• Pinarello to release disc-equipped Dogma?1 year 11 weeks agoI'd like to see Sky on

    I'd like to see Sky on something at least nominally British.

  • Twit and run girl EmmaWay 20 breaks her silence to say sorry (sort of)1 year 11 weeks agoThe only lesson she's learnt

    The only lesson she's learnt is not to use Twitter.

    If someone had boasted about this in a pub to friends, it would have gone nowhere. The difference here is just that some younger people appear to view Twitter as the equivalent of chatting to friends in the pub.

    All we can hope for is that this very publicly highlights just how leniently the law treats drivers.

    I don't really think its a "driver vs cyclists" thing (it could have been a pedestrian or car she hit), its just that the law tends to view driving badly as just "one of those things" that would should all put up with.

    Perhaps because so many of the jury (and the judges themselves) can easily imagine themselves making the same mistakes, and thus feel empathy for the driver?

  • Twit and run girl EmmaWay 20 breaks her silence to say sorry (sort of)1 year 11 weeks agoWell it seems Emma Way is

    Well it seems Emma Way is beating the PR trail to escape Pariahville.

    I think the police and her employer have taken appropriate action in this matter.

    I'm not sure she deserves to lose her job - but this depends on what she understands and has learned from her experience.

    As some have suggested, she may have been advised to contain her apology to not openly accept culpability, but her apology does disappoint me.

    As other point out, it reminds me of Armstrong's pale imitation of an apology, which is really "I'm sorry that I got found out" rather than "I realise my actions were wrong". This should be the benchmark for her, and her employers.

    Reaching out to the cyclist personally would be an important starting point. Perhaps Mr Hockley can go on air/TV and make this point, because it will truly be lost by a media focused on the next big news event (I'm sure after Woolwich it will be buried pretty quickly).

  • Twit and run girl EmmaWay 20 breaks her silence to say sorry (sort of)1 year 11 weeks agoThe Government should be

    Smile The Government should be composed entirely of cyclists!

  • An antidote1 year 11 weeks agoAce


  • Mountain TT Giro Tappa 181 year 11 weeks agoThis from INRNG.com The

    This from INRNG.com

    The Route: there’s not much to it. The start is novel with half a lap of the Velodrome in Mori before exiting into the town and starting the climb on the slopes of Monte Baldo in no time. The climb can be divided into three parts:

    first, as far as the Brento, the road is wide and regular, constantly climbing at about 6% on a new surface
    A short and gentle descent into Brento for the time check and then a false flat for about 3 km
    The final 7 km of constant climbing at 7-8% all the way to the line

  • 2012 Canyon Roadlite AL 7 56cm1 year 11 weeks agoVery interested if this still

    Very interested if this still for sale

    Oh btw should have said I also have a surplus cross bike in the cupboard. Kinesis 5t full carbon fork campag gruppo fulcrum racing 5 wheels

  • After a considered opinion on which pedals/shoes to buy1 year 11 weeks agoLake cx236 ... the most comfy

    Lake cx236 ... the most comfy pair of shoes to date Smile

    I have some spesh comp road shoes too - they're good but
    just not quite as "roomy" as the Lakes - I have duck like
    feet !!

  • Trek 8.6 DS1 year 11 weeks agoHi Steve, I believe your last

    Hi Steve, I believe your last sentence is this:

    "Anything further to say about the bike in conclusion?

    As discussed in the review it's a jack of all trades and a master of none in particular."

    Yes indeed but it is the master of compromise and it gets 6/10

    Show me a sub £1000 hybrid that has decent mtb forks. You won't find them because that's not what they are built for.

  • Just in: Scott Foil 151 year 11 weeks agoNice bike. Just wondering how

    Nice bike. Just wondering how the aero benefits of this super-techy frame compare to the benefit of losing the headset spacers and having the rider about 40mm lower down?

    I know very few of us are as flexible as a pro rider (least of all me) but it's a serious point. Until you've looked at the more rudimentary (and free) aspects of improving your physique/position, aero bikes seem a little pointless.

    Having said that if you're a half decent club rider/racer, this looks ace.

  • Twit and run girl EmmaWay 20 breaks her silence to say sorry (sort of)1 year 11 weeks agoThe interviewer was a bit

    The interviewer was a bit lame IMO, I would have liked to have seen him question her about her previous tweets and photo's taken whilst she was driving.

  • Killer driver sentenced to 10 years and 6 months for deaths of Bristol tandem couple1 year 11 weeks agoGood result on the sentence

    Good result on the sentence but a raspberry for our local MP Chris Skidmore. In the wake of the killing he promised to look at getting traffic calming measures installed on that stretch of road, which might not have saved this couple's life, but would make it a hell of a lot safer to cycle there. I emailed him and haven't even received a response.

  • Forum's Scorum's Mini League1 year 11 weeks agoJonas Lorenzen goes into the

    Jonas Lorenzen goes into the uphill ITT and the Forum's Scorum's Maglia Rosa is his to lose....it would take more than one successful gamble to catch him and that may well be too much for anyone to get in this most unpredictable grand tour.A compact purist group of 6(Wig_Billy,letsgoup,northstar,NeilG83,chiv30 and drheaton in that order)seperated by just 82pts

    Just 103pts seperate 5th and 9th in the Forum's Scorum's overall so I expect some jostling for those minor top 10 GC spots.....it looks like a tough ask for any of those to bridge the gap to the 3 who are fighting for the second and third steps on the podium,if we assume that Wig_Billy(who is doing a simiar job in the purist) is too far up the road in first to get caught.

    Uphill ITT today and those words always get me checking Col D'Eze results.....and today that research is making me regret No Scarponi(although not enough to take a penalty!!).

  • Pinarello to release disc-equipped Dogma?1 year 11 weeks agoSky only extened Pinarello

    Sky only extened Pinarello contract for a year (this year) so it looks like they will be aboard something different next season.

    The rumour last time was Spesh but with Cav gone that makes less sense.
    Although they(spesh) did supply the tour of Britain neutral service bikes iirc.

    I'm more of a Pina fan than Sky fan tbh but would like to see them stay together actually.

  • Twit and run girl EmmaWay 20 breaks her silence to say sorry (sort of)1 year 11 weeks ago"I'm pretty sure she has

    "I'm pretty sure she has learnt her lesson"

    Really, the amount of contradictions in that interview is alarming. She is just stacking up lies to save her self. Lie upon lie. Self serving, selfish, dishonest, the regret is for being stupid, not what she has done.

    It does not matter how old she is. **** her. It's shits like this that can kill anyone of use. I have dead friends and it's not OK because the killers were 18 (or whatever).

    Whether she (or you) like it or not she is the public face of wreckless driving, lies, self-serving bullshit. Being it on.

  • Twit and run girl EmmaWay 20 breaks her silence to say sorry (sort of)1 year 11 weeks ago"How can she afford a car?"

    "How can she afford a car?" She's an accountant in training.

    Think of the old jokes from another perspective: "What would you have if you laid all the accountants in the world face down naked?" "A lot of bicycle parking spaces".

  • Killer driver sentenced to 10 years and 6 months for deaths of Bristol tandem couple1 year 11 weeks agoA Step In The Right

    A Step In The Right Direction??


    10, years and 6, months is a wee bit lenient for killing two people. 20, years would have been more appropriate for such a terrible crime.

  • Giro Prize Suggestion1 year 11 weeks agoAgreed, I shouldn't have

    Agreed, I shouldn't have changed my team yesterday but having 8 transfers I felt I needed to. That lost me about 50 points and dropped me down the table again and pretty much killed any hopes I had of a top 20 finish.

  • Twit and run story goes viral, police question driver, cyclist's Facebook response, #bloodycyclists hashtag reclaimed1 year 11 weeks agoDave Atkinson

    Dave Atkinson wrote:
    pistonheads i find to generally be a pretty level-headed place when it comes to discussions like this. much more so that the guardian, that's for damn sure

    In the cycling sub-forum, at least. As a website for enthusiast drivers, the cycling area seems mostly to be populated by enthusiast cyclists and commuters (as opposed to loony lefties using bikes to make a political point). Very inclusive.

  • Giro Stage 17 - bunch sprint ?1 year 11 weeks agoSTEVESPRO 79

    STEVESPRO 79 wrote:
    'Bifurcation' - Personally think that enrique needs this far more than he needs premium... Smile

    He needs to split himself in two haha Thinking

  • Giro Prize Suggestion1 year 11 weeks agoExactly, yes banked transfers

    Exactly, yes banked transfers can help in certain situations, but they didn't help me move from 69th to 39th in the past two stages, that was down to me taking a punt on Navardauskas, using just one transfer, but getting it right.

    Your almost tempted to change thins with too many transfers, when actually no changes, or maybe 1 change is all that is required.

  • Twit and run girl EmmaWay 20 breaks her silence to say sorry (sort of)1 year 11 weeks agothebungle wrote:She is a

    thebungle wrote:
    She is a young girl, she has made a stupidly stupid mistake, I'm pretty sure she has learnt a lesson by this, think back to when you were that age and made a poor judgement call.

    No Mistake! When you endanger someones life; then bragg about doing it!

    Stupid is; as stupid does! We have all done something stupid in our lives; but not endangering another persons life in the process.

  • Giro Stage 17 - bunch sprint ?1 year 11 weeks ago'Bifurcation' - Personally

    'Bifurcation' - Personally think that enrique needs this far more than he needs premium... Smile

  • Mountain TT Giro Tappa 181 year 11 weeks agoAs you predicted Alan we have

    As you predicted Alan we have very similar teams, I went with Uran over Scarponi purely for one reason, I couldn't do a straight swap of Kangert for Santa or Pirazzi et al if I had gone Scarponi. I can't see the points scoring between the two being massive, as I think both will top 10, but neither in the top 3.

  • Giro game - pick three Italians1 year 11 weeks agodrheaton wrote:Think Dave has

    drheaton wrote:
    Think Dave has said somewhere above it'll be a coin toss/random name pull from a bag if it's a draw.

    I thought I saw it somewhere, but neglected to read the whole thread again - I was too shocked by my team's success.