• Proud to be a #bloodycyclist? Buy the jersey and tell the world1 year 11 weeks agoIf you were the same size as

    If you were the same size as me you'd see the attraction of black gear. Big Grin

  • Crown Office to appeal "unduly lenient" sentence for double cyclist killer Gary McCourt1 year 11 weeks agoAny other walk of life where

    Any other walk of life where you caused two separate deaths through negligence (i.e. building site, etc) theres no doubt you'd be inside. WTF is the difference!!! I know i'm preaching to the converted but even so.

  • BMC TeamMachine SLR01 goes on a diet1 year 11 weeks agoStill needs a Kristin

    Still needs a Kristin Armstrong Chain Catcher and to minimize the "MADE IN TAIWAN" sticker. Wouldn't like having a proprietary seatpost either.

  • Proud to be a #bloodycyclist? Buy the jersey and tell the world1 year 11 weeks agoHere are some road kit

    Here are some road kit message examples sold:
    "If You Can Read This, You're Too Close"
    "Share The Road Sign"
    "Cyclists Pay Taxes"
    "If You Can Read This, I Need More Room"
    "<-- 3 Feet Thanks"
    "One Meter -->"
    "Share the Damn Road or Else"


  • Hutchinson Intensive Road Tubeless tyres1 year 11 weeks agoThis is an old post but this

    This is an old post but this comment is relevant.

    I bought a pair of these on the strength of this review. A big mistake; On country roads, after rain they lasted not five miles before a flint did for them - one large hole and a large gouge later, the rear needs replacing.

    So whats it to be - specialized armadillo elites, gator skins or racing tyres with Mr tuffy lightweight liners.

  • Anyone used bike discount.de1 year 11 weeks agoI've not used them, but have

    I've not used them, but have used Rose of Germany for wheels, no problems and quick.

  • Video: Not news but worth watching… The Spokesman1 year 11 weeks agoGlorious.


  • Video: Not news but worth watching… The Spokesman1 year 11 weeks agoFor my brothers and me, an

    For my brothers and me, an endurance race was riding our BMX bikes 3 miles to the Civic Center for baseball and a swim, then back on a sunny afternoon. Freedom. http://dailytimetrial.blogspot.com/2013/02/28.html

  • Ultegra Di21 year 11 weeks agoIn addition to a firmware

    In addition to a firmware upgrade you would need to make mechanical changes to the RD, namely altering the adjustment screws. However, the Shimano etube software will make the adjustments for you as long as you have loosened the screws. Then all you need to do is tighten the screws and you're good to go.

  • Anyone used bike discount.de1 year 11 weeks agoThey are uber-efficient (yes,

    They are uber-efficient (yes, that is intended)...quick delivery, great comms...I use them a lot as they seem to be cheaper than most UK retailers.

  • Richard Ballantine RIP1 year 11 weeks agoI always thought he was an

    I always thought he was an American?

  • Castelli Inferno bibshort1 year 11 weeks agoIt's interesting to note that

    It's interesting to note that the Garmin guys also use these on cool rainy days saying that they love how they don't hold water.

    Just one note on the review: "Castelli are moving away from the traditional silicone leg grippers to large elasticated hems, which they call GIRO3." Uhhh...Castelli actually started this trend. Giro3 is already the 3rd generation.

  • Castelli Nanoflex Armwarmer1 year 11 weeks agochingwongfu - ouch. The water

    chingwongfu - ouch. The water repellency used here is a nanotechnology treatment that deposits millions of 25 micron "hairs" on the surface of the fabric. Kind of like the surface of a peach. But using that foo-foo detergent was like putting gel on those hairs causing them to all lay down flat. An iron will only refresh a chemical DWR finish, not this physical structure. Try repeated washings with a mild powdered detergent and they might snap back.

  • Why is it considered wanky to wear sky kit1 year 11 weeks agoThis is the line The line

    This is the line
    The line between winning and losing
    Between failure and success
    Between good and great
    Between dreaming and believing
    Between convention and innovation
    Between head and heart
    It's a fine line
    It changes everything we do
    And we ride it every day

    If you have had time to read this guff on the back of the jersey of someone pootling along in the middle of a narrow lane, hands feathering the brakes in front of you then there's every chance that the kit might seem a bit wanky. Wear it if you want, I guess some people like the taste of corporate jiz. Each to his own.

    Brailsford, the Olympic team and British Cycling have done wonders for the sport. Murdoch has thrown in some money, he's still an execrable character.

  • 'Disc brakes will take over' - the man from TRP tells us why1 year 11 weeks agoSoft Southern Shandies. That

    Soft Southern Shandies.

    That is all.

  • Dauphine Stage 11 year 11 weeks agoNothing like recycling an old

    Nothing like recycling an old post.... Devil

  • Lance Armstrong tweets about his new bike… and it's not a Trek1 year 11 weeks agotimothy wrote:does posting on

    timothy wrote:
    does posting on twatter make you a famous cyclist? Does it not prove there are nearly 4m twatters who like a cheat. Sick

    Eddy Merckx much more famous and a better cyclist and human. factoid that. Smile

    I do believe eddy was known to dabble ........

  • DAUPHINE1 year 11 weeks agoChange of Mind. I Now have 3

    Change of Mind. I Now have 3 x gc And 6 x Ds In My Purist Team. Should get good pts At End Of Week.

  • Why is it considered wanky to wear sky kit1 year 11 weeks agoUndoubtedly Sky's sponsorship

    Undoubtedly Sky's sponsorship has been very beneficial to British cycling, encouraging more people to get onto bikes. But don't think for one second that their sponsorship is based on anything other than sound financial reasoning.

    BTW, Sky's zero-tolerance didn't stop them employing Geert Leinders, so I think we should be careful before getting too sanctimonious.

    My Johnny-come-lately observation was meant to illustrate that Sky has no historic love of cycling; they identified sport where they could get maximum exposure, threw relatively large amounts of money at an expensively assembled team, and have done very well out of it.

    I'm happy that Wiggins won the Tour, even if it was uncomfortably remiscent of US Postal (and about as exciting), and I'm delighted to see Brits doing well in the peleton. It's a shame Sky don't have a women's team. Presumably because it doesn't get the sort of media coverage that warrants that sort of investment.

    Ultimately, in my view Murdoch and his corporations are morally bankrupt, and that's why I'd never wear the kit. If other people want to, that's entirely their business.

  • Richard Ballantine RIP1 year 11 weeks agoI have lost touch with

    I have lost touch with Richard and often wonder what had happened to him. I have several editions of Richard's Bicycle Book which illuminated cycling to many in the dark ages of thirty or so years ago.

    I recall in the early 1980's challenging Richard about his advice on frame sizes which I argued produced too large a frame for the rider. His response was to invite me to write an article for Bicycle which he then owned and edited. He published the full article with no editing and paid me the NUJ rate. A real gentleman.

    Incidentally.time has proven me right with today's riders using very small frames indeed.

  • TfL plans to fine motorists and dock points from licences for ignoring Advanced Stop Lines1 year 11 weeks agobadkneestom wrote:Is that an

    badkneestom wrote:
    Is that an average intersection or just an anamoly? That pic drives me nuts.

    Could be an intersection on my commute in London. Some of them have far more cyclists at rush hour.

  • Alpe d' huez for the Tour in July.1 year 11 weeks agobikeboy76 wrote:Once waited

    bikeboy76 wrote:
    Once waited all afternoon in 38 degree heat for the tour on the lower slopes of the Alpe in 2003. Waited and watched the caravan nearly running people over and throwing Haribo and wheels of cheese out to a lucky few. Then the riders finally whizzed by in thirty seconds, led out by the infamous 'blue train.'

    Anticlimatic is an understatement. Cycling is for participation or the TV, avoid one of the most boring days of your life (not as interesting as the white water kayaking based in Briancon, bad decision; oh for just one more day on the river, so long ago.)

    That's your problem .....lower slopes , however this year with two ascents in the same stage they won't be going as quick nor as bunched up 2nd time round plus the day is what you make of it , talk to ppl have a laugh enjoy the caravan and just remember theseguys are why ppl want to climb those huge mmountain passes ....in fact you can ride them before they do on the same day and get fantastic support .....feel like a pro for a day Smile

  • TfL plans to fine motorists and dock points from licences for ignoring Advanced Stop Lines1 year 11 weeks agoThis is only enforcing the

    This is only enforcing the law about red lights. The ASL is beyond the stop line, hence if you drive over it on red you have jumped the lights.
    It's not hard to avoid stopping in one. Just treat it like a box junction (that you can get through it, or wait if you can't). It's not hard.
    I think most drivers know, but don't care. Most motorcyclists know, but want to get to the front so ignore them.

  • Sabotage will not be tolerated warning from Hampshire Police ahead of Wiggle Spring Sportive re-run1 year 11 weeks agospen wrote:cat1commuter

    spen wrote:
    cat1commuter wrote:
    Good to hear, but what criminal offence could someone who threw tacks on the road be charged with?

    Section 22A of the Road Traffic Act 1988

    "22A Causing danger to road-users.(1)A person is guilty of an offence if he intentionally and without lawful authority or reasonable cause—
    (a)causes anything to be on or over a road, or
    (b)interferes with a motor vehicle, trailer or cycle, or
    (c)interferes (directly or indirectly) with traffic equipment,
    in such circumstances that it would be obvious to a reasonable person that to do so would be dangerous.
    (2)In subsection (1) above “dangerous” refers to danger either of injury to any person while on or near a road, or of serious damage to property on or near a road; and in determining for the purposes of that subsection what would be obvious to a reasonable person in a particular case, regard shall be had not only to the circumstances of which he could be expected to be aware but also to any circumstances shown to have been within the knowledge of the accused.
    (3)In subsection (1) above “traffic equipment” means—
    (a)anything lawfully placed on or near a road by a highway authority;
    (b)a traffic sign lawfully placed on or near a road by a person other than a highway authority;
    (c)any fence, barrier or light lawfully placed on or near a road—
    (i)in pursuance of section 174 of the Highways Act 1980, F2. . . or section 65 of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (which provide for guarding, lighting and signing in streets where works are undertaken), or
    (ii)by a constable or a person acting under the instructions (whether general or specific) of a chief officer of police.
    (4)For the purposes of subsection (3) above anything placed on or near a road shall unless the contrary is proved be deemed to have been lawfully placed there.
    (5)In this section “road” does not include a footpath or bridleway.
    (6)This section does not extend to Scotland.]"

    should do it. Wonder how many of the police on duty would know any of this?

    Actually mate its bread and butter stuff to all cops.
    It's what you get taught from day one at training school and stays with you.

  • Strava abroad1 year 11 weeks agoThanks folks much appreciated

    Thanks folks much appreciated