• Boris Johnson says he "won't be bullied" into wearing a cycle helmet (+ video)1 year 12 weeks agohow much protection does a

    how much protection does a helmet give you...i don't know. I know that when i crashed last time and shattered the lid on the curb, then on second bounce the lid (what was left) came off and on third impact i knocked myself out. I can't say for certain, but given the damage done by the third impact, if i wasn't wearing one i imagine i would've at least cracked my skull on the first.
    Should people be forced to wear a lid? no, i don't think so. I always wear one.

  • USB Cable for Garmin1 year 12 weeks agoYep, 99p inc. delivery from

    Yep, 99p inc. delivery from ebay usually, buy a few of them!

  • Sabotage hits New Forest sportive with drawing pins spread on road, signs ripped down and go-slow driving1 year 12 weeks agointeresting how you don't get

    interesting how you don't get this problem on the Dragon.
    In fact I saw many villages lined with locals out on deck
    chairs cheering us all on .... sad that there are such
    narrow minded bigots around. Bet the local businesses
    liked the influx of trade though !

  • Sabotage hits New Forest sportive with drawing pins spread on road, signs ripped down and go-slow driving1 year 12 weeks agoAnd one final thought - at

    And one final thought - at the other end of the A35, I see motor accident tragically killed two people yesterday... and yet no one will suggest any limits on drivers flying around the forest's roads today, I'm sure.


  • Sabotage hits New Forest sportive with drawing pins spread on road, signs ripped down and go-slow driving1 year 12 weeks agoHaving ridden the sportive on

    Having ridden the sportive on Saturday, and being from the area myself, I can say I was absolutely appalled by the behaviour of some locals.... Not only were signs vandalised, changed and removed altogether, at a particularly isolated part of the forest a threatening group of men gathered across the centre of the road, pushing at cyclists as we went through the middle of group, bemoaning ‘mass cycling events in our forest’. I note the local MP, Dr Julian Lewis has been less quick to jump to condemnation of this type of dangerous behaviour than he was of peaceful and harmless cyclists bringing money into the area at a time when tourism numbers are down sharply thanks to our terrible winter weather! Having stoked up so much of the outrage, I presume he is keeping his head down...

  • New Forest row: Sportive organiser warns riders to follow Highway Code... and locals will be watching1 year 12 weeks agoRode it on Saturday and seems

    Rode it on Saturday and seems to have been a storm in a teacup. No protesters, very little traffic on the mainly quiet roads. Maybe it was the weather, so rainy even the ponies/cattle stayed under the trees and off the road.

    Only complaint was a small amount of litter (I saw maybe 10ish gel wrappers) and that the organisers cocked up my timing (wrong number, wrong time, wrong distance).

    Looked like a few people's cars were stuck in the mud in the car park/field (hint: if the wheels are spinning, then more throttle is not the solution) but as I was staying in a B&B a few miles down the road I had a bit of a chuckle about it.

  • Purist team for spring Classics1 year 12 weeks agoWell , for the next season ,

    Well , for the next season , the game could be inspired to create two competitions: Flandrian + SanRemo, and Ardennes .
    BTW , it not a reason to close my window change to create a "new purist team " ( Confused ) for Flêche Wallone and LBL .

  • Sabotage hits New Forest sportive with drawing pins spread on road, signs ripped down and go-slow driving1 year 12 weeks agoSo what will the police do?

    So what will the police do?

  • Sabotage hits New Forest sportive with drawing pins spread on road, signs ripped down and go-slow driving1 year 12 weeks agoPathetic.. what do they think

    Pathetic.. what do they think they're achieving?

  • Just in: Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 20131 year 12 weeks agoHi Seabass89, If you go on

    Hi Seabass89,

    If you go on the Canyon website you can set your location as Norway and you will see the price in Euro for any bike to be shipped directly from our German assembly line to Norway - you can pick your language too if you prefer it to be in English.

    You definitely don't need to pay double VAT on our products, only the appropriate VAT for where the bike is purchased.

    I hope that helps. We also have a service centre which covers Norway so you can give them a call to clarify.

    Canyon UK

  • Purist team for spring Classics1 year 12 weeks agoPurist teams can make

    Purist teams can make transfers in any 'unlimited' transfer window. That's been said quite a few times in the build up and throughout the classics period.

    As such purist teams could make transfers after Milan-San Remo and between Paris-Roubaix and Amstel Gold.

    That's been the case from the start and partly why the unlimited windows are there in the first place.

  • Purist team for spring Classics1 year 12 weeks agoBecause you missed the window

    Because you missed the window Confused

  • USB Cable for Garmin1 year 12 weeks agoIt's just a standard mini USB

    It's just a standard mini USB cable.

  • Wiggle New Forest Spring Sportive called off after deluge of rain1 year 12 weeks agoI rode it on Saturday and got

    I rode it on Saturday and got really, really wet. The weather was lovely on Sunday, I was wishing I'd signed up for Sunday as I didn't realise it had been cancelled.

  • Fantasy Cycling Calendar1 year 12 weeks agoThinking ahead to the

    Thinking ahead to the classics next year is it worth breaking them up into separate competitions?

    Every year people struggle to get their heads around having the classics as groups of races and purists fail to understand how it works.

    What about having three separate competitions?

    Early classics (KBK and Omloop, Strade Bianchi and Roma Maxima)

    Cobbled classics (E3, Gent, Flanders and possibly Paris-Roubaix unless that could be a separate race entirely)

    Ardennes Classics (Brabanste Pijl, Amstel, Fleche Wallone and LBL)

    That'd break it up while still keeping the races together in sensible groups, it also makes it more challenging for purists without being unduly confusing.


  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 12 weeks agoGo Pigeons!

    Go Pigeons! Big Grin

  • Witness appeal after cyclist killed near Peterborough this morning1 year 12 weeks agoTo 'Notfastenough' Just to

    To 'Notfastenough'

    Just to clarify: the introduction of 'presumed liability' rules would not lead to the driver being prosecuted automatically.

    It is important to distinguish between civil and criminal law.

    The 'presumed liability' principle relates solely to civil law, i.e. who the payment of compensation. It creates a presumption that a driver who has hit a pedestrian or cyclist is liable for the payment of compensation for injury damages - unless the driver can show that the victim had been culpably at fault for the collision. (In practice of course the compensatoin would be paid out by the driver's insurance scheme).

    It would have no bearing on the process for deciding whether or not the driver had committed a criminal offence. This would still be decided by the courts in the same way as at present.

    In other words, prosecutors would still need to satisfy the court that whatever crime they were prosecuting had been committed 'beyond reasonable doubt'. Hence the introduction of 'presumed liability' would not in any way affect the principle in criminal law of 'innocent unless proven guilty'.

    Moreover the CPS's own internal guidelines would still say that they should only bring prosecutions in the first place if they felt that (a) there was sufficient evidence that a court, properly directed, was more likely than not to convict for the offence as charged; and (b) that it was in the public interest for the prosecution to be brought.

    Roger Geffen
    Campaigns & Policy Director, CTC

  • Artist battles bad air in Beijing with home-made 'breathing bike' + VIDEO1 year 12 weeks ago"But it's not quite ready to

    "But it's not quite ready to go into production yet: Hope says: "If you ride this in the rain, you could potentially kill yourself.""

    Slight design flaw there Thinking

  • Witness appeal after cyclist killed near Peterborough this morning1 year 12 weeks agoPresumed liability is in

    Presumed liability is in relation to the ability to make a CIVIL (i.e compensatory) and not criminal claim. So that's not an issue. And it's still only presumed in the civil claim meaning the motorist can rebut it.

    Contrast that with strict liability (again only in civil claims) in which liability is essentially automatic.

  • Witness appeal after cyclist killed near Peterborough this morning1 year 12 weeks agoTrue, but under these

    True, but under these circumstances, if we had presumed liability, she would be prosecuted even if it wasn't really her fault, wouldn't she? Appreciate she's the one in charge of a large lump of metal, but not sure I can go along with that.

    RIP to the deceased.

  • Amstel Gold Race: Roman Kreuziger attacks to claim solo win1 year 12 weeks agoNumber 4 - Kwiatkowski. With

    Number 4 - Kwiatkowski. With everyone focusing on Sagan, this fella is thriving without as much spotlight on him. He's going to do big things.

    Voeckler - gutted. Hope he's fit for the tour.

    Schleck - I'm starting to feel sorry for now. I hope he gets his head right soon.

  • Just in: Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 20131 year 12 weeks agoseabass89 wrote:I just love

    seabass89 wrote:
    I just love the fact that if I was to order this bike to Norway I get a bill of 25% the value of the bike from the government, so suddenly it will cost me £4600.

    Suddenly it felt a bit pricey.

    That's not correct. The price quoted here includes UK VAT, and you don' t pay VAT twice. This bike will cost you £3800, due to the slightly higher norwegian VAT (25% vs 20%)

  • Just in: Canyon VCLS Post 2.01 year 12 weeks agoHi there 1961BikiE, The split

    Hi there 1961BikiE,

    The split does run the full length of the seatpost but because the two springs are bolted together at the bottom then there is no additional shear force transmitted to the frame. This feature also allows you to adjust the saddle angle quickly, easily and over a greater range than many seatposts - not usually except for some older saddles that have quite and angled rail.

    Regards your concerns about this coming from a third party, that's absolutely not the case. Ergon are based in the same German city as Canyon and are working together to bring a product to the aftermarket - Canyon is a direct, online only brand and Ergon operate through the traditional dealer and distributor network. I hope that helps.

    Canyon UK

  • Architects design elevated cycleways along the Regent's Canal to alleviate congestion1 year 12 weeks agoSo they didn't talk to the

    So they didn't talk to the canal managers or local cyclists before coming up with this hideous idea?

    if they had, they'd know that lots of people divert their cycle journeys on to the canal because they don't want to be mown down by inattentive driving or navigate London's unwelcoming streets.

    Make the streets in N London more safe and inviting for cycling, and congestion on the canal will disappear.

  • Starting out1 year 12 weeks agoGreat, thanks you for the

    Great, thanks you for the posts guys.

    I think it is a case of becoming confident in handling a bike and the rest will follow.

    Alot of my colleagues cycle to work, so I may try and sync up with them.