• Lance Armstrong stripped of Legion d'Honneur, plus date set for sworn testimony1 year 6 weeks agofarrell wrote:He'll be

    farrell wrote:
    He'll be remembered as a champion bike racer the same way that Jimi Hendrix is remembered as a brilliant guitarist as opposed to a failed vomit gargler.

    Failed vomit gargler? Really? That's appalling. Truly disgusting.

  • Giro 20141 year 6 weeks agoOn the slippery slope

    On the slippery slope enrique. Instead of planning my moves, I'm just going to go back to playing by instinct now.

  • STRAVA - - - - DELETED -- BYE BYE!1 year 6 weeks ago'Perhaps andyp thinks

    'Perhaps andyp thinks competitiveness in this format isn't legitimate'
    correct. Woo, look, I just rode a segment faster than someone else. Who may have been riding it 200km later in a ride than me, into a headwind, and with one leg. We'll never know. Ergo, it's not competitiveness.

    'that trying to get KoM on a segment is childish'
    not childish, no. Fairly sad.

    Why not just enter a race?

  • Lightweight alloy wheels1 year 6 weeks agoI'm in the same weight range

    I'm in the same weight range as the OP and can't fault the Braccianos.

    Mine have at least 2000 miles on them and are still round, true and fast rolling. I can freewheel downhill faster than any of my mates lol.

    They also climb nicely, although if you are a masher like me and have a Ti frame, you may find yourself pulling the wheel out of the dropouts occasionally - keeping the dropouts clean and investing in open cam skewers should sort it though.

    I tried all that twiddly spinning up a hill nonsense... It wasn't for me.

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoD'oh! Thanks for the prize

    D'oh! Thanks for the prize info - looks great, and that's my dumb question for today out of the way.
    In my defence, I think my brain filtered out that prize box as an internet ad, given the graphic design, size and placing.

    I'm generally considered a smart guy, but I am reminded of this old cartoon:



  • Should I upgrade to a new bike or upgrade parts on my current bike!!!1 year 6 weeks agoThe single most effective

    The single most effective upgrade you can make is the wheels and they will transform your current ride plus they will be transferable to your next bike. ProLite Braccianos would be my suggestion but Shimano Ultegras are nice and you should be able to get some 10speed ones cheap. Don't be afraid of second hand.

    Personally I don't see the point in upgrading the groupset on the bike you have unless bits are starting to break as you won't get much benefit for your cash.

    Wait until the 2014 bikes are on sale and buy something a step or two up that's nicely reduced and then your current bike can be for commute / winter / shops / pub.

    Thus begins the endless cycle...

  • Recumbent Tandem Trike Danube touring plan - ideas sought1 year 6 weeks agoTandems trikes are like hens

    Tandems trikes are like hens teeth, because they don't sell alot, builders don't do many.

    Greenspeed is on choice.
    ICE also had one
    Calfee made a beautiful one off

    There are options out there.

    As for transporting it. You either need a trailer or a study roof rack, then build a custom mount for it like this http://i149.photobucket.com/albums/s59/b_drachman/ttr6.jpg

    There is NO way you are going to get it on any public transport in an "as is" form. Maybe think about getting S&S couplers fitted and you can break it down into two pieces.

    First things first though. Have you ridden a recumbent trike before? Both you and your riding partner need to check them out first. You cannot just hop off an upright onto a recumbent and think you can take on such a trip. It takes a while for your leg muscles to get used to riding any decent distance on a recumbent.

    If you cannot find a recumbent tandem trike for sale or rent (which as I said, is a rare thing) you can go to specialist builders who do recumbent projects. Someone like Ben Cooper at Kinetics in Glasgow http://www.kinetics-online.co.uk/ or Graham Sparey-Taylor in Wales

    He'll steer you in the right direction.

    As one of the few recumbent riders around Roadcc, you might have better luck asking about this one BHPC http://www.british-human-power.com/forum/default.asp

  • Lance Armstrong stripped of Legion d'Honneur, plus date set for sworn testimony1 year 6 weeks agoDid Eddy perjure, slander and

    Did Eddy perjure, slander and destroy others' lives and careers? That might have some kind of say in it.

  • Video: To beard or not to beard1 year 6 weeks agoThe most interesting fact in

    The most interesting fact in all this is that the only member of ZZ Top who didn't have a beard was called Frank BEARD!!! Rolling On The Floor

  • Lance Armstrong stripped of Legion d'Honneur, plus date set for sworn testimony1 year 6 weeks agoSo Lance is stripped of it

    So Lance is stripped of it but Eddy is given the award in 2011. I guess Eddy never doped then. Silly

  • Knocked down by drunken fool!1 year 6 weeks agoEven if you're not a member,

    Even if you're not a member, it may well be worth talking to CTC or British Cycling, they might be able to provide your solicitor with specific advise (I understand their legal teams are extremely helpful). Also, although we're all clearly responsible here, it might not be a good idea to discuss too extensively online if the case hasn't come to court yet.

    Good luck though, and pleased you're looking forward to getting back on your bike.

  • Video: To beard or not to beard1 year 6 weeks agoTo misquote a t shirt I saw

    To misquote a t shirt I saw the other day

    'A man who shaves his beard to win a medal deserves neither'

  • Should I upgrade to a new bike or upgrade parts on my current bike!!!1 year 6 weeks agoThere is nothing wrong with

    There is nothing wrong with triples. If your happy with a triple there is no point changing to a compact just for the sake of changing (particularly if the reason for changing is other rider's snobbery).

    If the frame geometry is comfortable all well and good, if it's not, go for a fitting. In fact go for a fitting anyway. This is probably the most cost effective thing you can do, I really can't recommend it enough. A good fitting will identify things you need to change including any posture faults you have.

    Depending on your budget, cost effective upgrades are wheels, brakes, bearings (bottom bracket and hubs), saddle and bars. Remember every new bike is a compromise, the manufacturer and the retailer have to make a profit somewhere. Don't forget any upgrade you buy, e.g. wheels, can be swapped over to a new bike at a later date.

    The bike you have will give you many years of good and faithful service.

  • Lance Armstrong stripped of Legion d'Honneur, plus date set for sworn testimony1 year 6 weeks ago'Only time will tell what

    'Only time will tell what legacy Lance's career leaves behind. At the moment it's convenient to see him as the 'be all and end all' of doping in cycling, but anybody with any knowledge of the sport knows that is nowhere near the case.'

    He's seen as nothing of the sort. He's the most high profile doper, certainly.

    'His massive contribution to the cancer community is also conveniently overlooked at the moment'

    His massive contribution being....what, exactly?

    'Images like 'The look''
    The 'I've got the UCI on my side' look?

    'taking to the ploughed field to avoid Beloki'

    Ah, the time when he didn't ride the entire course, yet still was given the top spot on the podium. That one.

    (last point slightly facetious. Others less so.)

  • Cycling-mad primary schoolchildren head to Dolomites for ultimate school trip1 year 6 weeks agoWell done M Steel cycles, a

    Well done M Steel cycles, a wonderful thing to do.

  • Cycling-mad primary schoolchildren head to Dolomites for ultimate school trip1 year 6 weeks agoNot even remotely

    Not even remotely jealous.......lucky b******* Wink

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agohttp://road.cc/content/news/1


  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoMaybe the 'click to see

    Maybe the 'click to see prizes' should be more prominent...

  • Knocked down by drunken fool!1 year 6 weeks agoDon't forget to ask for

    Don't forget to ask for 'consideration'. This is payment for hurt as well as injuries. You are entitled to ask for it, don't be shy!

    Good luck and keep on top of your solicitor. Hope you have a speedy recovery and are back on the road ASAP. You are clearly in deep shock as you have not mentioned whether the two ladies were pretty or not. Big Grin

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoJoelsim wrote:Malori seems to

    Joelsim wrote:
    Malori seems to have done very badly, he has just disappeared.


    Joelsim wrote:
    I suspect most people have taken Ulissi out today, like me. D'oh!


    Joelsim wrote:
    I have to admit I think 180 is slightly too high for this field. For a more expensive field for the Tour then perhaps. A lot of teams will have exactly the same names next week.

    cherrypicked wrote:
    I think 150 to 180 would have been fine priced as is.

    For the Tour de France I think it is important that the cost of the low to mid riders is lower relative to the more expensive and high point scorers. With the best going full gas the rest don't score much. It would be nice to find some value hidden in the lower riders

    ....hopes Dave is listening...

    Heh heh. Good post.

    drheaton wrote:
    Cycling is a stupid stupid sport. Ludviggson down, Castro slow, Malori slow...


    drheaton wrote:
    ... I've picked what I think is as good a TT team as I can get (without Monfort) and still have more than 35 credits left over which is frankly ridiculous...

    What's ridiculous is how a race can kick you in the teeth in spite of you practically being able to afford just about any rider you want, eat you up, spit you out, laugh in your face and say 'You can't tame me! Not even with you being able to pick any 9 riders you want!' I hate this race, but I love this game...

    drheaton wrote:
    I'm all for experimenting with budgets but 180 is way too high.
    We'll see if dave's comment still holds true...

    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    ... i look forward to seeing exactly the same people doing well...

  • Giro 20141 year 6 weeks agoDave Atkinson wrote:... i

    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    ... i look forward to seeing exactly the same people doing well...

    You're still looking good, js...

  • Just in: Cannondale Hooligan 21 year 6 weeks agoWell they work wonders on a

    Well they work wonders on a Moulton Wink in fact Loopwheels make even the most basic of bikes ride like a Rolls Royce!

  • Wiltshire Police arrest driver after video of car swerving at cyclist goes viral1 year 6 weeks agofelixcat wrote:My black

    felixcat wrote:
    My black brother in law can tell you how much more attention the police pay to non-white road users.
    He has often been stopped by the police whilst driving, to check that he is OK. They sometimes help him out when he is walking too. Just to make sure he isn't inadvertently carrying something odd.

    A black mate of mine found that once he started wearing a kilt, he's not had a single stop and search. He's recommended it to many people, but none have copied his style.

    Maybe your brother in law will give it a try? If he cycles as well, it's a good way to show off the guns.

  • Giro stage 12 ITT1 year 6 weeks agoI'd not noticed the prize

    I'd not noticed the prize box.

  • Video: To beard or not to beard1 year 6 weeks agoIf you shaved Billy Gibbons

    If you shaved Billy Gibbons (or Dusty Hill) I don't think that he would ever stop looking for you! Worried

    And for those who shave other body parts. Devil
    " Why do you shave your legs?"
    "No you don't!"
    "Ok! I shave my legs because it feels soooooo gooooood. Can I still do it?"
    "All right. So long as you don't say 'aero' ever again."