• Crack in Giant Defy 2 seat tube1 year 5 weeks agoThanks for all the advice, I

    Thanks for all the advice, I don't really want to get all heavy with the LBS, it's not them that designed the frame, it's Giant. I've used the shop for ages and they are good. Dilemmas. Maybe getting to Giant via FB and Twitter is a starting point.

  • Video: Ninja skills cyclist lands on feet in miracle escape after being hit by car that cuts across him1 year 5 weeks agoThat just gave me chills, I

    That just gave me chills, I had a very similar accident last year. I hit slightly further back on the car so came to a dead stop. I was off the bike for six months and am just getting back to it.

    I didn't have such a quick experience claiming...

  • Video: Coolest support car ever? Team Sky's Jaguar F-type1 year 5 weeks agoroseofwinter wrote:daddyELVIS

    roseofwinter wrote:
    daddyELVIS wrote:
    ...and Sky find yet another way to look like tw@ts!

    Can't really understand this kind of attitude at all. Why you would even bother making a comment like that, I don't understand.

    why make any comment on an internet site? Why comment on a comment even? Does a comment always have to be positive? This is what I genuinely think, so it is a genuine comment. If you think something different then you have every right to say so.

  • Which energy drink?1 year 5 weeks ago^ What they all said above...

    ^ What they all said above... Plus, coming back to your original question:

    As far as on-bike energy drinks go (and gels for that matter), I really like High 5.

    For the bigger rides over a number of hours, I find High 5 EnergySource 4:1 to be best at keeping up the energy levels which includes a dose of protein in with the carbs.

    For shorter rides, or more general training, the regular High 5 EnergySource is good (no protein) or the plus version with caffeine.

    But taste/palatability of these drinks vary by person, so YMMV.

    [I once discovered I had run out of High 5 gels the day before a race, could not buy any in the local shops, and bought an alternative brand instead. Found them very hard to consume and got stomach cramps mid race. Won't make that mistake again!]

  • Wiggins: I'd be pissed off if I were Hoy, plus "f*cking Chris Froome"1 year 5 weeks agoWiggins is just a character,

    Wiggins is just a character, always does a good interview

  • Cervélo to sponsor MTN-Qhubeka in 20151 year 5 weeks agoConfirmed now, NO Cervelo

    Confirmed now, NO Cervelo with Garmin next year http://cyclingtips.com.au/2014/07/cervelo-confirms-no-renewal-with-garmi...

  • 4 highlights of Raleigh’s 2015 range1 year 5 weeks agoI would love a Raleigh for

    I would love a Raleigh for nostalgia reasons. My first ever bike was a Strika. Smile Though I did come off it and break my arm when I was 4. Crying

  • Video: Ninja skills cyclist lands on feet in miracle escape after being hit by car that cuts across him1 year 5 weeks agoGuys. OK so the videos are

    Guys. OK so the videos are frightening. Do something about it. Badger your MP, your council, your local plod.

  • Is Ned Boulting any good?1 year 5 weeks agoajmarshal1 wrote:glynr36

    ajmarshal1 wrote:
    glynr36 wrote:
    ITV for the punditry are much better than ES.
    ES has better commentary though.
    I can't stand Phil and Paul, Phil just doesn't seem to have a clue whats going on, getting riders wrong, palmares etc.
    And Paul purely for telling me around 400 times this tour that Tony Gallopin is from a large cycling family.
    Millar still seems to be stuck in the whiny bitch phase about getting dropped from the tour team, but I could see him been better over time and offering more recent insight that the rest of the ITV team.

    This. I just can't listen to any of it. Although SK isn't much better on Eurosport with his rambling boredom and umming and erring over the top of moves and developments.

    Time for a clear out on both channels IMO.

    Don't forget the calculation too! Peloton full of mathematicians

  • Europcar boss accuses Michael Albasini of racism1 year 5 weeks agoI don't really see how the

    I don't really see how the apology can be sincere. I mean you don't accidentally call someone that. It would never occur to me to say that. So you either think it or you don't - and if you do, maybe you should be chucked off your team.

    Point about Phil Liggett noted. Mind you, most of the points he makes, you get to hear countless times. The one about number 13 being upside down, ho, ho, ho? Or Chris Horner's accident while training in Italy?

  • Which energy drink?1 year 5 weeks agoI use High5 Mojito Energy

    I use High5 Mojito Energy Source....nice, needs more Rum though. Zipvit bars (good ingredients, very nice taste - all flavours) and a mix of High5 and Zipvit gels/isogels.

    I've looked into making some homemade bike food, like rice cakes, flapjack etc. and it's pretty straightforward to do, basically something a bit carby and if you can cram some vitamins and minerals in there too all the better.

    bashthebox wrote:
    So even if you don't immediately like it, you ought to be eating bars or flapjacks or bananas or even just a sandwich. The pros do.

    Agreed. I saw Terpstra have a Banana and a sandwich during a stage once, it automatically made it cool to eat Bananas and sandwiches on the bike. I enjoyed my squashed sandwich the next day.

  • Video: Ninja skills cyclist lands on feet in miracle escape after being hit by car that cuts across him1 year 5 weeks agoI am in Holland at the

    I am in Holland at the moment. What a revelation, the array of cycling of all ages. The segregated cycle paths all over the place. Cars have to stop for cyclist crossing junctions. My son and I have just cycled 20 miles on dedicated tracks from one town to another without hardly touching a road. Why why can't Britain adopt some of these fantastic ideas?

  • Guernsey judge criticises road layout as lorry driver acquitted of causing cyclist's death1 year 5 weeks agotruffy wrote:oldstrath


    truffy wrote:
    oldstrath wrote:
    truffy wrote:
    Paul_C wrote:
    they expect the cyclist to give way...

    Given the size of a truck I'd give way. Wouldn't you?

    Yes you, and I, probably would. I can't see how that excuses killing someone who doesn't give way - are we really saying it's fine to kill someone for, at most, a minor traffic violation? Does that mean I can go and shoot the next guy speeding through our village? Or does it only work if I drive a truck over him?

    I didn't say, or mean to imply, that it does excuse killing someone who doesn't give way. Simply that the wise cyclist assumes total responsibility for their safety to be on the safe side. There are a lot of idiots out there who're well-protected by their vehicle and are not going to come of worst in a collision. Being in the right is no consolation if you're critically injured (or to your loved ones if worse).

    I can't take "total responsibility" without hiding away from every driver, pedestrian and errant animal out there. I should, though, be able to expect the legal system to offer me some degree of protection from blind or cretinous drivers. But apparently not.

  • Wiggins: I'd be pissed off if I were Hoy, plus "f*cking Chris Froome"1 year 5 weeks agoNow, he won't cry (again) if

    Now, he won't cry (again) if one of his team mates is stronger will he....

    Chris Deacon wrote:
    Love the statue idea, saw Hoy on TV last night he's still in good shape.

    Did you honestly think Hoy, the most successful olympian Britain has ever produced, would turn into a porker overnight?
    I'm guessing you haven't seen any videos of him training? I'd say it would be harder for him to stop training! Absolute monster.

  • which cassette?1 year 5 weeks agoHmm good question... I'm not

    Hmm good question... I'm not entirely sure, the groupset is a shimano 2300 which came on the bike (2x2 worldwide Race).

  • Southwark plans crackdown on 20+mph cyclists1 year 5 weeks agoDas wrote:Id be interested in

    Das wrote:
    Id be interested in how the Council can circumvent a Law thats on the Statute Books, with what based on a "What they please" basis. Not that im condoning speeding, just wondering how the council can do it. Be the same as deciding that although you need to be 18 to buy Alcohol they will decide that shops in their Borough could legally sell alcohol to 12 year olds.

    Are you interested enough to read the comments that have already explained this.

  • Tour De France Stage 171 year 5 weeks agoTook cheap filler Visconti

    Took cheap filler Visconti out to add a cheap GC rider. Visconti scores huge. Facepalm.

  • which cassette?1 year 5 weeks agoWhat do you have on the back

    What do you have on the back at the moment?

  • Video: Ninja skills cyclist lands on feet in miracle escape after being hit by car that cuts across him1 year 5 weeks agoGrahamSt wrote:For you're own

    GrahamSt wrote:
    For you're own sanity don't read the YouTube comments on the video. Several mouth-breathing trolls wittering on about him going too fast or suggesting he is in it for the compensation money At Wits End

    A lot of the mouth breathers are accounts created by campaigners from the "Drivers Union", who regularly troll any cyclist video on Youtube. All the regular cyclist channels have blocked them, but when a video gets a bit of media coverage they dive in.

    A lot of people believe that the "JollySelfRighteous" account is an alias created by Keith Peat, due to the similarities in prose and often bizarre arguments.

  • Best Sealant for Tubulars?1 year 5 weeks agoHaving just read 'Geronimo'

    Having just read 'Geronimo' by Tim Moore, it sounds like Stan's No Tubes is worth a try.

  • Video: Ninja skills cyclist lands on feet in miracle escape after being hit by car that cuts across him1 year 5 weeks agoIanRCarter wrote:To the

    IanRCarter wrote:
    To the people complaining about accident videos on road cc, they are trying to raise awareness of the issue, if enough people stamp their feet something more might be done to improve safety for cyclists. When councils put in proper cycling infrastructure, when drivers are better educated, when idiots realise they face more than a slap on the wrist for dangerous driving, these videos will be far less common.

    I'm so glad I don't live in London, I have to deal with idiots but they're nowhere near as bad as this, creeping out of junctions into the road, cycle lanes disappearing under cars. Fair play to the rider for wanting to get back on the bike, that could easily have scared him off from ever riding to work again.

    Campaigners don't preach to the choir!

  • Suggest me a cycle gps nav please1 year 5 weeks agoThere's a review of the mio

    There's a review of the mio 505 on here. It has had a software update since the review too. Check DC rainmakers blog as he reviews it too

  • Suggest me a cycle gps nav please1 year 5 weeks agoMio 505 it has a great set of

    Mio 505 it has a great set of functions. A surprise me function that makes up routes for you depending on distance you want to travel or ride time. Clear bright display. HR monitor is comfy to wear. Does all that o want and IMO more user friendly ( and cheaper ) than the garmin. Plus it uses the new Bluetooth standard.

  • cycling on the M741 year 5 weeks agoBeats Westferry.....

    Beats Westferry.....

  • 4 highlights of Raleigh’s 2015 range1 year 5 weeks agoI have a 2012 Raleigh SP team

    I have a 2012 Raleigh SP team (the predecessor or the Militis) - the paint-job is lush and it's a great ride. Fast, direct and comfortable. The brand has a lot of positive associations for me: some great bikes when I was a kid and my Grandad worked there in the '50's. Just a shame they're not British owned these days.