• Jersey finally passes mandatory helmet law - for under 14 year olds1 year 5 weeks agobrooksby wrote:I wear a

    brooksby wrote:
    I wear a helmet. Does it make me feel safer? No. Do I think it makes me safer? No.

    The three times I have come off, I've broken a rib and twisted my shoulder and my wrist, and cut my shin (did you know that road muck seems to make for a perfectly black scar?). My head never hit the road in any case, and I'm pretty sure a helmet doesn't protect shoulders or ribs or legs.

    But my wife said she'd kill me if I got hurt riding and wasn't wearing a helmet. So I wear a helmet Wink

    Sounds like you should be wearing a helmet (and possibly body armour) around your wife rather than on the bike. Laughing

  • Jersey finally passes mandatory helmet law - for under 14 year olds1 year 5 weeks agoStumps: I wasn't trying to

    Stumps: I wasn't trying to belittle you. Just saying my experience is very different from yours. Mine is based on Glasgow city. I've never seen 98% helmet wearing rates, outside of racing/sportives. Nowhere near in cities.

    It's not just me either. TRL found the same, and they've likely done a much wider study. This suggests your observations are not representative, for some reason (e.g. where you're observing).

    Disagreeing is not belittling. If it came across that way to you, I apologise - sorry.

  • Video: California reserve police officer suspended for posting “I hate cyclists” YouTube clip1 year 5 weeks agoThe Daily Mail comments are

    The Daily Mail comments are always the same, story after story the same old Colonel Blimp tribute acts turn up demanding that cyclists should "pay their way, blah blah blah, road tax".

    And then there is always someone patiently explaining to them how tax actually works. Because of course the Daily Mail gets a large part of its traffic from outraged Guardian readers.

    The only thing I've ever learned from the DM, is that stupid is sometimes permanent. And that the comments on the DM are of no consequence to anyone, except those who want to be annoyed by them (but they are sometimes very funny!)

  • Catch a big screen showing of Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist1 year 5 weeks agoHi I have 2 tickets to the

    Hi I have 2 tickets to the showing at Croydon, london tonight 21st July if anyone wants then, I can't go so email me if you want them I can email you the tickets


    July 21: David Lean Cinema, Croydon

  • Limited Edition Tinkoff-Saxo (Team Edition ) Kit1 year 5 weeks agoAre you sure lad? Looks like

    Are you sure lad?

    Looks like it's still on Ebay (for the 5 or 6th time of relisting) and still not shifting after a pretty hefty price drop:

  • My brother’s not a doper, says Jonathan Tiernan-Locke’s twin sister1 year 5 weeks agoNice of his sister to stand

    Nice of his sister to stand up and support him but lets be real here. If you use or have used drugs to gain an edge, its hardly a topic with the family over dinner. Hopefully we will get some more deets

  • Aerozine Titanium Axle Road Skewers1 year 5 weeks agoThese look almost identical

    These look almost identical to the titanium skewers I got from China, for a lot less than the asking price of these.

  • Boris Bike turns up in Wolverhampton – 3 years after disappearing in London1 year 5 weeks agoWas the hirer was just

    Was the hirer was just looking for an empty docking station? Rolling On The Floor

  • My brother’s not a doper, says Jonathan Tiernan-Locke’s twin sister1 year 5 weeks agoI pity the UCI, some people

    I pity the UCI, some people desperately want to believe that they constantly ignore and bury evidence in order to protect riders and avoid giving out bans. Then you have people that desperately want to believe that they will strike out, with zero evidence, and ban riders for no real reason.

    They are getting called out for releasing the private medical details of riders whilst at the same time being called out for not releasing the private medical details of riders.

    I can't currently see or think of a reason why Sky and UCI would want to throw JTL under the bus for no reason, but like many, all I have to go on for his ban is what little has been reported.

  • My brother’s not a doper, says Jonathan Tiernan-Locke’s twin sister1 year 5 weeks agoShe's wrong. He has failed a

    She's wrong. He has failed a test.

  • Video: Coolest support car ever? Team Sky's Jaguar F-type1 year 5 weeks agoThat is the first piece of

    That is the first piece of Sky merchandise I would like to own Devil

  • Video: Russian cyclist walks away after being run over by skip lorry1 year 5 weeks agoDrJDog wrote:The lorry is

    DrJDog wrote:
    The lorry is empty, so there'd be very little weight over the axles, especially the rear ones. If it'd been carrying a full skip, I imagine this would have had a different outcome.

    Was she waiting to turn left? Difficult to tell how it happened from the video.

    Watch again. Both front and rear wheels go over her so the fact the wagon is not carrying a skip is irrelevant. Skip wagons are constructed so that the load is carried by the rear axle with very little load transfer to the front axle (except under braking). Lets numberwang! Cool

    Assume empty skip wagon weighs 8Te and that there is a 60:40 split front:rear.
    So working for front axle. 60% of 8Te is 4.8Te. Divide by 2 to get wheel loading = 2.4Te. Assuming contact patch of 0.06 square meter that gives you a loading of 2.4/0.06 = 40 tonnes per square meter.

    Ok! A lot of assuming but I doubt I'm far from the truth. What we know for certain is that this girl is tough.

    Is it wrong of me to be strangely aroused by her? Day Dreaming

  • Jersey finally passes mandatory helmet law - for under 14 year olds1 year 5 weeks agoooh dear joeinpoole, paul j,

    ooh dear joeinpoole, paul j, you didnt like that did you, someone actually giving an unbiased account of positive helmet wearing.

    Come upto where i work, inner city, and count them yourself but i wont hold my breath. Paul J i've found you always produce good points in your forum responces so why try and belittle what i have stated.

    If you look at my previous posts about helmets its always been about personal choice and not mandatory so why should i now change tack and support something else. All i can tell you is what i found to be the case, if you dont like that thats fine.

    joeinpoole - "yawn" pleb pleb blah blah blah, grow up.

  • West Yorkshire gives free bikes to job starters1 year 5 weeks agoGetting people onto bikes is

    Getting people onto bikes is great but loans and grants for transitional costs for jobseekers should be funded from back-to-work budgets - there are arrangements in place for that.

  • My brother’s not a doper, says Jonathan Tiernan-Locke’s twin sister1 year 5 weeks agoI think the UCI owes both JTL

    I think the UCI owes both JTL and the public a more detailed explanation of what he's supposed to have done. Or are we now simply to accept a finding of 'guilty' without supporting evidence being shown?

  • Jersey finally passes mandatory helmet law - for under 14 year olds1 year 5 weeks agoJoeinpoole wrote:Paul J

    Joeinpoole wrote:
    Paul J wrote:

    Stumps: Your figures are way off from what I observe. I suspect some bias has crept into your methodology. E.g., the place(s) you're doing the observing from.

    Update: A TFL study for Stumps, http://www.trl.co.uk/online_store/reports_publications/trl_reports/cat_r... - 34%, not 98%.

    Don't forget Stumps is or was a police officer. In an informal survey that I undertook I found that 98% of serving police officers, out of about 900 that I spoke to, claim to have personally witnessed Andrew Mitchell calling their colleagues "plebs" at Downing St. Maybe that's where he gets his numbers from?

    I feel you may be being a trifle unfair here.

    1) As a cyclist we have outsiders taking the specific actions of the individual and extrapolating these actions to all cyclists. The actions of those officers and officials of the Police Federation involved in "Plebgate" Affair should not be used to tar & feather all serving Police Officers in the same way that one RLJ cyclist should not be used against all cyclists.

    2) Over the period that I have been a member of Road.cc I have found that Stumps' posts have been informative, relevant and often show the other side of the coin in discussion threads that have touched upon either the law of the administration of justice.

    3) I cannot remember any post by Stumps that has been needlessly offensive or derogatory.

    I am not and have never been a Policeman (before anyone thinks I am).

  • Pictures of your Bike1 year 5 weeks agoRussianMichael wrote:I

    RussianMichael wrote:
    I realise position is a very individual thing (ie comfort and saddle tilt-related issues) but it seems that your saddle is quite far back for a TT position, no? It closes the hip angle and reduces the power you can put down, sort-of handicapping your main power-generating muscles. Also, if you have no flexibility issues, you can really benefit from a lower or more stretched-out position on the front end, provided elbows are not too far off 90deg. Basically, there are mountains of 'free speed' to be gained by experimenting with position. Yours might already be optimal for you, I'm not a bike fitter, but just suggesting shifting saddle forward and dropping the stem lower if you haven't tried it already.

    Thanks for the tip Michael. I have been bike fitted so the stem & handlebars I will leave as is but Yes maybe the saddle has crept forward since my fitting. I will double check with the bike fitter.

    thanks for being so observant.

  • Transport for London agrees to scrap 'Stay Back' stickers1 year 5 weeks agoSo, nearly a month later

    So, nearly a month later these stickers are still on TfL buses, FORS vehicles including small vans, and all sorts of other vehicles...

    Anyone got an idea on when this will get done?

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 5 weeks agoGot a bet on for J-Rod having

    Got a bet on for J-Rod having a pop at stage win so I think I've doomed him (my bets this year; Froome for overall, Porte for podium, Talansky for podium, Contador for stage win when he went out Laughing anyone want any other riders cursing?).

  • My brother’s not a doper, says Jonathan Tiernan-Locke’s twin sister1 year 5 weeks agois this anything like Tyler

    is this anything like Tyler Hamilton's twin brother?

  • Limited Edition Tinkoff-Saxo (Team Edition ) Kit1 year 5 weeks agoSOLD


  • Chris Snook's 5th generation Genesis Volare 953 race bike1 year 5 weeks agodaccordimark

    daccordimark wrote:
    notfastenough wrote:
    DrJDog wrote:
    It is beautiful, but I still have weight reservations. And price reservations.

    Agreed. I visited a new bike shop in Manchester recently, who are a rare stockist of the Italian Ciocc brand. They have a very smart-looking steel frame in Columbus SL which he said I could have for 'just over a grand', and that is lighter than 953. Italian-made, and with a custom paint job too. 6-week turnaround direct from Italy.

    I thought they were same weight ~1.8kg for the bare frame. The Ciocc has the advantage (to my mind) of coming with a steel fork - if you were looking at the "vintage" range that is. I agree that the Genesis has always seemed expensive compared to Rourke's prices for example.

    But you can't really compare 953 with Niobium steel in the durability stakes either as it should last a lot longer. Mind you my old Columbus SL (non-Niobium) will probably outlast me even so!

    To clarify, his words were that the Ciocc 'could be built up as a lighter bike' than the 953 Madison-Genesis. I was looking at the new stuff, so a carbon fork.

    I don't know enough about steel, can you tell me more about why Niobium SL can't be compared to 953? Or, to put it another way, why pay the premium for 953? Thanks.

  • Beginner's advice on pedals & shoes?1 year 5 weeks agoJust remembered I bought

    Just remembered I bought Cycling Plus magazine this month so I have that pedal spanner!

  • Police appeal for witnesses after cyclist killed in south-west London1 year 5 weeks agoWe should be very careful

    We should be very careful about speculating, the driver was arrested, so there is a good possibility of a prosecution. He would have been breathalysed at the scene.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 5 weeks agoCosta out of the Tour with

    Costa out of the Tour with pneumonia.

    Rafal Majka (TSB)
    Tejay Van Garderen (BMC)
    Thibaut Pinot (FDJ)
    Vincenzo Nibali (AST)
    Joaquin Rodriguez (KAT)
    Romain Bardet (ALM)
    Rein Taaramae (COF)
    Giovanni Visconti (MOV)
    Jean-Christophe Peraud (ALM)