• First Ride: B’Twin Alur 7001 year 5 weeks agoComparing this to my

    Comparing this to my much-missed CAAD8 which was £900 a couple of years ago... it has better gears, better brakes, a tapered headtube, it's half a kilo lighter and it's 15% cheaper.

    Downsides: the welds aren't very pretty, the chainstay brakes will get gunked up by commuting, I personally prefer non-black bikes and, er... you can't fit Roadracers to the Alur.

    It's a conspicuous bargain really.

  • Cyclists’ organisations unite against ‘stay back’ stickers1 year 5 weeks agoamawby wrote:Does anyone make

    amawby wrote:
    Does anyone make a "Motorists Stay Back" jersey? If not, why not.

    I wouldn't wear one. For the same reason I get annoyed if I see them on vehicles. They are almost more of a wind up than a warning. Just like I am pissed off seing them on the back of vans. I don't see how winding up motorists contributes to my safety.

  • First Ride: B’Twin Alur 7001 year 5 weeks agoIsn't the rear brake

    Isn't the rear brake perfectly positioned to get all the shyte from the rear wheel and some from the front too? And any flung-off chain lube on the pads.

    Is the extra ballache (flangeache too, for the feminists) of cleaning, lubing and adjusting the rear brake down there adequately compensated for by the marginal aero and mass-centralisation gains?

  • ARGH.... Rapha1 year 5 weeks agoMy coffee machine uses 1"

    My coffee machine uses 1" standard cups so no chance for me.

  • Cyclists’ organisations unite against ‘stay back’ stickers1 year 5 weeks agoFluffyKittenofTindalos

    FluffyKittenofTindalos wrote:
    AyBee wrote:

    Absolute b*llocks! Cycling safety should lie first and foremost with the cyclist

    No it shouldn't.

    yes, it should but what would you propose AyBee.

    By the interpretation of the sticker...if you stay behind a motorised vehicle you would be safe.

    Ok, lets see..i go out on my bike, in helmets and arm guards etc...on my two wheeled scaffold frame....following a car in gentle flow of traffic.

    Now traffic picks up speed the car behind me is getting impatient...the road is only 1 lane, nothing I can do...how does stay behind the car makes me safe...what can i do to make the situation safe stop short of getting off my bike and hopping on to a bus or train?

    now also consider this, i am following a car...vision of the road ahead is impaired...therefore I cannot foresee what is infront of the car ahead. I maintain a good travelling distance. For whatever reason, the car brakes suddenly. I cannot slow down fast enough. now again I have made all the necessary precautions and taken steps to make the situation as safe as possible. but yet, i will be seriously injured in this situation.

    I think Aybee you need to realise cyclists are vulnerable road users, therefore more responsibilities lies on those in cars/vans/trucks. To a more interesting extent, I think cyclists are more vulnerable than pedestrians, I have seen a number of accidents where a pedestrain crosses the road blind and t-bones a cyclist. the pedestrian just get knocked back or falls forward and land on the cyclist. where the cyclist often flies off the bike or at least falls heavily with all sorts of cuts and bruises.

  • Van driver who laughed as he drove at cyclists jailed for six months1 year 5 weeks agoJeevesBath wrote:So he will

    JeevesBath wrote:
    So he will be banned from driving during the six months he is in prison? That's going to hit hard then....

    No. It will be six months after he leaves prison. Not sure why he should get a licence back at all. But 6 months after he will have to take an extended driving test. If he passes he gets back an endorsed licence. I don't think he will enjoy the discussion with the insurance company either.

    Not long enough in my opinion but don't underestimate the impact of even 6 months in prison and the massive extra costs of driving again. Oh and plod will have an ANPR interest marker for previous DQ against any vehicle he owns or insures. So he had better drive nicely and make sure he doesn't fall foul of them for any minor things. He can look forward to regular document checks, vehicle inspections and will get to be an expert on breathalysers. Oh and with this as previous any more reports from cyclists about his behaviour and he'll get the book thrown at him and really hard (and I hope it hurts).

  • Volta ao Algarve - Stage 31 year 5 weeks agoGeniez, Herrada, Costa,

    Geniez, Herrada, Costa, Spilak, Kelderman, Machado, Castroviejo, Chernetski, Ovechkin

    Didn't pick Martin as he'd have to come out tomorrow and my only other TT options were Movistars. I can hopefully leave all of these in tomorrow

  • Cyclists’ organisations unite against ‘stay back’ stickers1 year 5 weeks agoI've been in Tel Aviv Israel

    I've been in Tel Aviv Israel for the past 6 weeks...now here is a place that would scare the bejeebers out of any cyclist...that's not from here
    ...cyclists from here just get on with it...cycling down 1 way streets contra to traffic, use no lights, cycle on/off footpaths, whatever they fancy when they fancy
    ..drivers do the same...if there is 2mm in front of you, they will take it...there appears to be zero rules, except blast your horn, flash your lights and be as rude as is humanly possible....but get them off the roads and it's handshakes all day, hugs all round, hearty laughs and a finer more welcoming body of people you'll never meet...
    Just stay away from the roads as much as possible...you even see 'serious roadies'...cycling along the hard shoulders of highway/motorways....and I've seen at least a half dozen serious wrecks and their aftermaths, alongside minor shunts..what can you expect when they have 70kph speed limits on main streets...and that appears to be a minimum speed limit for 99% of the car driving populace..
    That's why I'll wait the two weeks until I am back in Ireland before getting back on two wheels....

  • ARGH.... Rapha1 year 5 weeks agoHas anyone else been eyeing

    Has anyone else been eyeing up the Rapha Chris King Espresso Tamper??

    That looks like a sturdy piece of kit that.

  • Unique Essax Shark saddle launched… who needs a hole when you can have a fin1 year 5 weeks agocheck's date um, nope, not

    check's date um, nope, not April 1st? Confused

  • Cyclists’ organisations unite against ‘stay back’ stickers1 year 5 weeks agoAyBee wrote:Absolute

    AyBee wrote:
    Absolute b*llocks! Cycling safety should lie first and foremost with the cyclist - do everything you can to keep yourself out of danger. If it's safe to do so, ignore the sign, it really is that simple. If you're going to get angered by this, you should probably adjust your perspective on life!

    I think you are missing the point. by allowing such a sticker and the way the language is used, the driver can deny all responsibilities even if the driver was completely neglegent or was dangerous.

  • Cyclists’ organisations unite against ‘stay back’ stickers1 year 5 weeks agoDoes anyone make a "Motorists

    Does anyone make a "Motorists Stay Back" jersey? If not, why not.

  • dhb Windslam Long Sleeve Jersey1 year 5 weeks agoI've spent all winter

    I've spent all winter commuting in Glasgow in the Roubaix version of this (I've got two now, so they've been washed.)

    Unless it's raining heavily, I've been wearing just this and a warm base layer (Uniqlo Heat Tech, base layer fans) and I've been warm without overheating all winter. Always a bonus when there's no option of a shower at work.

  • Spring Classics Question1 year 5 weeks agoOmloop and Kuurne-B-K are

    Omloop and Kuurne-B-K are next weekend, so hopefully we'll find out soon (if they're on Eurosport, I hope they're included). If they're not in, the next likely candidate for first race is probably Strade Bianche on the 8th.

  • Marks & Spencer launches cycling chinos1 year 5 weeks agoLooking past the hideous

    Looking past the hideous trainers, and even the merits of the trousers as cycling wear, the arrival of specifically cycling-designed clothing in Marks & Spencer is a wholly positive sign of cycling's newfound popularity among normal people.

    I'll order a pair (in 'graphite', not that horrid beige) and give them a try; I don't expect them to be as nice or as hardwearing as Rapha's or Vulpine's, but then they're one third of the price...

  • Van driver who laughed as he drove at cyclists jailed for six months1 year 5 weeks agoTwo previous and he's still

    Two previous and he's still being given the chance to re-do his license.....


  • Tour of Oman stage 41 year 5 weeks agomore points (50ish)than

    more points (50ish)than yesterday's stage (36) for me but not much

  • Tour of Oman stage 41 year 5 weeks agoFull results are up on

    Full results are up on PCS.

    Just 1,11,15,17 for me. Another 1,2 for purist.

    Sagan leads GC, then there are 22 guys within 25 seconds, and the rest are over a minute back. Of those 22, I'd say maybe 15 of them would be considered climbers, so the podium is between them. Some good climbers over ten minutes back so there's even a chance of a breakaway win tomorrow maybe??

  • First Ride: B’Twin Alur 7001 year 5 weeks agoShamblesuk wrote:Just

    Shamblesuk wrote:
    Just question how many folks would consider electronic shifting on an alu frame. At the current price, anyway.

    I would, mostly as I really don't want a carbon road bike.

    B'Twin have really do think about future proofing there bikes, in a few years we will see Di 105, or the fables SRAM elec set

  • Van driver who laughed as he drove at cyclists jailed for six months1 year 5 weeks agoIt's a sad comment on the

    It's a sad comment on the judicial system that people who have multiple convictions for serious driving offences are ever allowed to drive again.

    Need to drive for your job? Don't commit serious offences.

    It *should* be that simple

  • Fulcrum Racing Zeros1 year 5 weeks agoajmarshal1 wrote:jonnyllew

    ajmarshal1 wrote:
    jonnyllew wrote:
    Hi AJ,

    Thanks for the comment!

    I'm sure the ceramic bearings must go some way in making a difference over Elites.

    They probably will replace my Elites sadly as I'm buying a De Rosa Merak to go with the Zeros so I'll need the cash.

    Interested to hear your thoughts on going tubeless and the reasons? Are punctures easily fixed?


    TBH I haven't tried the Fulcrum Racing 1s but if the only difference between those and the zeros is ceramic bearings then they'll be just as good. I wouldn't believe the hype about ceramics. The zero hubs are very good though, no doubt about that.

    I have the 2 way fits so can go tubeless or clincher and am running tubeless at the moment although they've been off the bike since october. Yet to have a puncture, improved cornering and just feel more comfortable. Convinced rolling resistance is reduced too but that might be in my mind. Tubeless is just a better all round experience.

    I have been looking at these 2way fits.

    They only fit the Hutchinson Tubeless Tyres dont they??

    Are they easy to fit, is the procedure the same as fitting tubeless MTB tyres ??

  • Tour of Oman stage 41 year 5 weeks agohttp://www.procyclingstats.co


  • Vuelta a Andalucia Forum Competition Results1 year 5 weeks agoA minor setback.

    A minor setback. http://www.cyclingquotes.com/news/cramps_derail_arredondos_plans_in_anda...

    Cramps for both Arredondo and Dumoulin. I assume the electrolyte tablets have been changed this morning, no excuses lads.

    PS - Cycling quotes' predictions for today ::

    Stage winner picks:
    CyclingQuotes' stage winner pick: Alejandro Valverde
    Other winner candidates: Richie Porte, Julian Arredondo
    Outsiders: Bauke Mollema, Luis Leon Sanchez, Daniel Navarro
    Joker: Thomas Degand
    Big Grin Big Grin

  • Van driver who laughed as he drove at cyclists jailed for six months1 year 5 weeks agoOh, I don't know, let's hope

    Oh, I don't know, let's hope he does, then he can blow his brain cell out...

  • Vuelta a Andalucia Forum Competition Results1 year 5 weeks agoI have 2 in the break today -

    I have 2 in the break today - that never happens. Lets see if it sticks...