Why do you have to be a Team Sky basher to read it that way? It seems to me a matter of semantics, but the evidence (i.e. no wins, poor season, good season before going to Sky) would suggest that the Endura bloods are not correct. BUT, actually the release says very little towards this one way or the other - there's just a discrepancy. People are claiming not to judging already are.

At the end of the day, if JTL is found to have suspicious values which cannot be explained then Sky is the team that pays, and they lose a rider. JTL will also suffer.

  • Chilli Technology Mini Cam Pro HD 720p Sports Action Camera1 year 8 weeks agokie7077 wrote: I've just paid

    kie7077 wrote:

    I've just paid £115 for a Contour Roam2.

    Did you buy from the USA? It seems that we Brits are getting ripped off on the price once again.

    No, that was just via one of the merchants on Amazon.co.uk - I should also mention (given your other comment) that it's waterproof to a metre as is (so protected against the weather at least while on the bike), and comes equipped with a very nifty free waterproof case that will protect it down to 60 metres or something like that if you fancied scuba diving or whatever.

  • Are courts getting more lenient towards driving offences as they get harder on everything else?1 year 8 weeks agokie7077 wrote:It just dawned

    kie7077 wrote:
    It just dawned on me, one way for the politicians to rig the statistics is to have the police catch less people committing crimes, ie by tying them up in paperwork and by keeping them off the streets where they could actually do some good.

    We do not need more police, we have record numbers of police, what we need is more efficient police.

    The current way of rigging statistics is to not record it as a crime at all. Go into your local police station and tell them that someone tried to kill you by driving their car/van/lorry/bus at you. Unless you were actually injured or have multiple independent witnesses the desk officer will refuse to log it.

    Although this behaviour is encouraged by politicians its the police who are doing the rigging.

  • FS: Moda Bolero custom road bike 58cm Ultegra, Mavic Aksium1 year 8 weeks agoHi- just sent you an email.

    Hi- just sent you an email.

  • Anyone cycled in Majorca?1 year 8 weeks agoRecently back from there -

    Recently back from there - great riding. This site is worth a read: http://mallorcacycling.co.uk/

  • Chilli Technology Mini Cam Pro HD 720p Sports Action Camera1 year 8 weeks agoAny chance road.cc can get a

    Any chance road.cc can get a few in and do a comparison test?

  • Anyone cycled in Majorca?1 year 8 weeks agoGlad you enjoyed it. Read the

    Glad you enjoyed it. Read the blog, great writing mate, I'm looking forward to the next update

  • Sir Chris Hoy: I ride every bike I sell, and there’s no carbon frames - it’s all about the fit1 year 8 weeks agoLol ^^ I wonder CH is like

    Lol ^^

    I wonder CH is like me, when driving along I bore the family with my analysis of people's bike fit that we pass!