• BMC TeamMachine SLR01 goes on a diet1 year 11 weeks agoBloody vague racists Where

    Bloody vague racists Thinking

    Where was my Bianchi made? Surely not Italy.

  • Fulcrum quattro wheels1 year 11 weeks agoGot a set last week. Roll

    Got a set last week. Roll really well and not as noisy as some say the hub might be.
    Only done 60+ miles on them so far. But so far so good.
    Also bought from Bike Discount.de which proved to be £50 cheaper than anywhere else.

    Happy with mine so far.

  • Chris Froome wants to dominate Tour de France for "six or seven years"1 year 11 weeks agoBronze at the Olympics; 5

    Bronze at the Olympics; 5 pedant points for me Big Grin

  • Updated: Cyclist airlifted to hospital after crashing on yesterday's Wiggle Dragon Ride1 year 11 weeks agoThe course for the Dragon was

    The course for the Dragon was spectacular with Sunday's glorious weather. Of course there were plenty of the usual low-level hazards that we generally cope with without any drama, each week on club rides. I'd put the cattle grids in that category. I hit a small hole on my decent into Neath which scared the bejesus out of me, but there were no major issues. On the whole car drivers were most respectful too.

    The sheer scale of the event and the broad range of abilities always causes a greater level of risk. I do get spooked when others put me at risk and the cutting in after overtaking was the worst example of this that I experienced on Sunday.

    The serious injury to one of our number puts a damper on things, but appears to be a pure accident. I hope we get news of his recovery soon, our best wishes to him and his family.
    On my club ride the week before this, I had an explosive puncture with a tyre side-wall rupture. Had I missed that ride my blow-out might have been on the Dragon, so there but for the grace etc.

    What time in the afternoon did the accident happen?
    Disclosure- I'm a medic, so another M in my MAMMIL credentials please Devil

  • Britain's "beleaguered" motorists slam cost of driving - but are more car dependent than ever, says RAC1 year 11 weeks agocavasta wrote: Correct. My

    cavasta wrote:

    Correct. My sentiments precisely. You made the point before I've had chance to re-post. There are enough f***wit drivers as it is who believe cyclists shouldn't be on the road. Why give legitimacy to their bigoted views by paying for road maintenance out of vehicle-based revenues? The roads infrastructure benefits the entire country not just those who use it directly.

    That's a cynical and short sighted view, in my opinion.

    You'd rather suffer on crap roads with the status quo, than have extra money spent from some of the billions raised in fuel duty, because you think it would further the 'them and us' attitude.

    Cutting off your nose to spite your face!

    And anyway, this bad attitude is already prevalent, most notably in the strong views you've expressed on this forum topic!

  • New Tyres1 year 11 weeks agoIf the model/spec of the tyre

    If the model/spec of the tyre is the same, as is the case with the Gatorskin and Schwalbe Durano, then the only difference is bead weight - usually made of kevlar instead of wire. The folding bead version is 40 to 50g lighter. I'd suggest either of these two tyres.

  • Tour De Suisse stage 51 year 11 weeks ago1,2,3,4,5..for me

    1,2,3,4,5..for me Cool

  • DAUPHINE1 year 11 weeks agoenrique wrote:... I must have

    enrique wrote:
    ... I must have the wrong totals for each rider then for the whole race...

    I do. I left out the last day's totals! Plain Face

  • broken shimano ultegra left shifter1 year 11 weeks agoMine snapped like described,

    Mine snapped like described, picked up a second hand left shifter off ebay for £40 or so

  • Chris Froome wants to dominate Tour de France for "six or seven years"1 year 11 weeks agoVinerman wrote:might be

    Vinerman wrote:
    might be getting carried away, he good but not that good. come on

    I disagree.

    I wouldn't bet against him regardless that genuine contenders are few. He has the engine and I think he has a steely toughness about him and determination that will drive him to realise his potential. He's a natural climber, even if he doesn't look as pretty dancing on the pedals as Contadope, and can time trial very well - silver at the Olympics, 2nd only to Wiggins in both ITTs at the 2012 Tour.

    He has been around a while, was the only rider to challenge Cobo for the 2011 Vuelta. He could have distanced Wiggins by some margin on stages in last year's Tour. His 2012 Vuelta challenge would surely have been different if he hadn't already worked for Wiggins and still come away with 2nd at the Tour. So far he has owned the stage races he's entered in 2013.

    Is the crackling tension at the Tour what set fans against him? Or is it the absence of a dated clothing style/fashion brand contract? Or does he need a dodgy haircut and 'man of the people who tells it like it is' image for us to like him? I don't know but, unlike many on cycling forums, I like what I see both on and off the bike.

  • Top scientists on cycle helmets: "The debate will go on (and on and on...)"1 year 11 weeks agoThe real problem is why the

    The real problem is why the BMA changed its policy on spurious grounds and haven't revisited that decision, despite promising to do so. As one commentator so accurately pointed out, the BMA is a trade union for ex-medical students, not a medical body. Its decisions are certainly not based on evidence.

  • new ride - 'Chase the Sun' - June 22nd 20131 year 11 weeks agobikeboy76 wrote:Do you

    bikeboy76 wrote:
    Do you realize the Sun doesn't set, it's just an illusion caused by the world spinning round. - Flaming Lips


  • An (ahem) slightly personal question for the lads!1 year 11 weeks agoDr Max wrote:If you sit on

    Dr Max wrote:
    If you sit on the "sit bones" - you'll be fine. If you lean forward onto the perineum (the bit behind the scrotum) then you squash the nerves. This is essentially a posture issue/bike fit issue.
    Cut-out saddles work by removing the pressure so that your bad posture doesn't cause numbness - but many miles may screw your back.

    but are you a real doctor? (I've been fooled before ...)

  • Chris Froome wants to dominate Tour de France for "six or seven years"1 year 11 weeks agoGetting through the first

    Getting through the first week with your team mates unscathed is 75% of the battle.

  • Tour De Suisse stage 51 year 11 weeks agoPoints coming soon

    Points coming soon Nerd

  • Public invited to Trek World, Silverstone1 year 11 weeks agoTrekBikesUK wrote:Er, the

    TrekBikesUK wrote:
    Er, the official address on the Silverstone website is Towcester.

    That's just the post town. People used to put "Near" in front of them and now they don't. It doesn't make villages like Silverstone part of that town. Like it says on wikipedia, "Post towns rarely correspond to political boundaries and often group places that for all other purposes are quite separate."

  • Cyclist ends up in river after mobility scooter hit-and-run1 year 11 weeks agoYeah you shouldn't laugh. But

    Yeah you shouldn't laugh. But it is funny

  • Tour De Suisse stage 51 year 11 weeks agoHad Azanza in since the

    Had Azanza in since the Prologue. Got frustrated and swapped him for Kristoff last night. Then Azanza decides to make a break for it today... so glad he got pulled back because I would have been kicking myself.

  • Top scientists on cycle helmets: "The debate will go on (and on and on...)"1 year 11 weeks agoclunk click every trip

    clunk click every trip

  • Top scientists on cycle helmets: "The debate will go on (and on and on...)"1 year 11 weeks agoIf I'm doing a stage of the

    If I'm doing a stage of the tour de france and reaching speeds of 80kmh, I'll wear my helmet. If I'm cycling to the shops to buy a pint of milk, I won't. End of debate.

  • Trial Of Wight1 year 11 weeks agoBrilliant write up, thanks

    Brilliant write up, thanks for that!

  • Tour De Suisse stage 51 year 11 weeks agolivestrongnick

    livestrongnick wrote:
    AHLSTRAND last man

    Bonus. 1,2,3 and last.

  • Top scientists on cycle helmets: "The debate will go on (and on and on...)"1 year 11 weeks agoits all down to strap

    its all down to strap tightness. Dont get them started on the impact of aeroshells on helmets and the resultant speed increases caused by having all those watts to be spare Wink Nerd

  • Public invited to Trek World, Silverstone1 year 11 weeks agoOr wait a few months and see

    Or wait a few months and see them in your local shops. Got an invite to this but don't see the point if you can't ride them.

  • Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 SL1 year 11 weeks agoCanyon's frames are made in

    Canyon's frames are made in China, or Taiwan, but the bikes are assembled and all quality checks/tests done in Koblenz, including checking the carbon lay ups internally, with their CT scanner. They told me so when I spoke to them at their stand at the London Bike show. It didn't stop me from ordering one, as it's no different than pretty much every other brand I've looked at.

    Ideal Bike Corp, Fairly Bike, Advanced International Multitech, Ten Tech Composites, and Giant, make frames for a lot of the major brands. These include BMC, Fuji, Felt, Willier, Bianchi, Dedacciai, Look, Specialized, Trek, Scott, Colnago, Giant (obviously), Cervelo, and Ridley. Apart from the really hi-end framesets, all of these brands' frames are made in China or Taiwan.

    If you want full custom carbon from Cyfac, Parlee etc. you can have it made in Europe or the States, but it can cost as much as this whole bike.