• Police confiscate £170,000 McLaren after driver hits cyclist1 year 9 weeks agonorthstar wrote:sponican

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    Sswindells wrote:
    Arrest is a final option for police. The driver if he doesn't have insurance will be reported for summons. Committing an offence is not an automatic reason to arrest someone. He will most likely be interviewed under caution for hitting the cyclist and reported for summons for that too if appropriate. ( careless or inconsiderate, or driving without due care and attention ). Just because it's not in the article doesn't mean it hasn't happened. But it hardly creates headlines.

    "There were no arrests."

    I think what Sswindells is saying that just because there were no arrests does not mean that there will be no charges.

    I know that, still find it bizarre why a driver who has struck another road user with a motor vehicle is not arrested.

    Because there still needs to be a necessity to arrest otherwise it will be unlawful. What you have to ask yourself is "what are hoping to achieve from the investigation by making an arrest?" Such things could be obtaining bodily samples or a house search for instance. The necessity criteria are laid down here


    in section 24(5).

  • Do we challenge red light jumpers/green man means cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoIf ever the urge does come to

    If ever the urge does come to berate another road user - be it another cyclist, a motorist or whatever - I try to remain calm and friendly. I think at least then it has a small chance of the other person listening. If you go in angrily or sarcastically, people will tend to react with aggression without considering the argument.
    It's really, really hard to do that sometimes. Especially after near death experiences.

  • Bike-friendly "promenade in the sky" proposed for Liverpool flyover1 year 9 weeks agoMercuryOne wrote:Nice idea.

    MercuryOne wrote:
    Nice idea. And as I actually live in Liverpool my comments are fully informed.

    I hope my comment didn't seem like a cheap dig, I'd have made it about anywhere as I know some people are put off cycling because of their perceived risk of theft and I worry that if you force cyclists up in to the skies out of the way that risk could actually increase.

    On a very vaguely related note, do you have any experience of cycling to or round the ferry port at Birkenhead?

  • Manchester Council employees failing to hit targets for cycle to work scheme uptake1 year 9 weeks agoThe Council have very kindly

    The Council have very kindly just removed a stretch of Cycle lane on my commute, just as i go past Salford Stadium.

  • Sustrans calls for action after 11 cyclist deaths in UK this month1 year 9 weeks agoAgree with what they are

    Agree with what they are saying but it would be nice if Sustrans' routes were up to scratch for non-leisure riding. Those in Trafford are either not surfaced or the tarmac has just been thrown at the ground leaving a rough ride that damages bikes unless they run soft tyres. I know some other areas are better but there needs to be a minimum acceptable standard so that people know they can trust them.

  • Sustrans to transform 300 miles of walking and cycling routes into nature havens1 year 9 weeks agowoollee23 wrote:When there's

    woollee23 wrote:
    When there's taxpayers money going into an organisation who have a statutory responsibility for the environment, no, not really.

    That's not an argument against Sustrans,. That's an argument against ALL charities. Plain Face

  • London police stopping cyclists without helmets in "advice & education" exercise1 year 9 weeks agoThe police stopping cyclists

    The police stopping cyclists for not wearing helmets?

    No, you're right, I can't see how anybody has made the gargantuan mental leap from that to helmet compulsion.

  • Do we challenge red light jumpers/green man means cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoYou should get capes

    You should get capes too:


  • Bike-friendly "promenade in the sky" proposed for Liverpool flyover1 year 9 weeks agoHaving walked the Promenade

    Having walked the Promenade plantée in Paris and run the High Line in New York, I'd love to see this in Liverpool - they're wonderful leisure spaces. But I agree with other posters here - this would do nothing to improve cycling conditions more generally, and shouldn't be allowed to divert attention from this need.

  • Do we challenge red light jumpers/green man means cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoIn every city where cycling

    In every city where cycling is popular and safe, on a par with walking - and I'm thinking of Amsterdam, Bordeaux, Copenhagen etc - there's no such thing as "our reputation" with drivers. If you are worrying about "our reputation" with drivers, then the problem is that cycling is not popular enough to have outgrown this idea of having a reputation. The goal is to make cycling safer and more enjoyable by making it more popular, making it bigger than being the activity of an outsider "other" group like skateboarders or goths or whatever. Shouting at people does not help. Shouting at them is not about safety, as every study shows.


  • London police stopping cyclists without helmets in "advice & education" exercise1 year 9 weeks agoQuote:This article is not, in

    This article is not, in any case, about whether helmets are any good or not, or whether they should be compulsory or not, it is about the police stopping people for doing something which is entirely legal and where there is no suspicion that any crime has been, is being, or is about to be committed.

    Thank God someone else gets it!!

    Anyone discussing helmet compulsion in Australia, anecdotal stories of how their helmet once saved their life when they slipped on some ice...GO AWAY.
    Don't get angry about that, it's been done to death!

    We're talking about police stopping people who are committing no crime whatsoever and those people being advised to wear helmets and hi-vis. All while, in the background, lorries and cars are thundering past.

  • Police confiscate £170,000 McLaren after driver hits cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoabbeybob wrote:They should

    abbeybob wrote:
    They should put the car in the crusher

    Why? Strange response.

  • Do we challenge red light jumpers/green man means cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoI agree, they need to know

    I agree, they need to know they are giving US a bad name, we do need to take the high ground.

    Also I need to rest and catch my breath at red lights Smile

  • Do we challenge red light jumpers/green man means cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoGood to know I'm not alone,

    Good to know I'm not alone, normally I bite my tongue out of self preservation.

    Last night didn't go down well with the wife though.

  • Sixth London cycling death this month as man in his 60s is hit by lorry in Camberwell1 year 9 weeks agoFluffyKittenofTindalos

    FluffyKittenofTindalos wrote:
    merckxissimo wrote:

    More than voted against him. Being as that's how an election works and all.


    Mostly outer-Londoners! Who just see inner London as a place to drive through as quickly as possible!

    Bring back the LCC!

    Oh - though maybe shouldn't go so off-topic on a thread like this, sorry!

    I didn't even get a vote, as I live outside the 'London' boroughs. But I'd have voted for Boris - bear in mind that the alternatives were Red Ken and, er...

    The fact is, whoever is in charge has a wide range of conflicting priorities. For what it's worth I think Boris would quite happily close large numbers of roads to be used as cycle-only routes - but he is also (quite rightly) very protective of the economic strength of the City and London as a whole - and unfortunately, construction and HGV traffic is part of that.

    Me? I'd ban cars from a large central area and have trams/trolleybuses and autonomous driverless mini-taxis. Force everyone to walk, cycle, tube and so on. It'd never work.

  • Brooks open London concept store1 year 9 weeks agoYou can't really blame them.

    You can't really blame them. You can have the best product in the world, but you won't sell many if your image is wrong, and it wasn't that long ago that Brooks were viewed quite widely as a bit of a fuddy-duddy old man's brand that no "serious" fashion conscious cyclist would buy into. So if their product has come right back into fashion now, it's only natural for them to capitalise.

    Good luck to them, I say. The B17 on my tourer is one of the best purchases I've ever made, so I have pretty much unlimited goodwill towards them as a company!

  • Sixth London cycling death this month as man in his 60s is hit by lorry in Camberwell1 year 9 weeks agoQuote:But most motorcyclists

    But most motorcyclists learned long ago that 'smidsy' should always be assumed and that, if you are a vulnerable road user, you don't put yourself into high-risk positions. Too often, I see cyclists putting themselves in crazy places. Like tonight on Birdcage Walk, people cycling in the dark, in dark clothes, with no lights... Do enough cyclists understand the risks? Would you like expensive compulsory training and a staged license..?

    I'm not sure the training, like motorcyclists have, would necessarily help, since despite all the training and licensing and lights etc.. using a motorbike in London is twice as dangerous as cycling


    Motorcycles accounted for one per cent of daily journeys, but 21 per cent of KSI casualties in London in 2011

    • Pedal cycles accounted for two per cent of daily journeys, but 20 per cent of KSI casualties in London in 2011

  • Sixth London cycling death this month as man in his 60s is hit by lorry in Camberwell1 year 9 weeks agoembattle wrote:RIP and hope

    embattle wrote:
    RIP and hope the Lorry driver is ok as well. Sadly if you look at the pictures from the article on the dailymail http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2509314/Sixth-cyclist-just-weeks... I think most of us can tell what probably happened.

    I've been a long term cyclist and I still see far too many cyclists taking risks when it comes to lorries, rightly or wrong it is never worth going up the side of a lorry no matter what the lorry seems to be doing.

    I mean last week a lorry was at the traffic lights with a cycle lane on the left and he wasn't signalling to turn but I still waited behind just in case but that didn't stop three cyclists on racing bikes going round the right side of the lorry with the last one only just getting in front of the lorry since the lights had gone green and it had pulled away.

    We certainly need various road changes but this has to go hand in hand with cyclists taking a greater responsibility since as we are the smallest and least protected we stand to lose the most in most accidents.

    Help me out. What are we assuming from those pictures?

  • London police stopping cyclists without helmets in "advice & education" exercise1 year 9 weeks agoSakurashinmachi wrote:It's a

    Sakurashinmachi wrote:
    It's a pity for your argument that cycling rates haven't plummeted in Australia, and NSW didn't see a 50% drop in young people cycling because the study you are presumably, vaguely, quoting from in a kind of folklore way, was done in Melbourne and showed only a minor drop for school age kids (and no study of why that might've been the case) and the other Australian study beloved of anti-helmet activists in the UK was withdrawn by the journal that published it after it was proven to be completely wrong.

    As for cycling not being safer in Australia after mandatory helmets the facts say otherwise.

    I just googled "cycling levels Australia" and found these:


    New South Wales Law commenced 1 January 1991 adults, 1 July 1991 children

    Prior to the law, cycling was growing strongly in New South Wales, with an increase of 250 per cent during the 1980s in Sydney (BFA, 1992).

    Matched official surveys counted 6,072 child cyclists (under 16) passing survey sites in April 1991, before the helmets law commenced to apply to them on 1 July, and 3,887 and 3,478 passing the same sites in April 1992 and 1993, declines of 36 and 43 per cent respectively (Smith and Milthorpe, 1993). The largest recorded reduction in cycling was among secondary female students in Sydney: 214 in 1991 down to 20 in 1993, a drop of 90.6 per cent. The decline in the number of children observed cycling was 5 times that of the number who started to wear a cycle helmet (569 v 2,658).


    Could you provide your "facts" that prove that cycling in Australia is now safer than it was before mandatory helmet laws?

  • Return to cycling after hip resurfacing1 year 9 weeks agoAnyone? What about hip


    What about hip replacement? Any had that but kept cycling?

  • Quidco + Rapha1 year 9 weeks agoAlso, Rapha Team Sky kit is

    Also, Rapha Team Sky kit is up to 50% off right now.

    I know, I know, it's marmite kit but I like it!!

  • Do we challenge red light jumpers/green man means cyclist1 year 9 weeks agoI'm with OldRidgeback on

    I'm with OldRidgeback on this, the more sarcastic the better (rather than outright aggressive). I do it to people without lights too. Maybe we can turn the tide one rule-breaker at a time.

  • Anyone used 105/Tiagra brakes with MicroShift Shifters?1 year 9 weeks agoThanks. Think I might just

    Thanks. Think I might just suck'n'see...

  • Best Cycling Film or Documentary1 year 9 weeks agoDunluce wrote:Not quite in

    Dunluce wrote:
    Not quite in the category as the others, but what about Triplets of Bellville. Fantastic animation film.

    Must remind myself to watch that again I'm sure I've got in on video.

  • Brooks open London concept store1 year 9 weeks agoSome people need to cheer up

    Some people need to cheer up a little. Its a concept store. By definition, it is meant to show what the brand and the products are all about. Brooks quite clearly has heritage and they show it. Its a sleek and stylish shop and I for one like it.

    You dont like it? Nobody forces you to visit it or buy their products!