• Live TV coverage of men's race at National Road Championships this Sunday1 year 5 weeks agoAnyone know of any TV

    Anyone know of any TV Coverage of Sunday's Beaumont Cup coming up?

  • Video: National Express ‘blind spot’ sticker spotted – but how useful is it?1 year 5 weeks agoAs a rough-and-ready solution

    As a rough-and-ready solution to the problem of cyclists creeping up on the inside of large vehicles this sticking-plaster has some merit. But what are we going to do to address the equally significant problem of large vehicles creeping up on the outside of cyclists who were there first? Give cyclists similar signs to mount on their rear mudguards? Stop painting kerbside ASL-feeder lanes that encourage cyclists to leave space for a large vehicle on their right which may well be about to turn left across their path?

  • Video: National Express ‘blind spot’ sticker spotted – but how useful is it?1 year 5 weeks agomikeprytherch

    mikeprytherch wrote:
    GrahamSt... this forum seems full of cyclists who believe that Drivers should be infallible, that is my point about the God Like forum members, I am not infallible and was not trying to suggest anything of the sort, my view goes against most of the posts in this forum in that I do blame cyclists as much as drivers, so I was waiting for a backlash for even suggesting that some of the fault lies with us the cyclist, after all it is a cyclist forum and not MaxPower.

    I think most folk in here just want drivers to try a bit harder, or even just to try at all, to drive in a manner that reflects the risk of the kinetic energy they control.

  • Video: National Express ‘blind spot’ sticker spotted – but how useful is it?1 year 5 weeks agoIf a cyclist needs to rely on

    If a cyclist needs to rely on a sticker in this day of age to remind/warn them not to go up the inside of a heavy goods vehicle then god help them.

    For what its worth, the sticker seems ok to me, hard to comment on the clarity and size of the font when viewing on a video.

  • Forum game idea - Eurovision National Championships1 year 5 weeks agoI'll have a look today

    I'll have a look today

  • The Tour1 year 5 weeks agoYep, 2 and 5 shouldn't be

    Yep, 2 and 5 shouldn't be sprints for sure, and it wouldn't surprise me if a couple of the others aren't either.

  • First ride: GT Grade1 year 5 weeks agoLooks nice, but not sure it

    Looks nice, but not sure it can do anything my 1980 Galaxy can't do.

  • Video: National Express ‘blind spot’ sticker spotted – but how useful is it?1 year 5 weeks agoThe only problem is the

    The only problem is the sticker is too low. It should be on the top corner of the engine compartment or on the panel above. Size wise it doesn't look any smaller than the circular speed stickers that you see on long vehicles now days. Also it is not as commanding as the TfL ones telling the cyclist to stay back. These particular stickers advise caution and highlight where the danger is.

    Only a fool would barrel down the inside of a long vehicle while it was slowly moving or stopped. Our current infrastructure does not help this with the creation of narrow inappropriate cycle lanes encouraging novice cyclists into the ASZ and into a place of danger in doing so. If you are going to pass slow moving traffic do so on the outside with caution if you wish to go ahead or turn right. If turning left sit in traffic.

    There is no guarantee that motorists are going to check their near-side mirrors when driving whether they eradicate blind spots or not. And if there is a collision they are going to say they did check!

  • Dura Ace C24 wheels - sticky brakes issue1 year 5 weeks agoI have the same problem with

    I have the same problem with Shimano RS80's.Local bike shop trued the wheel and i moved my pads a bit further out.Its better but but still not smooth.
    I put a short straight edge along the rim and found one area with a small dish.
    Looks like a machining fault on mine that can't be trued out.
    Did a wet ride a couple of weeks ago with some steep descents and i was on my nerve ends with the grabbing.

  • Thinking about a hybrid... sorry!1 year 5 weeks agoI got one of the EBC Couriers

    I got one of the EBC Couriers as a short term replacement for my fixed after the BB got stripped out. I flipped the wheel to the fixed sprocket and ditched the freewheel, replaced the weird short stem and riser bar with a 120mm stem with flats and bar ends. The chain ring had to go as it was stamped steel and got eaten in 3 months flat. Still a good buy for the money just be aware they look small for their size as the frames are almost identical to cheaper Kona ones and have the same extended seat tube.

  • Bargain GPS watch headlines latest Aldi cycling offers1 year 5 weeks agoantonio wrote:I too have an

    antonio wrote:
    I too have an Ultrasport Navrun, it does more than I need or want, great to track my regular circuits and monitor my fitness.

    Forgot to mention, it tracks my local ten mile tt's perfectly, reminds me constantly I must improve.

  • Lake CX175 Road Shoes1 year 5 weeks agoSent an email

    Sent an email

  • Video: National Express ‘blind spot’ sticker spotted – but how useful is it?1 year 5 weeks agoGrahamSt wrote:It's funny how

    GrahamSt wrote:
    It's funny how we just accept the presence of a vehicle where the driver apparently can't see a dozen people on bikes right next to him/her.

    How is that a suitable thing to drive through a busy city?

    Because the design follows function, ie moving a large amount of goods around as efficiently as possible. Would you prefer that one large lorry was replaced by fifty smaller vehicles? Where do you do your shopping? How do you think that all that food gets there?
    As much as it would be nice to evisage an ideal world, economic reality will always take precedence.

  • Forum game idea - Eurovision National Championships1 year 5 weeks agoHey - anyone wanting to

    Hey - anyone wanting to enter? Deadline is Friday.

    People on reddit have been writing about their local championships at http://www.reddit.com/r/peloton/comments/28wh5r/nationals_preview_write_... this may help

  • Campaigners warn Newcastle risks losing millions of pounds in DfT cycle funding1 year 5 weeks agoGlasgow has proved that a

    Glasgow has proved that a steady programme of on-street cycle parking installation delivers results, in 1 location from 1 bike to 48 spaces (often filled) in 20 years.

    Newcastle's metro refurbishment provides a new interior layout which can accommodate cycles more sensibly. With the work almost 50% completed, the opportunity to revive the campaign for cycle carriage might fit within this time-frame, and the costs of delivery detailing and measuring the results could be met from the funding.

    Work on cycle carriage in taxis shows a latent demand for the facility to get home late at night, or rescued when things go wrong, especially from groups who currently don't cycle as much as those committed to cycling. The same can apply to late and early bus services which run almost empty. The barrier of the inner ring road and fast radial routes can deter the less confident riders - and even the confident ones - everyone I know seems to have had at least one 'hit' or bad experience on John Dobson Street and the West, North and Coast roads are not for the feint hearted rider.

    There are now alternatives to the popular Scratchbikes system which can become self funding through advertising and other sponsorship (eg block buy-in by a large employer as company pool bikes). With the lessons learned from Scratchbikes, revisit a city-wide bike share/hire scheme.

  • Video: National Express ‘blind spot’ sticker spotted – but how useful is it?1 year 5 weeks agoNeeds to be much larger and

    Needs to be much larger and higher up.

  • David Walsh claims Team Sky's use of therapeutic use exemptions conflicts with its ethical stance1 year 5 weeks agoRemember not to criticise

    Remember not to criticise Froome or Michelle Cound will come and find you with a large stick.

  • First ride: GT Grade1 year 5 weeks agoTempted! Looks just the thing

    Tempted! Looks just the thing for New Forest roads, but would it be any better than my Genesis Equilibrium which also soaks up the bumps?

  • First ride: GT Grade1 year 5 weeks agoIt's a shame Boardman aren't

    It's a shame Boardman aren't doing more to promote to promote their CXR range in this way. I have a CXR 9.8 built to a similar spec to above and it is the soooo much fun. Light (7.3kg), responsive, practical (mudguard and rear rack mounts), fast, comfortable, and ....did I mention fun? I'm not sure one bike is allowed to have all those diametric adjectives describe it, but there we are. Yes it has some problems (trying to get the frame grommets for a Di2 setup might be impossible) and it isn't the latest aerodynamic shape, but I just enjoy riding it
    I'm guessing Boardman will be promoting it later in the year for cyclocross, but I feel they are missing out on all the guys wanting recreational riding in a range of conditions now

  • Problems with site1 year 5 weeks agoMoi aussi. Je m'attends

    Moi aussi.

    Je m'attends organisateurs répondre en temps utile.

  • Bargain GPS watch headlines latest Aldi cycling offers1 year 5 weeks agorobert posts child

    robert posts child wrote:
    Anyone any experience of the wirless computers? I just want some basic speed/ distance info . I am a newbie and just want to see improvement.

    It will do the job, just be careful around traffic lights and security barriers in shops as this will cause the speed reading to spike hugely. I had one on my bike and was waiting for a friend outside a shop and was doing 33mph whilst stationary.

  • The Tour1 year 5 weeks agoTotally agree about stage 2.

    Totally agree about stage 2. All the other stages upto 7 seem straight forward, yes there's the cobbles section but this is not a classics race, its the tour and the jersey holders teams wont want to lose it.

  • Problems with site1 year 5 weeks agoYou are correct- clicking on

    You are correct- clicking on all the tabs gets me nowhere as well. I sent a wee tweet to Dave there to inform him.

  • Video: National Express ‘blind spot’ sticker spotted – but how useful is it?1 year 5 weeks agoI'm going to get a tiny

    I'm going to get a tiny triangle for the back of my saddle, so the coaches keep clear.

    mikeprytherch wrote:
    so I was waiting for a backlash for even suggesting that some of the fault lies with us the cyclist
    Calling others God-like, before they'd even read your post, let alone replied, it seems to me you weren't waiting at all, more just going ahead and lashing out yourself. I have a short attention span, completely switched off to any point being made under the weight of your prebuttal rebuttal, sorry.

  • First ride: GT Grade1 year 5 weeks agocame away from reading the

    came away from reading the review wondering if this:

    "The Grade Alloy X (£1,599), combining an aluminium frame, carbon bolt-thru fork, Shimano 105 mechanical groupset and R685 hydraulic disc brakes, is my pick of the range"

    and this:

    "GT have developed the frame to provide comfort, with super skinny glass-fibre seatstays...........Rippled and corrugated dirt tracks were impressively smoothed out"

    were mutually exclusive

    I find corrugations on dirt tracks on my Ali' CX very fatiguing to the point where it can just hurt
    At that price the Ali' frame version with that kit is indeed attractive but would like to see if gets a similar review on how well rides when doing distance on dirt.....and certainly round my way there are plenty of people riding strava segments on gravel