• Transport For London's Draft Business Plan gives more details of Mayor's plan to invest £1billion in cycling1 year 19 weeks agoForester wrote:I misread it

    Forester wrote:
    I misread it as Daft business plan.....or did I?

    Glad I'm not the only one, I keep doing the same thing.

    Maybe it's a Freudian slip or maybe it is a 'Daft Business Plan'.

    With TfL involved and having watched a programme on Monday night about the state of the flyovers in London, some of which are maintained by TfL, it's probably a more accurate summation.

  • Limar wins iF Product Design Award for Velov lightweight helmet with removable wind-blocking plates for winter1 year 19 weeks agoNot sure if it is really just

    Not sure if it is really just aimed at commuters. Looks like a 'stealth' way to get around the issue of vented helmets with third party covers being seen as fairings.

  • FS: New Mavic Cosmic Carbone Wheelset1 year 19 weeks agoThese are completely new

    These are completely new (never done a yard on a brand new bike) and come with all the Mavic adjusters, valve extensions, booklets etc.

    What is more: Conti tyres and tubs.

    PM me an offer but I won't shift too far!

  • My local roads1 year 19 weeks agoAnd as for the Isle of Wight

    And as for the Isle of Wight .... the whole thing is falling apart!!!

    Worcestershire insist on gravelling rather than a resurface or proper repair.

    Might have to go back to ..... dare I say it .... MTB Surprise

  • Transport For London's Draft Business Plan gives more details of Mayor's plan to invest £1billion in cycling1 year 19 weeks agoI misread it as Daft business

    I misread it as Daft business plan.....or did I?

  • Greg LeMond UCI presidency bid announced as Change Cycling Now summit concludes1 year 19 weeks agoWho's paying for this fatuous

    Who's paying for this fatuous talk-=shop?

  • video - how to get best cycling performance1 year 19 weeks agoHave a butchers at this site

    Have a butchers at this site http://lvrc.org/ and navigate yourself to the training pages, a cyclist coaching. And no I don't race (the clues in the name!) but intervals are pretty good. I particularly liked the Russian steps. However if your coming back from injury, base fitness first. Regular steady efforts, for a short while - afore ye go hammer & tongs.

  • Just in: Legend HT 7.51 year 19 weeks agoGreat bikes, they seem to be

    Great bikes, they seem to be having great reviews lately. seems like Bertoletti is the real deal.

  • Go Pro - watch out if it goes wrong!1 year 19 weeks agoYeah I sent mine away earlier

    Yeah I sent mine away earlier this year for repair/replacement. Took about 5 weeks to get it back Sick

  • Merseyside man gets stolen bike back... after spotting it for sale in Cash Converters shop window1 year 19 weeks agoAs a schoolboy in 1984 I had

    As a schoolboy in 1984 I had my pride & joy nicked out the garage full campag nuvo, gp4's the works.Mam & Dad paid the bulk for Christmas £200 the ballance was on the local bike shop "Dentons" book £3 per week. Anyhoo it went the journey, but at school I was informed my bike was seen around a estate not far from my house. So off I went saw some Glue sniffing Tosser on it and attacked him furiously with bottom pole off a swing-ball. Two punctured Wolber juniors and upturned Cinelli bars were my only wounds. Scum 0 little guy 1

  • Bike Leasing Company turns to crowdsourcing for finance - invest for as little as £101 year 19 weeks agoNearly at the £12k mark

    Nearly at the £12k mark now.

    We only need 4,404 of you to invest £20 Nerd

  • Fs. Mavic COSMIC Carbone SLR Wheelset.1 year 19 weeks agoThats not my sale im

    Thats not my sale im afraid..

    Though i do know that guy.. We ride together and both bought Team Evos for the framesets, basically.
    Looks abit strange, i can see the confusion but this is 100% Genuine.

    Thanks anyway. Give me a call on the number if you're interested. I also work in Mud-dock cycles if youd like to pop in.

    This is a genuine sale which will go up on ebay soon if no-ones interested.(Or can be arranged to go up on ebay for a serious buyer)


  • How Fast Can A Dog Run?1 year 19 weeks agoyes we can. and we will. it's

    yes we can. and we will. it's part of a larger behind-the-scenes revamp that's currently going on...

  • How Fast Can A Dog Run?1 year 19 weeks agoDave, can you introduce

    Dave, can you introduce voting on comments like in the Grauniad? so many good comments here that I would love to be able to say "+1".

  • Kask Replacement Parts1 year 19 weeks agoI have mailed the guys at

    I have mailed the guys at Velobrands to see what they think. Can't find them on the Kask site but thanks Gkam.
    If I have any joy I'll post back.

  • FS: New Mavic Cosmic Carbone Wheelset1 year 19 weeks agoHi I'm in the market for a

    Hi I'm in the market for a set of SLs but I can get a completely new set for £650

    Would you be willing to re-think the price?

  • Car use in decline? RAC Foundation report says Peak Car theory oversimplifies the issues1 year 19 weeks agoHow typical of a car lobby

    How typical of a car lobby group, especially the RAC Foundation, to argue that the general trend masks various other changes, and then attempt to remove company car use from the analysis so as to imply that car use is actually increasing.

    They refer to company car journeys for commuting or business and the move to train travel but in fact the great majority of company cars are rarely if ever used for business purposes.

    Company cars are - or were - a tax-advantaged perk. At one time the tax benefit attached to a car, and especially to free fuel, was considerably less than the actual value of the benefit. That is why employers provided it - doh!

    The tax advantage was steadily stripped away, partly because it was unfair to taxpayers who were not provided with cars, and partly because it encouraged environmentally bad behaviour. Hence company car taxation based on engine capacity/carbon emissions.

    You then saw a trend, as I experienced when I used to be eligible for a company car, to offering employees a choice - you can spend a budget of, say, £500 a month an leasing a company car, or you can have the cash and do what you like with it. This same trend, of flexible benefits, extended to various other things like childcare vouchers, more contributions to your pension, or additional holiday in exchange for parts of your cash salary.

    Nowadays, many employers don't even offer a car as a choice, they skip straight to the cash allowance.

    Fact is, if you strip away tax subsidies like those, the company car really loses its appeal. Once you are back in the real world of buying, financing, insuring, and fuelling a car yourself, many people will be cannier about how, or indeed if, they do it.

  • UCI asks for feedback on future of cycling… but stakeholders need to get skates on1 year 19 weeks agoI'm a UCI license holder. My

    I'm a UCI license holder. My money is in part funding this shambles.

    Am I a stakeholder?

  • Transport For London's Draft Business Plan gives more details of Mayor's plan to invest £1billion in cycling1 year 19 weeks agoI was on CS2 today, where a

    I was on CS2 today, where a blue strip is painted on one side of a lane, the lane varies in width so that in some places cars can pass safely and in other places there is not enough room left in the non-cycle part of the lane for a car at all. It is a nightmare.

    The cycle lane is not wide enough.
    The cycle lane is not mandatory.
    The cycle lane is part of a lane in which cars will try to fly past you at 30mph, within inches of your bike because some idiot drivers think that they can do that because they're not in your lane.

    The changing road width causes idiots to play chicken with you, except they're flying towards you from behind.

    TFL needs to change the road widths so that they are continuously the same width, roads that change width are dangerous to cyclists.

    What is the point of a cycle lane if cars can drive on it? I can't believe they actually spent money on that blue crap.

    Britain's cities should aim for 50% cycling and they should spend 50% of the city transport budgets on cycling infrastructure until that target is met. Anyone in charge of transport in UK needs to be a cycling fanatic or be given the boot or nothing substantial will get done.

  • Blaze laser-projecting bike light looks for funding1 year 19 weeks agowyadvd wrote:What's wrong

    wyadvd wrote:
    What's wrong with a properly bright headlight and decent road positioning?

    Absolutely nothing, it's just that something new and novel attracts attention, just watch fathers playing with the children's novelties on Christmas morn.

  • UCI asks for feedback on future of cycling… but stakeholders need to get skates on1 year 19 weeks agonotfastenough

    notfastenough wrote:
    @bikeandy61 - Agreed. Stinks of a knee-jerk reaction that amounts to nothing more than lip service.

    I don't think it's knee jerk, I think they're wetting themselves to get something out before the imminent Padova evidence is loosed.

  • Just in: Legend HT 7.51 year 19 weeks agomichophull wrote:Generally

    michophull wrote:
    Generally smart but why does every set of wheels these days have to be built with ugly black spokes ? The spoking patterns look daft too.

    A pair hand built with stainless spokes in a more conventional pattern would be the icing on the cake. Thinking

    Each bike is completely custom spec so if you want handbuilts then no problem.

    Despite what Dave says in the article, it IS possible to build an Italian bike with Shimano/SRAM bits too Dont Tell Anyone We have the HT 5.7, HT 7.5 (once it's back from road.cc's clutches) and HT 9.5 demo bikes built up and available for test rides by appointment

  • UCI asks for feedback on future of cycling… but stakeholders need to get skates on1 year 19 weeks agoCampag_10 wrote:The timescale

    Campag_10 wrote:
    The timescale for responses is pretty insulting, but in mitigation, most observers and stakeholders don't need much time to formulate their views – most have been well-rehearsed in the days following Armstrong being stripped of his titles.

    It does rather look like the desperate clutching of straws by the current hierarchy to keep their sticky, fat mitts on the levers of power and control

    Fair play to British Cycling – they have tweeted a link inviting members to submit their views on the consultation document.

    Agreed. Good on Cookson. Suggest as many of us as possible dont pass up on the opportunity to comment.

  • Just in: Legend HT 7.51 year 19 weeks agoOzy Mandais wrote:Why can't I

    Ozy Mandais wrote:
    Why can't I agree with you? the current crop of "me to" bikes don't seem to have the elegance or panache of the classic pre 90's machines. The graceful lines of a Colnago Super, Pogliaghi, Cinelli, Pinarello,Coicc and the master builders from Holdsworth and Thame, so many others, where are the fantastic color scheme of Hetchens and Mercian. The very bulk of the over size tubes and the plastic frames (read carbon) the heft of the new front forks verses the curve of an Olmo or Bianchi. Thank god their are still artists practicing their craft with beautiful lug work and exceptional brazing skills. How can you compare the craftmenship of today with the artists from the "reparto corsa" We should give thanks that you could still get a bike from Pelizzoli and I bet Marco Bertoletti could make a real bike if he wanted to.

    Marco does indeed offer a complete range of steel, titanium and aluminium bikes as well as the carbon fibre frames, so there's something for everyone. Each frame is built with the same attention to detail with custom geometry, paintwork and ride/handling characteristics

  • UCI asks for feedback on future of cycling… but stakeholders need to get skates on1 year 19 weeks agoSimon_MacMichael wrote:Sam1

    Simon_MacMichael wrote:
    Sam1 wrote:
    Why would the media be a key stakeholder group? Their business is to report, nothing more.

    No media coverage = no product to sell to sponsors. Don't forget that when you strip it right back, the sport itself, or at least its major races, were invented to flog newspapers. Nothing more, nothing less.

    L'Equipe and the Gazzetta dello Sport do perhaps get some form of back-door input due to their respective ownership by ASO and RCS, but the rest of the media is out in the cold.

    Without the efforts of papers such as the Sunday Times and L'Equipe, Lance Armstrong might still have seven Tour de France wins to his name.

    Alberto Contador only went public on his failed test because German media were about to break the story. The UCI was certainly in no rush.

    Michele Scarponi confessed to having trained with Michele Ferrari because the Gazzetta dello Sport has someone close enough to the Padova invetigation to have secured trancripts of intercepted conversations.

    Without the media, or at least some elements of it, the UCI wouldn't have been backed into the corner that has led it to launch this consultation.

    I'd say that's justification enough?

    Alright, alright Simon, before you ban me from posting ever again Crying

    But hey, assuming you're a BC member, you can now give feedback via the BC process Smile