• STRAVA - - - - DELETED -- BYE BYE!1 year 5 weeks agoandyp wrote: It's very good

    andyp wrote:

    It's very good for tracking your *own* progress. But the whole KoM thing...those people who put their 'stats' in their signatures...is pretty pitiful.

    Whatever Smile It's just a bit of fun.

    Different people like different things, some like football, some like rugby, some like lager, some like bitter. Just because it's not your thing doesn't make it pitiful.

    I compare my progress against my local buddies and we use it as a bit of extra motivation and for the banter.

    Feel free to berate me for my sins against cycling but I'm just out there enjoying myself.

  • Continental tyre amnesty - get a pair of Grand Sport Race tyres free1 year 5 weeks agoHm, dono. They are in a

    Hm, dono. They are in a different price bracket to begin with. Time will tell how they fare.

  • Giro stage 101 year 5 weeks agoGhedebrav wrote:It's been

    Ghedebrav wrote:
    It's been said elsewhere but Evans isn't half a wily old fox. Look at him, rolling in ninth ahead of any crashes. His team deserve a lot of credit too; normally I'm slating BMC bit they've got their act together for the Giro

    He might just grab a win tomorrow too Wink

    Morabito's current GC position is testament to how well BMC are going and there's no doubt about it part of the GC rider's role is to manage his team so yeah.......hat's off to Cuddles

  • Kickstarter roundup: Clug, D-Key and Upper Wheel Fairings1 year 5 weeks agoThe guys with the hex key

    The guys with the hex key must not have seen the micro multi tools that....as it happens, fit nicely on a key ring all for about £10

  • Kickstarter roundup: Clug, D-Key and Upper Wheel Fairings1 year 5 weeks agoI'm pretty sure those

    I'm pretty sure those "aero-fairings" used to be called skirt or dress guards.

  • Kickstarter roundup: Clug, D-Key and Upper Wheel Fairings1 year 5 weeks agoNullwinds No thank you I'm

    Nullwinds No thank you I'm out Silly

  • Continental tyre amnesty - get a pair of Grand Sport Race tyres free1 year 5 weeks agoQuote:How did you come to

    How did you come to that conclusion? O_O

    Mmm does seem a little churlish and I wouldn't have said it without the fitting charge thing.

    You need to hold the tyres side by side with a pair of Gp4000 or 4Season the German made ones are in a different league. I will ride these though and they'll probably be ok but no more.

  • Wiltshire Police arrest driver after video of car swerving at cyclist goes viral1 year 5 weeks agoMake him cycle the wrong way

    Make him cycle the wrong way down the motorway for a couple of junctions, if he makes it, let him go. TRIAL BY COMBAT.

  • Lance Armstrong stripped of Legion d'Honneur, plus date set for sworn testimony1 year 5 weeks agoWho?


  • Kickstarter roundup: Clug, D-Key and Upper Wheel Fairings1 year 5 weeks agoThose nullwinds are a bit odd

    Those nullwinds are a bit odd - presumably they have no side-winds over there. Obviously, I have never ridden with them, but the fork seems to have most of the faring in front of the fork. I fancy that a good gust from the side would create a lot of turning force.

  • Kickstarter roundup: Clug, D-Key and Upper Wheel Fairings1 year 5 weeks agoThe guys behind the fairing

    The guys behind the fairing are about to learn a lesson the car industry has dealt with for a long time. There are all kinds of things you can do to make something more efficient, if only the customer didn't want the things they own to be pretty.

  • Bradley Wiggins says California victory can help restore US cycling credibility1 year 5 weeks agoI genuinely think Wiggins is

    I genuinely think Wiggins is a massive talent who never was focused enough in his early road career, still won medals however, but could not compete on the road in the dope filled 2000's. Now that things are much cleaner and with massive support from Sky, he had a focused few years and actually raced as a leader. I have no doubt that there are other potential Wiggins's scattered through the peloton who are pigeon-holed as super domestiques or such like.

    As for doping, I don't think anyone can be catagorically described as clean, but Wiggins has never failed a test. He has been around for years now and has not amassed the kind of suspicion that Armstrong warranted after the same amount of time. I am sure that Sky use lots of techniques such as altitude training and oxygen tents and so on that some may find a little unethical somehow - they have used substances which although dubious (Tramadol) were/are legal and did have a medical use. But I have never heard anything which says that Wiggins or Sky have been actually doping - and unlike several other teams, they have parted company with anyone with a history of doping. The irony is that they then get criticism - unlike the teams which happily re-hire unrepent dopers. I think some critics don't like the fact that Sky race in an organised way which can be taken as boring and have strength in depth to do this. Not many other teams have riders like Porte, Bo-Hagen and Thomas lining up as domestiques. Also there is resentment by some that Sky have an open anti-doping stance (which they then occasionally score a PR own goal by hiring Landers for example) and thus seem to be piously lecturing but then not 100% transparent in the way they promised. But for me, Wiggins is credible and I hope he keeps his racing head back on for at least a few more years.

  • Orica, Un acuerdo de firme la Porte?1 year 5 weeks agoKwia?


  • Wiltshire Police arrest driver after video of car swerving at cyclist goes viral1 year 5 weeks agoMercuryOne wrote:String 'em

    MercuryOne wrote:
    String 'em up!! It's the only language they understand! No. Hang on. 'Anging's too good for 'em. Luvva duck.

    Happy notfastenough?

    Once more with enthusiasm, intent, I want to see emotion!! Big Grin

  • Fizik R3 SL shoes - silver. Size 10 / 44. Mint condition1 year 5 weeks agoNow sold.

    Now sold.

  • Brown Selle Italia Flite saddle1 year 5 weeks agoNow sold.

    Now sold.

  • Colnago C60 road bike1 year 5 weeks agoShouldn't ride with the chain

    Shouldn't ride with the chain on the larger rear sprockets and the big front chain ring. Calling himself an expert oh lordy lordy. Just saying.

  • Should I upgrade to a new bike or upgrade parts on my current bike!!!1 year 5 weeks agoI would have a look around

    I would have a look around the interweb, there were quite a few retailers selling the Shimano 105 5700 for around £300 as the new version is apparently out and about

    If you are happy with your bike in general, as in frame/forks/wheels then £300 is much cheeper than buying a £700 + bike just to get upgraded components

  • Orica, Un acuerdo de firme la Porte?1 year 5 weeks agoIt'll be Rohan Dennis!

    It'll be Rohan Dennis!

  • Giro d'Italia - Stage 111 year 5 weeks agoThe way I looked at it was

    The way I looked at it was those in the chase would be putting in 100%, as will a couple of people who have targeted the stage. The others, as seen in previous Grand Tours will not be wasting all their energy with 10 stages still to come.

  • Club Cingles - any advice for the day?1 year 5 weeks agoWindproof gilet? The tales

    Windproof gilet? The tales of people shivering so much they think they're going to lose control at speed on the descents has to be at least as risky as the other hazards.

    Stretching exercises for the upper body perhaps - I'm thinking about shoulder tension from long periods descending.

    Sounds awesome - good luck.

  • Police recover stolen bike, then give it away — and leave owner with just the pedals1 year 5 weeks agoA genuine mistake on the part

    A genuine mistake on the part of the police force an apology followed by the promise of compensation, and yet there are still very harsh negative comments.

    I sometimes wonder what somepeople expect and what colour the clouds are on their planet.

  • STRAVA - - - - DELETED -- BYE BYE!1 year 5 weeks agoridewithgps and track .....

    ridewithgps and track ..... me - totally stress free Smile

    having turned 50 I have defo found that I no can't do what the 25 y.o. on the
    club run do Smile

  • Club Cingles - any advice for the day?1 year 5 weeks agoFantastic I've done

    Fantastic Smile

    I've done Malaucene-Bedoi-Sault both times I've attempted it (one DNF with heatstroke and one success). I'd rather ease into it that way than hit Bedoin from the outset. But there's not a great difference between the two.

    Heat of the day for Sault really shouldn't be much of an issue. It's nice and steady, it's well-shaded. You want to avoid it on the second one more than anything else...the forest section of Bedoin is just stifling.

    Obviously...pace is key. Break it up into 6 sections mentally - Bedoin to Chalet Reynard, CR to summit, Malaucene to Chalet Liotard, CL to summit, Sault to CR, CR to summit. Makes it mentally easier than 3 'longer climbs'.

    CR and CL are great places to stop and eat/drink/fill bottles. Even if CR is shut depending on the time you reach it, there is a tap outside.

    There's also a little shop at the top for food/drink. They sell beer, which is critical for that third summit Smile

    Try to use real food where possible... apparently the best way to do it is to get two climbs in and have a colossal feed at CR on the second descent, so that you're fuelled up for the third. Sault is easier, both on paper and on the road...but don't underestimate it at the end of all that!

    Finally...enjoy, get your stamps and look forward to receiving your certificate from M. Pic.

    chapeau in advance Smile


  • Video: Road safety film from Norway asks drivers, would you act so aggresively elsewhere?1 year 5 weeks agoIt'd be good to run those on

    It'd be good to run those on British TV - leave them as they are and run them with subtitles.

    I've seen the examples of bad driving/cycling before. I love that roll over the bonnet of the old Citroen. I only ride clips on track myself.

    The guy with the shopping trolley should have a BMW badge on it or be brandishing a set of BMW keys.