• Kent motorist branded "a danger to cyclists" by judge is jailed for 10 months1 year 5 weeks agoharman_mogul

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    FluffyKittenofTindalos wrote:
    Its not as if there is a shortage of cops who are poor-to-mediocre drivers!

    Do you have any evidence of this, or is it just routine bad-mouthing of the police?

    Well I could start by pointing at the number of instances I personally see of police vehicles rolling into ASLs on red.
    Then throw in the reported cases where police drivers have killed people through bad driving, or been caught speeding at ludicrous speeds when not on duty.

    But how is it 'bad mouthing the police' to point out they are not that different from other drivers? Most of them are drivers, a lot of drivers in general are not that great at it.

    The point is (as with racism, say) they are much the same as the population they are drawn from, and have the same biases, not that they are uniquely wicked.

    Hell, they could even be better drivers than most, on average, and my original statement would still stand. The only thing is that I'm pretty sure cops are far more likely than the general population to actually be drivers at all and that is likely to influence how they view things.

    (Come to think of it, that can probably join race as another issue with the police in inner London differing from the population they are policing).

    Which is why I find a cop travelling by means other than a car to be a cheering thing.

  • Kent motorist branded "a danger to cyclists" by judge is jailed for 10 months1 year 5 weeks agostumps wrote:Bikebikebike

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    Bikebikebike wrote:
    stumps wrote:
    Put it this way, an assault in the street whereby someone sustained a broken wrist and and a dislocated collar bone would never get a 10 month sentence for a first time offender, which the bloke here seems to be.

    So if you have a baseball bat and you smack two people with it indiscriminately with no care for what damage you do, then you will get less than 10 months? Seems to me like that would come under the category of "Wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm", which seems to carry around a 5 year sentence before you start worrying about the aggravating factors.

    I give up, i really do.

    Why? Because you think indiscriminate wielding of a baseball bat won't be severely punished, or because, like most people involved with the law, you have yourself persuaded that somehow reckless driving isn't like reckless baseball bat wielding? That reckless baseball batters may be bad people, but reckless motorists are all lovely cuddly family loving charitable religionists who only need a hug?

  • Want to watch Tour de France tackle Yorkshire's hills? Get there at least a day early, says Grand Départ boss1 year 5 weeks agoSome of the information about

    Some of the information about road closures is here in this article http://hedgehogcycling.co.uk/road-closures-tour-de-france-2014.html

    The race route will be closed for about eight hours, and they will try and keep other access roads open for as long as possible before the race. North Yorks CC have a map of projected road closures.

    North Yorks say that the intention is that cyclists will be allowed to ride to a viewing point after the roads have closed, until the roads are handed to ASO.

    In the article linked to, there's also information about Calderdale closures of the race route, and non-race route roads.

  • Rider Names - Giro1 year 5 weeks agoHe's still on the official

    He's still on the official startlist, so don't count him out yet

  • Rapha launch Pantani jersey1 year 5 weeks agoAhhh but if they made a Tom

    Ahhh but if they made a Tom Simpson one...

    ps I think one reason this looks a bit crap is that it doesn't seem to fit their model... Ironically given the fat shaming on here, he either needs to be bigger or it needs to be smaller.

  • Northern Ireland’s first television cycle safety advert to run until after the Giro1 year 5 weeks agocolinth wrote:Looks ok to me,

    colinth wrote:
    Looks ok to me, anything which can make drivers think about their responsibilities a bit more has got to help. Softer adverts like this should be used in conjunction with harder hitting ones showing the consequences of impatient or inconsiderate driving. Personally, I'd show the effect on the driver as well as the cyclist ie here's the devastated family of the cyclist you've just killed because you couldn't be bothered waiting 10 seconds to pass safely, and here's your devastated family because you're now in jail (however unlikely that might be !). When people get behind the wheel of a car they couldn't give a toss about anything other than getting to their destination as quickly as possible, so we have to show them that this is what driving like a kn ob could do to YOUR life, not just a cyclists.

    I know TV advertising is hugely expensive, but I don't understand why there isn't more pressure to have old school public information films on prime time tv from the big cycling pressure groups. There are some drivers who just don't appreciate what their responsibilities are and the effect that they can have on other peoples lives and sometimes the best way to get the message across is in a measured way. Just screaming in peoples faces isn't always the best way

    The really crucial thing is to make sure that "you're now in jail" becomes the inevitable outcome, rather than an unlikely occurrence that depends on getting a judge who sees through whatever sob story your lawyer concocts for you.

  • Rider Names - Giro1 year 5 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:If you care to

    Gkam84 wrote:
    If you care to check the startlist on the official site, you will see him [Mauricio Henao] listed...

    And just as mysteriously as he appeared, he disappeared. Wow. I wonder what happened? The mysterious 'Mauricio Henao'. Will he ever ride again? Thinking I wonder why Saxo Tinkoff put him on the start list for La Fleche? Thinking Hmmm... he never showed on the PCS or cyclingfever start lists, or on the UCI website roster or on the Saxo Tinkoff website, but he did make a very brief appearance on the 'official' start list... Thinking The mysteries of the peloton are many... Thinking Fare thee well, Mauricio, I hope we meet again... and you come back to ride as a 3.0 rider again... We could certainly use you at the Tour... Thinking

  • Is it just me or is the classics game really boring?1 year 5 weeks agostevemarks wrote: I would

    stevemarks wrote:
    I would suggest maybe using the stage race scoring system...

    I like that idea, too...

  • I may have found a good reason for a bike helmet!1 year 5 weeks agoPaul J wrote:A friend of mine

    Paul J wrote:
    A friend of mine had something similar happen. They were hit by the wing mirror of a Dublin bus. Though the mirror can move a bit, it was fairly rigidly mounted. He had to go hospital and suffered from a concussion for a couple of days.

    Thing is, this happened to him as he was waiting at a bus stop, as a pedestrian. The bus had pulled in toward the kerb to stop at the next stop, perhaps 20 metres further down. He was looking away, and he got clattered on the back of the head.

    All those commentators here who are so eager to draw the conclusion from the cyclist's story here that helmets should be worn, will they also conclude that pedestrians should wear helmets? I'm pretty sure that whatever efficacy helmets have for cyclists, they must equally apply to pedestrians who get knocked on the head. So, by the logic of many commenting here, they surely ought to also be calling for pedestrian helmets?

    [[[[[ Spot on, squire!

  • Rapha launch Pantani jersey1 year 5 weeks agoI don't mean to knock Rapha,

    I don't mean to knock Rapha, but this garment looks some sort of support vest that might be worn by a pensioner, that's been dunked in the boil wash so many times that almost all the colour has faded. And that liberal scattering of logos look decidedly like hospital tags and washing instructions when viewed from a distance Big Grin

  • Emma Pooley says it's 'nuts' she gets more prize money from triathlon 'hobby' than pro cycling1 year 5 weeks agoIt's not "nuts", it's simply

    It's not "nuts", it's simply the market. Prize money for any sport doesn't grow on trees, it has to be *generated* through sponsorship and TV deals. Considering that she has a PhD I am surprised she hasn't worked that one out for herself.

    If money was her objective, as a female athlete, then she should have taken up tennis, golf or athletics. Those sports are 'tv friendly' and the competitors actually look and dress like females ... which means we, both males and females, enjoy watching them.

    Women's football for example will never take off whilst they insist on dressing like blokes and trying to talk like them too (whilst blowing snot from their noses when being interviewed) in a ridiculous bid to be taken seriously. If in tennis the women wore baggy men's clothing and also acted like blokes then their sport too would have considerably less appeal.

    Victoria Pendleton seems to be doing ok though ... for some reason.

  • GELS: best/tastiest/most economic1 year 5 weeks agoIf you use two drink bottles

    If you use two drink bottles on longer rides, consider using an energy drink in one and electrolyte in the other. Start switching to more of the energy option from about half way - IMO, a regular intake of energy this way is more effective than gels. For me, half a malt load, a couple of Nature Valley cereal bars, and this drink combo is if good for 100ish mile rides.

  • Northern Ireland’s first television cycle safety advert to run until after the Giro1 year 5 weeks agojasecd wrote: How about a

    jasecd wrote:

    How about a genuine hard hitting campaign such as with drink driving showing the injuries and damage that a recklessly driven motor vehicle causes?

    I agree with what you say but balls to 'campaigns', lets start with a mandatory prison sentence and work up. People slow down when speed cameras are about not because they give a shit about running anybody down but because they don't want a fine. The same principle needs to be applied.....drive like a nob, go to prison (if serious enough) or have a £100 fine.....end of. Drivers will get the message very very quickly and take more care.

  • Rapha launch Pantani jersey1 year 5 weeks agoWill Rapha being doing a

    Will Rapha being doing a jersey to commemorate all the riders who tried to become pro cyclists but failed because they refused to dope?
    Doping was, and is not, a victimless crime.
    This is just cynical opportunism exploiting the misguided reverence for a cheat and parting fools from their money.
    A fools paradise.

  • Want to watch Tour de France tackle Yorkshire's hills? Get there at least a day early, says Grand Départ boss1 year 5 weeks agoAccording to Kirklees council

    According to Kirklees council website (that's Huddersfield area, in case you didn't know) roads on the route and some approaching the route will be closed to motor vehicles by 7.30am on the day. Walkers and cyclists will be able to follow the route up to the time when the publicity caravan passes.

    Here's that page for anyone wanting to do Huddersfield and Holme Moss http://www.kirklees.gov.uk/events/tourDeFrance/theRoute.aspx

    As much as I love the Dales I've already resigned myself to not making it onto the route on day 1; just a bit of a logistical nightmare to get there early doors. Best seat in the house will be my sofa Smile

    As for Rodney Walker's advice to get there a day early, the end of that sentence is, "...so you can spend yer money in the shops, pubs, cafes, campsites, etc, etc..."

  • Video: White van man loses job, convicted of assault, after road rage incident caught on cyclist's helmet camera1 year 5 weeks agoHave to agree, the Range

    Have to agree, the Range Rover didn't do anything spectacularly wrong in this instance.....I think posting v. minor incidents just detracts. Practically every ride I have has 70%-80% near passes and every one out of 10 rides has a more (potentially) serious incident. I wouldn't dream of posting (and boring) people with these.

  • Between these 3 bikes1 year 5 weeks agoThanks for the input so far.

    Thanks for the input so far.

    I've never ridden an alu bike before but looking at the technology today I do believe the Canyon bike would be a nice ride.

    Bike testing will be almost impossible as I'm from Malaysia, the culture here is that lbs seldom allow customers to test ride the bike even if just outside their shop.

    Anyway in comparison with the Canyon bike, I could also get the Colnago Strada-SL which would be the cheapest among all. Been reading about it as well but I felt it might become downgrade for me. Not sure if the Strada-SL can give me the Italian feel at all.

  • GELS: best/tastiest/most economic1 year 5 weeks agoS13SFC wrote:Torq are

    S13SFC wrote:
    Torq are excellent & actually taste as OK. However, price wise, they are too expensive for me considering they do the same job as High5.

    Ha ha, Iove it! It's like saying you prefer a nice glass of wine, but when you go out you just neck a few pints of Wife Beater as it still gets you p!ssed.

    +1 to Paul J. A friend races long TTs on jelly babies and she ain't slow.

    But JBs, Obree's jam sandwich or whatever is too cheap and ordinary, they don't work for real athletes. These people need gels.

  • Emma Pooley says it's 'nuts' she gets more prize money from triathlon 'hobby' than pro cycling1 year 5 weeks agoI really hope some of these

    I really hope some of these comments are a joke...seriously guys this is the 21st century, get out of your cave!!!!

  • Want to watch Tour de France tackle Yorkshire's hills? Get there at least a day early, says Grand Départ boss1 year 5 weeks agoUp to two hours before the

    Up to two hours before the race for cyclists. Still though perturbed by these fan limitations a la Box Hill?

  • 200 fined by police in Cambridge clampdown on law-breaking cyclists and drivers1 year 5 weeks agoI have commuted into

    I have commuted into cambridge by bike and car for nearly 15 years now. You could fine 200 people-on-bikes (note i don't use the term 'cyclist') in 24 hours, easily. Hardly a clampdown. The misguided animosity i receive from non cycling co-workers and locals because of the ignorance of law breakers and the weak enforcement of the law by the police is tedious, to say the very least.

  • Cervelo R3 Sizing Guide1 year 5 weeks agoIm 178 and found the 54 was

    Im 178 and found the 54 was right for me. Seat height was 73 and a 100mm stem. My brother is 180 and he also rides a size 54 but with a 110mm stem.

  • Want to watch Tour de France tackle Yorkshire's hills? Get there at least a day early, says Grand Départ boss1 year 5 weeks agoLe Tour Yorkshire have told

    Le Tour Yorkshire have told me that roads will be open to cyclists and walkers up to two hours before the race, really is time that organisers gave a clear message!

  • Is it just me or is the classics game really boring?1 year 5 weeks agostevemarks wrote: I would

    stevemarks wrote:
    I would suggest maybe using the stage race scoring system as at the moment in my opinion, the one day race seems to have too many points for the winner of the stage relative to the lower placed riders.

    I also think that would make the classics more fun and would diversify the possible ways of winning... but then again, I've been rubbish at the classics this year, so my opinion might not count for much...

  • Should I get a power meter?1 year 5 weeks agoSurely spending £600 on a

    Surely spending £600 on a powermeter (e.g. Stages) isn't as extravagant as £200-300 on a glorified cycle computer with a GPS function...