• Drinks for the bike1 year 12 weeks agoScience in Sport all they way

    Science in Sport all they way for me hydrates and gives me everything i need to keep pumping, use the Rego plus Fruitflow beforehand for faster recovery,the Go Hydro tablets and Go Electrolytes for drinks during (and the odd Go gel)Rego recovery after, yep im an advocate and yes its not cheap (but buying in bulk and using available discounts brings the price down)But i spend a fortune on my bike,clothes,accessories so why not fork out a bit more on aids to my riding.My times and distances have only improved since i started using SIS.

  • Do I need a custom built steel frame?1 year 12 weeks agoThat does look very wrong, as

    That does look very wrong, as do several of the other Continental builds.

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 12 weeks agoOff for a ride now so -

    Off for a ride now so - revelation for your collective ass:


    Final two are just 3.0 punts. Zandio's in for the TTT. All-out sprint otherwise. Not sure what my plan is for transfers after this (other than bringing in another Sky person tomorrow) but hoping for a decent score today.

    Anyone found any Neapolitan home-town heroes to select?

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 12 weeks agopurist is nine italians... 2

    purist is nine italians...
    2 AR
    2 PC
    1 KM
    4 DS

    std I have...

    some picks ready for the ttt tomorrow

  • First Ride: TRP HyRd disc brakes1 year 12 weeks agoCables don't stretch - the

    Cables don't stretch - the ferrules bed into the frame stops and at the ends of the outer. Use a decent quality outer cable e.g. Goodrich, make sure the ends are ground square and you'll never have a problem IME.
    With such a small fluid reservoir, it would be interesting to see how they would cope on long high, speed descents where heat build-up could be a problem

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 12 weeks agoV. Nibali M. Santambrogio E.

    V. Nibali
    M. Santambrogio
    E. Battalign

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 12 weeks agoNizzolo or Viviana?...that is

    Nizzolo or Viviana?...that is my dilemma!!

  • Rider popularity1 year 12 weeks agoGOOD question...and is it

    GOOD question...and is it based on the team page you have selected (purist or standard)???

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 12 weeks agoBeen as though im off to work

    Been as though im off to work and can't change it, I may as well post it. I don't really know what ive done with my team, but got one eye on the TTT. Also one eye on stage 8 with Phinney as he could also contest some of the MM stages. Same with Haas for MM stages, and even Wynants and Gavazzi to a degree. Wynants as blanco have no sprinter


    Will name my purist after the stage

  • Have you wasted money on super light new wheels?1 year 12 weeks agorobdaykin wrote:Purely

    robdaykin wrote:
    Purely objectively, based on measurements taken myself on actual rides, I've found bigger differences than the cyclingpowerlabs, but similar trends. I find lighter wheels are measurably faster with no aero features, and aero wheels give benefit climbing and below 25mph ground speed

    I'd ignore the biketechreview article. I don't think it would pass peer review for a science journal is probably the politest way of putting it.

    If we are to ignore the Biketechreview article (and many other simulations/calculations confirming their findings) and accept the results of your "purely objective" tests, could you please share your test results and methodology with us?

  • Community service for driver convicted of killing second cyclist in 25 years1 year 12 weeks agoMy condolences to the

    My condolences to the families of the victims for their losses and the slap over the pathetically inadequate sentence.

    How, in the name of all that is Good and Holy, can such a sentence be acceptable! It is not a question. Guilt, remorse and shame are not enough. A tangible, measurable and meaningful penalty is required. Accidents happen; but twice? It may not deter every such incident but a stronger sentence is fully warranted.
    If I told you that twelve years ago while riding my bike I knocked over a pram and caused brain damage to a baby, what would you say? There would have been a world-wide search for me. And, if I did it again last week, do I have to ask if your blood would be boiling.

    I live in Canada and have only recently started reading Road.cc I am astounded and disturbed over the number of incidents. Perhaps the rate of cycling incidents is no greater than before, but at least people are being made aware of the issue of sharing the road. It troubles me that there are still people blaming the victims. On the other hand, I suppose those women pushing those prams should really have been more responsible.

  • TfL and Transport Research Laboratory unveil Dutch-style roundabout and other cycling infrastructure1 year 12 weeks agoAny new developments in cycle

    Any new developments in cycle infrastructure need to be consistent across the country. The more varieties of road design we have, the more confusing it becomes for road users.

    Changes need to be made gradually. This means road users become educated through experiencing different road layouts progressively, rather than being expected to know how to maneuver around this roundabout safely, having never come across it before.

  • Video: British cyclist rear-ended by motorbike in California... amazingly, no bones broken...1 year 12 weeks agoJust because he wasn't

    Just because he wasn't speeding, does not mean he wasn't driving dangerously.

  • Community service for driver convicted of killing second cyclist in 25 years1 year 12 weeks agoWords. Words. More bad words.

    Words. Words. More bad words. My deepest sympathies to the victim's family. This isn't justice. This isn't right. You can't kill two people through "carelessness", feel a bit down about it and get away with a telling off and picking up rubbish in the park.

    The next general election is in 2 years and 3 days time.


    Make the buggers sweat for your vote.

  • Drinks for the bike1 year 12 weeks agoI do 20g glucose and 10g

    I do 20g glucose and 10g sucrose, with a nuun tab or similar for salt and flavour. You could reduce the sugar slightly and sub the tablet for ribena or another squash and bung in half a teaspoon of salt if you wanted to make it even cheaper.
    Oh, this is for a 700g bottle.

  • Stoemper Taylor frameset1 year 12 weeks agoSo, reading between the

    So, reading between the lines, I'm picking up that this is a really nice bike, fast and smooth.

    But I'm also picking up a gap between the frame's spiel and the performance. The name and marketing indicate that this thing flies up short, sharp balsts. The Belgian bergs.

    But I'm also picking up that it's not quite as quick as an equivalent carbon beast. But with the onslaught of fast but comfortble carbon bikes, how does this compare to, say, a Cervelo R3 or a Giant Defy if I could have only one 'good' bike and wanted to ride a century one weekend and then go hunting Strava segments the next?

    Would also be interested to hear opinion on how the performance compares with steel frames at a lower premium. What does this do better than something like a Surly Pacer or Genesis Equilibrium?

  • Just in: Olympia EGO RS1 year 12 weeks agoThat's a very... Tron...

    That's a very... Tron... paintjob.

  • Community service for driver convicted of killing second cyclist in 25 years1 year 12 weeks agomatdicko wrote:What more does

    matdicko wrote:
    What more does this twat have to do to get a custodial sentence, despicable.

    [[[[ Er...he has to "clip" (kill) a member of the judiciary, who's wearing elbow-pads, knee-pads, suit of armour, kevlar vest, and of course a helmet.
    Although the driver will escape any real penalty as long as he's contrite and feeling a bit sad, like.

  • Giro - Stage 11 year 12 weeks agoI have some stronger rouleur

    I have some stronger rouleur type sprinters for the mountains but no GC guys from the start, and I am panicking a bit.

    I seem to have a lot of Italians on my wish list, wondering if I can get a full stallion team together at some point. Is Wiggio Italian? Wink

  • Two-time Giro d'Italia champion Ivan Basso out of this year's race1 year 12 weeks agoSanderville wrote:Whatever

    Sanderville wrote:
    Whatever his penchant for home chemistry sets may be, if he really has a big cyst on his backside then I sympathise. Surely we've all been there?

    With our own personal saddle-sore experience I mean, not up Basso's scrofulous chamois area.

    Agree, saddle sores are not nice! Sigh

  • Two-time Giro d'Italia champion Ivan Basso out of this year's race1 year 12 weeks agoMpittick wrote:Without EPO

    Mpittick wrote:
    Without EPO not a reall contender and has never been same rider since Those days. Giro better off without him.

    2nd that

  • Former government minister Margaret Hodge apologises after dooring cyclist1 year 12 weeks agoShe should be strung up!!!

    She should be strung up!!! It's the only language these people understand innit? Big Grin

    The most important of all the human senses? The sense of perspective. Wink

  • Mystery over whereabouts of Paul Kimmage Defense Fund cash1 year 12 weeks agoSimmo72 wrote:I was tempted

    Simmo72 wrote:
    I was tempted to take the money myself weeks ago, having hacked the paypal account - guessed the password on the first go '1anc3arm5tr0ng15ac&%t'

    LoL Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor Rolling On The Floor

    What a classic! Quote of the thread in my book! Big Grin

  • Video: Chris Boardman, Sir Dave Brailsford & Laura Trott urge people to sign Get Britain Cycling e-petition1 year 12 weeks agoAll well and good but I'd

    All well and good but I'd like Chris to pop over the water and try and get Peel Holdings and Liverpool Council to work together on a proper North South commuter route for Liverpool.

    The cycle routes in North Liverpool are piss poor and Boardman's backing of the Council's plans to install 1,000 Boris bikes with a ring/fenced freebie of £2.5m - rather than plan proper future cycle commuter routes is just yet more short term PR bullsh*t.

    A bit of 'mandatory planning' advice in Chris's own area would be the best start.

  • Do I need a custom built steel frame?1 year 12 weeks agoI had a 2k carbon bike and

    I had a 2k carbon bike and last year invested in a bike fit with a view to upgrading into the 3k + range . After the bike fit I found it all most impossible to get an off the shelf bike that could be made to fit me. (long arms - not that I drag my knuckles !!!) if I had gone to the professional size frame (they come in half sizes) I could have got one but at 4k + fit out they were out of my price range !!! So I ended up going for a steel frame (Waterford USA) with a high end fit out by a local bike shop (which came highly recommended) hand built wheels , carbon bars, 11 speed etc total wt (incl pedals ) is 7.5 kg and it's fast very fast on the first run out it shaved 12 mins of my best time on my short 43 mile training route. ! And that was while I was still working my way throught the gears (11 speed) and using single sided road pedals (after SPD's)
    I love it !!! But I would recommend that you have a bike fit then work out if you can buy a bike that fits or not and go from there ! Steel frames have come a long way and if I had fited carbon wheels then it would have been just under the 7kg mark
    Not as twitchy in a cross wind as the carbon frame and (because of the perfect fit to me. ) 100 + rides are comfortable in terms of position etc
    Which evert way you go injoy !!