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    bikebot wrote:
    The problem is that the enforcement will be the responsibility of your council, rather than the Police, and many councils chose not to prosecute all kinds of parking offences which means they become normalised.

    Unless you live or work in Leeds where the council have gone on a jihad against bus and cycle lane flouters...

    Really? I haven't noticed. Riding through Leeds, I still notice cars parked in many cycle lanes, and no reduction in the number of cars travelling in bus lanes. When did the "jihad" begin?
    Leeds council are notorious for their non-interest in cycling issues, which is why their Regent Street cycle path was half-built, and then work seems to have been abandoned/stopped. It should have been completed ages ago, and in its half-built state it is a death trap, waiting to suck unsuspecting cyclists in and then throw them under the wheels of cars and buses.

    If the council isn't even committed enough to cycle paths to finish building the ones that it has paid for, would they really care about their being used in an inappropriate fashion?

    (Bus lanes may differ)

  • steel frame advice1 year 4 weeks agoI have come to the

    I have come to the realisation that the frame is the one thing you should pour money into as you will upgrade the components as they wear out. I am looking at a custom steel with the same dilemma but pretty sure I will take the plunge and go for 953.

  • Video: Gianluca Brambilla and Ivan Rovny kicked off the Vuelta for fighting1 year 4 weeks agoAt least give them some

    At least give them some jousting lances and let them battle it out properly.

  • Enough1 year 4 weeks agoI'd also add that Dave has

    I'd also add that Dave has paid for the plan, same as anyone else - it's not a freebie for road.cc - so to add extras may make it look like more than it is to readers.

  • Two cyclists killed in separate incidents in Scotland last weekend1 year 4 weeks agoAwful news, you have to feel

    Awful news, you have to feel for their families and friends.

    I'm making the assumption that Anna Roots' friend is physically OK and wasn't involved in the accident.

    My Brother in Law is currently halfway through doing LEJOG for the same charity, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. I probably shouldn't be reading these stories.

  • Two cyclists killed in separate incidents in Scotland last weekend1 year 4 weeks agoDamned lorries. How many more

    Damned lorries. How many more must die?

  • Row erupts as US Department of Justice sends Lance Armstrong’s lawyers documents in error1 year 4 weeks agoThis is typical MO of Lance

    This is typical MO of Lance and his team. I read Juliet Macur's book recently and it really brought it all home how much bullying and cajoling he did - there's the suspicion by both Hamilton and Landis that he spiked their blood bags on the tour - they don't say as much as they have no evidence, except Lance's comment to Landis about doing his BB on the planned stage.

    But he and his team were/are excellent at manipulating people into doing what they want. This includes getting the federal case into Armstrong (not the whistleblowers case) dropped after lobbying his senator and congressmen buddies.

    I was watching 'Slaying the Badger' and the part that interested me the bit where Armstrong calls up Greg Lamond and asks 'can I rent your house in Belgium now that Greg is finished?' - Lamond hadn't retired or anything.....

    But let us not forget what a nice guy he is: when his best friend died of cancer (they were friends before Lance's cancer, they just happened to both be diagnosed and suffer at the same time) Lance turned up in casual clothes and tells the daughter of his dead friend "I don't do funerals".

    Jaw droppingly insensitive. This man has never had any shame, and does whatever he wants.

  • Cycling festival in Leeds this Wednesday as Beryl Burton given freedom of city1 year 4 weeks agoI still fail to understand

    I still fail to understand why someone would want to ride from Leeds to Bradford? Especially when there are numerous routes out into the countryside or places like Harrogate and Otley that could do with a cycle lane.

    Still it's a start.

  • Joanna Rowsell moves to Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International team1 year 4 weeks agoThere are a couple of

    There are a couple of negatives and benefits I see to this.

    Having the three main girls, Trott, Rowsell and King all on different teams means that their respective teams don't lose out on having all three of them gone at once, having one rider missing isn't such a great hardship for the team, verses having all three gone at once.

    Of course, the down side of having them all on different teams means they won't be training with each other all the time and doing different races, some against each other aswell. That could go against them as a British team. But with them on teams with other British riders, it can only inspire greater competition for places on the national team, forcing GB to look outside of just these three poster girls for everything.

  • Ribble bikes1 year 4 weeks agoI've got a Ribble R872 and

    I've got a Ribble R872 and its great, when I needed a little tune on the gears the LBS joked about the bike but it really is good spec for the cash in this country over off the shelf bikes.

  • Joanna Rowsell moves to Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International team1 year 4 weeks agoInteresting - when I saw this

    Interesting - when I saw this on Twitter I also wondered whether the Bradley Wiggins Foundation being scaled back was affecting the funding for Wiggle-Honda. Rowsell and Trott can't be cheap - of course all this is relative.

  • Anyone got an Exposure Tracer rear light (the usb rechargeable one)?1 year 4 weeks agoI have just bought one and

    I have just bought one and there is a warning in the packaging clearly stating that something like "petroleum jelly" should be used to help seal the USB covering. I seem to remember some customer reviews last winter on Wiggle or similar commenting on water getting in. The warning notice is a completly seperate large print large piece of paper for this only and the actual light has caution signs around the USB socket too.. So anyone not paying attention and getting water damage.. well they tried to tell you. Ok I'm off to buy a small pot of Vaseline now.. another thing for the bike maintnence collection.

  • Tour of Britain1 year 4 weeks agoThe roster has not been

    The roster has not been updated for Ian Stannard pulling out

  • steel frame advice1 year 4 weeks agoI have frames made of both

    I have frames made of both 853 and 953, with the 953 frame having both carbon (Columbus minimal) and 953 fork forks made for it. As someone has mentioned earlier I doubt you would notice any difference in ride quality between frame materials, if the frame maker built a frame in each for exactly the same purpose. What you might notice is that the 953 frame would be marginally lighter as thinner wall tubing can be used to get the same frame strength as a frame built with 853.

    With regards to forks I mostly use the carbon fork at the moment with the 953 frame just because with modern wheels (Campag Shamal) it looks more suited and the fork is about 400g lighter than the steel one, not that you really notice the weight when riding. The steel fork is a little harsher (I used straight blades, like the ones Colnago use on their master frame) but does look much nicer if I put a standard 32 spoke wheel set with tan sidewall tyres on the bike.

    I guess in real terms the real difference is the finish you can get with a 953 frame like titanium you can leave it unpainted, and just polish up the exposed metal, or paint small sections. I will say that the 953 is extremely hard and does not dent easily, as much to my horror the bike has been knocked over a couple of times, yet no damage has been inflicted.

    If budget is an issue go for the 853 it is great material to build a frame from, and you will not notice the difference otherwise sell the kids and get a 953 frame made it will out live you. Either way I am sure you will love the bike.

    Who is making the frame for you?

  • Ribble bikes1 year 4 weeks agoHis words were if you take a

    His words were if you take a Ribble bike in for a service or some other work into any LBS they will groan and don't really fancy doing any work on them. I've no idea why! I think he was just being down on them I think

  • First look: Colnago's Hex Lock 15 thru-axle for their V1-r road bike + video1 year 4 weeks ago@ Blue_Brevatto , I guess its

    @ Blue_Brevatto , I guess its not so much a question of sharing forces between fork legs. The leg with the brake caliper is plenty strong enough to carry the braking forces. The issue is to reduce the fork and axis flex that makes discs prone to scrape on the brake pads. With standard quick releases it is quite common to have a scraping disc after a wheel change, thus requiring a brake re-tuning after the wheel change. The thru axle promises enough rigidity to do away with this.

  • Where is Kimmage??1 year 4 weeks agofarrell wrote:There is

    farrell wrote:
    There is something that feels a bit funny about the Vuelta though.

    Yes. Not like last year.

  • Testing by MPs reveals worst air pollution is inside cars1 year 4 weeks agoThe fact that pollution is

    The fact that pollution is worse in vehicles was a known fact when I studied Environmental Pollution at Uni - which I'm shocked to work out was 30 years ago this month!

    So hardly new

  • Ribble bikes1 year 4 weeks agoI've had one for a year and a

    I've had one for a year and a half and I've been very happy- though I've not owned many bikes. What doesn't he like about them? Only thing I've had an issue with was the bearings on the stock Rodi wheels wearing out- but that's because they're cheap stock wheels with an unsealed bearing.

  • Joanna Rowsell moves to Pearl Izumi Sports Tours International team1 year 4 weeks agoLinda Villumsen is also

    Linda Villumsen is also leaving the team and has been confirmed as a member of United Healthcare next season.

    With there looking like being three UCI Pro Conti womens teams (currently the top level) registered in the UK for next season, it will be interesting to see where Wiggle get more riders from.

  • steel frame advice1 year 4 weeks agoSurely your frame builder

    Surely your frame builder could answer these questions?

    If it were me, I'd go for 853. Stainless steel has no value for me, any higher material stiffness from 953 would suggest a thinner and lighter tube in theory, but when you offset the higher cost for it you can easily save that weight with a more expensive/lighter build.

    Stiffness is more influenced by tube size and geometry than marginally stiffer grades of steel anyway.

  • Video: Gianluca Brambilla and Ivan Rovny kicked off the Vuelta for fighting1 year 4 weeks agoDoes anyone else remember

    Does anyone else remember everyone's favourite Texan scumbag getting all punchy on the '96 Tour? Just before he dropped out there were some great scenes of him windmilling away behind a team car in the rain. The big nobber.

  • Row erupts as US Department of Justice sends Lance Armstrong’s lawyers documents in error1 year 4 weeks agoLike many people I used to

    Like many people I used to admire the guy. But he deserves everything he gets now in my opinion, and his money obsessed lawyers too! Mistake or no. They will take advantage of this "administrative error". Throw away the bloody key that's what I say! Feckin bully that's all he is anyway. God he makes my blood boil! Right that's it I'm stopping writing cos I is getting mad now! Surprise

  • Gary Imlach1 year 4 weeks agoDeadpan presenting is

    Deadpan presenting is brilliant, definitely a top bloke!

  • Anyone got an Exposure Tracer rear light (the usb rechargeable one)?1 year 4 weeks agoThat sounds better

    That sounds better Party
    Vaseline... good shout!