drops and already perfected their position/flexibility.

    A typical guy cruising at 15-18mph mainly on the hoods would be deluded to expect or claim 1 or 2 mph speed increase.

    But hey. It's the road cycling community after all, where people actually claim 1-2mph gains from lighter wheels alone Wink

  • Alpe d' huez for the Tour in July.1 year 11 weeks agoLoads of bus information here

    Loads of bus information here Smile I recommend as early as possible! http://www.transisere.fr/ftp/FR_Lignes/3030%20%C3%A0%20partir%20du%201er...

  • 12 of the fastest aero road bikes1 year 11 weeks ago"To reduce the degree of

    "To reduce the degree of turbulent air BMC use Tripwire".

    This phrase is true but at the same time misleading to anyone trying to understand boundary layer aerodynamics. The "Tripwire" has the exact same purpose as the Ridley F-surface: it trips up the airflow adjacent to the body and makes it turbulent. This turbulence is composed of a sheet of sub-millimeter scale vortices in contact with the body surface. The effect is to delay flow separation, that causes much larger scale and more chaotic turbulence).

    All techniques discussed here were already well known a century ago, except the Kamm from the nineteen thirties.

  • DAUPHINE1 year 11 weeks agoThat was the hardest 2 teams

    At Wits End That was the hardest 2 teams i've ever had too pick for this game Crying

    Gone random selection for Purist
    Gone Classics riders for stage 1 standard

    Both teams coming in at 149.5 Nerd

    Only 1 40 credit rider in my purist and none in my standard. Cool

  • Best race frameset under £2k?1 year 11 weeks agoNowt wrong with

    Nowt wrong with aluminium:

    If you still want one made of carbon then how about Trigon?
    They manufacture for some of the big name brands including Pinarello.

  • Sir Chris Hoy provokes online ire of some Scottish nationalists with independent Scottish Olympic team comments1 year 11 weeks agoIf you were familiar with the

    If you were familiar with the cyber-nats none of this would be a surprise. Chris Hoy was his usual diplomatic self, but these characters are fundamentalists who seem to lurk in every online corner waiting to attack anyone who they feel questions their doctrine.

    Sir Chris is unquestionably a hugely talented individual who seems to think that he wouldn't have realised his full potential without the setup at Manchester. Would the cyber-nats attack Andy Murray for praising the Spanish tennis academy system and saying he needed that level of competition to drive him forward, I doubt it very much.

    Looks like it's going to be a long haul to the referendum if this is the level of debate we can expect.

  • Welcome to Marlborough Country - but don't expect to park your bike on the High Street1 year 11 weeks ago"He approved the sensible

    "He approved the sensible upgrade of parking facilities outside the library and the town hall and suggested if that parking spaces were to be lost they should come from those running down the middle of the High Street."
    Quote taken from the Marlborough News website linked in the story.

    The suggestion of taking 2 of the pay & display spaces from the centre instead of free short stay ones on the sides is a goodun. Less revenue for the council too. Unless they cotton on to charging bikes...
    Cycling brings many visitors to the town especially at the weekends and we all know MAMILs spend a small fortune on cakes and coffee.

  • Richard Ballantine RIP1 year 11 weeks agoLovely to see the impact RBB

    Lovely to see the impact RBB had on so many others, his conviction and enthusiasm helped make cycling my hobby for the first twenty years after reading it and my career for the last.

    For me the single most important book I've read in shaping me and far and away the most read of all the books on my shelves.

    Thank you Richard, RIP