• Giro stage 151 year 5 weeks agoUnfortunately I was muted so

    Unfortunately I was muted so couldn't give out my 66/1 tip Duarte',
    I was very keen on Duarte, as I learnt he lives and trains near by, recently had a daughter and would like to dedicate a stage to her, and he didn't spend a penny day before back in pack. KNEW today was the day. first 3 in my team, as Aru just keeps impressing, he looked to be travelling very well other day, but I did make mistake getting caught up in the hunger flat talk about Uran which takes 48 hrs to recover from, so kept Evans and sold Uran ...silly billy. 171 pts not to shabby, into top 20 I think in purist for giro and 2nd in purist non prem races for the year Smile Been a great tour again, always full of action, but for crying out load, change the time of year or something, man is it global warming or what, but this races weather just gets worse every year, couldn't pay me enough to do this tour, and I think it is the most dangerous.

  • Chris Froome says he almost left Sky in 2011, tells of tension with Bradley Wiggins1 year 5 weeks agoHas it taken some this long

    Has it taken some this long to reliase what is going on, what they are...

    (fan boys / girls aside...)

  • South Oz police threaten to fine unhelmetted riders on anti-compulsion protest ride1 year 5 weeks agolevermonkey wrote:The point

    levermonkey wrote:
    The point of all this is: If I swing a sledgehammer at your head what is going to protect you more, you putting on a cycling helmet or me putting down the sledgehammer? Thinking

    What does this have to do with riding a bike? Are you Australian?

  • Handlebars1 year 5 weeks agoThe wider you go the less

    The wider you go the less aero you'll be, if anything go narrower! If you do go wider, any improvements in breathing (if any) will be lost to the wind. Also you'll be squeezing your shoulder blades, so you risk upper back problems.

  • Power meter options?1 year 5 weeks agoUpdate. Thanks for all the

    Thanks for all the input.
    I went for the Powertap, mainly on cost and the quickest route - maybe not the most forward thinking one. Had it built into a wheel (and matching front) by Harry Rowland whose service was excellent. Linked in with the Garmin really easy - essentially so far is doing what it said on the tin.

  • Chris Froome says he almost left Sky in 2011, tells of tension with Bradley Wiggins1 year 5 weeks agoPeople seem quite polarised

    People seem quite polarised and I guess that is because people like to line up behind personalities.

    Sky spent a long time priming Wiggins as their poster boy so I understand why the plan was put him on the podium in France. There's a certain naivety in Froome's story: did he really expect Brailsford and the team to suddenly switch to him? Froome cannot have missed that Wiggins was team leader and that the focus was on him. Did he forget how the Dauphine Libere panned out in 2012?

    Froome's 'form' is and probably was a fair bit more superior to Wiggins in the mountains. It's academic about whether Froome could've won 2012. But his performance really set up 2013. And he duly won it and in a much more impressive individual performance. If Wiggins and Froome have any sense they will join forces for 2014 and whomever they choose as their team leader SHOULD be supported and aided by their team mates. Froome is ideally situated for that role and I think Wiggins had been making all the right noises for this to happen....what will happen now though?!

  • The 3.0 rider competition.1 year 5 weeks agoI'll add giro scores when

    I'll add giro scores when it's all done.....I'd be surprised if Zoidl or Hepburn weren't in the lead at the end of it to be honest.

  • Mechanical advice required... (got a wheel out of true, and also can't get front brake caliper off)1 year 5 weeks agooldstrath wrote:Not sure

    oldstrath wrote:
    Not sure discs are the answer - two of my colleagues went back to rim brakes for winter after discovering that their disc brakes seized with all the salt and gunk on the roads.

    For winter, riding fixed wheel (or even just singlespeed) has a lot to commend it, as does going through the pain of a brief washdown every night.

    That'd be a shame, if discs ended up being just as much trouble. I guess anything is going to take a battering with the mixture of water, oil and salt that we have on winter roads. Maybe a CX with cantilever brakes would be a good option for me -- the bigger pads and simpler (but more effective) cantilever mechanism would certainly be welcome, and I bet there are some solid old CX bikes out there to be had for a reasonable price.

    I did actually think about fixed gear/single speed too. I'd really like to try it, maybe next winter, and I suspect I will go that route one day. I started looking around for old frames with horizontal drop outs (Raleigh Equipe era, maybe, or even older Colnago Super frames from the 80s), but I reckon I could be opening a whole can of worms there. Also not as cheap as I'd imagined, at least not in the crazy world of Ebay. Would you recommend building up an old frame as a fixed gear, or buying a purpose built modern 'fixie'. Also, is there a flip-flop wheel that you'd particularly recommend as being good value for money?

  • Podium Cafe VDS1 year 5 weeks agoNice little century for

    Nice little century for Phinney in the US TT's

  • Chris Froome says he almost left Sky in 2011, tells of tension with Bradley Wiggins1 year 5 weeks agoComparing Froome to Kevin

    Comparing Froome to Kevin Pietersen is plain stupid and misses the obvious fact that individual riders are recorded as the winners of bike races and teams as winners of cricket matches. And lets not forget that Froome walked the talk by winning the Tour. A better comparison for Wiggins/Froome/Sky situation would be Formula 1 where team orders sometimes rob the public of seeing the best driver win races.

  • Chris Froome says he almost left Sky in 2011, tells of tension with Bradley Wiggins1 year 5 weeks agoAndy Halls wrote:Wiggo is

    Andy Halls wrote:
    Wiggo is just a time trialist a soloist he does not understand the meaning of team player

    I don't know, the turn he put in on the final few laps of the 2011 World Championships for Cav was amazing.

  • Mechanical advice required... (got a wheel out of true, and also can't get front brake caliper off)1 year 5 weeks agoI'm not overly heavy, just

    I'm not overly heavy, just under 80KGs generally (a bit less right now, because I ran a marathon a few weeks ago). My basic commute is 9 miles each way, along flat roads (but it's very stop/start -- lots of traffic lights and busy junctions). I'll often take longer scenic routes to avoid the worst of the traffic, and add diversions to get some hills in too. I'm doing somewhere over 150 kms per week. Which doesn't sound that much, but I guess it's the nature of the riding, and maybe my slightly heavy-handed bike handling (I try my best to brake gently, but I like to know I'm going to stop).

    I do ride fairly fast, as much as you can in traffic. I'll try not to drop below 32kph, and I'll accelerate to try and get to lights before they change if there's more than a 50/50 chance of getting through (the obvious problem with that being you need to stop suddenly from 40kph+ if you don't make it, the upside being it adds a decent training element to the ride and you save a few minutes if you make it).

    I do clean the bike at least once a week, including degreasing the drive-chain, cleaning it down thoroughly and re-lubing it with wet oil (currently muc-off wet, which is my favourite oil so far). I have never stripped the headset, bb or hubs because I'm worried I'll do more damage than good. I also think my headset has cartridge bearings -- should I still be greasing those? Is my BB likely to be sealed too, being square taper type?

    Brake pads do pick up nasty looking splinters of metal, so I clean them regularly. I've never seen that on a MTB, so I really wasn't expecting it the first time I cleaned them up (though those first pads that came with the bike were truly terrible things, and were barely able to stop me in the wet). I keep a close eye on it now, but the Clarke pads are so much better in that regard.

    Thanks again for the advice. I didn't try WD40 on the brake calliper bolt, because the thread is completely encased, but you're right, I should've done. I'll give that a go. I do WD40 the brake levers, mech internals and whatnot after a wash.

  • SRAM gear lever sensitivity issue1 year 5 weeks agoChecked the spines, they're

    Checked the spines, they're in perfect nick so that's one possibility eliminated.

    I washed out the lever mechanism and then blasted through some TF4 lube and that seems to have improved the feel of the shifting a bit.

  • Chris Froome says he almost left Sky in 2011, tells of tension with Bradley Wiggins1 year 5 weeks agoAndy Halls wrote:Wiggo is

    Andy Halls wrote:
    Wiggo is just a time trialist a soloist he does not understand the meaning of team player

    The same Brad Wiggins who was at the front of the pack in the yellow jersey as part of Cavendish's lead out train? Not many tour leaders would put themselves in that much risk down the cobbles of the Champs. Christ, Cadel Evans wouldn't even ride the final stage on his yellow bike such was his want to not risk anything going wrong at such a late stage in the race.

    Andy Halls wrote:
    they all respect froomey as he is a genuine team leader not just a wheel sucker.

    A few years ago when Fabian Barthez played for Manchester United a number of the red tops would refer to him as a clown. This is one of those tabloid phrases real people don't use, a bit like "romp", so whenever I heard someone refer to Barthez as a clown I knew straight away it wasn't their opinion, but merely them regurgitating the nonsense they had read in a paper and trying to pass it off as their own knowledge. I get a much similar feeling when I see people using the term "Wheel Sucker" about Wiggins.

  • Chris Froome says he almost left Sky in 2011, tells of tension with Bradley Wiggins1 year 5 weeks agoWhat I find interesting is

    What I find interesting is that both have been seen to publicly put the differences aside at training camps. Sir Bradley has also said he'll help Froome in this year's Tour. I think he knows that he won't win, unless there's a catastrophic failure by Froome and the team can pull him along.

    So either Sir Bradley knows about the content of the book, which is possible or Froome really has thrown and allen key in the proverbial cassette and chain. I can't imagine that the Team Sky management haven't sanctioned this book. I'd go even further to speculate that contractually, if a rider wants to release a book they get the nod from the team. Otherwise it could be very damaging to the team and their big name sponsor. If they have no knowledge of this book, to me it's Froome that comes off very badly. Make up in public with a team mate and then bitch about him in a book, just before the biggest race in the world. Not so smart if you ask me.

    This isn't just about a single rider these days, it about how much money the sponsor will make, what ever the cost. Get that SKY emblazoned jersey out there, on the podium, in the break, on the finish line and let the world's viewers know who they are.

  • Schwalbe One V-Guard tyres1 year 5 weeks agonever really got on with this

    never really got on with this brands of tyres but will have to have a go with them.

  • Sram Quick View Computer Mount1 year 5 weeks agoi have got one of the older

    i have got one of the older garmins the 705 which uses the older style of mount but i bought a adapter that SRAM makes that allows me to use the out front mounts. liked the sram mount and fitted it to my tt bike which allows me to see my power without having to look down and take my eyes of the road. got mine for £13.50 which is about half the price of other out front mounts.


  • GIRO' WITHDRAWLS1 year 5 weeks agoGracias

    Gracias Smile

  • Next on the timetable: double cycling? Calls for cycling proficiency to appear on the school curriculum1 year 5 weeks agoGrizzerly wrote:I'm not sure

    Grizzerly wrote:
    I'm not sure Dad using his phone as he rides behind his kids is quite what we're looking for, though.

    I disagree. If you make the environment right then it shouldn't be a problem, at least for anyone else.

  • Chris Froome says he almost left Sky in 2011, tells of tension with Bradley Wiggins1 year 5 weeks agoWiggins is a class act, but I

    Wiggins is a class act, but I do not think he can go to any 3 week tour expecting to win these days. The Vuelta and Giro have too much climbing, often of the steep type which Wiggins struggles with and not enough TT's. The steep hills are also harder for Sky to control. The Tour is a better bet, but he still needs more TT's and fewer brutal mountains to have a chance. He would also need the Sky team to do the 100kms team juggernaught thing perfectly most stages. But I think that there are plenty of Quintanas and Urans and Nibalis and Contadors who would can do OK TT's and would pounce in the mountains if Sky faltered 1 step. But Froome can do a good TT too and is one of the best climbers. It makes Sky's job a lot easier if you can deliver someone like Froome into the last 10kms with say Porte as support. With Froome you know that he can stick with the best, or maybe leave them behind. With Wiggins it is always a defensive battle.

  • Chris Froome says he almost left Sky in 2011, tells of tension with Bradley Wiggins1 year 5 weeks agoQuote "A new deal It was

    Quote "A new deal
    It was immediately after the Vuelta that Froome signed a new, three-year deal with Sky, but the 29-year-old says that he was tempted by offers from rival teams that were able to guarantee him undisputed leadership in major stage races." End Quote.

    So he had offers of undisputed number one at other teams but he chose to stay at Sky, Why?

    Because they offered him a chance to win races?


    Because they offered him more money!

    As other have commented, another case of Pitersen-itis; where they have a bigger opinion of their importance and value than the people who employ them.

    If he thinks he is so good then his chance will come soon to prove it. A 3 year contract signed after the 2011 Vuelta will mean that his option will be up later this summer and then let's see who wants to employ him.

  • Chris Froome says he almost left Sky in 2011, tells of tension with Bradley Wiggins1 year 5 weeks agoThe timing is a tad suspect.

    The timing is a tad suspect. Some years ago you knew the TdF was coming up when a new book was launched exposing LA. I suppose now he's off the scene the publishers just have to make do with some Wiggo/Dawg rivalry...

  • May the best woman win1 year 5 weeks agoVeloPeo wrote:I can't help

    VeloPeo wrote:
    I can't help see WH as a massive missed opportunity.

    Wish they'd signed some British cyclists who treat road as their number one priority instead of riders who are always going to have track as their main focus.

    That's not to slag off the likes of Trott, King and Rowsell but they're never going to be contenders on the road. There's a bunch of road riders who would have been a much better investment as they might actually be winning

    To be fair I think we would have all said that about Wiggins and Cavendish less than 8 years ago

  • May the best woman win1 year 5 weeks agoTo be fair we would all have

    To be fair we would all have said that About Wiggins and Cavendish less than 8 years ago...

  • Mechanical advice required... (got a wheel out of true, and also can't get front brake caliper off)1 year 5 weeks agoYou have not said how heavy

    You have not said how heavy you are, or how far your commute is. You may be doing 1000's of kms, or you may be doing 100's. Iy your just ride your bike without servicing it, esp in winter on gritty roads, parts will wear. But do you check your brake pads for bits of metal stuck in them? I find some rims flake off and then the metal gets stuck in the pad and grinds into it. Then you have to brake even harder and the grinding gets worse. Pick out any nasties from your pads if you hear a grinding noise on braking. Also some rims are harder than others. I have some Mavic MA2s from about 25 years ago which have done a lot of miles but look nearly new. As for trueing, 1mm is not bad, but it is probably just 1 or 2 spokes which have settled in. Keep an eye on it and get it checked if it gets worse. As for the brakes, I take it you have given them a good spray of wd40 or similar to make sure the bolt is lubricated before you tried to take them off? If not try this, then try the tip about the Torx bolt. If nothing works, a last ditch technique is to turn the bike upside down and see if you can see the bolt through a hole under the forks - then you can use a hacksaw blade to cut it in 2. Bit drastic, but it may be the only way (or drill it out).

    I would back up what some of the other poasts have said - the British winter kills bikes if they are not kept clean. Wash it once a week or so and be liberal with oil. Something heavyish for the chain, and wd40 the brake pivots, mechs etc (but not the rims or pads obviously)