• wilier la triestina1 year 21 weeks agoalso yeah i had seen the

    also yeah i had seen the cannondlae for sale but to big for me Crying

  • wilier la triestina1 year 21 weeks agoyeah thats the one

    yeah thats the one Big Grin

  • wilier la triestina1 year 21 weeks agoyeah fit n feel 1st saw the

    yeah fit n feel 1st saw the bike and liked the look of it and got home and cudnt find many reviews, will try 1st but geometry is similar to the one 1 ride now. so cant be to far off!

  • WADA accepts six-month bans for Lance Armstrong witnesses, opposes 'zero tolerance'1 year 21 weeks agoantonio wrote:So anyone

    antonio wrote:
    So anyone caught cheating at the last Olympics can have another go at cheating at the next Olympics, makes no sense.

    (I seem to be experiencing deja vu). What would really make no sense would be a system without any incentive for athletes to give anti doping agencies information. Automatic life bans, for example.

  • Bradley Wiggins - coming to a bookstore, television or radio set near you soon1 year 21 weeks agoSo because we're not making

    So because we're not making childish snipes at him that makes us fanboys? Righto.

  • David Millar: Cycling has already become clean1 year 21 weeks agoNo... David is right... Ricco

    No... David is right... Ricco agrees and says he should be able to ride again! Devil

  • Wanted 36 hole matching pair fixed hubs.1 year 21 weeks agoI had my clear out, No luck

    I had my clear out, No luck I'm afraid, I had one 36 hub, but it was quick release

  • Kuota Kharma 2011 Frameset (Shimano 105 Groupset Optional)1 year 21 weeks agoPm'd you

    Pm'd you Smile

  • David Millar: Cycling has already become clean1 year 21 weeks agoThis stuff is being dealt

    This stuff is being dealt with now, because it wasn't dealt with back then. That this harms the sport's image now is unfortunate, but not dealing with it just kicks the snowball further down the hill - where it might end up bigger.

    Further, it's far from clear the sport is anywhere near clean. The 2010 Tour winner tested positive. This year's Vuelta had a couple of quite unrepentant convicted dopers as top contenders. Pro riders, including at least one big name, have tested positive in the 2012 season. Is the sport clean, or have the dopers just another step ahead(as they usually are - except for those rare periods around when there's been breakthrough in testing methods)?

    It's very hard, for those outside the sport, to be as confident as David that it's cleaner now. And that's the crux of the problem: restoring confidence. Actual change is needed. E.g.:

    • Do something to control and restrict the medical involvement in the sport. Why do these riders need private doctors following them from hotel to hotel at races? I'd rather they did it with no such support, even if it meant they went slower (indeed, that'd be a good thing).
    • Do something to reduce the financial incentives to dope. That means reducing the huge disparities in income between the stars of the sport and the hacks. It means giving teams guaranteed shares of the income, so they're not living perilously, dependent solely on satisfying sponsors with results.
    • Do something to spread the blame. The riders are not doping on their own. It's the system around the riders that encourages, aids and/or turns a blind eye. Staff must be punished when they are found to have aided or ignored doping. Teams must be punished when their systems to detect and prevent doping are found lacking. Teams are best placed to monitor riders regularly.
    • Ramp up testing prior to competition. Day of competition testing isn't enough, when drugs exist that are only reliably directly detectable for hours but have subtle physiological effects that may last for weeks.
    • Do something tangible about breaking omerta. Give some positive incentives for giving information, beyond just "reduced sentence for your doping". E.g. perhaps financial rewards or UCI team points for uncovering doping may be worth-while.
    • Build data-collection for anti-doping science into the sport. Make blood profile data openly available, at least in some form, after each season has ended. Ask the scientists what their wish-list is.


    Just saying "things have changed, the sport is cleaner now" isn't going to work anymore David. Your sport need to make substantial changes that demonstrate things have changed to outsiders.

  • Wanted 36 hole matching pair fixed hubs.1 year 21 weeks agoHi Withnails, thanks for the

    Hi Withnails, thanks for the interest but I'm after hubs only, 36s, thanks again, cheers.

  • FS: Race Face membrane jacket size medium1 year 21 weeks agoNow sold

    Now sold

  • Bradley Wiggins - coming to a bookstore, television or radio set near you soon1 year 21 weeks agoIt's the classic modern

    It's the classic modern cynics mentality: from the Moon landings - to Wiggins winning the TDF clean. 'I'm not happy with my life and achievements- therefore I cannot enjoy others success or public appreciation of that success without feeling inadequate and wanting to smear it"

    There's millions out there: 35+, still living at home with their mum doing their washing. The sad thing is the reaction such people most covet is from the target of their scorn - in this case Wiggins - who doesn't read this or give a toss.

    I'm happy for Wiggins. He's a damn sight more interesting to listen to then most sportsmen. He's worked hard and deserves to hang out with his heroes on radio shows. I'd like to see him on the Ronnie Wood Show talking Small Faces.

  • Another, deeper fantasy idea1 year 21 weeks agoStill spaces in this if

    Still spaces in this if anyone is interested.

    Its more like a football manager style game where you buy riders via auction, and takes on a different angle compared to the usual games seen.

    Auctions have just begun and so has the neo-pro draft, so for anyone interested in something different that will keep you occupied more so in the off season with the picking of teams, now would be a good time to join.

    So far ive found it quite intriguing.

  • WADA accepts six-month bans for Lance Armstrong witnesses, opposes 'zero tolerance'1 year 21 weeks agoSo anyone caught cheating at

    So anyone caught cheating at the last Olympics can have another go at cheating at the next Olympics, makes no sense.

  • wilier la triestina1 year 21 weeks agoI'm guessing it would be

    I'm guessing it would be something like this http://www.evanscycles.com/products/wilier/la-triestina-105-2012-road-bi...

  • Paul Kimmage lodges criminal complaint against UCI after Armstrong defamation case against him is suspended1 year 21 weeks agoSimon, you said he could have

    Simon, you said he could have done a lot of things so by implication I thought out knew that, sorry if I misunderstood and it was just a wild guess.

    I've read a few of his other articles / interviews and it puzzles me how such a vehement anti doper never mentions doping in these interviews. He's interviewed top tennis players but didn't mention the weak drug testing policy nor links to operation Puerto. He wrote a whole book about a young guy who's rugby career was ended by neck injury,but not once did he mention the serious steroid problem in modern rugby which is contributing to the number of serious injuries. He'll happily keep quiet about other sports when he's being paid to write, but when it comes to cycling that's all he writes about, ever. Even to the point where he just throws wild accusations around like he did with that terrible piece in the daily mail about Wiggins.

    You say I should ask him, I tried recently. Asked why he didn't mention it n other sports on twitter and he didn't reply

  • wilier la triestina1 year 21 weeks agowhich wilier is it?

    which wilier is it?

  • Potholes round-up: National Audit Office warns of funding shortfall as local authorities wrestle with issue1 year 21 weeks agoAGGGGGGHHHHHHHH - ROAD TAX


  • wilier la triestina1 year 21 weeks agoA better looking bike? So not

    A better looking bike? So not about fit and feel, just looks??

    If you looking at the Cannondale 8 with 105, you might want to check out this bargin


  • Are Oakley's Airwave goggles a sign of the future?1 year 21 weeks agoDavid Portland wrote:A pedant

    David Portland wrote:
    A pedant writes: That's not a head-up display. A HUD is a transparent display that's right in your eyeline so it appears to be overlaid on the real world. This is just a small screen in the corner of your goggles -- you still have to look away from where you're going to read it.

    another pedant responds: it is a HUD because it uses lenses to effectively project the image into your field of view, a bit like the o-synce running visor. hence the 14in monitor at five feet bit.

  • FS: Cannondale CAAD10 20131 year 21 weeks agoBlimey, that's a good deal

    Blimey, that's a good deal for the right-sized buyer. Best colour scheme as well.

  • WADA accepts six-month bans for Lance Armstrong witnesses, opposes 'zero tolerance'1 year 21 weeks agoCommonsense at last. Well

    Commonsense at last. Well said WADA.

  • Which big, strong alu frameset?1 year 21 weeks agoI've recently built up an

    I've recently built up an Ultimate Al 9.0 as my winter bike using my old Shimano 6600 groupset and it's excellent. Miles better than my old summer bike (PX SL Pro CF). It is only 40g heavier than the PX frame but that's cancelled out by the forks which are lighter and stronger than the PX. I've fitted Crud Roadracer mudguards and a Tubus fly rack as I use it to ride to work.

    The frame is incredibly stiff in a German way - think BMW - and yet riding around London it absorbs so much that the ride is smooth. The frame is very simple to look at so there must be some trickery in tube thicknesses and shaping, because it eats up road vibration nearly as well as a CF frame. Steering via the CF fork with its chunky tapered steerer is instictive, responding quickly to the tiniest inputs but never feeling twitchy. The supplied VCLS seatpost isn't the lightest, but eats up vibration too.

    It's all been an absolute revelation as my last winter bike was a 10 year old Ridgeback Flight T3, a legend in its own time but now feeling heavy and flexy. Aluminium design has clearly made huge strides in recent years. I'm almost considering retiring my new summer bike (Bianchi Infinito) and sticking with the Canyon...

    So I guess I'm saying, if you haven't got your Canyon yet, do wait!

  • Helmet company says dangerising cycling is good for business1 year 21 weeks agofile under: can (of worms)

    file under: can (of worms) opener.

    Selling IS manipulative. But as Mr Moss (the lawyer in the Bike Biz article) pointed out, there is a line beyond which the consumer is being lied to.

    I don't think that Ms Grant is suggesting floor staff lie to the consumer. But her scare mongering advice and especially the shambolic-helmet-display idea doesn't sound too clever. Especially in America, where the "slip and fall" legal machine gets up to speed like a Tour breakaway.

    Otherwise, it all looked like solid marketing tactics: refuting various consumer objections like "hot headedness" and "looks dorky" are basic skills of any self respecting retail worker.

  • 2011 Condor Fratello (49cm)1 year 21 weeks agoThanks, Gareth. I'm away for

    Thanks, Gareth. I'm away for a week after this weekend. I'll get in touch when I'm back and see if you still have the bike.