• Michael Rogers cleared in clenbuterol case, as is Jonathan Breyne, young Belgian who attempted suicide1 year 4 weeks agonorthstar wrote:No one has

    northstar wrote:
    No one has said they are on this topic as far as i can see...

    Not yet, give it time....

    As for cheating, if you get caught you are doing it wrong! No pro tour level rider should be returning positives at a race unless they and their team are stupid.

  • 200 fined by police in Cambridge clampdown on law-breaking cyclists and drivers1 year 4 weeks agochrisp1973 wrote:sim1515

    chrisp1973 wrote:
    sim1515 wrote:
    chrisp1973 wrote:

    Maybe you wouldn't have garnered such a response if your initial comments hadn't been so dismissive of those that don't quite fit YOUR criteria?

    Nothing like a bit of snobbery to show a fellow up.

    We're all in this together aren't we, aren't we.................I guess not?

    I think you may be inferring his criteria, there was nothing in the original post about clothing, style of bike, shaven legs etc, he simply said law-breakers (although I concede that there are "cyclists" by my definition who break the law).

    I think that a cyclist could be defined as someone who has an interest in cycling, be it to keep fit, as a sport or the whole deal rather than someone that just rides a bike as a mode of transport. It's like saying that you're a car driver compared to a car enthusiast or petrol head, but that's just my opinion.

    "people-on-bikes (note i don't use the term 'cyclist')" - is what I was referring to however, you're quite right, the criteria appeared in his second, equally acidic post.

    The point is that whether you ride a mountain bike, a hybrid or a road bike you're on a bike and so by definition a cyclist, how commited and for what reason doeasn't really matter, and shouldn't.

    A bit of friendly banter is one thing but, as the saying goes "united we stand, divided we fall" we've enough to contend with without infighting because of cycle preference or misguided labelling.

    I actually think there is a distinction between people on bikes and cyclists, I would say (if someone asked) that I am a cyclist, but my wife, who occasionally pops out for a short ride to a pub on a nice day, or my friend who rides a Boris bike to get from a station to work would not describe themselves as cyclists, even when they are riding a bike.

    I don't care what kind of cycling you're into (road, cross, mountain etc), I think if you're into cycling, you'd probably class yourself as a cyclist, if you just ride a bike sometimes, you're probably not. But again, that's just my take on it.

  • Navigation1 year 4 weeks agoI have used my Garmin 800

    I have used my Garmin 800 with the OS maps for GB installed for several years now. It very rarely lets me down (mostly due to operator error) and I have used from the north of Scotland, West Wales and throughout England. 10 days ago I was following a winding route westward from Hereford along the southern side of the river Wye and came across a road closure. I found it very easy to use the zoom and scroll functions to see that there was an easy navigable way to avoid the bridge which was down and get myself back on the route. One word of caution don't let it do a recalculation of your route as it may take you to your destination directly and avoid the pretty village or the steep hill that you have selected as an essential part of your ride.Garmin for me is excellent value for money based on miles done or number of courses followed.

  • La Flèche Wallonne Féminine1 year 4 weeks agoHere is her Strava from today

    Here is her Strava from today too:


  • Cheap bikes1 year 4 weeks agoOh and be sure to read the

    Oh and be sure to read the Sheldon Brown website

    L/A's do offer courses but having been involved with a recycling charity who run these things it's mostly run by Gibbons who have done the basic Cytech qualification which is a workfare con these days. Serious bike shops who do quality work and fabrication train their own staff as they are the experts, not some training provider.

    Why would say...Longstaff Cycles or Rourke or Mercian feel the need to pay someone else to tell them how to build bikes?

  • Michael Rogers cleared in clenbuterol case, as is Jonathan Breyne, young Belgian who attempted suicide1 year 4 weeks agoNo one has said they are on

    No one has said they are on this topic as far as i can see...

    There is only so much they can do but some of the so called "performances" still make me laugh.

  • La Flèche Wallonne Féminine1 year 4 weeks agoI wouldn't listen to Le Tour,

    I wouldn't listen to Le Tour, they had her down as Mauricio Henao...

  • Giro-del Trentino Stage 21 year 4 weeks agoWatch what you "say" about Mr

    Watch what you "say" about Mr Evans....



    ; )

  • Johan Bruyneel banned for 10 years, former USPS manager 'at apex' of team's doping 'conspiracy'1 year 4 weeks agogiobox wrote:This must be the

    giobox wrote:
    This must be the only cycling website in the world where readers defend Bruyneel. Incredible.

    Eh? Who's defending him?

  • Michael Rogers cleared in clenbuterol case, as is Jonathan Breyne, young Belgian who attempted suicide1 year 4 weeks agonorthstar wrote:Oh, look part

    northstar wrote:
    Oh, look part of my fan club is back : )

    No fan club, just sick and tired of the sniping, the oh he must be on drugs comments. Maybe he cheated, maybe he didn't.

    Problem is the food industry is screwed so we haven't got a clue! You can say take your own food, take your own chefs, but you still can't be certain what you are eating Is what it is labelled as. Throw into the mix that some adulteration is permitted, the use of water to plump up chicken breasts for instance. Whole food industry is a mess and no one really seems too bothered.

  • Rider Names - Giro1 year 4 weeks agoGkam84 wrote:He's still on

    Gkam84 wrote:
    He's still on the official startlist, so don't count him out yet

    enrique wrote:
    @ProCyclingStats... tweeted they think it['s]... Edward Beltran...

    The organizers really dropped the ball for this race... Thinking It's amazing, you'd think the organizers would be the ones who most care about the accuracy of their own race's start list Thinking

    In this case, you uttered no truer words than you did last year:

    Gkam84 wrote:
    Race websites are normally the last places to update Nerd

    *sigh* So long, Mauricio...

  • Amstel Gold Race1 year 4 weeks agoPosted to the Rider Names

    Posted to the Rider Names thread...

  • Johan Bruyneel banned for 10 years, former USPS manager 'at apex' of team's doping 'conspiracy'1 year 4 weeks agoThis must be the only cycling

    This must be the only cycling website in the world where readers defend Bruyneel. Incredible.

  • Cheap bikes1 year 4 weeks agoChains are £3 in

    Chains are £3 in Wilkinson

    Bog standard sprocket £15

    Chain ring, less than £36 for a Goldtec

    Square taper BB maybe £15

    Thats £69 for perfectly durable parts so just what are they billing you for? I also doubt the BB needs swapping unless it's some cup and cone rubbish which brings it down to £54

    If it's a flip flop hub you wont need to welly the old sprocket off you just put the new sprocket on the other side so thats another job they don't need to do for you

    Everything else requires alen keys and your track spanner and is as easy as normal home maintanance/puncture repair.

  • Giro-del Trentino Stage 21 year 4 weeks agoenrique wrote:Joelsim

    enrique wrote:
    Joelsim wrote:
    Urgh. Cadel Evans.

    Heh heh. He looks in pretty good shape. What a conundrum! Relent, my friend, relent! Smile

    I have. Urgh, again.

    The most charmless, miserable man in cycling since LA.

  • Cheap bikes1 year 4 weeks agoAs much as I dislike

    As much as I dislike admitting it and find the idea of throwing away a bike pretty ridiculous, there is undoubtedly logic in treating a 200 quid crappy commuter as a throw away bike. I certainly spend well over 200 quid a year now keeping my nice commuter running.

  • Should I get a power meter?1 year 4 weeks agoAll summed up nicely I think.

    All summed up nicely I think.

    My only comment is that whilst HR is not as accurate, or immediate as power, it is still a very valid training tool, and not something that should simply be dismissed.

    A power meter does open up the opportunities for a whole host of training sessions that are difficult to replicate with a HRM or RPE.

    Ideally you'll use both... one is a measurement of the efforts you are making, the other is measuring your response to those efforts...

    Personally I'd love a power meter... can't afford one though.

  • Buyer’s Guide to Saddles1 year 4 weeks agoSelle San Marco SKN Fusion 3.

    Selle San Marco SKN Fusion 3. When they stopped making them, I bought up a few. That was after a lot of try-outs.

    Oh and a 41-year-old Brooks on the 41-year-old steel framed Raleigh.

  • Amateur Dopers1 year 4 weeks agoOutdoor magazine ran a good

    Outdoor magazine ran a good article on this a few months back where a journalist spent a few months doping perfectly legally with the help of his doctor in the US, getting legal prescriptions for steroids, EPO etc all to improve his cycling ability. This kind of thing is on the rise apparently, but not cheap.

  • cannondale or canyon1 year 4 weeks agosurly_by_name wrote:Where is

    surly_by_name wrote:
    Where is this mystery LBS of which you speak? The one which remains open "after work" to serve your every need? The one that doesn't say "sorry mate ... we're all booked up until Thursday week" or "no, we don't have that part in stock. But we can order it to store, it should be here next Tuesday" or "you'll need our gold service for that. How much you ask? Only £149.99".

    My experience with several shops is that they have done all of the things I mentioned. That's my point really - support your LBS by shopping there and get to know the staff and this is in my experience not uncommon at all. Turn up with a bike you bought from Canyon, and sure they'll charge you 150 quid. My old LBS (Billy Bilsland Cycles in Glasgow since you seem to think the shop is mythical) did all of these things, and provided maintenance for bikes bought from them for free. Again, good luck replicating that experience when you wheel your Canyon in.

  • Michael Rogers cleared in clenbuterol case, as is Jonathan Breyne, young Belgian who attempted suicide1 year 4 weeks agoOh, look part of my fan club

    Oh, look part of my fan club is back : )

  • Video: TfL apologises to cyclist after bus driver calls him a “knob” following close pass1 year 4 weeks agoHeadline news, And today,

    Headline news,

    And today, another bus driver was pulled dead from underneath a road bike after a cyclist in overtook the bus. Witnesses claim the bus was going too quickly for the cyclist to keep on so the cyclist ran the bus down whilst turning left. The driver family say he was a "lovely person, loved by everyone and will be much missed." Both police and bus companies say that the senseless killings for just a few seconds must stop.

    In another part of the country, a car driver was killed in a hit and run involving a time trial bike. The time trail bike failled to stop at the scene and was last seen heading towards Wigan. This was in the same spot where Sir Bradley Wiggins pulled out of a garage forecourt on his road bike and ran over a Porsche. The Porsche driver still suffers from those injuries. Police are appealling for any witnesses. Traces of sky blue and black lycra were found at the scene. But they will not say if the two incidents are linked.

    Meanwhile on the M25, there was a 15 bicycle pile up after one was seen swerving as it's rear tyre blew out. The road was closed for several hours as the ambulance trykes had difficulty reaching the scene and carbon fibre had to be cleared away. No serious injuries were reported but a cyclist was seen screaming about the smashed BMW that was on the back of his bike. Another was seen sobbing into his Rapha water bottle which had lost it's bottom. Footage of the crash, taken by cyclists on the opposite side slowing down to have look, is all over You Tube. Police say this dangerous a repeat the request that cyclists don't slow down if they are on the other side of such busy roads. Also anyone seen using a mobile phone whilst cycling will be dealt with.

  • Michael Rogers cleared in clenbuterol case, as is Jonathan Breyne, young Belgian who attempted suicide1 year 4 weeks agonorthstar wrote:There must be

    northstar wrote:
    There must be a lot of contaminated meat about in the pro riding sphere...

    Maybe there is a lot of contaminated food around in general...


    First one that came up.

    There is a HUGE issue in the UK, and I suspect elsewhere, of things being sold as something they are not. Short of taking a live chicken with you and processing it yourself you can never be 100% certain that what you eat is what you are being sold. I would strongly suggest the holier than thou brigade do some reading on how compromised the food supply industry is.

    Yes there are cheats, but that doesn't mean everyone is cheating.

  • I may have found a good reason for a bike helmet!1 year 4 weeks ago700c, No offence, but it's


    No offence, but it's that kind of reasoning that has me baffled. On the one hand, every little anecdote about a helmet *possibly* helping are seen as informative ("like in this incident, it's possible that it could help", you said), while on the other hand actual statistically meaningful data is dismissed ("they can be manipulated to back up any argument").

    Pointing out how this kind of thinking - if it were logical and evidence based - should similarly lead one to conclude that pedestrians must wear helmets is then painted as "polarising" or "antagonising". Why is that? Why is it "antagonising" to point out a possible problem with how people are applying logic and/or evidence?

    Sometimes I feel the problem is that people recognise there is some absurdity hiding here in advocating for one but not the other, and do not like to be confronted with that.

    I fully agree with you BTW that "risk and probability must be factored in to anyone's decision as to weather or not to wear one" - though, I disagree thoroughly on basing such decisions on anecdata rather than more meaningful data. Next, I still find it very hard to fathom how, in the UK (and US and elsewhere), there is some kind of double-think or double-standards that get applied to cycling. So deeply rooted, that even the dedicated cyclists get "antagonised" when you point it out to them!

  • La Flèche Wallonne Féminine1 year 4 weeks agoSuthisan wrote:Did Marianne

    Suthisan wrote:
    Did Marianne Vos actually compete today? According to Le Tour, she neither started nor finished the race....? What's up?

    I think she did: