• Pictures of your Bike1 year 5 weeks agoRussianMichael wrote:I

    RussianMichael wrote:
    I realise position is a very individual thing (ie comfort and saddle tilt-related issues) but it seems that your saddle is quite far back for a TT position, no? It closes the hip angle and reduces the power you can put down, sort-of handicapping your main power-generating muscles. Also, if you have no flexibility issues, you can really benefit from a lower or more stretched-out position on the front end, provided elbows are not too far off 90deg. Basically, there are mountains of 'free speed' to be gained by experimenting with position. Yours might already be optimal for you, I'm not a bike fitter, but just suggesting shifting saddle forward and dropping the stem lower if you haven't tried it already.

    Thanks for the tip Michael. I have been bike fitted so the stem & handlebars I will leave as is but Yes maybe the saddle has crept forward since my fitting. I will double check with the bike fitter.

    thanks for being so observant.

  • Transport for London agrees to scrap 'Stay Back' stickers1 year 5 weeks agoSo, nearly a month later

    So, nearly a month later these stickers are still on TfL buses, FORS vehicles including small vans, and all sorts of other vehicles...

    Anyone got an idea on when this will get done?

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 5 weeks agoGot a bet on for J-Rod having

    Got a bet on for J-Rod having a pop at stage win so I think I've doomed him (my bets this year; Froome for overall, Porte for podium, Talansky for podium, Contador for stage win when he went out Laughing anyone want any other riders cursing?).

  • My brother’s not a doper, says Jonathan Tiernan-Locke’s twin sister1 year 5 weeks agois this anything like Tyler

    is this anything like Tyler Hamilton's twin brother?

  • Limited Edition Tinkoff-Saxo (Team Edition ) Kit1 year 5 weeks agoSOLD


  • Chris Snook's 5th generation Genesis Volare 953 race bike1 year 5 weeks agodaccordimark

    daccordimark wrote:
    notfastenough wrote:
    DrJDog wrote:
    It is beautiful, but I still have weight reservations. And price reservations.

    Agreed. I visited a new bike shop in Manchester recently, who are a rare stockist of the Italian Ciocc brand. They have a very smart-looking steel frame in Columbus SL which he said I could have for 'just over a grand', and that is lighter than 953. Italian-made, and with a custom paint job too. 6-week turnaround direct from Italy.

    I thought they were same weight ~1.8kg for the bare frame. The Ciocc has the advantage (to my mind) of coming with a steel fork - if you were looking at the "vintage" range that is. I agree that the Genesis has always seemed expensive compared to Rourke's prices for example.

    But you can't really compare 953 with Niobium steel in the durability stakes either as it should last a lot longer. Mind you my old Columbus SL (non-Niobium) will probably outlast me even so!

    To clarify, his words were that the Ciocc 'could be built up as a lighter bike' than the 953 Madison-Genesis. I was looking at the new stuff, so a carbon fork.

    I don't know enough about steel, can you tell me more about why Niobium SL can't be compared to 953? Or, to put it another way, why pay the premium for 953? Thanks.

  • Beginner's advice on pedals & shoes?1 year 5 weeks agoJust remembered I bought

    Just remembered I bought Cycling Plus magazine this month so I have that pedal spanner!

  • Police appeal for witnesses after cyclist killed in south-west London1 year 5 weeks agoWe should be very careful

    We should be very careful about speculating, the driver was arrested, so there is a good possibility of a prosecution. He would have been breathalysed at the scene.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 5 weeks agoCosta out of the Tour with

    Costa out of the Tour with pneumonia.

    Rafal Majka (TSB)
    Tejay Van Garderen (BMC)
    Thibaut Pinot (FDJ)
    Vincenzo Nibali (AST)
    Joaquin Rodriguez (KAT)
    Romain Bardet (ALM)
    Rein Taaramae (COF)
    Giovanni Visconti (MOV)
    Jean-Christophe Peraud (ALM)

  • Moral Dilemma - See Through Bottoms1 year 5 weeks agoglynr36 wrote:daddyELVIS

    glynr36 wrote:
    daddyELVIS wrote:
    Why worry about it?

    If it's a nice sight, sit and wheel-suck for a while.

    If it's a terrible sight, chances are said lady is less-than-fit, should be no problem moving past swiftly.

    Simple Cool

    Don't be such a cretin.

    Just get on with your ride and ignore it, and don't adopt the elvis view that's around 50 years in the past.

    You need to chill, mate.

  • How long should a frame last?1 year 5 weeks agoAs above... depends on what

    As above... depends on what you have done to the frame.

    I've busted a few aluminium frames over the years and apart from one (catastrophic front end failure), they've always just displayed an obvious crack when being cleansed. No drama.

    I've had more dramatic failures in steel frames back in the day.

  • West Yorkshire gives free bikes to job starters1 year 5 weeks agoPresumably there'll be some

    Presumably there'll be some follow up so that the bikes aren't sold or kept on if/when the new employee becomes a new jobseeker?

  • Crack in Giant Defy 2 seat tube1 year 5 weeks agoFrom my experience Giant are

    From my experience Giant are great with warranty replacement.

  • Chris Snook's 5th generation Genesis Volare 953 race bike1 year 5 weeks agoI'd like a go on this bike. I

    I'd like a go on this bike. I was racing titanium last year, and there were some real benefits to the ride compared to carbon. However, there were negatives too, and I was glad to be back on Carbon this year.

    However, I'd like to try this bike out. I bet it will handle sweetly, and if it does transfer power as effectively as they suggest, I should imagine its a great ride.

    Quality steel gives a beautiful ride, which when paired to power transfer would make for a winning combination. The only challenge is carrying around the extra 800grams in frame weight over a good carbon. That in itself is not a major thing... 7kg overall bike weight is plenty light enough.

    Everyone is far too wrapped up in frame weight.

  • Video: Thomas Voeckler returns Dutch fans' abuse — with interest1 year 5 weeks agoandyp wrote:The guy's a

    andyp wrote:
    The guy's a cock.

    more of those on the roadside than on a bike.

  • The bikes of the Tour de France1 year 5 weeks agoThe Frenchies have it for

    The Frenchies have it for me... The Look and the Lapierre's are doing it... Does that mean I like it a bit too loud?

  • The bikes of the Tour de France1 year 5 weeks agoThe Frenchies have it for

    The Frenchies have it for me... The Look and the Lapierre's are doing it... Does that mean I like it a bit too loud?

  • Police appeal for witnesses after cyclist killed in south-west London1 year 5 weeks agoThe junction is, as @bikebot

    The junction is, as @bikebot says, utterly unremarkable. I suspect though that accident occurring at 0045 is probably more pertinent: darkness and alcohol almost certainly contributing factors.

    Kingston Road is exactly the sort of suburban road that sums up a problem in desperate need of solution - a very busy single carriageway road with few alternatives given the amount of traffic who try to use it (it is bounded by various railway lines which limit the parallel options). It is narrow enough in places to constrict pavements, let alone separate cycling infrastructure.

  • Moral Dilemma - See Through Bottoms1 year 5 weeks agoA dilemma indeed... (The

    A dilemma indeed... (The image is not mine by the way)

  • Performance Wheel Parts1 year 5 weeks agohttp://paolocoppo.drupalgarde


    Good place to start and the whole website is good, h plus son rims do seem a good shout, strong and a touch wider so better tyre shape if you run wider tyres (25mm+).

  • Chris Snook's 5th generation Genesis Volare 953 race bike1 year 5 weeks agokitkat wrote:I love this bike

    kitkat wrote:
    I love this bike and the idea of bringing Steel (or Ti) back to the racing ranks.

    Same here, and I think it looks fabulous. Cool

    I wouldn't worry about a few hundred grammes weight difference, which will make sod-all difference on a climb. The pleasure of owning and riding a bike like this would far outweigh the couple of extra seconds it would take.

  • Moral Dilemma - See Through Bottoms1 year 5 weeks agolindsam wrote:Personally, I'd

    lindsam wrote:
    Personally, I'd rather not be told by a stranger if they could see my knickers, as there is little I could do about it on a ride and I'd feel pretty self-conscious.
    But at least you could do something about in next time!

    That said, I'd keep schtum myself.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 5 weeks agoray silvester wrote:Dux89

    ray silvester wrote:
    Dux89 wrote:
    OGE's 2014 Tour isn't going as well as their 2013 campaign did.
    yep , that's what happens when some wank takes out and injures your leader on first stage.


  • West Yorkshire gives free bikes to job starters1 year 5 weeks agoSounds a perfectly good idea

    Sounds a perfectly good idea to me.

    Note that there's no such thing as 'the dole', it's been Jobseekers' Allowance / Income Support for well over a decade.

  • Video round-up: How to wash your bike like a pro, Texas close pass, TdF peloton goes bug hunting and more1 year 5 weeks agoFATBEGGARONABIKE wrote:Have

    Have to agree with Mathelo that looked deliberate. admittedly there is only a short piece of footage to judge the pickup's driving but you can see it driving in lane prior to the incident then coming over (poss just to scare the cyclist) but he miss-judges it badly. I hope the driver is charged with attempted murder (vehicular homicide? I think is what the yanks call it).

    You think it is deliberate attempted murder from the video? What exactly do you see that tells you that?

    Do a bit of motorway driving, cars drifting out of lane isn't a rare event. You often know to give certains drivers a wide berth, because they're obviously not fully attentive. It's why the Gov't still has to run safety adverts telling tired drivers to pull over, and there's tons of research into safety devices that detect drivers nodding off.

    It's a serious problems that is also criminal, but inflating the crime to "attempted murder" without anything to suggest there was intent is silly.