• UCI-approved road bike disc brakes coming in 2016, says WFSGI's bike man1 year 5 weeks agoI don't understand why they

    I don't understand why they don't just make them legal now and allow the manufacturers and teams to sort things out themselves. You can guarantee that if there is a performance improvement to be had, many of the issues will be ironed out amazingly quickly.

    My Kinesis Racelight T2 will be the last rim braked bike I ever have. One with discs would be perfect.

  • Giro d'Italia - Stage 111 year 5 weeks agoDurbridge abandons

    Durbridge abandons

  • Bradley Wiggins says California victory can help restore US cycling credibility1 year 5 weeks agoWhere does he get this shit

    Where does he get this shit from? He is a 50/50 Marmite bloke, half like him, half don't.

    Alot of people also don't trust that he's been clean his whole career.

    So why does a British rider, on a British team restore US credibility.... Rolling On The Floor

  • Riding from Beaumaris base1 year 5 weeks agofelixcat wrote:Many of my

    felixcat wrote:
    Many of my favourites have been mentioned here. I can add a few I hope.
    Has Penmon been mentioned? The toll road to the lighthouse is free for bikes. The caff is sometimes open on summer weekends. The large letters on the lighthouse "NO PASSAGE TO LANDWARD" amuse, especially when the tide is out.
    All the corners of Mon are worth a trip.
    Newborough and Llanddwyn Island with its two toy lights and coastguard cottages.
    South Stack, with hundreds of steps down to the bridge to the lighthouse island.
    Carmel Head where a rough track takes you past two sea marks like giant white skittles.
    Llynas Head, tarmac all the way to a light on a peninsular which does not flash, it occults.
    Remembering all these rides makes me a bit sad, since I no longer live there, but mainly happy with memories of great days in the saddle.
    Is the Queen's Head in Ty Croes still unchanged since before WWII? With no beer pumps, just taps on the barrels and faded flowery wall paper in the parlour?

    Crikey, where to even start with this lot? Laughing Sounds like you have some great memories of there. I have no idea what an occult lighthouse looks like... I'll have a look at some maps and work out where all these places are first!

  • Race v sportive video marshal clarifies incident details1 year 5 weeks agoThis video is only really

    This video is only really worth watching because of the stupidity of the chap in the Kelme top, and then he falls off Rolling On The Floor . 'The argument' helps of course but now we find this is nothing to do with the sportive...
    I am sure that BC will continue to argue that they need to regulate (meaning: make money from) sportives. Starting, of course, with; "They shall ride with helmets". Because that would have made all the difference here would it not?

  • Global bike lobby urges tough sentence in US road rage case1 year 5 weeks agoWe need to keep fighting this

    We need to keep fighting this fight.

  • Global bike lobby urges tough sentence in US road rage case1 year 5 weeks agoWe need to keep fighting this

    We need to keep fighting this fight.

  • UCI-approved road bike disc brakes coming in 2016, says WFSGI's bike man1 year 5 weeks agoI'm holding out until we have

    I'm holding out until we have electronically actuated disc brakes, with an ABS fitted. Even then, I might hold out a bit longer for the chain free bike - a variable resistance dynamo in the crank powering a motorised hub, and do away with such archaic tech like chains. Everyone wins, no more lubes, no more chain wear, infinite gears...

    It'll change racing.

  • Eurosport Player1 year 5 weeks ago*Update* I managed to get it

    *Update* I managed to get it working by completing the subscription from my PC as opposed to either of my Android devices, works fine on all now. Worth a try if anyone else is having issues.

  • UCI-approved road bike disc brakes coming in 2016, says WFSGI's bike man1 year 5 weeks agoI'll change to disc brakes

    I'll change to disc brakes when my Ti frame packs up, i.e. never.
    I'm sure they are better but I just don't give a crap, braking is overrated anyway.

  • Continental tyre amnesty - get a pair of Grand Sport Race tyres free1 year 5 weeks agoThis sounds like a great

    This sounds like a great offer, unfortunately there doesn't appear to be anywhere in Essex listed as a participant, bit of a long drive to the nearest one, kind of knocks the point of them being free if it's going to cost a lot to get there.
    Oh well, hopefully this will encourage others to do similar offers with new tyres etc, I've got a couple of old spares ready just in case.

  • British Cycling calls for regulation of sportives after Yorkshire route clash (+ video)1 year 5 weeks agoThe vultures are circling,

    The vultures are circling, there is no need to "regulate" these events, there is a need however to regulate motorists........oh wait.......

  • Single Speed riders - how many of you are out there?!1 year 5 weeks agoI do some of my commuting

    I do some of my commuting (London) on a fixed gear bike. There's a load of fixed gear riders in Bristol, that's potentially not too far. Check out http://trackdropouts.com/ and http://www.dasradklub.com/

  • Lightweight alloy wheels1 year 5 weeks ago@Slide89 - you weren't

    @Slide89 - you weren't looking for this lot to help you make a simple decision between just 2 products were you?! Laughing

    I like the blingness of riding FFWD or Tune wheels (even if they are wiggle exclusive). Cero are indeed meant to be very good - these plus a new pair of cycling shoes perhaps?!

  • Motorcyclist / cyclist collision near Buckingham Palace1 year 5 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:Waiting for TFL

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Waiting for TFL to respond as to what the lane is for. It is narrow where he was hit, but fills a full lane if you go back a bit down Constitution Hill

    It will have nothing do with tfl, it's a private highway within a royal park.

    Anyhow the lane is to facilitate a right turn out of the house for riders, to me it looks like a token effort but hey.

    More fool you you won't want to read this answer ; )

  • UCI-approved road bike disc brakes coming in 2016, says WFSGI's bike man1 year 5 weeks agoDr.Galactus wrote:colinth

    Dr.Galactus wrote:
    colinth wrote:
    Interested to see how triathlon and tt bikes will handle them, are disc brakes more or less aerodynamic ?
    They're slightly less aero but as you don't need to have a braking surface the rim needs less compromises, it can also be lighter which offsets the disc weight.
    - http://road.cc/content/feature/83327-disc-brakes-v-rim-brakes-which-are-more-aero
    It depends a bit on what you expect.
    In the Culprit test, the area differences between the disc and rim brake setups are about the same across the yaw angles as you would find between the same bike with Zipp 404s compared with 32 spoke box rimmed wheels.

    If you want to do a like for like comparison, I'd suggest that in terms of overall aero drag and overall weight, a disc braked bike with 404s and a rim braked bike with an unaero 32 spoked alloy wheel would be about the same.

    Then you have to weigh up the improved braking of discs vs alloy rim, along with the improved aero you could get from a lower spoke count 30mm deep aero shaped alloy rim.

    It'll be interesting to see how much extra freedom is available in rim design weight and shape when no brake track is needed. It'd seem unlikely you could get lighter than with a tubular rim, but we'll see.

  • Lightweight alloy wheels1 year 5 weeks agoWill also muddy the water

    Will also muddy the water here, Stans Notubes Alpha ztr 340's are about bang on £500 on Strada i think, somewhere around 1255g fully built.

    I've a set with a powertap in and they're still light as. Most solid wheels I've ever ridden as well, they take a bashing, I race on them, they're beautiful. <3

  • UCI-approved road bike disc brakes coming in 2016, says WFSGI's bike man1 year 5 weeks agoChuck wrote:aworthycause

    Chuck wrote:
    aworthycause wrote:
    poor bike handlers in pelotons slamming full-on, locking and taking others down too.

    A common argument against discs is that they're not needed because you can lock up with rim brakes easily enough already. So how would this be different?

    You can lock them even easier with a Disc.

  • Motorcyclist / cyclist collision near Buckingham Palace1 year 5 weeks agoSome general trolling of the

    Some general trolling of the biker on lfgss:

  • UCI-approved road bike disc brakes coming in 2016, says WFSGI's bike man1 year 5 weeks ago@Chuck - Why make it even

    @Chuck - Why make it even easier still? That makes little sense.
    (other than to push for riders to purchase new bikes and finishing kit to keep up to date)

  • New US brand Wraith Fabrication launches with steel road and cyclocross frames1 year 5 weeks agoAnd I thought Americans were

    And I thought Americans were tall.

  • Video: What happens when a sportive meets a road race coming the other way?1 year 5 weeks agoI don't ride sportives, and

    I don't ride sportives, and don't race.

    Somebody on the sportive committee didn't post their route or get the race sanctioned, so it's mainly their fault.

    But if you are asked to get off the road because a race is coming , it is common sense to do so to avoid an accident.

    I thought the idiot in stripes riding into a race was out of order, and I don't care if he is 60, a granddad, the nicest person in the world, it was irresponsible.

  • Riding from Beaumaris base1 year 5 weeks agoWig_Billy wrote:Have you

    Wig_Billy wrote:
    Have you included a trip down to Llanddona beach in that route? Getting back up from there is quite a challenge. Wink

    If you fancy doing one big climb then Marchlyn Mawr (the high level reservoir for Dinorwig Power Station/Electric Mountain) is within your range from Beaumaris. There's an access road above Deiniolen (near Llanberis) which takes you right up to the reservoir (>2,000ft). You can see Beaumaris from up there, as well as most of Anglesey - it's a great view.
    There's also another 'summit' which you get to via a junction half way up the access road. From here you get an impressive view of Llanberis and the mountains (depending of the weather of course).

    notfastenough wrote:
    @Neil - is that tiny south-westerly road through pentraeth forest passable on 23c tyres, or do I need to box round it on the B5109?

    I know that 'road'. It's passable, but it's a challenge. It's a loose gravel road/track with a few rocky patches along the way. It's also quite hilly, which doesn't make the surface any easier. Good fun though.

    Cool - I'm assuming that the climb starts at either end of that straight road alongside the beach that's sort of North-North-West from Llandonna itself. I see the two roads meet halfway up anyway. I could approach the beach from Lon Goch after coming from Penmon. Talking of which, I hadn't included a trip to the lighthouse - be rude not to visit, I guess.

    Marchlyn Mawr might be good for the second day. Is it bad that I thought Dinorwig was in Scotland?!

    God bless GPS - I'd get round a course like this without it, but the cue sheet on my top tube and the stopping/faffing about would be endless!

  • Continental tyre amnesty - get a pair of Grand Sport Race tyres free1 year 5 weeks agojust called my LBS, who are

    just called my LBS, who are listed as a participating retailer, and this article was the first they'd heard of the offer!

    They're on the phone to their distributor now...that should be an interesting conversation.

  • Just In: Sabbath September Disc1 year 5 weeks agoIf I didn't already have a VN

    If I didn't already have a VN Yukon....