• Pensioners who videoed pavement cyclists in Bristol are now campaigning for more cycle infrastructure1 year 24 weeks agoSidewalk?


  • Just in: Genesis Equilibrium Ti1 year 24 weeks agoyou can get headsets to put

    you can get headsets to put 1.125" forks in xx44 headtubes, or straight steerer 1.5" (although I suspect there aren't many straight 1.5" road forks). It's the most versatile headtube standard there is, as far as i know. Nerd

  • Why must cyclists behave before they get bike paths?1 year 24 weeks agoit is just an excuse, if

    it is just an excuse, if cyclists were perfectly behaved there would be another excuse, eg road tax...

  • FS: 2012 56cm Cannondale CAAD10 Ultegra £999.001 year 24 weeks agoSorry! Edit now shows it as a

    Sorry! Edit now shows it as a 56.

  • WANTED! British Transport Police issues rogues gallery of suspected bike thieves1 year 24 weeks agoWhat's the point of the

    What's the point of the official advice about locking up your bike near a CCTV camera? Nearly all the reports mention CCTV images of the suspect, hardly seems much of a deterrent! Thinking

  • Spin Speed Metal 30 wheelset1 year 24 weeks ago"they're stiff up and down

    "they're stiff up and down and compliant side-to-side" I suppose at least it's at least a change from the "Vertically compliant, laterally stiff" buzz phrase that usually populates the industry Thinking

  • Just in: Kinesis Crosslight CX Disc wheelset1 year 24 weeks agoIt would be useful to know

    It would be useful to know whether they are to be available for Campagnolo pattern cassettes, providing a solution to the problem of using Campag groupsets on disc specific frames.

    I'd also be interested in a test which mentions how noisy or quiet the ratchet is. I did regret buying wheels with Hope pro 2 hubs, they are noisy enough to wake the neighbours when I get home late. There should be a noise rating for hubs, as well as spoke count, weight etc.

  • Spin Speed Metal 30 wheelset1 year 24 weeks agoOuch!


  • Why must cyclists behave before they get bike paths?1 year 24 weeks agoSwitching motorists for

    Switching motorists for cyclists having to behave correctly before any improvements are made to roads/cyclepaths is an enlightening move.

    Many instances of irrational cycling prejudice arise from this weird idea that cyclists are an 'outgroup', not just all kinds of people who happen to be on a bike at the moment. It's as if 'they' (those cyclists) are a particular species who exist only on bikes, are rude yet oversensitive to criticism, arrogant yet poor, think they are above the law but quote it all the time to motorists, etc etc. People, on the other hand, drive cars. Most people, normal, decent hard working people, nearly everyone in fact, get around in cars. So you get things like that recent popular mainstream tv programme, the upadate of 'That's Life' voting one of the most irritating things about modern life as 'cyclists'. Or that terrible event at a Critical Mass ride in Brazil where a motorist drove into a large group of cyclists http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnR2ysyaoH4
    - some of the comments were truly shocking, along the lines of this psychopath was right to attempt to kill people because they happen to be on bikes. Turning these things around to motorists is always enlightening. E.g. motorists are the most annoying people in the world, people deserve to be killed because they are in a car, is always enlightening.

  • UCI Road World Championships1 year 24 weeks agoI watched most of it on

    I watched most of it on Eurosport while the F1 was on and then the highlights of the rest of the races on BBC1.

    Interesting to note that Tony Martin was spinning a 58/11 in the TT. I used to spin a 65/80 chainrings on a recumbent, but thats a totally different thing to a road bike.

  • Road Worlds: Marianne Vos finally gets her second road race world title after dominant display1 year 24 weeks agoAfter the break with 3 laps

    After the break with 3 laps left, it was her's to lose because only Longo went with her.

    The crash on the Cauberg was messy. Loads of riders going down and causing a mass pile up.

  • Why must cyclists behave before they get bike paths?1 year 24 weeks agoBlackpool is supposed to be a

    Blackpool is supposed to be a Cycling City but the cycle paths round here are downright dangerous. You get segregated paths that start and stop with little warning so you have to nip on and off the road to use them. The surfaces are so rough and patchy that it's dangerous to ride at more than 15mph and you have a good chance of breaking something on a road bike - they are really only suitable for pootling along on a sturdy MTB or hybrid. Plus you get the ubiquitous groups of pedestrians walking line abreast on the cycle path and refusing to make way for you even though there are pictures of bikes painted on the floor every 50 yards.

    I stick to the roads as it's the only safe option.

  • Why must cyclists behave before they get bike paths?1 year 24 weeks agoI felt deeply uncomfortable

    I felt deeply uncomfortable all day Thursday after on my usual commute to work along the CS3 I almost caused a crash trying to overtake a very slow lady on a Boris bike.

    I'm not a speed freak and I respect that she wants to go at her pace - I just have to get to work in a rush and I'd only allocated a certain amount of time.

    The cycle superhighways are deemed better than 'perfectly good' bike lanes by those in power, and actually, they are unfit for purpose already by virtue of being far too narrow for the number of cyclists.

    But after causing a danger to others by trying to go fast along it, I was forced to ask myself if I should be going on the road and putting my own life in danger instead.

    My behaviour was 'bad', but bad road planning put me in a position where it was too easy to cycle badly, or too hard not to, or something. Same with places where it's safer and quicker to nip onto the pavement for a few seconds than negotiate a hellish junction etc.

  • UCI Road World Championships1 year 24 weeks agoIs Hugh Porter kidding? she's

    Is Hugh Porter kidding? she's got wings on her wheels!! the shit that man comes out with...... Rolling On The Floor

  • Mendiz RS9.31 year 24 weeks agoMendiz, sounds like a package

    Mendiz, sounds like a package holiday destination.

  • FS: 2012 56cm Cannondale CAAD10 Ultegra £999.001 year 24 weeks agoSize?


  • Why must cyclists behave before they get bike paths?1 year 24 weeks agoInteresting that these people

    Interesting that these people in authority are not asking why a cyclist would take their chance on the road when there is a "perfectly good" cycle-path near by. Maybe when cycle-paths are cycle-paths and not shared use paths ie you have to take your life in your hands and ride from one near miss to the next, then I will use them! The last time I was knocked off my bike was on a so called cycle-path and this was by another cyclist not looking where he was going! Maybe we should call cycle-paths what they really are, "Dog shit alleys" it has a certain ring to it? Maybe if the people who finance these schemes could see what they are ie a big expensive dog loo then we could progress! If I had to use a Dog shit alley or be fined then I would either ride where there is no d.s. alley or drive...

  • UCI Road World Championships1 year 24 weeks agoNah not all together, the

    Nah not all together, the crash left quite a few behind.

  • Contador and Basso said to be among Operacion Puerto witnesses when trial begins in January1 year 24 weeks agoantonio wrote:SideBurn

    antonio wrote:
    SideBurn wrote:
    My thoughts entirely Sadly Biggins; there is an old saying, "Don't look under stones if you do don't want to find what is under them!"

    Could it be a UCI quote/

    I was more thinking FIFA and governing bodies other than the UCI but yes you could be right!

  • Why must cyclists behave before they get bike paths?1 year 24 weeks agoBut when such infrastructure

    But when such infrastructure is mooted to the powers-that-be the response is too often "no infrastructure until ALL cyclists adhere to the letter of the law and don't run red lights etc".

    The point I make in the piece, and on the BikeBiz.com spoof, is that the same does not apply to motorists. Nobody ever seriously suggests drivers won't get more roads until they stop speeding etc.

    Sure, some cyclists misbehave, but why should that the sins of a few lead to a lack of spending on all?

    Bike org officials who spend their professional lives asking for facilities for cyclists come up against this brick wall constantly: "when cyclists start behaving, then we may provide for them."

  • UCI Road World Championships1 year 24 weeks agoAccording to radio 5 the

    According to radio 5 the womens race is all back together with all 5 British girls still in with 3 laps to go Big Grin

  • UCI Road World Championships1 year 24 weeks agoNope Im watching the F1 then

    Nope Im watching the F1 then off out, and will be out for the mens road race tomorrow, missing all the sport!

  • Why must cyclists behave before they get bike paths?1 year 24 weeks agoAs it happens, I think there

    As it happens, I think there is quite a lot of what non-cyclists would regard as bad behaviour among cyclists - I am not going to make a moral jusdgement on it myself, but I can see where they are coming from - but this situation has come about because what we see as "the cyclist" in a generic sense, ie the dominant characteristic, has evolved in a sort of Darwinian pattern of natural selection in response to the road conditions we have to face. Expose us to unpleasant or dangerous conditions for which the only viable survival tactic is to go vehicular, to straddle the lane, ride fast and furious, get well away from lights and junctions before we are overrun, and it can hardly be a surprise if that is what we do, and it can hardly be a surprise if most of the people who can, or who are willing, to do this are men in the prime of life - just the type, in short, who are most likely to exhibit aggressive tendencies.

    So not only does it make no sense to deal with cyclists infrastructure in a way you would not deal with motorists, but if you want to improve their average standard of behaviour, what you actually want is to shift the balance towards female, younger, and especially older cyclists, who currently feel frozen out of something that ideally they would like to be able to do. In other words, improve cycling conditions and cylcling behaviour will follow, not vice versa.

  • UCI Road World Championships1 year 24 weeks agoYup, Hopefully someone will

    Yup, Hopefully someone will update the startlist today Wink

    Anyone watching the woman's race? Massive crash, looked like dominoes

  • UCI Road World Championships1 year 24 weeks agoSo Slagter is racing, all

    So Slagter is racing, all good then Smile