• Principia's new Revolution with disc brakes, Di2 and bolt-thru axles1 year 9 weeks agoYou don't need 15mm bolt-thru

    You don't need 15mm bolt-thru axles on a road bike.
    Another pointless standard in the making.

    Whoever believes that QR skewers are not secure enough to withstand (disc) braking forces is paranoid.

  • Froome & Brailsford speak out on doping, issue challenge for way to prove Sky is clean1 year 9 weeks agoAs Brailsford says, we have

    As Brailsford says, we have now arrived at a situation where riders can't prove they ride clean. If you test clean, it's because you're one step ahead of the tests.

    Lamentable but I refuse to pander to that level of cynicism.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 9 weeks agoGot a few riders who might do

    Got a few riders who might do something, mainly Rolland who's going to need the points on a stage like today if he is to have any chance of polka dot glory (or infamy). Nieve as well if he is also interested in the jersey and given his superior HC finishing ability he's the most likely person to win it I'd say (suspected this from when he got the 3 points after Rolland early on).

    A couple of cheapies, El Fares and Le Mevel. Really need Le Mevel to do something as someone else has the same purist team as me but with El Fares (9) over Le Mevel (0). Both have been in my overall since the beginning.

    Someone else who's been trying to get into breaks and isn't bad at TTing.

    Sagan could well win this from a break but not going to risk it.

    Very little wind tomorrow.

    Will use 3/5 for the ITT and have 4 for the big ones. That's when I'm going all out for mountain point glory!

  • Froome & Brailsford speak out on doping, issue challenge for way to prove Sky is clean1 year 9 weeks agoKeep shooting the messengers,

    Keep shooting the messengers, those bone idle w**kers, who dont ride a bike 6 hours a day, what are you on?

    Last year none of Sky's domestiques had an off day. This year they have had. So what it is guys, last year they doped because Wiggins was never alone and always had the blue and black train and this year because the peloton is playing catch up on last year the Sky doms look real so not dopng this year, but Froome doesn't look real, making dopers like Piti and Contador look like also rans.

    Everyone forget how Froome finished 10mins down on these guys less than a year ago in Spain and now he is ahead of Contador by 4'25"? Taking back nearly 15mins on Contador in GT terms aint bad and on bread and water mixed with a bit of 'science'.

    Enjoy your ride with Sky, if you are lucky it may last as long as Cancer Jesus's, nearly 15 years. Wait for the Bilharzia awareness charity and "I have done too much good for too many people" or similar.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 9 weeks ago4 changes for me mistake,

    4 changes for me Thinking mistake, maybe Thinking

  • wireless cateye strada 'freezing'1 year 9 weeks agoBuy a garmin

    Buy a garmin

  • Pub landlord apologises for anti-cyclist comments1 year 9 weeks agocbrndc wrote:"when I smash my

    cbrndc wrote:
    "when I smash my four by four into your rear tyre at sixty miles an hour on a surface paid for by me the motorist. The impact will be far from low I tell you". Why hasn't he been arrested for threatening comments like that. All the signs of hate crime right there. Then he writes the comments on facebook which he thinks is "private"! Thick as pigshit!

    Because it's not actually a threat? Nor a hate crime for that matter.

  • Tour de France Stage 161 year 9 weeks agoonly making one change.

    only making one change. chased the break on stage 14 and it was a disaster. playing safe this time.

  • Pub landlord apologises for anti-cyclist comments1 year 9 weeks agoI wasn't going to comment on

    I wasn't going to comment on this as I didn't think it was worth my time. I just wanted to say, I agree with what Bez has said.

    I see it day in day out on twitter, cyclists taking the moral high ground, searching the word "cyclist or cycling" and retweeting ANYTHING the do not agree with.

    It could be as simple as "Got held up by a cyclist today, bloody annoying"

    Yes it can be bloody annoying, so there is nothing wrong with saying it. But when these people retweet it, then some of their followers do reply with some amount of nasty stuff. There is NO need.

    The Emma Way thing was different, she had actually done something. But most of these tweets are simple statements, without any malice or hate in them, they get a retweet from a known cyclists some of whom also posts youtube videos. BOOM, other cyclists get on their high horse and verbally attack.

    This one came from this man's PRIVATE facebook, so that means, some arse has taken it and made it public. If I found someone posting my private facebook things around the internet, I would be kicking someone's arse. What's the point in having facebook private if someone makes it public for you.

  • Froome & Brailsford speak out on doping, issue challenge for way to prove Sky is clean1 year 9 weeks agoAbsolutely - the gaps weren't

    Absolutely - the gaps weren't huge and he only built this up slowly over the last few km. Its the sudden acceleration part that's making everyone so suspicious. From everything I've read this is something innate - you've either got it or you haven't - and the best climbers generally have had it. No amount of training / practice would allow Wiggo for example do that - he's just not made that way.

    Also, with the resources Sky have and their generally anal approach to everything in the cause of winning, why would they only chose to dope 3-4 of their team rather than all of them. Have we seen massed ranks of Sky riders at the business end of the mountain stages like Movistar?

    For the the record, I'm generally pretty cynical about pro riding and was pretty sure LA was dodgy for years, so I'm no naive fan boy.

    Ultimately we can't have it both ways - we want to watch transcendent rides like Froome's yesterday, but when we get it, we don't believe it and immediately cry 'it must be the drugs'. The alternative where there was no suspicion at all, where no one rode away from anyone else would be pretty dull - a bunch of guys grinding their way up a mountain in a group followed by a sprint over the last 200 meters! Not my idea of exciting.

  • London - Confused about entry-level TTs1 year 9 weeks agoMost of the events listed on

    Most of the events listed on the CTT website are Open events, which you have to enter at least 2 weeks in advance and be a member of an affiliated club.

    But finding club TTs is straightforward enough. Either a recommendation from someone or look here, I suggest you the filter to show a list for one district at a time:


    There is no minimum fitness level required, time trials are for everyone.

    More info at http://www.theraceoftruth.org.uk/

  • Scott Foil 15 aero road bike1 year 9 weeks agoits stiff is it?

    its stiff is it?

  • Principia's new Revolution with disc brakes, Di2 and bolt-thru axles1 year 9 weeks ago€7k that's about £6k! I'll

    €7k Sad that's about £6k! I'll never get that past her in doors!

  • Principia's new Revolution with disc brakes, Di2 and bolt-thru axles1 year 9 weeks agoyep, is a no-brainer from a

    yep, is a no-brainer from a safety perspective to use through-axles, particularly on the front where the braking forces drag the axle downward toward the exit of conventional dropouts.

  • Winter Bike Project - Good Aluminium Frame1 year 9 weeks agoI have a Preffisio built up

    I have a Preffisio built up as my winter bike and I have to say that if I had to give up all but one of my bikes, the Preffisio would be the keeper. Rides nicely for a "cheap" aluminium frame and handles brilliantly.

    Only (possible) downsides are it is quite racy with a short head tube and a long top tube, and it can only take 23mm tyres with mudgaurds and 25mm without. That does mean you don't need long drop brake calipers, though.

    As far as I know, the Ribble Audax is the same frame but cheaper still.

    I'd love to Try a TK2 or TK3 as Kinesis make great bikes and they're a little less compromising.


  • Pub landlord apologises for anti-cyclist comments1 year 9 weeks agoI think the comments sent by

    I think the comments sent by some cyclits are shameful, and do nothing to further the cycling cause in the UK.

    Everyone should take a bit of time to think before posting inflamatory comments that do nothing to help, just put cyclists in a bad light. We should not lower ourselves to the level of the Jeremy Clarkson cheer leading section of the motoring community.

    Marathon running vs cycling? ?........... each to their own I think. Thinking

  • Scott Foil 15 aero road bike1 year 9 weeks agokinda need one of these in my

    kinda need one of these in my life

  • Froome & Brailsford speak out on doping, issue challenge for way to prove Sky is clean1 year 9 weeks agoExcept that's about the exact

    Except that's about the exact opposite of what happened. With the exception of Walsh and Ballester, almost nobody accused Armstrong of doping, and especially not the specialist press, most of whom (and I include the site I worked for at the time) were so far up Postal's backside we could brush Armstrong's teeth from behind.

    Go look up the coverage of l'Equipe's masterly uncovering of Armstrong's 1999 EPO use. We were all so afraid of getting sued, we all tip-toed round the story, desperately doing only as much coverage as we had to and blandly quoting l'Equipe with about three 'allegeds' per paragraph.

    Now, finally, a decent-sized section of the bike racing media doesn't believe in miracles. A few who follow the Tour feel they have been burned too many times. They see something that looks too good to be true and instead of heralding it as a miracle return from cancer or an amazing comeback by the Mennonite boy, they ask 'Is this too good to be true?' where before they just wrote the easy upbeat story.

    And if they think it might be, they ask the hard questions. And you can bet some of them are digging round in the background, looking for someone who knows something and will talk. If Sky are dirty, then there is an Emma O'Reilly out there somewhere, or a Mike Anderson.

    Embarrassingly, there are still alleged journalists lobbing ridiculous softballs at the riders. I was reading a blog by one of them this morning and he even seems proud of going easy. If you're going to fulminate against journalists, these are the ones who deserve your ire, not the ones who are trying to find out whether or not Sky is clean.

  • Update: London Cycling Campaign calls for protest as another London cyclist killed by lorry1 year 9 weeks agomonty dog wrote:I've said it

    monty dog wrote:
    I've said it before, make Health and Safety Legislation applicable to vehicle operators - if companies faced the prospect of hefty fines, insurance premiums and the loss of major public service contracts they'd soon sharpen up their act. These vehicle contractors are working for major companies - make the building companies aware that it is their business that is literally killing people and they'll soon change their ways.

    Spot on and throw in a few corporate manslaughter charges for failure to employ adequately trained drivers. Somehow it is always the "reckless cyclists" arguments that is used much like "they weren't wearing helmets" to detract from the real issue being that there is far too much bad driving tolerated/unpunished so no incentive to change ways. I have commuted by bike for 15 years in London and have always avoided HGV' s but have damn nearly been taken out on several occasions by impatient/F U driving. Over that period I have been knocked off my bike 4 times, all because of driver negligence. Over the same period I have managed to drive a car without an accident and if you think I am more reckless on a bike than a car you are plain wrong.
    So I'll be there tomorrow as I am fed up with the cr@p spouted about cycle safety. Until there is proper sanction for bad driving, behaviour will not change and lives will continue to be ruined.

  • Help with tyre choice1 year 9 weeks agoTry the Conti Grand Prix GT's

    Try the Conti Grand Prix GT's these have the bomb proof carcass and wide puncture strip from the Gatorskin hard-shells (3ply side walls and shoulder to shoulder puncture strip) but they are clad with the super fast and incredibly grippy black chilli compound. They are good enough for Sky to ride on... Smile

  • Pub landlord apologises for anti-cyclist comments1 year 9 weeks agoOk, here's an idea. A bit of

    Ok, here's an idea. A bit of googling shows that James ran the Marathon des Sables to raise money for Hope for Tomorrow, a mobile chemotherapy charity. Here's his JustGiving page:


    But it's expired, so... I made another one:


    I'm sticking some money in as a gesture to offset the hatred from the people who fired off shitty, ill-considered, vengeful and spiteful comments with absolutely no attempt to improve anything for anyone.

    If you're sick of the witch hunts then why not do likewise? Hell, if you sent in a shitty, ill-considered, vengeful or spiteful comment then why not do the same and reflect on it? James gets nothing from it, cyclists get nothing from it, it's a cancer charity and victims of cancer that win from this.

    And to anyone who's purely into hating the haters, even the ones who don't hate, and won't lift their wallet to hate cancer - well, that's your lookout.

  • Froome & Brailsford speak out on doping, issue challenge for way to prove Sky is clean1 year 9 weeks agoSuggest you get yourself some

    Suggest you get yourself some accreditation and rock up to Sky's next press conference with your evidence in hand.

    In the mean time, given the weight of evidence, I hereby accuse you of being a bell-end.

  • Froome & Brailsford speak out on doping, issue challenge for way to prove Sky is clean1 year 9 weeks agoEveryone needs to remember

    Everyone needs to remember journalists survive on stories. It pays their wages. While there are some good/honest ones, the majority, in my opinion, don't care about anything else other than selling newspapers, getting hits on a site, freelancing their stories to whoever will buy them. It's their job. Most probably don't really care whether anyone is doping or not - as long as they can write as many articles speculating whether people are doping or not. And therefore gain more readership; earn more money; pay for nicer holidays; buy a new car.

    Think how many more magazines and newspapers will have been sold with "Armstrong's Secrets Revealed Inside!" articles. Journalists love it.

  • London - Confused about entry-level TTs1 year 9 weeks agoYeah I agree club tts are a

    Yeah I agree club tts are a great way to have a go, although opens are no different apart from needing to join a club and enter in advance.

    http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk In the beginners section there is a list of the clubs and contacts etc. Not all club events are listed on the ctt event listings so it is worth looking on the clubs websites and district websites.

    Oh and pedal like Fxxx

  • Froome & Brailsford speak out on doping, issue challenge for way to prove Sky is clean1 year 9 weeks ago"I have never taken

    "I have never taken performance enhancing drugs". It's thing that is trawled out by every doper ever. I'm not saying that this condemns team Sky, but it's a record that has been spun over and over.

    .... I'm sure every CLEAN rider would have said the same thing during their career. Perhaps you can tell me how to differentiate between the saints and the sinners.